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Good Morning A-Team...I belong to an inspirational site and yesterday this was in my most certainly applies to me...because sometimes when I have a daunting task, I just want to crawl into bed and shut out the world. But since reading this,'s like someone saying they understand, but you can do "X" just have to get the ball rolling. And then, you see how once that ball starts to roll, the momentum just takes over and energy comes out of seemingly nowhere..

Wishing everyone the very best this week...whatever your struggles are, I hope this bit of inspiration strikes a chord in all of you!.


Get The Ball Rolling.

Most of us have busy lives. We get up in the morning and from the minute we wake up to the minute we go back to bed the day is filled with a sometimes seemingly endless list of things we need to do..

Many of us sometimes dream of a simpler life, or a life that would at least allow for some time to do the things we truly love doing. The bolder ones of us even go as far as to dream that they could do what they love doing and make a living of it. Have you ever caught yourself saying or thinking, Yes, Id love to do it, but I just dont have the time, money, talent, intellect, education etc. to do it..

Imagine a big steel ball in front of you. It takes an initial effort to get the ball rolling, but once it rolls, it takes at least as much effort to stop the ball. In many ways, getting started with whatever it is youd like to do, but always had a reason not to start it, is like having the courage to say Today is the day I decide to get the ball rolling and make time to really do the things I love doing. Once youve taken that decision 50% of your effort is already done. The rest is merely a question of keeping the ball rolling..

A journey of a thousand miles begins with one single step, Confucius..

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121, great start with a fabulous message!.

I think sometimes we feel so overwhelmed by a task ahead of us that the easiest decision is to do nothing. That usually only has a negative effect..

When I had the back injury and then the leg problem, I could not lift anything much for two years or carry it with ease. Things accumulated. I'm in the process of getting rid of some of it. I just break it down into small segments such as for one hour, I will work on it. I'm not seeing the big picture but what can be done in a short period of time..

I know we all identify with weight loss target areas. We may have ups and downs on the road to the target goal, but if we focus upon the day and the goal of eating healthy, we make weight loss a side benefit of the healthy eating. We may not lose in a week, but if we know we ate healthy, we accomplished a goal..

I have a friend who has been gone for some time who has just returned from his summer cottage. I'll likely be having lunch and a movie with him this week. Regardless of how healthy our choices are in a restaurant, we always run the risk of the sodium issue affecting our outcome for the week..

For some reason, I'm swollen today and my rings are hard to get on whereas they had been a little on the loose side. I know water retention is the culprit despite drinking all that water and being 100% for two weeks..

Back to my household goals for the day!..

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Thanks so much, Jean, for you input! Adds real teeth to my opening! Great job...and I agree, breaking a huge task into manageable smaller ones...well, it works!.

Hope you have a great day today...I got to the gym early...thinking that is what I need to do...get up, get washed, have breakfast and fooling around on the computer...cuz I get stalled there when I do. For me, much better to just DO and not THINK so much..

PS Love the quote!..

Comment #2

Great start Nanc! It definitely struck a chord with me. Hubby and I were discussing this very thing yesterday. If I have a monumental task in front of me, I do tend to shut down. There are two for me right now and yesterday we talked about how I needed to just break one of them down into smaller tasks and get started get that ball rolling..

Looking at how much weight we have to lose can be daunting, but like you said, getting started is half the battle..

I'm off to church I teach the 10-12 year old Sunday School class and I've missed those kids while I was gone can't wait to see them again!.

Enjoy your day, stay on plan and take a !..

Comment #3

Good afternoon all!.

Nanc/121, thanks for starting this week's thread. I sometimes need a reminder like this when life in general gets overwhelming. Breaking it down into smaller tasks just to get the ball rolling does work..

It's been a busy weekend. Stayed out late on Thursday night catching up with an ols friend. Went out Friday night and had a good time with multiple friends at my favorite pub. Didin't drink anything but water. Had a salad to eat (had my Nutrisystem food for dinner before leaving the house). Just a lot of laughs with people I used to see every Friday..

Yesterday I was outside almost all day. The weather here was unbelieveably gorgeous! I got an hour of sun in my backyard in the morning and had a picnic at a local park from 1-5 in the afternoon. From there I went shoe shopping (that wedding date is creeping up on me). I didn't get anything..

Most of the shoes I saw had 4-5 inch heels. I'm too old for that and I do not wish to be that tall. I already stand at 5'7"+. My heart wasn't in it anyway. I wanted to be back outside. We haven't had a day like this in a while.

I had walked in the park as well..

After coming home & having dinner, went to Rhinebeck to see a Friend. Wish I had my travel chairs in my car. It would have been nice to sit outside..

Today I need to get some more chores done that have neglected all weekend before meeting another friend at 4pm. Had to get on here to catch up on all I had been missing out on as well as to check in..

Everyone have a great day!..

Comment #4

Suz, what a joy it must be teaching those students. I can understand why you would miss it....and they likely missed you also..

Reen, I'm not into wearing those ridiculously high heels. I could stand a little height as I've lost abut 2 inches in height over the years despite taking the medicine and taking calcium supplements. I'm on a med that destroys or takes the calcium from the bones, so it is a losing battle. The most height I will go with are the 2-1/2 inch heels and not the stilleto types so many favor now. I like a solid base..

I have floor ducts for my AC and heat. Today, I got the bright idea of replacing a filter in one which I use to keep things from going down accidentally. It took me a long time to get it out and then I didn't think I was going to get it back in because of the tight fit. I must not have the strength I once had...

Comment #5

Good morning, Friends!.

Great opener, Nanc! I feel like I have several steel balls lying around here I need to get moving..

And Jean, nice follow up to Nanc's post..

Reen, it's been nice here, too. Got a small thunderstorm with a bit of rain yesterday to make things smell nice. Oh, buy stock in Kleenex brand..

Just doing laundry today and trying to figure out how to get my iTunes music from the old clunker computer to the new lapop without losing any song I've purchased so we can donate it. Not doing too well but not getting overly frustrated, yet. I think I'll have my son help me (aka tech support) when he gets home..

Here's to a good week of weight loss for everyone...

Comment #6

Carrie, I use Clickfree which is a backup accessory for a computer. It automatically saves everything, so when you want to transfer info to a new computer, you just plug it in and tell it to "restore.".

The old fashioned way is to save your music files to a blank cd. Then take that cd and put then in new computer and then move them to the hard drive music folder..

I got carried away with the house stuff this morning, so I missed my 30 minutes or 2 miles of Leslie Sansone this morning. I hate to double up on that tonight. I like 30 minutes in AM and 30 minutes in PM plus my other extras...not that it is helping...

Comment #7

Good afternoon friends, I am here for my weekly posting. I should do more because I feel I'm not supporting my friends as much as you all support me..

I had a frustrating week. I am going to school (online for now), in hopes of obtaining a degree in elementary education. Well, Thursday my instructor sent me a note that he had not yet received an assignment due last Sunday. Needless to say, I was confused because I turned the assignment in well before deadline. As it turns out the assignment I submitted was a previous version of the one due. The penalty for lateness is 10% of the grade per day, so that really really sucked.

He posted that elsewhere and I simply missed it. Regardless, he basically said I was outta luck and so had to eat the reduction in grade..

Now I'm not naive, I realize that when it comes to hiring decisions I will be swimming upstream. I am older than most other applicants will be, and online degrees aren't regarded with the same esteem as traditional universities (which is silly because 99% of all schools offer online degree programs). So, it is imperative that my grades are exceptional to even the playing field. Thankfully my grades in that class are high enough that it won't kill my overall, but I have lost all wiggle room. I really lost sleep over this issue, and we all know that our body needs proper rest to function properly and support weight loss..

Okay, done venting. Sundays are weigh-in days at Phil's house, and for the week I lost 4.6#. The total is nearly 75# and it seems that the 400's are in the rear-view mirror (knock on computer)..

I hope all is well with all of you. Keep strong, and remember we did not gain all this weight in a few days, weeks, or months; it will take time to get our bodies back. God Bless us all...

Comment #8

Carrie, I cannot give any advice on the transferring of your music files. I am technologically challenged! I have to have my kids do/show me everything. Can you believe I do not even own an ipod? I will need to invest as I plan on doing alot of walking come the cooler weather and if I cannot find someone to walk with, music will become my partner..

Jean, your exercise IS paying off in a healthier you. I know just being 30 lbs lighter and moving a little more each day has made a BIG difference in me. I still cannot walk long distances but I can do the stairs at work w/o effort. Last year at this time I was a hermit. Now I can't wait for the next event....bring it on!.

Aside from the mashed potatoes on Thursday night, I have stayed on target throughout all the gatherings this weekend. I am starving today. I hope this means a decent loss showing tomorrow (although I'll be happy with a pound). Do not think I'll be getting my 30 & 40 lb bears together but will continue to strive for it..

Hope all is well with everyone...

Comment #9

Phil, sorry about the disappointing grade, but very excited about your weight loss. That's very good news indeed. 75 lbs is no small feat. Are you doing anything to reward yourself?..

Comment #10

Phil, I know you are disappointed with the outcome of the grade and clearness of the assignment. I know you have very high expectations of yourself. I'm retired from education and still work part time. This is just one very small item in the big picture, but it is an experience that will put you on guard for future efforts..

Despite the fact that many men are not going into elementary education, you still need to be competitive. Trust me when I say that they will be looking at the big total picture which will outweigh any minor issue. They want people who really care and you are one of them or you would not be concerned. The fact that you have done so well with weight loss and be able to keep it off when you reach your target goal range, is a selling point that you can stick to it when the going gets rough.....and it does at times in education..

Reen, I would like for it to pay off a little bit in terms of loss of inches and weight. I've never had problems losing weight like I have this time. On the other hand, I'm older. I see they have a 10 pound bear ready to ship out when I get back. I already have one...

Comment #11

Yeah, as far as computers go I know just enough to goof things up. Seems like my iTunes account and old computer are so ancient I'd need to install a whole new operating system in order to update my iPod. And Apple is very fussy about their systems so I think I won't be able to transfer anything over to the laptop. But that's ok, since my iPod still has all my "happy" songs on it; I just don't think I'll be able to add more songs to it. Oh well...I mostly use it at work to listen to exactly what I like and because radio reception isn't very good. I do use the Pandora program 121 likes, but the iPod is my "sure thing.".

Hang in there, Phil...there are "yoyos" everywhere, unfortunately. Someone as motivated as yourself should have no problem getting, and keeping, a teaching job..

And isn't that the weirdest thing about some of us getting hungrier than usual right before we lose weight?..

Comment #12

Carrie, I certainly wouldn't pay Apple any more money to download songs to a new computer. I do use I-Tunes for movies, etc. for my netbook. I didn't have any problems transferring from one computer to another. You just have to download the new I-Tunes thingie again to the new computer and your transferred music will work..

If we get hungry before we lose weight, then I'm looking forward to getting hungry. I've heard people say that but it has never happened with me. I'm rarely hungry that a 20 minute wait doesn't cure; in that case, it was more appetite than hunger. If it lasts more than 20 minutes, then it is hunger for me...

Comment #13

I'll be meeting a friend for lunch and then a movie tomorrow. I haven't seen the person since June. I've already scouted out the menu and made the appropriate selection. I'm in the mood for steak so I'm having the peppercorn steak with steamed veggies for lunch. When I get home, I'll have an Nutrisystem lunch for dinner as the stats for the peppercorn steak are more appropriate to a dinner. I've had this before and the portion size is approppriate.

It is 390 calories including the sides with 43g of protein. I'll have to drink plenty of water as it is loaded with sodium but not as much as some of their other items, including salads...

Comment #14

Sounds wonderful...have fun and enjoy that steak...I know you have been thinking about it for some time now. You know QVC sells the Kansas City Heart Association ones. Have you ever thought about those? I have a box in the freezer...right size and calorie count. Think I might open em this week..

Anyhoooooo, have a great time! Do you know what movie you are going to see?..

Comment #15

Those are very good. Yes, I have some Kansas City steak products available. Nutrisystem had no problem with them when I was last on the program. Kansas City products are great portion control..

I'm the type who if I see a movie that is excellent I often want to see it again especially if it is intellectually challenging. We're going to see Inception, which the person has not seen. I had been wanting to see it again as it is one of the most intriguing and involved movies with twists I have seen..

121, you are doing a great job with weight loss lately!.

I know it was a struggle but now you got the dessert issue, etc. under control. Sometimes, it just takes time to find the right groove...and you have found it! I'm a little more in tune with the Coach's philosophy about losing weight. I loved his thread on that..

We were going to the Olive Garden where I would have had the Apricot chicken. That steak kept creeping into my mind, so I called to see if they were willing to do Applebee's. I really like the Outback better but steak wise, the Outback is a little harder to handle with the calorie limits...

Comment #16

Jean. enjoy your day in the city. Lunch and a movie with an old friend...can't beat it..

The hunger I have been experiencing almost seems to last most of the day. I try to drink water, distract myself by doing things, but the need to eat is still there. I've barely finished my breakfast items and I'm looking for lunch. Thank goodness for unlimited veggies!.

Thunderstorms due here throughout the next few days w/ increased temps and humidity. I'm glad I spent so much time outside Saturday...those days are so few and far between at this time of the year..

Good night all...

Comment #17

Reen, hang in there! Don't laugh when you read this. Get a package of Tums and eat one whenever this happens. I haven't had this problem on this go around but that is something I do when out and about in the past life but went too long without eating. It's worth a try..

Good night, everyone! Sleep well!..

Comment #18

Salads save me Reenie...especially when I save a HB egg...I grate it into the salad with Galeos everytime..

Sleep well everyone...

Comment #19

Jean, sweetie...all I know it is NOT a race. I will get there when I get there. I started this journey in 2003. I bought this gizmo to scan a pic of me then*...JULY 2003 for my aunt's was a big one...I think 75...anyhooooooo, I just kept at it...did not listen to anyone...not even the jerk on the bus that told me I was a fat pig (did not have a car at the time)...I just went about my business..

I am racing no one...and it will take me as long as it takes me...I mean this is no longer a truly is a way of life..

PS Thanks for your words of encouragement! nitey nite..

*I just need to figure out how to use it...

Comment #20

Good morning, everyone! Hopefully, on this day you will not feel as if the concerns of the day is weighing you down and holding you back from making progress..

I think I'm at the point again where I'll be holding again, or even going up some. After a promising mid-week weigh in, the weigh in for a challenge showed a gain. I thought it might be a fluke so I tried again today and got the same reading. It has to be fluid retention. I really hate the E word but I might have to go to more than an hour a day and drink more than ten glasses of water. Such is life!.

The only reason I maintained so well when I quit my last round was that I weighed twice a week. I can easily gain five or more pounds a week while those with me on a trip eat far more and don't gain. We would go to a buffet; I would be conservative but they would heap the plate and go back for seconds. They would not gain; I would according to the scales in the fitness center where we stay. Life isn't fair at times..

No one said life had to be fair but I'll continue eating healthy despite the outcome. I know for the most part I feel better and have more energy. Some day, it will fall into place. If it doesn't, I just know that I tried. Now, this is when someone will suggest I take my measurements as they will be declining. My measurements this morning are exactly the same as they were at the end of May..

I'm just venting! I do think I'll cancel that second ten pound bear Nutrisystem has scheduled in mynext delivery. What do I need with two ten pound bears? I'm trying to get rid of excess stuff, not increase it!.

I'll enjoy my day's outing regardless of the consequences in terms of weight gain despite a wise choice. Then it will be back to the routine. I'm looking forward to next week's trip as I really need to get out...

Comment #21

Hi guys -.

I just realized that I posted this morning to last week's thread! ugh. I will copy it and post again...

Comment #22

Hey guys!!!.

I am at school LOL I have a case of the "poor me" syndrome I guess. The first few days are tough!! All you teachers/former teachers know what I 'm talking about!.

Anyway, this is my "planning period" and will only last a few minutes as we are on a short schedule today, being the first student's day. BUt I just have to make time to tell you guys.......

Do you remember that after all my outpatient surgery week before last I decided just NOT to weigh in last Monday? I have not been following the program that week and I just did not feel like I could mentally cope with a gain or no loss. But anyway......I have been doing great this past week and today was weigh-in day for the first time in TWO weeks..

I LOST 6 POUNDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Can't put enough exclamation marks after that one!!! Whoopee!!.

Have not had time to change my ticker or anything like that...must go, but just had to share the news with my online "besties" as the kids call it!! I will hopefully check in tonight..

Everybody have a great day!!..

Comment #23

Congrats on your weight loss! That's terrific, Mona..

Actually, I loved the first days of school...totally exciting, loved seeing the enthusiasm on the faces of all the kids...what a new year would bring..."Oh, the places you'll go"! -Dr. Seuss.

Sadly, this year because of budget cuts...lots of us won't be experiencing the joy of that first of day of school..

Hope your year is successful...

Comment #24

Congrats! I'm so excited for you! What a great way to start the new school year! This really gives you the zest to continue the effort!.

Weigh to Go!..

Comment #25


And I'm proud to be one of your besties!..

Comment #26

Good evening all, 121 great opener ispiring. I decided today to take my son school shopping ugh exspensive " I only want this and I wont wear that" boys my daughter was so much easier..anyhow I decided to check so new clothes for me out and hot diggity I finaly dropped 2 pants sizes I was so excited I could not stop smiling through the whole shopping trip..I realy didnt believe it my old pants still fit well not falling off or anything..I only baught 2 pairs but kept trying on the same size at different stores just to see if they mismarked the size and nope they were right.. I just could not believe it..they were not even tight either fianly inches are coming off..yippy Finished the last challenge yesterday and reached my goal and I think I will lay off the challenges a bit it kinda stresses me out a bit and stress is not healthy..So cheers to all of you. I am on vacation this week so I need to keep busy so if I am not posting I will still have you all in thought like always.....

Comment #27

Jen, it is a fabulous feeling when you discover clothes in much smaller sizes that fit you. It is a tangible reward you can touch and see on yourself. Keep up the good work! I understand what you mean about the challenges. Please post whenever you can. Enjoy the well-deserved vacation..

I did some intenseive mall walking for 2 miles before the lunch and movie. We ate at Applebee's where I had one of the under 550 calorie meals. I got the steak with steamed veggies. The steak was a 7 ounce size, so the first thing I did was to divide it in half and push half of it away not to be eaten..

After the movie, I did some more mall walking. I really wish I lived close so I could participate in their formal walking program run by a local hospital. Some of those people almost race/walk; they do not stop and look in the stores. They are on a mission to walk the path. Those who walk 1000 miles get a certificate from the mall. They have to sign in when they report and sign out..

The steak was so good that I really could have enjoyed the whole 7 ounces but I had to make the portion acceptable. The swelling in my hands, stomach, legs and feet seem to be far less tonight...

Comment #28

The problem is that I am not going long w/o eating. I have packed my food the the day. My lunch bag sits on my desk so that when I am hungry I can pull something out. I am talking about eating one item and w/in 30 minutes I want something else. If I have it, I still am not content. I want more.

I have taken early lunches to walk hoping this would do the trick. Nope, still hungry. I am normally ok by 3pm but have eaten all the food I have packed for an 8-9 hr shift. And I go home nad am hungry again.This is not a daily occurrance. Just seems to happen befor I'm about to drop more than a pound at once..

I've been packing extra veggies every day...just in case..

Weigh to go Mona!!! You must feel great. Keep up the good work now that the <ball is rolling>.

So excited for you Jen. Isn't it funny that we automatically assume the size must be off? Why must we double/triple check? Glad you found that it was not an error, that you did indeed go down 2 sizes. Kudos..

Comment #29

Jean, glad your day was enjoyable. I think you need to move near me..or maybe we should switch places..

You would definitely enjoy having a mall w/in 15 minutes that also has a mall walker's club. We also have the Walkway over the Hudson as well as many rail trails (the old railway tracks have been uprooted and walkways made). I do plan on taking full advantage of the outdoor walking once the cooler weather arrives. Today I settled for 25 minutes of walking around grounds at work. Built up a bit of a sweat in today's heat..

Went to check on Dad after work. Took home some more medical bills to follow up on. He didn't tell me his supplemental carrier changed back in January. I need to get a Privacy form from them that my Dad has to sign. It gives me permission to discuss his bills w/ the insurance company. Already have one on file with the doctor(s).

They will only send it to the address they have on file for the beneficiary and my father forgets to bring it up from Florida with him. I may have to make him call for it..

Going to dinner with my sister tomorrow night. She's feeling better so we have rescheduled from last week..

Have excellent non Nutrisystem related news. The hospital approved Sarah's financial aid request so their charges have been written off. I called the girl who handles the (seperate) bills for the ER doctors to advise Sarah had applied for the hospital's aid. She has access to the hospital system and said it was approved at 100% discount so they would follow suit!.

The only bill (that I am aware of) that is left is the plastic surgeon. I will ask if they have a self-pay rate or even if he would accept the amount that Crime Victims (Medicaid rates) would have paid if they would have have gotten involved. Should be at least 1/2 the cost. if he accepts I will pay immediately. I have a revolving loan that I've been paying off. It comes in handy when the car needs unexpected big repairs.

It feels good to have some burdens lifted..

And, wiegh in was today. I'm down 3 more lbs!.

Gotta go. Those dishes will not do themselves. I've tried wiggling my nose. Some people say I'm a witch...or was it something that rhymed with that? It didn't work. Have to physically do them. Damn..

Have a great night all!..

Comment #30

Reen, congrats upon the weight loss. You are doing so well; keep it up!.

Also, I know it is a great sense of relief that the hospital bills are being taken care of. Hopefully the plastic surgeon will adjust his bill also..

Have a great night everyone!..

Comment #31

Hi everyone - just checking in! Congrats to so many for seeing drops and successes! I think I'm with you Jean, I'm up a pound or two and I think it's from a couple of things - TOM and high humidity. I walked one of our dogs tonight for 1/2 hour - did almost 2 miles and I was drenched in sweat. I'll be glad when the humidity drops!.

Take care all and have a great rest of the week!..

Comment #32

Krista,The temperature and humidity has been bad lately. It was 97 degrees again today but since most of my time was indoors, it wasn't that bad. This weekend, I worked outside and when hot, I usually end up with fluid retention..

Krista, Good job on walking the dogs (love your new name), but when the humidity is high, it is hard for the perspiration to evaporate so the body tends to retain the fluid. That's the old biology major in me coming out..

I am off to bed now; I had a telephone call so I hadn't signed off but wanted to check again before going to bed. Good night!..

Comment #33

Thanks for all the congrats guys! It makes success even nicer when there are people who are truly happy for you! Jen, good job on trying on the pants and finding you are a smaller size!! I have not done that yet...but I'm looking forward to it..

I still get a little bit of "first days of school" excitement too. This year is different in that I got reassigned from the classes that I have been teaching for 10 years...back to some things I taught before that. I thought I had moved permanently into Business/Computer Ed, but apparently not! I am the only person in my school certfied to teach certain things (that I taught years ago) and so the new principal of course noticed that and switched me around with another teacher. I had planned to never get out of a computer lab. I love teaching computer classes! But now, I'm in a "regular" classroom..full of desks...with textbooks and I promise you I do not remember how to teach without computers! So..that is where the pity party is coming from. It's just going to be a day-by-day thing, with me staying late every day trying to decide what to do the next.

The school is just right down the street from my house, and that is where my son is. So I put up with a lot to remain there..

I hope everybody is doing well. The heat wave here is absolutely punishing. Heat index hit 112 today..

NOw that I am back at work, I plan to have a salad at lunch followed by a Nutrisystem lunch bar for "dessert". I think that will work best for me. When the weather cools off, I will have the chicken noodle and/or vegetable beef soup. Those are about the only lunch items I really like. I was starving today from the new schedule...hope I get settled into a routine soon. Between stress and hunger, I could easily give in to high calorie break and after school snacks.

Everybody have a great day tomorrow. I probably will not be posting as much as I did this summer, but I will check in as often as I can. Keep up the good work ladies!!..

Comment #34

OK, I am not a lady...But all is forgiven because I realize the euphoria from an outstanding weight loss achievement has clouded your mind. Ha. Seriously, Congrats Mona, you deserve all the accolades that you are getting..

I went for a 25 minute walk this morning, easily the most walking I have done since.... yeah, a long time. But, the good news is that I feel reasonably comfortable walking and confident that I am not gonna have a heart attack mid-stride..

This is going to sound silly, and perhaps unbelievable to many of you, but I want to share a small but important victory I had this morning..

I put my socks on without my little helper do-hickey thingy. For those of you that don't know, they make this apparatus that you use by putting the sock over a plastic trough like thing and you slide it on your foot. I WAS that fat, that I could not put socks on without help..

Those days are over my friends and I will continue to lose weight and I will continue to feel better..

Take care friends and stay strong...

Comment #35

See, they don't want you in a rut, Mona! Just when you had it all on cruise control, the powers that be went and mucked up the works. You'll do'll keep you on your toes, your new assignment. And just think, you'll be so busy, no time to obsess on food. Wishing you a great year!..

Comment #36

Nice job, Phil...keep up the good work and way to go without the sock thingy...I love how much you appreciate that will keep you in the game for the turning back now, mister!.

Also, love how you are paying attention to your body when out on your truly is about being good to our heart and lungs...they have been there for us...we need to treat em with respect!.

I gave my heart and lungs a bit of a workout this morning, already...9.4 miles on the recumbent bike...felt good...nice sweat going...LOVE THAT!.

Have a great day me it's about dong the right thing for your body...respect yourself enough to take care of it...

Comment #37

Oh Phil, I just teared up reading your post because I know how much of a breakthrough that is for you! People who aren't going through this couldn't possibly understand, but we all sure know how important those things are! Super congratulations! You are my hero!..

Comment #38

Oh gosh Mona! I remember those things happening so well! I had always taught primary grades, both in the classroom and then in basic skills. I had a Master's in Reading and loved doing what I was doing. Then after about 20 years or so, a new principal came in and assigned me to 8th grade basic skills in math!!! OMG, I almost died!!! I don't know what terrified me more, 8th graders or math, but luckily I was able to talk her out of it! Several years later, after I got my educational media certification and got my own library, I actually liked working with the the older kids, but that was under much different conditions and didn't include math...

Comment #39

Phil, Phil! Being able to put your socks on without the help of a device is a real NSV! These are the little perks that are much bigger in impact that what most people would realize. Congrats!.

Mona, I completely understand your frustration over the change in job assignment. First, it is something you enjoyed doing. Second, most students I know enjoy computer classes more than they do the other academic areas. It is not easy putting into practice something you have not done for some time, especially when practices and requirements for the class have changed..

One of my majors is biology although I never taught it. We had a biology teacher who decided part way during the first semester that he was going to leave and do his own thing elsewhere. The only problem was that he was under contract and the board did not have to release him if they could not find someone qualified to replace him..

I went to sub one day when the principal called me in to talk to me. I had already heard from the biology teacher his plans and what he planned to do if the board didn't release him. Basically, the principal wanted me to fill in for him for the rest of the year so she could be rid of him. When I reminded her that I hadn't taught it and it had been a "thousand" years, she simply stated, "I know that but you will do a better job than he will. I want someone there who cares and who won't be showing movies the rest of the year.".

I ended up doing it and spent second semester. There were three basic intro biology classes, one anatomy and physiology class and a lower level basic biology class for the academically challenged. The lesson plans for these classes were horrendous and had to be submitted a week in advance. We had to incorporate all the different learning strategies to meet varying needs of students, the content standards of the state which was being fulfilled by the lesson, teaching methods, etc., etc. There were about seven pages for each class..

In addition, we had to upload the daily plans in simpler terms to a website accessible by parents and students. Also, we had to upload assignments, grades, etc. for parent and student use. I spent hours at night preparing for each class, grading papers for immediate return (time limit stipulated), preparing make up work for those who missed, etc. I gained a lot of weight during that time as I already was working an evening program when I did this. I essentially had a 12 hour work day, not including the evening hours spent in preparation..

Believe me, I understand completely! Hang in there! Change is not easy!.

121, you continue to do your excellent exercise program as well as nutritional program. I know you will continue to do so. It is paying off in so many ways..

Ginger, you also have had great diversified experience and challenges. Aren't middle school students challenging? The are (or think they are) adults one minute and then later, revert back to younger behavior. They are at the age where the hormones are turning on and the last thing they are interested in are middle school boys; their sights are set older...

Comment #40

Good morning, everyone. I'm happy to report that after about a week, I am FINALLY feeling much better, though I still have a cough and probably will for about 6 weeks. Me and bronchitis have never been good friends, though we DO manage to "see" each other at least once a year..

Congrats to all the losers I see posted for the past week! Some of the big ones stand out. Wow, Mona, 6 pounds! I am so proud of you! That is an amazing loss, even for two weeks! Good stuff! And Phil, you continue to impress me. And your great NSV of being able to put on your socks with your hands can't put a price on that one. I wish I could get you to talk to and install some sense and will power in my brother. He is well into the 300s and may be into the 400s by now but he just can't seem to get it together enough to lose any weight and keep it off. Being a trucker doesn't help....but he HAS to do something or I'm afraid I'll lose him early.

To those still losing slowly or suffering through plateaus or small gains, hang in there. Try to focus on the POSITIVE in all this. Despite what that darn scale shows, you are eating healthier. That is great for your body and you KNOW you feel better because of it. All the rest will eventually fall into place. As someone said (121?), this isn't a race for any of us.

The real benefit is a healthier lifestyle and our bodies will thank us for that..

Oh. A bit of good news. If you remember, we had a fire in the kitchen a few weeks back when the dishwasher exploded. The repairman/installer FINALLY showed up this morning with a new dishwasher and when he pulled the old one out from the wall, we were happy to see that all the damage was confined to the unit. The wires in the wall were least the ones he could see. No melted, mangled wires.

Ok, time to pay some bills. Not too excited about THAT....but it has to be done. Everyone have a great, blessed Tuesday and MAKE GOOD CHOICES...

Comment #41

Pammy, great news! Not only are you feeling better but that the fire did not damage the wiring. That could have ended up being an expensvie repair bill. Leaves more money to buy veggies and other add ins...

Comment #42

Phil, that's fantastic!!.

Mona, ditto what Nanc said! I taught special ed for 10 years (5 years with kids who were severely handicapped and 5 with kids who had learning disabilities) and 3rd grade for 5. Never a dull moment with any of them, so I know how you feel. You'll be just fine once you get into your routine. And if the kids notice, what a good example you'll be for them about making positive choices..

Hey Reen, send me your dishes to wash; that's one chore I really like to do. And what wonderful news about Sarah! (big sigh).

Jen922, have fun on vacation, wearing your new pants. I feel the same way about Nutrisystem challenges, but am trying another and trying to remain calm. Noone's been judgemental about anything, which is nice..

Happy Tuesday, All!..

Comment #43

I have no motivation today. I'm doing my routine of eat, drink water, eat, exercise, drink water, etc. but haven't been able to accomplish anything in the house. I need to focus on the bathroom and this evening, get the ladder out so I can climb up and clean out the gutters...

Comment #44

Jean, please be careful on that ladder! I have a fear of heights and can't get more than a few rungs up before I freeze. I hate to see what OUR gutters look like.....

As for the repair bill, yes, it could have been a LOT worse. But this has been a summer of what could happen next for us. Back at the beginning, my daughter had the wreck in FL that she walked away from but the car didn't. We had to help her get a new (ie used) car while we were there which ended up being a nightmare. That car has since had to have a new transmission, which we covered for her as she just didn't have it. Since that repair, she's had it in numerous times for the same dies on her several times a day, but then starts right up again when she turns the key.

She's had a tune up, the transmission replaced, and other odds and ends based on what the mechanics have told her. And STILL....the issue continues. If anyone has had this experience with a 2006 Nissan Sentra and ever figured out what it is, please enlighten me so I can let her know. I know she's getting extremely frustrated with this car..

When we got back from Florida, a few weeks of swimming weather and then the pool pump went. Yeah, I know it's like 12 years old and was on it's last legs, but that was still a hefty repair bill. Then we had the dishwasher explosion. A week after THAT, the built in double stove started smelling like an electrical issue was building while I was using the microwave and I could tell the fan wasn't working. I turned it off right away before we could have another fire so it's not burned up, but we haven't been able to use it. A repairman is scheduled to come look at THAT next week sometime.

Kinda crowded on the counter but you gotta do what you gotta do. Sure hope that issue gets fixed before she heads out of here at the end of the month..

Anyway, as you can see, we've been tip-toeing around, hoping that the other shoe doesn't drop AGAIN. We'll see. I guess these things do tend to happen when you have a house. But do they have to happen ALL AT ONCE??.

Ok, enough venting. Time to get dressed and head off to the grocery store, now that the bills are done. Enjoy what's left of your day...

Comment #45

Pammy, it seems that when it rains it just doesn't want to stop. When one problem develops, another comes along. It is really hard to get ahead. I had great plans until I had a $1500 bill hit me. Oh well, it is called contributing to the economic development of the country..

I didn't make it to using the ladder. We had a rain so I just stayed put inside. I do need to clean it as in a hard rain, the rain is shooting over instead of going down the drain. My neighbor has a huge problem with that but has never done anything about it...

Comment #46

Stress and Dieting.


A Danger and an Opportunity.

The Chinese word for crisis is written by combining the symbols for the words danger and opportunity. Stress is just that: a friend or a foe depending on how we react to it..

Dieting and Stress.

Overeating is a common reaction to stressful events. It is a temporarily satisfying diversion, but is can result in a long term weight problem, adding one more source of stress to our life. It is a term which seems to describe the state of many in our societies. Who is not "under stress"?.

Stress is the body's physical, mental and biochemical reactions to life's incidents, where they are welcomed or dreaded. These incidents are often referred to as "stressors.".

Its not all bad.

It is impossible to go through life without emergencies or stress. But people react to the same stress in different ways. It is not the situation but our reaction to it that may cause the anxiety, frustration, or the unpleasant response that leads to "di-stress." On the other hand, stress well managed can actually strengthen you for the next encounter..

Managing Stress While You Diet.

Make a list of stressors in your life: these can be people or events..

List your typical response: the food your reach for, in a response to stress..

List alternate responses, other than food, to the stressors, for example:.

...Call a relative or friend.

...Take a nap.

...Take a hot shower.

...Go for a walk.

(Use the list when tempted to overeat.).

Do not allow yourself to eat before the timer you set goes off, twenty or thirty minutes later..

Use exercise/a walk or another diversion as a substitute for food...

Comment #47

Midnight and I have had some quality time together. I just hope he doesn't suspect he is going to the vet to be boarded while I am gone on the trip. He doesn't do well when it comes to travel. He is one anxious kitty. He has always been an indoor cat. He will venture just outside the patio door with me but will lie there for a few minutes and then look longingly back inside.

I guess we all are used to the security of what we know and change can be challenging. Without positive change, however, there cannot be progress. I've spent some time checking out places to eat in the Philly area. I guess I'll rely upon my chain restaurants as I'm familiar with their menus and nutritional guidelines. The person going with me isn't gung ho on fancy places, and neither am I unless it is a special event..

I found a place to walk when it is cool which will avoid the traffic issue. It will be boring but a bulding across the street from me has a large parking lot which will permit me to walk several round trips to rack up the steps. I just have to find a half hour worth of music on my MP3 to entertain me for a half hour walk each time. The Leslie Sansone DVDs really rack up more equivalent miles in a shorter time and can be done in the comfort of the home and is more entertaining. Something tells me I will be relying upon the Sansone DVDs plus others. I did want to try a change...

Comment #48

Mona, have you tried the tuna or chicken salad? If you're still doing 2 carbs a day you can take 2 slices of whole grain/wheat bread & make a sandwhich. I also keep a hard boiled egg and yogart in my supplies as the keep me content for quite some time and do not take long to eat. Aside from your salad, how about some cut up veggies or cherry tomatoes that you can pop in your mouth between classes to help keep hunger at bay? I also like the individual little boxes of raisins for convenience..

It's not silly. I had problems w/ pantyhose so I started wearing pants. I could not sit just anywhere to put on my socks & shoes. I would sit on the edge of my bed & sit sideways so the bed would support one leg at a time. I even would double knot my sneaker shoelaces as, Heaven forbid, if they became untied, how would I retie them in public?.

This is the best place for sharing our NSVs. We so get these little victories...which truly are monumental! Congrats Phil..

That's real good news, Pammy. So happy for you in that it wasn't more extensive/expensive..

I appreciate the offer. I hate most chores until I actually start doing them. Yes, BIG BIG sigh about Sarah's medical bills..

Pammy, vent with us anytime. You certainly have had a lot to deal with and it doesn't help being sick on top of everything else. May things start going in your favor real soon..

Great job in planning ahead. Hope the weather supports your outdoor plan but if not, you have prepared back up!..

Comment #49

Jean - I could do with a change myself. All I've been able to do so far is limited walking on the Wii (WIO) but I wanted to add one of the Sweating to the Oldies from Richard Simmons DVDs to the plan. I couldn't get even a minute into the first song because of all the arm movements he does. My lung condition pretty much prohibits any upper arm exercise and I deteriorate FAST if I even try it. However, with the eating right I've been feeling better so I thought I'd give it a try anyway. Not lasting 30 seconds was like having ice water poured over me and my exercise plans.

Well, after the cough clears that is. I'm not supposed to do anything again until that happens..

Enjoy that quality time with Midnight. I tend to do the same thing with my Maltese babies a few days before they need to be boarded. I hate leaving them there, but I know they're well cared for..

Boards are slow tonight...

Comment #50

Reen - We were posting at the same time. I hate most chores too, even AFTER I start doing them, lol. I've started making a list each night of 3 things I need to accomplish the next day. I set it right beside my Nutrisystem food log so I can remember to do them. So far, so good. (I just started doing that this week.) Oh.

I know that's a load off both of your shoulders...

Comment #51

Well, it's getting late so I'm off to bed. 'Nite, all...

Comment #52

Pammy, I have the Anniversary collection of the Richard Simmons DVDs. Of all the ones I have, these are the best. They look deceptively simple. The arm movements increase the cardio impact of the workout. Those can be modified by not doing the arm movements until you are ready or just do a few..

Reen, about the only time I get adventurous with foods is when I'm in a cultural area in which I want to go "native" in a genuine local place and not a tourist place. I usually look at the menus posted on restaurants but we are limited on time so we are picking out our places in advance of going on the trip. We're saving "adventurous' for Hawaii. Pacific Rim Cuisine and genuine Hawaiian food can be very good..

Good night!..

Comment #53

That's funny, I did the same tonight (but I only put down 1 item to accomplish each night).

Once are definitely a good planner!..

Comment #54

Hey girls...and PHIL!! LOL I didn't mean to exclude you with my terminology! and boy are you to be congratulated about not needing the sock-thingy. You did the right thing by sharing that with us because we have all celebrated with you as we read your post! Keep it up!.

I am constantly amazed at the amount of planning and organization that some of you put into your foods each day! I am nowhere near ya'll yet....but I suppose I feel like at this point I have so much to lose that I can lose without being so exacting. I fully intend to get better with my planning and food choices as I go, so hopefully the "downward trend" will continue. That's what we're looking for everybody...a downward trend. That is not to say there will never be little blimps of a gain. Charting progress is really encouragine over the long run because you can easily see that downward progress..

My day my somewhat better. AFter working late yesterday to devise plans for today, I actually "had class" with 4 periods. Everything went well. The other 2 periods were spent assigning textbooks. We are still somewhat unsettled with schedule changes, etc. but everything is running smoothly.

I totally want to bawl my eyes out, but I have chosed to smile through the whole event instead. I am so proud of him! He is my pride and joy and success if there within his reach, if only he will reach out and take it. He had scholarships for about half of the money he needs for these 2 semesters, and I'm so proud. His (empty) room is right behind me though and it's a little tough knowing he is not coming home tonight. I know many of you have "been there, done that", just like many of your wrote of your experiences teaching.

Meanwhile, the heat today was indescribable. The heat index forcasted for today was 118 and let me tell you....I think it made it up there. We are seriously in the danger zone. I have morning duty outside this week 7:15-7:50 and my shirt was soaking wet with sweat before we got to go in and all I was doing was walking slowly around..

Got to go...must start going to bed earlier. Keep up the good work everybody!!..

Comment #55

Off to cuddle with Ernestine...watching Master Chef...I am a cooking show addict...Top Chef, Next Foodnetwork Start, anything cooking I love..

This one has the guy from Hell's Kitchen running the show......I especially love watching all the prep work...when they are working with veggies...I just find it so peaceful (Ina, Giada, Bobby...Ellie).

Anyhooooooo, was a great day today...lots of healthy food shopping, playtime with Ernestine, chit chatting with neighbors, exercise for both E and me...all good..

Sweet dreams all... may your tomorrow be positive...

Comment #56

Phil Congrats on the all the successes especially the fact that you no longer need the helper do-hicky thingy.

Mona Congrats on your loss! I know it's hard when they leave..

Nanc - great job on the bike this morning!.

Jen Yay for the smaller sizes!.

Reen congrats on Sara's financial aid request being approved! Extra congrats for the weight loss!.

Pammy I'm glad you're feeling better! Good to hear the wires in the wall were OK after the explosion.

I love all the cooking shows too Ironically, I wouldn't eat half of what they cook, but it's sure fun watching them!..

Comment #57

Good morning, everyone! It is another stormy day filled with rain, lightening, etc. I had planned to go to the city today and get some food and make a visit to Kohls, but that doesn't appear promising right now. There is always the joy of home confinement. It is so much easier to enjoy a routine if there is something to look forward to..

Hope your day is a successful one...

Comment #58

Reen mentioned the Richard Simmons workout last night. I have the anniversary collection of his DVDs but have not used all of them. I've been wanting a change so this morning, I popped in the original Sweating to the Oldies. When I finished that DVD, I had far more of a workout in 35 minutes than with Leslie Sansone or with walking. I was covered with perspiration and the heart rate was definitely in the fat burning zone..

I decided to drink my water and watch some of the added features, including a great interview with Richard. He went into detail about his efforts to lose weight, how he actually succeeded and then launched his professional efforts. It is the serious side of Richard and it is a very motivational interview as he talks about the difficulties and challenges of weight loss..

Reen, I know you mentioned how difficult the program was for you. Just use it and keep moving at your level and just add a few minutes each week. One of the people interviewed and showed in the DVD lost over 200 pounds eating correctly and using his exercise program. There was significant weight loss among most of the "dancers." He kept emphasizing start out and do what you can and then add a little more each week. Those arm movements are definitely designed to elevate heart rate and increase cardio but for you, just do the foot work for a period of time. Watch the DVD and you will see that there is more to it than the arm movements.

This was so much fun and the time passed quickly!..

Comment #59

Happy Wednesday, all! I can't believe how fast this summer has flown by. Today, we decided to have an end of summer pool party for the extended family to be held Labor Day weekend. That gives me a little over 3 weeks to get the house party presentable and my hubby to get the outside pool party presentable. My youngest daughter said she'll help, but we'll see how that goes. She's such a social butterfly that she's gone a lot. I guess after that weekend she'll be heading back to the college apartment which means hubby and I will have the empty nest again until next summer.

But I digress. Anyway, by having the party HERE I can better control what food is available. And I can even stick 100% to Nutrisystem foods if I want to. All in all it's a completely doable situation. And another great NSV....

I guess I need to see what I can find at the end of season sales currently going on. I'm sure it will still be basic black, as I'm still way too heavy to go with anything else, but having something in a smaller size will be nice..

Ok, all, time to get busy again. Have a great day, stick to your goals, and be blessed...

Comment #60

Just a quick pop in...Jean, glad you enjoyed your workout with RS...I think he is still fab...and Pammy...BATHING FALLING it...keep up the good work and have fun at the pool party..

Stay positive everyone...attitude is everything! ciao!..

Comment #61

Pammy, what a great NSV! I do have this image of you taking a dip in the pool and then when you emerge the water pulls it down and..... Enjoy the party! Time for a new bathing suit!.

121, it is always good to see you checking in. I've met RS twice; once in a mall appearance during which visit he also took time to visit patients in the hospital, and then I met him during connection time in the Charlotte airport. He is actually a very serious person; he just plays that role people are used to seeing. In fact, in that interview on the DVD, he explains why he does that..

I did something productive today; I colored my hair. But like Pammy, I have to do something about the house...

Comment #62

Lol, funny you should mention that. Back when hubby and I were fairly newlyweds (married less than 2 years), we went to VA Beach on vacation. We were in our mid 20s then. Anyway, we bought a couple of boogie boards and were "surfing" in the waves. Well, I was pleased as punch when I caught a nice wave and rode on top of it all the way into the shore. That is, I was pleased until I stood up and suddenly heard my hubby's voice SCREAMING across the sand, "PAMMY!! YOUR BOOBS!!" Needless to say, the force of that fun wave riding me to shore ALSO managed to pull my bathing suit top down!! I was mortified! Lol, and thanks to my hubby, countless other sunbathers that day saw me as well. Oh least "the girls" were somewhat perkier back then...

Comment #63

Hello everybody. Just a quick check in. There hasn't been much activity on here today, has there? Maybe everybody is like me....back to busy busy BUSY. Ugh..

I have talked all period, every period today. I am not accustomed to this! I am accustomed to making an assignment explaining/demonstrating how to do it, and then shutting up unless they need my help! OMG I am so tired of the sound of my own voice! and some of these poor kids have me twice a day! I will never, ever make it. I can't possibly talk like this every day, or even most every day! I am just now about to leave work, and still have one su bject that I do not have figured out for tomorrow. Ugh..

On top of all that, I am hungry. I mean really hungry. For lunch I have been having a salad then the PLAN is to eat a lunch bar after that for "dessert". Well...I do not have a chance to eat that bar until 3 p.m. and by then I am climbing the walls. Gonna have to figure out a different plan over the weekend cause this ain't gonna get it!.

Heat index was off the charts again today. You walk outside and just wilt and gasp for breath. Hope it's better where all of you are..

Woo hoo on needing a new bathing suit by the way! Congratulations. Everybody have a good night...

Comment #64

Congrats on being able to smile today. I know I cried my eyes out as each child left home..

Glad you had some cuddle time w/ E! I have to yell you I look forward to your posts as I love the smileys you find. They are so perfect! I smile. I laugh. I just feel good..

My only problem was with my own lack of coordination. I have absolutely NO natural rythem. I used to do them daily years ago. I did eventually learn all the steps but I only have them on VHS.

Congrats on no longer fitting into your bathing suit. Try to get one dirt cheap as the new one will not fit you next season!.

With my neices's wedding comming up. I'm actually going to have someone else do mine...don't want to miss any places that could show up on film!..

Comment #65

Pammy, I'm so glad you're starting to feel better and I hope that cough won't hang around too long! Oh, and thanks for the wonderful laugh with the bathing suit story! LOL!.

Mona, I must say you're taking the whole change thing much better than I would! What a trouper(or is it trooper?)! About bringing food, I used to bring an apple or banana, or 1 of those little single serve cups of no sugar added fruitcup or applesauce to school for lunch too. Of course I wasn't on Nutrisystem then, but something like that might be a good pick-me-up in the afternoon..

Reen, I'm so glad Sarah's med bills are going to be taken care of. I know that's a lot off your mind! And way to go with the weight loss!!!.

Jean, oh, I feel for Midnight...poor kitty! He might feel better if he could stay at home, even by himself, if you could find someone you trust to come in daily and feed and pet him, although I'm thinking you told me in June that you didn't have anybody who would do that for you. I wish you lived here because I would do that for him..

121, I keep giggling about your smiley Hell's Kitchen graphic!! Hysterical!.

Well, I'm off to finish my dinner. I had the spinach ravioli (excellent!!!) earlier and now I'm going to steam a package of green beans with almonds. Yum!..

Comment #66

I have to run to the grocery store. I am running low on a few items and know I'll be too busy the next few days..

Today was a beautiful day here...sunny, no humidity, slight breeze. Loved it. Walking today at lunch was a pleasure. Walked the whole 1/2 hour!.

I will check back later...

Comment #67

I bought one at WalMart to use in case I needed it. It was actually well made for the price.

I found this hair color that is not messy and does a great job. It is Garnier Nutrisse. It looks professional with no drip, etc. involved. Far less expensive than having it done professionally..

I'm watching Discovery Health Channel right now. I'll likely hit the bed between 11PM and Midnight...

Comment #68

Ginger, there is no one here who would check in on him. I wouldn't be comfortable with him being alone that long even if he went into hiding when they put food in his bow if I could find someone to do itl. I have emailed the vet the usual instructions for care, which includes finding him a good home if something should happen to me. I would leave him with the local vet but he keeps odd hours at different locations and doesn't board pets. As a result, I take Midnight to a vet which has a great staff and treat pets as if they were there own..

Which fast food salads are the best and the worst?.


Comment #69

I was strongly tempted to do that RS DVD again as it produced results that I don't experience with walking or with the Sansone DVDs. I really enjoyed it and time passed so quickly. I decided that perhaps I'd better behave myself and see how I feel tomorrow..

It was a good day. I got some tasks done related to the upcoming trip. I also had a 100% day in food and exercise...

Comment #70

Well the humidity is back big time. I cannot gauge it by the inside of my apartment as inside will not cool off til fall. It was cooler outside this morning than in my apartment. This is why I cannot exercise inside right now. The sweat will just pour down my face. Too distracting.

At least there I can return to the A/C..

Just got done cooking up some HB eggs. Still need to cut up some veggies. Restocked the yogart tonight. Tomorrow's lunch bag is looking good! (never thought I would get this excited over healthy food).

Everybody have a good night and an even better tomorrow!..

Comment #71

Today was a good day for me as well. 100% and for once I wasn't END-loading a lot of the food (ie having to get it all in the last quarter of the day). I'm still not able to do anything strenuous, but I did get in the pool and "bicycled" in the deep end for awhile. Every little bit.....

Everyone sleep tight. I'm off to watch Psych and then to bed...

Comment #72

Hi all - sounds like everyone is doing well! It's been a stressful week and this weekend is looking to be very busy already - ugh, no rest! Anyhow, just wanted to say hi to all and keep up the good work. I have stalled this week but that has happened in the past and I expect to break through the stall soon. I also hope to have more 100% days and will be working hard to attain this. Take care all ~ stay cool!!!!..

Comment #73

Watching Top Chef (think this one might be my fav of all the contest cooking shows)...and then will watch the finals of So You Think You Can Dance...go LAUREN! ...and then it's lights out ...nitey nite all!.

Enjoy tomorrow..

PS Thanks so much Ginger and Reenie!.

And just remember EVERYONE...when the following happens:.'s a sign of SUCCESS!..

Comment #74

Jean - the RS workout sounds like fun!.

Pammy - The pool party sounds fun and very conducive to you being able to plan a successful food day for yourself! Have fun shopping for a new suit!.

Mona, Reen and anyone else in the heat and humidity this is for you!.

I've done my Wii WIO every night except Sunday since I got home and reached my calorie goal of 500 each session. I'm in size 22 right now, but I had 3 pairs of capri pants that, even though they said 22, did not fit. I'd tried them on shortly before I left for Michigan and they still didn't fit. I could button one pair, but forget about even sitting down in them. I tried them on this morning and they fit! I even wore one of them to work. My NSV for the day.

It's time to pull my 20's out of the storage bins and cue them up for wearing sometime in the next month or so..


Comment #75

Good morning, everyone! Yes, it is very true that how we perceive ourselves will often dictate the outcome. Do we believe we are powerful? Do we believe we can achieve? What do you see when you look in the mirror?.

Suz, congrats upon getting in the "skinnier" pants! That is a great reinforcer to keep up the good work!.

Krista, stalls seem to be one of those things we have to face as we lose weight. I'm also in another stall. I'm not calling it a plateau yet, but that scale definitely is not showing a lower number. It certainly is frustrating. I want to lose that one pound+ so I can shed a label but such is life..

121, I saw the best cookbook presented yesterday on QVC. I was tempted to get it but I put it on my Wish List to remind me to get it later once I want to cook some more regular foods..

We have more storms in the forecast for today and the next few days. Hopefully, I can make a run to the city so I can stock up on some grocery.

Items before the storms hit..

Have a great day! Visualize success!..

Comment #76

Since people have quit checking in during the day, I'll wait until late evening to check in..

I'll be off to the city to get some grocery add ins not available here. I'd like to postpone until Saturday when I am there as it would save a couple of hours but the items are needed now...

Comment #77

Have a nice time, shopping in the city, Jean..

I'm off to take E to my sister's so she can play fetch freely. She's very appreciative. Only three more days of this and then they are off..

Everyone, hope you find joy in your day...

Comment #78

Good morning everybody. Sounds like most have good plans for the day. I think the very best part of my day just passed. (It involved a warm double chocolate muffin) LOL This is my planning period, so I finished breakfast and decided to check in with you all. Today I will have soup for lunch and some almonds at some point after that. Hopefully I will not be as hungry as yesterday..

Everybody has a great afternoon, and stay cool. Our high is supposed to be 100 today, with a heat index of 112...

Comment #79

Great attitude, Krista! Remember, this (stall) too shall pass..

Suz, super fantastic!! It's always great to see that new (old) size coming back again. Get those 20s (and 18s....and 16s....etc) ready!.

I was just discussing this in another thread. For me, I've always been fighting my weight. It's been a life of ups and downs, mostly ups. But even at my lowest weights, I still FELT heavy. It's mental, I realize that, but overcoming it is another story. I guess it's like how anorexics still see themselves as fat when they look in the mirror, despite the fact that you can see their skeletons showing through their skin.

Whatever happens as a side effect (ie weight loss) happens..

Enjoy your time in the city! Hope you beat those storms home!.

Enjoy these last few days with your sister!.

Those double chocolate muffins sound so good.....mmmmmmmmmm. Not on my plan though, so take a bite for me. Hope today works better for you hunger wise. Remember to take lots of "unlimited" finger foods with you....anything you can slice up and have ready in a lunch cooler by your desk. That should help get you through your day..

Ok, everyone, have a good day, stay 100%, and try and stay cool. Fall is coming!..

Comment #80

Suz, thanks for the fans!!! I live in central Florida and I don't think there's been a day when we haven't hit a heat index of at least 100 since I got back from my trip out west at the end of June! Here's the Florida weather forecast today and every day in the summer:.

Thank goodness I lost enough weight to be able to wear tank tops and shorts!!..

Comment #81

I am loving all these great new smilies, Nanc, Ginger and Suz!.

And Suz, can we call you skinnypantssuz?!.

Whether we call it a stall or plateau, they drive me crazy (short drive), Jean and Krista. I lose, then I gain one or two (even when I'm 100%) and then have to re-lose and it's frustrating. grr Ok, I'm done venting...

Comment #82

Good evening, everyone! I'm back from the city. I did tour some stores but didn't buy anythng. Resistance is not futile. I did go to WalMart to stock up on some needed items...the Oikus Greek yogurt is one of my addictions. I just got the blueberry this time. I haven't seen any chocolate in several weeks.

I'm a person who never liked yogurt because it disagreed with me and caused gastric distress but this does not. I love it..

Carrie, it is frustrating to lose, then gain part back even when following the plan and then have to work hard to get the gain off before losing any additional weight..

Ginger, our heat index has also been over 100 for several days. I wear crop pants but will not wear anything sleeveless..

Pammy, I live in one of the states with a very high percentage of obese peope. It is hard for me to think of myself as being obese when I see what I do on a daily basis..

121, enjoy those final days here with your sister before she moves. I know you will be visiting if not moving yourself. Ernestine will enjoy the outing also..

Mona, hope your work day went well. That double chocolate muffin is also one of my favorites. Of all the meals, the breakfasts and dinners are the real winners..

I'm doing some laundry now to get ready for the trip. Hopefully, the weather will be good as so far the threatened storms have not materialized for today...

Comment #83

Have a great time, Jean...when do you leave? I know you must be terribly excited to have a bit of a getaway!..

Comment #84

That could be partly to blame for the way I see myself. Even though I am out in the country, the nearest small city is a college town. What I see when I go out are lots of petite, perky, SKINNY butts jogging down every street in sight. It's no wonder I have the self image I do when all I have seen for years are young, tight, healthy people. I had just reconciled myself to the fact that I am over 50, have never been one of those people and now never will and even received a small bit of peace with my obesity (ie no more dieting).....and then the doctor's appointment last May changed everything. It's another matter entirely when one's HEALTH is at stake, believe you me.

Eat right, do what movements I can, and things like that. Any side effects, such as weight loss, will be a welcome extra..

Have fun on your trip! Drive carefully, and if you happen to meet Marie Osmond, tell her I said hello!..

Comment #85

What a great NSV! Isn't it nice to reap the rewards of all your efforts? Keep up the fantastic job!.

Pammy, although I have not struggled with my weight all my life, I've always felt big. Part of this was because I was a round child whereas my sisters were sticks. My father always treated me as overweight. The 2nd part is that I have always been tall. Back in the day they always lined us up in school by heaight. I was always last.

But kudos to you on just focusing on eating for a healthier you. You know, by the falling off bathing suit, the rest will follow. And doing it slowly will give you the time to adjust and recognize the more slender you!.

Loving the smiley response! I can't wait to be in tanks & shorts in public. For now I am content in my capris and oversized sleevless shirts. Stay cool!.

Will you be taking your laptop & checking in?.

We have rain here. Did walk at lunch today but only 2 laps (.6 miles) as I had on a silky shirt & it was starting to get uncomfortable...

Comment #86

Mental issues such as the way we perceive ourselves can be very difficult to break. But we CAN do it! ALL of us! Perhaps some visualization exercises..... Let's make "taking back our bodies" include taking back our mental issues! A complete makeover from the inside out!..

Comment #87

121, I'll be leaving the house about 6;30am Sunday morning. I have to go out of the way some to pick up my niece who will be coming off a night shift at the hospital in the city. She'll have to change and eat, so I'm trying to time it so she will have some time. She'll probably nap some on the way. Both of us are eager for a little change of pace..

Pammy, regardless of how others view us or think of us, the bottom line is that our internal programming over the years has shaped how we see ourselves and that programmimg is difficult to change. People are used to hearing the negative and that is what usually has the most impact. I remember in a meeting once, it was said that it took ten positive comments to offset the impact of one negative comment..

Reen, I don't know if the hotel has free wireless. I haven't checked that out. I may take my back up netbook just in case. I usually carry the netbook with me when I sub just in case I have some free time to kill. I got the netbook as a freebie when I changed Internet providers. Amazingly, it is a good netbook...

Comment #88

My time limit for computer use has expired. I have to go make my food choices for tomorrow..

I may not get on the thread tomorrow. I have to stop after work and pick up a couple of movies to watch for <movie night> before heading up to Rhinebeck. Have been getting home too late to even think about signing on..

Everybody have a great night and an even better tomorrow. I'll catch up with you on Saturday...

Comment #89

Just a note here, too...totally cutting back on computer time. I need to like action, Jackson! And I need to find I am opting off the boards as a regular...

Comment #90

I finally lost 20 lbs! I have not had time to change it on my ticker tape...

Comment #91

121, I do hope you check in whenever you can. With the economic situation in your state and the impact upon programs, I wondered if you might be affected for the year as well as the summer program. Good luck!.

Reen, pick out some good movies. Look forward to your posting on Saturday...

Comment #92

Weigh to Go!!! Keep Up the Good Work!.

I was 100% today with 45 minutes of exercise..

Have a good evening!..

Comment #93

Probably just "skinnierpantssuz" for now They're not quite skinny pants yet..

Jean - thanks for mentioning the Oikus Greek yogurt (and the fact that they have chocolate!) I just googled and found that there are 3 stores here that carry it. I'll have to get some Oikus Greek yogurt this weekend. Congrats on your 45 min and 100% today. I'm glad the weather is looking good for your trip!.


Good luck on the search, but don't be a total stranger!.

I had to have my transmission rebuilt last April 4 months ago and today on the way to work it started doing the same thing, not wanting to shift in to the next gear after it gets to 40 or 50 miles an hour. Not fun on the freeway... I had to have it towed in today and am waiting to hear what they have to say. Fortunately it should still be under warranty..

I tried a little (and I mean very little) thing tonight with my burger. One I rehydrated it I put it in a pan with some pam and browned it a little more and melted a piece of fat-free cheese on it. Just that little bit of extra flavor from the browning was quite yummy.

Time to Walk it Out... I'll check back in later...

Comment #94

I am new to this programjust started on the 8th. I am finding the food very good. My problem seems to be eating three meals daily, but I am hoping that will straighten itself out by next week. All I have to do is wake up in time for breakfast...

Comment #95

Welcome and congrats on taking the first step! What are some of your favorite foods so far?.

I know it's hard to try and get all the food in that you're supposed to have, but you'll get used to it. The approach that's worked for me is to eat every hour. I'll do my morning fruit at 9, followed by my breakfast entree at 10 and so on. That way, I'm never too full from any particular meal and I don't get hungry during the day because I'm eating so often. There are a lot of resources on the board and lots of supportive people to cheer you on as you succeed and support you through days that don't go so well...

Comment #96

Good morning, everyone! Today may be Friday the 13th, but it is a very lucky day for me! 121 left for job hunting too soon for this news:.

I am no longer obese; I'm "just" overweight now!.

Fsaoud, welcome! I also eat frequently, often saving part of one meal to eat perhaps an hour or two later. It takes some time to get used to the routine but then it seems to be an automatic part of your day. Just follow the program and if you have questions or problems, just ask! I'm in my late.

60's so I lose more slowly than some but I am losing as can be seen on the chart. Again, welcome!.

My Weight Chart:.


Comment #97


Jean, that's wonderful!!!.

I have 4 more pounds to get rid of that "morbid" word! I can't wait!..

Comment #98

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