GoDaddy testimonials : Good idea to purchase GoDaddy?? FRom where should I get a dedicated server?

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??? Where? Whats the best deal? I am looking for the most basic model and preferably managed. Let me know what you think is good. Please no referal links because then I have no idea if you're in it for the money.....

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What are your thoughts on grid servers. Once step down form dedicated, but higher than shared I believe. Ive heard of Media Temple that is very inexpensive starting at $20 per month. Anyone use Media Temple.. have any feedback on them?..

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How about starting your own thread instead of hijacking some else's you douche.

Imagenesis take a look at SoftLayer..

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I've heard good things about SoftLayer. I think there has been a few discussions about dedicated servers in other threads, may be worth it to see what may have been suggested previously..

Do you have a budget?.

If you don't need the full dedicated server, then you may want to find a place that offers a good VPS with the possibility to have them move you to dedicated once you need it...

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Take my opinion for what it's worth because I am "relatively new" to the game. But I was interested in getting a private server as well. I ended up just doing a basic hosting account for now until I get my websites set up, then I will hop them over to a private server.

Here is my opinion, For a really good dedicated server, I'm talking ample space, 200 gig or more total HD, With 2 or more gigs of Ram memory and dual core processor, most companies will charge you $150-300 a month and THAT'S if you pay the year up front..

For a fraction of that kind of money, you can flat out BUY a phenominal server that will run circles around anything a reseller is offering, plus, unless you have like 60,000 websites, there is no way you are going to use that much disk space so you can sell off hosting packages to other people and actually MAKE a profit. Obviously this takes a little more time, a little more effort and a little more start up money than a basic hosting account but if you are going to go dedicated server, this is the way to go! I HIGHLY reccommend ebay, you can find a used or new server with excellent specs there for anywhere from $250- $1000. Well worth the investment when you consider it will probably last you for 5 years where as 5 years of Dedicated hosting will run you anywhere from $7,500 to $15,000!!.

Your only other option if all of this seems too steep is getting a VPS (virtual private server) which is similar to a Dedicated server but you usually have far less Disk Space And Bandwidth than you would on a True Dedicated server because there can be as many as 10-30 VPS accounts on a single server. However, you can get a VPS account for about $30-50/month so the savings is a potential benefit. I hope this has been helpful. -Dave.

They have a deal on a QUAD CORE server with 4 gigs of ram and..

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Buying your own server begs the question of where to colocate it. I did some looking around, and colocation costs are almost as much as, or sometimes more than, the cost of a dedicated server...

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On dp there is a guy called thewird, get in touch with him..

His deals are much cheaper than anywhere else on thenet...

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Buying a server isn't worth it. Colocation is usually the same price as renting one. Plus you're responsible for the hardware replacement and support costs if something goes wrong...

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If you want managed service (or semi-managed), go with

Used to run a hosting company myself a few years back, and resold dedicated servers, as well as sold shared hosting. While I never resold dedicated servers, our shared server was located at InterServer, and these guys were top notch. HD crashed on the server around 5:45 one morning, I had a reboot ticket opened by 6:15 (though I believe they already saw my server was down), and by 6:30, their datacenter manager was replicating our OS configuration on a new hard drive, and had started to restore all accounts from our backups. Through the day, John & the rest of the team over there were working with my head tech (not on site) to make sure everything was working, and to fix anything that broke in the transition. This was on a server that cost around $200/month. They also offered extremely convenient hardware upgrades, and the downtime for processor or ram upgrades was the quickest I've experienced among a number of hosts...

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The Planet..

I work for an outsourced webhosting support company (US based, we're one of the few), and I've never heard anything but praise for The Planet...

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I have 3 dedicated servers with and several vps servers, they are great...

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If you can manage your own, softlayer is the shit. IF not, dunno. You could go grid from, not bad for $100 what with the multiple environment support...

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Actually, regarding MediaTemple, after ripping on them on here early January on their terms of service, I've since signed up to use one of their DVPS plans and used them for the last 50 days or so..

So far, performance and ease of use has been pretty exceptional. I'll probably kill my account though as they still don't have a way to have multiple IP addresses (even with an offer of cold hard cash)..

It's a shame though, because so-far, they've been good and I like the performance.

So I would also second ThePlanet, despite their problems at least you can get something as basic as an IP addy...

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The Planet..

I've had dedicated servers with many companies in the past, TP blows them all out of the water. Just wait for a good promotion. You just missed 2 really good ones but they have new ones often..

LiquedWeb - don't trust them. They fucked me big time...

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Softlayer all the way..

I have two through them, one for about a year now, and service has been great..

They've got a free ram upgrade going now too. Get one of the $179 dual core servers, add two GB when selecting options and enter RAMM in the promo code slot and you're set. Normally the 2GB's is an extra 50 bux..

Pleased with my dedi through the planet also and would go there for a smaller server if that's what you want/need as softlayer doesn't appear to go below dual cores...

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Here's another vote for The Planet..

I've had 2 servers with them for a few years now with zero problems...

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