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Okay... so I've been OP and doing really well... than why did I gain .5 this week? I've read some posts of people not staying OP and gaining a little and would have been more accepting if I HAD cheated- BUT I DIDN'T! So why did I gain? Is this normal? If you're wondering, no I didn't start exercising, or have my monthly friend visit, or eat too much salt. **sigh** Just a little upset with my body right now..


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Yes, it's normal. Weight loss is not linear. There will be ups and downs along the way. You have lost a lot in a short time and your body is just adjusting...

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Yes it's quite normal. Remember this is a marathon not a race. You'll see ups and downs throughout your journey. This is why we always tell you to measure yourself. The scale is known to lie. Are your clothes loser? If yes, then why worry about the scale? The way Medifast works, the scale is not always your best indicator of success.

You will lose!..

Comment #2

Yes it's normal, yesterday I was showing a .4 gain. It's not fat, it's water. Think of it with your rational mind rather than your emotional mind. Could you possibly have gained a half pound of fat by eating 800-1000 calories a day? Don't panic, it will go down...

Comment #3

Same here. I'm up a little bit over two days ago, but throwing ketones (meaning fat is being burned off). This means the weight gain is either an inccorect scale (mine hasn't been) or additional muscle (nope) or just water retention. I started drinking the amount of water I'm SUPPOSED to be drinking yesterday, so no surprise there... plus TOM is coming up next week so that's probably part of it..

But don't stress. Maybe get some Ketostix they can give chemically-based reassurance that you are burning fat (pee on the stick, the end turns a shade of purple if ketones are present, and they are the byproduct of fat burning)..

Hang in there!..

Comment #4

I'm annoyed with the scale because despite being OP it hasn't moved in the last 5 days. Of course, I did lose 4.9 pounds last week so I bet my body is adjusting a bit. You lost 16 pounds in a month-your body probably needs a little time too!..

Comment #5

Normal, normal, normal. And dolphin888 is right. You can't gain fat weight when you are OP. I looks like you are averaging over 3 pounds a week. AWESOME!!..

Comment #6

Yep, normal. Try not to stress. I tried to just stay positive over the little gains. They always leave after a few days and .5 is way less then the 3 lbs. I'd gain eating like poop. Keep with it.

You are doing GREAT!..

Comment #7

So greyflower, after complaining along with you this morning about stalling for a week I reweighed myself later and the scale was down two pounds. I had to laugh at myself. Don't worry-the scale will move for you too!..

Comment #8

I know you're frustrated ... but some of us *cough* ME would love to lose as much as you..

Comment #9

I bet you will lose a TON of weight next week! Remember, you can only control what goes in your mouth, not what the scale says. If you stay OP, it will come falling off you like it has been! Hang in there!!..

Comment #10

Thanks everyone... I did kind of over react this morning.. DH comes home and asks why the long face and I told him I gained- He was worried till I told him how much and than just rolled his eyes and tells me it's not really a gain and don't worry so much.... lol Even my kids thought I gained so much more because of my reaction... After reading everyone's posts and realized that it happens to most, and that I really have lost a lot of weight so far (thanks kyki72) , I was okay. I thought about weighing myself again, like you did sassyhope, but figured it really doesn't matter...

Still stayed OP (never planned on going off, just venting) and had a good day besides...

Comment #11

Just average what you have lost over the past 4 weeks and look at that instead. I often played head games and "borrowed" a little from some week before that showed a good loss and averaged them out a bit. :P It cheered me up...

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