Can thyroid conditions interfere with Medifast?

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Hi there,.

I'm hoping someone can help me. I started the program back in the middle of July. Since then I've only lost 7.2 pounds. These past 2 weeks I've droped less than a pound each. It's really hard to stay on program when I'm not seeing the results I was hoping for.

I've been reading through other threads trying to figure out what I'm doing wrong when I noticed that having a thyroid condition might be affecting the results?? Do you think it could be the medication and the timing of when I take it that is making an impact?? Any of your thoughts and/or recommendations would be so appreciated!! .


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We'll need a little more information to be able to help much weight do you have to lose? What meals do you gravitate towards (higher carbs vs. lower)? Are you exercising? Drinking your water? What about weighing leans? Do you get in all three veggie servings- and weigh them? All of this plays into your losses. A thyroid condition could definitely impact losses- I have one myself, as well as PCOS. You're not supposed to take certain soy based Medifast meals with some of the thyroid medications. Give a little more info and I'll try to help, and most important, don't get discouraged! If this plan took 42 lbs. off me so far, it can work for anyone!.


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Sorry you are frustrated. Have you read the thread Why I'm not losing..? Its on page 2 of this board. Also, I hope MT Cup chimes in because she talks about being a slow loser but she stayed with it and got to goal. I have thyroid issues as well and have been averaging 2 lbs/wk. Some weeks nothing and some weeks 3+. I just stay on plan and the scale moves.

Stay with it and maybe get your thyroid levels checked just to make sure. Stay with it!.

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You want a slow loser? That would be me. I had my thyroid removed when I was 8, never had weight problems until my kids were born. It took me 7 months to lose 50 lbs. I averaged between .5 and 1 lbs per week after my initial 11 lbs off the first 2 weeks..

Few questions for you. Do you wait at least 1 hour to eat products with soy after taking your meds? Most thyroid meds should be taken on an empty stomach and a minimum of 1 (preferably more)hr before eating. Soy and Calcium can affect the absorption of your thyroid meds. Have you been 100% OP? I think Heather covered the other quistions..

ANY loss is a good loss. You have thyroid issues. That can definitely slow things down. You need to just get rid of the timetable because your body is going to do what it wants and release the weight as it's ready. Also, have your measurements been going down? Are your clothes fitting better? Are you FEELING better? Try to remember that the scale is the least accurate way to determine success..

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LOL De and I are the queens of slow losses. Please pay attention to De's post and think them through. What she says is very important if you have thyroid issues.

I too will suggest you back away from the scale. If you are a slow loser, the scale won't be your friend and I suggest maybe you only look at him monthly while on 5&1. Try taking measurements instead. You will see more consistent progress there. That said, you can get to goal it just takes us longer. Realize slower is not always a bad thing.

I know I lost nothing on most of the other diets I tried and I even gained on a couple! Being a slower loser means less lose skin when we get to our goal, that's a huge win! and yes, while at times it's easy to be jealous of those who see the weight dropping off in buckets, we have the luxury of more time to figure out our relationships with food and how our body reacts to them. This can be a big win once we do reach T&M too. You also need to remember, weight loss isn't linear. You can't expect to see the same losses from week to week. The first week is not what you should be judging your losses by as it's all water weight.

By then you have a good idea of how the plan works, you're in the habit of measuring your L&G and logging everything. You're cruising and your body has had a chance to adjust to the plan. I can only suggest you have patience in your body and faith in the plan. If you follow it 100% you will lose and you will get to goal. Hugs and best of luck to you..

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Great responses everyone. I concur with what has been asked-said.

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Depending how much you have to lose, medications you on, or if you are faithful being op are the key factors here!.

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Thank you everyone for your responses. To answer a few of your questions, yes I am drinking my water, staying on OP plan and doing water excercis class @ 2x a week. I realize it's better to being going down, even a little, rather than going up. But, like you said, I've read other treads where people are losing so much in a week and it's disappointing. But, you're right, I am fitting into my clothes better, I have lost inches overall and I just need to keep my eye on the prize at the end, my self-respect and pride I think I will go to my doctors to get some blood work done to see if my medication needs to be adjusted too. Any little bit helps!! Thank you ladies so much for all of your help and encouragement!! It really helps knowing that I'm not alone in my struggles.

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I take my thyroid meds in the middle of the night when I get up to use the bathroom. That way, I am sure I have waited at least 4 hours before my first Medifast meal. Go to the Getting Started with Medifast forum and type the word "thyroid" into the Search this forum box and see what the nutritionists have to say about thyroid meds and Medifast meals. that will give you some info that might help you decide if you are taking your meds at the right time..

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Honestly Cellis, the nutritionists have very generic answers to the thyroid medication issue. Basically what I posted earlier. I take mine first thing in the morning when I get up, about 6 am, get to work and have some coffee, then eat at about 8. When you take your meds depends a great deal on what the dosage is and how it affects you. If I take mine at night, I can't sleep. As with most things, each individual is different..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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