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So this is my first time getting an email like this. I quickly replied saying: Did I do the right thing?.

I've already pushed the domain to a separate Moniker account so I can just hand over the entire account for the ease in handing the /img/avatar9.jpgship over. Not too interested in trying to get a reg fee or sth. along those lines as I just want this thing off of me.

Thanks and some tips on getting this resolved would be greatly appreciated.

P.S. I'm quite surprised how they found out, as the site isn't even indexed by Google yet!.

Also, I editted out the URL just in case...

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Yes as playing the trademark game can be risky/expensive, just make sure you research contacts on any communication you receive to verify it is truly from a lawyer as sometimes someone will pretend to be a lawyer in order to steal domains, if the domain is without question a trademark of a tv show that is already established and operating before you registered the domain let it go, judging by your response to them I'm pretty sure you feel you did the right thing. When dealing with large companies they are using tools like etc... and generally it's only a matter of time before they contact you, be happy they did contact you as it sounds like you can transfer the domain to them and walk away instead of them filing and you spending cash to defend which wouldn't pan out too well especially if you do have "unauthorized copies of episodes of the Series" posted on the site...

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Thanks for the reply SpareDomains. I thought I was alone on this one.

So I have yet to receive an email from them so far and I'm positive that the person that contact me is a person affiliated with FOX. Should I just give them an email right now giving them the Moniker account with the domain in it? Or should I wait for a response to see what steps they want taken?.

Also, is this an action by them because of the use of their trademarked name in the domain itself and promoting their content on it? If so, in the case of fan sites of the show, what would happen? Would they need to use alternate domains or abbreviations of some sort?.

What I don't quite understand is although I do acknowledge the use of "unathorized copies", in regards solely to the domain, would it be legal to use the domain for fan site purposes?.

Thanks and I'll keep this thread updated when they reply. Hopefully ASAP as giving me an email on the 12th and telling me to act by the 13th seems a bit too hasty...

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It's pretty early in morning yet for them 3:50 a.m. at the time of this post so I doubt you would hear anything for at least another 4-6 hours, you can wait and see if a response comes on how to act and if you don't receive anything within say 10-12 hours from now I would just fire off an email with the login information and be sure to save all these emails for future reference, as far as your fan site question goes company A can love them and allow everything as it brings more fans and company B can hate them and file for every domain that contains their trademark so this is a question that would have to be asked to each individual company for approval as the risk without approval is that you could take something small build it into a large site and then they turn around and take it from you, I would suggest emailing a fan site question to a company regarding your plans, the domain usage etc... and then saving it so later on down the road you have a record of them giving you the okay from day #1 to develop your site in the manner you have, good luck...

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In my opinion you should wait and if you do not hear anything from them, send an email that you are looking forward to haring from them as to where to transfer the name. I dont think you should send your login information by email. Filing a lawsuit is the last resort for big corporations. You should not be bothered much, imho...

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Thanks for your help again guys.

What usually happens in these situations? It's my first time being in such a situation, so I'm a bit shaky about it right now. Does it usually go with me transferring them the domain to their Moniker account and they do whatever with the domain? Does it end there?.


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According to their...

"Should you fail comply with the above demand after the close of business on 13 August 2009, we will consider exercising all remedies available to Fox, including taking action against you without further notice to you.".

It sounds like they just want it transfered...

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I see...

If I'm not being too much of handful, can I ask how that some sites are able to get away with these types of actions? Are Disclaimers stating the real ownership of the material all that is necessary to keep these sites up? I'm quite confused on where my site went wrong compared to another site that is doing the exact same thing...

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I don't know what your site is and even if you posted it doesn't really matter what I think as I don't hold the trademark to the fox tv show so my opinion if it's a good or bad site or if it should be allowed doesn't hold much weight. You would need to talk to their legal team to see what content and domains they approve of and if any form of disclaimer would help you work the site into compliance with them. The other domains you see doing the same thing could be weeks away from receiving the same notice you received. Bottom line it's their trademarked tv show so discussion would need to be with them to see what they would allow you to do and if you do get any form of approval save the emails so down the road you can show your usage is authorized...

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Other sites do not advertise unauthorized copies of TV shows and actually provide them. Name just one..

There is a statutory liability of 1000-100,000 for cyber-piracy. Just follow the linked word in my signature to the law..

Your quick reply may have stopped them from sharpening the spears. It also demonstrates a"bad-faith" registration that borders on criminal.

This is advice about a "legal" issue and I am not a practicing attorney..

I suppose it is not "legal advice" anyway..

Use it at your own peril. Anyway.

They have encountered damages already by paying to send the letter..

I wrote a script that would work as a Photoshop plug-in and allow you to sell photographs with a "unnamed" third party shopping cart. They sent a letter very much like the one you posted from FOX. I had done absolutely nothing with the domain except register it...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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