Galeo's Dressings for Medifast ?

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OMG! I want to thank whoever it was who posted about Galeo's salad dressings! I have been trying to eat the WF ones with little success and tired of the Litehouse salsa ranch all the time although it is yummy... so I ordered all 4 flavors of Galeo's dressings on netrition, and OMG!! They are fantastic! I have tried 2 so far (dijon and sesame) and both are great. You could not tell these are diet! I highly recommend them!..

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The sesame is aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamazing! DH and I aren't salad dressing people, but we've been eating it every chance we get. Haven't tried the wasabi one yet, he didn't like it tho. Someone mentioned getting it in gallon jugs and I thought they were a little I want one!..

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They would be great on a burger. I put it on chicken!..

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That is so funny that you posted that! I was just getting on to thank the person who posted about them when I saw your post. I just bought the Miso one on Saturday and tried it yesterday. OMG is right! It is FANTASTIC!!! I don't care for wasabi so I didn't buy that one but I may for my wasabi loving husband. What are the other flavors???? I only saw the two at the QFC I went to...

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There are 4; Ginger Wasabi, Sesame, Dijon and Ceasar...

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It really wasn't a bad price, either, at that website because the shipping is flat rate. I also got some PB2, and 3 flavors of sugarfree syrups: chocolate, vanilla, and gingerbread. Oh, and some Heinz low sugar ketchup that is 1g carb per tablespoon and 5 calories!..

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Hmm..i may have to try!!! thanx for posting about them!..

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You're right Freedom their prices are great and their $5 shipping is awesome. I got my dressing at Whole Foods for over $6 each vs $4.30 on the site. That and it helps me save face. I don't have to worry about looking like a goof in the store when my cart is nothing but dressing, priceless...

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Huh, I've never heard of this. I'm guessing if all y'all are raving over it it's worth a try and so I've just ordered some. Can't wait for it to come, thanks for posting this!..

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These are great marinades for the same old boring chicken and pork loin.....

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Freedom, which website did you go to? The Galeo's website isn't a flat rate and it's quite pricey. I wanted to get three bottles and with shipping and handling it came out to $24 and some change so it was like $8 a bottle I tried ordering online before and because of the shipping costs I just go to Whole Foods and get them. Is there another website to get them from for a lower shipping cost?..

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Seems to be the hot spot for ordering low/no carb foods around here.

Thanks for posting this. I want to order some now!.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a decent ranch or blue cheese dressing?..

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Yep, that's right. was where I got them. ANd I will be ordering them again and using them for the res of my life! They are that good...

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Are they allowed and are they condiments, fats, or what? I have two bottles here and haven't been using them because I wasn't sure what to do with them. They really are good...

Comment #13

Thank you! I just ordered all 4 to try. The ingredients look fabulous...

Comment #14

Nutrisystem says:.

The Galeo's Dressings could count as either, fat or condimentdepending on the quantitiy you use?.

A Healthy Fat choice is to provide 5 grams of fat (you would need 3-5 Tablespoons of these dressings for 1 servingthat's a lot of dressing!) or.

A Condiment Choice is = to or <1 gram of carbohydrate (though the fat increases the total calories provided so selecting the lower carbohydrate Green Option may be advisable when using these dressings as a Condiment Choice)...

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Thanks for the website info. I will look into buying them online..

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I bought 4 bottles yesterday at Whole Foods as I wanted it for the weekend. It was $4.99 a bottle and since I bought only 4 bottles it was cheaper than having it shipped. I got home last night and opened the Miso Dijonnaise and yummy! It was great and worth every penny. I have the regular Miso too and will try it this weekend. I wish they would make travel packs so you can throw them in your bag. Thank you for the suggestion!..

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I tried the Caesar the other day and it is fantastic! I am not even a big caesar salad person. I actually used it on my taco salad last night with some tomatoes and hot sauce! Yummy!..

Comment #18

I am in love with the Ginger Wasabi. So flavorful! You just have to make sure you shake it up real good to get everything blended evenly. I haven't tried the others yet but I ordered a bottle of the Caesar on my last order and can't wait to try it. I haven't used any other other salad dressings since tasting the Ginger Wasabi for the first time!.


Comment #19

Oh, can't wait to order!! Love all the reviews!!.


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I bought a bottle of the Toasted Sesame at Whole Foods yesterday. It is delicious! Thank you so much for the recommendation. I've gotten tired of lite Italian that I've been using for 5 months now, and this was a wonderful change. I can't believe how low calorie and low carb it is too...

Comment #21

Thanks so much for the review!! I just ordered 3 flavors, and also got a jar of PB2 while I was at it!.

Can't wait to try it!!..

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Thanks for sharing. I'm going to Whole Foods to buy me some. I've also added the noted website to my favorites in case I want to order with some other products. I can't wait to try them. I love Caesar dressing and I think that I would like the others..


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