GoDaddy reviews : Good idea to use GoDaddy?? Generic words issue

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Hello all...

I just got 2 generic word dot com domain. Later I saw there is .org site with that name. They have TMed that name and they are threatening to sue everyone who uses that name. There is also couple of websites with that name+suffix, and couple of movies with that name. I just wonder, can they take any actions against generic words and content not related to their product? I think ill just offer them (and other related sites) dn for sale.

Forgot to mention, name is TMed in US...

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They indeed can. Whether it'll prosper or not is another story.

Generally, domain names' sites with content unrelated to their trademark sake.

Have chances of protection. However, an exception are famous trademarks,.

Such as Microsoft, because people have largely come to associate the words.

With the source.

I use Microsoft as an example because it consists of 2 so-called generic words.

There. Yet, it's one of the most famous marks, as a whole, on the planet...

Comment #1

Tnx Dave. Word/s are not famous nor famous mark, just generic, like WoodChair for example. I just ask .org owners trough email if they have any interest in that name...

Comment #2

I wouldn't offer it for sale to them. Bad move...

Comment #3

Well, you learn on mistakes.

I didnt make sale offer, just ask them if they have any interest in that name. I dont have any intention to squat or ransom for that name. I got it because it sounds nice for me, and I wasnt aware about tm, but will let it go for small fee if they need it...

Comment #4

Oh well, as I said, ill let it go if needed. Btw I dont live in US or EU and dont know anything about tm problems (not my field of work), but I really dont know how they could threaten to sue anybody who uses those generic words, in different context then their product? Example was Wodd Chair, so they could also sue all movies, songs and companies with wood chair in their name? )..

Comment #5

I just checked US Patent and Trademark Office. TM discussed above is labeled as DEAD/ABANDONED, and it looks like only stylized picture/logo consisting two words were TMed. Theres no any record in WIPO also. I guess I can go for development or end-user search..

Comment #6

Just out of curosity, if I register a domain "Trademarked".ext or "Patented".ext, will it also be a issue? Your valuable suggestion is requested/..

Comment #7

What do you mean? You are as safe as you can get...

Comment #8

I meant, if we are registering the word "Trademarked" or "Patented", will it be any issue? for example : Trademarked.ccTLD or Patented.ccTLD, I do not think this should be any issue?.

I wanted to provide articles on trademark / patent and thought of registering the name. Should I be considered about legal issues?..

Comment #9

Why would that be an issue? These words are generic...

Comment #10

Thanks a Ton!!.

As I have been targeting only 1 word generics only, I thought better consult.



Comment #11

Actually, you want to register "descriptive" generics and use them as such.

Register "Apple" and have technology lor music links, it is no longer concidered "generic"..

Comment #12

I actually have and have ben kicking an idea around similar to yours. (Sorry to hijack your thread Matt) WOuld be interested in your plans...

Comment #13

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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