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Http:// it's only 1 pound, I say go ahead and enjoy thanksgiving and christmas, if you want some cookies or pie, have them, the holidays only come around once a year mine as well enjoy it. And I'm not trying to be arrogant with this post it's just it seems people are really stressing about the holidays but there only once a year this diet can be for however long you want, all I'm saying is go ahead and enjoy yourself, ive lost 140 pounds over the last year and I plan on enjoying myself over the holidays and not worrying about how much I put on I now have the confidence to know that after jan 1 that I'm going to lose whatever I put on..

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Did you read the whole thing? Already obese people gained an average of 5lbs. I dont think most people on here can have a little indulgence and stop there. Its more like a lot of indulgence. Staying OP is the safest choice. This is what I plan on doing this holiday season. There will be many more...

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That's one approach to the holidays. I'm glad you're going to enjoy yourself and AWESOME job on the -140!!!.

I'm just getting going with the program (on week 4 right now) and I'm approaching the holidays knowing that I will stay on program 100% of the time. I'm not looking at it as some kind of challenge or slippery slope that will try me at every turn. I'm looking at it like 2 more months of doing what I'm doing now - just with more people around! I'm looking forward to cups of decaf while talking to my family and friends who I don't get to see that often..

I'm 100% positive that there will be moments I will want to try my Grandma's mac&cheese that she brings to these big events and that I've eaten since I was old enough to eat it. I also know that I have the recipe for that dish and can happily make it some other time after my weight is under control. I'm going to try to get more recipes from her, too! I'll still appreciate the yummy stuff around me, I just won't eat it this time!.

I'm genuinely excited for the holidays. I've NEVER felt this way with ANY other diet or program I've tried in the past. Hallelujah, I have HOPE!..

Comment #2

I thinking "cheating" during the holidays is a deeply personal decision that each individual has to make. I know some people can go off plan and get right back on after their "cheat" without skippng a beat, but others struggle more and going off plan once can be what throws them back on a path none of us want to visit again.

Personally, I've been averaging maybe a cheat a month, ranging from one off plan item, to an entire weekend off plan. So far I've been disciplined enough to get right back on. I'm getting better about not feeling guilty either, simply because I DO get right back on, and my cheats are pretty few and far between, really. Has it slowed me down? Probably. But I'm still making progress and that's what matters to me. If I were going off plan more often and were unable to get back on with ease, I would be harder on myself.

That's growth, I think. I did post about a "throw yourself out of ketosis" off plan weekend last weekend, but guess what? I didn't gain all of my weight back, and I got right back on. But it's important to note that that is MY story. Your results may vary..

For those that chose to stay 100% on plan through out the holidays: more power to you! You know what it'll take for you to be successful on this program!.

For those that chose to stray a little through the holidays: more power to you! Indulge, but get right back on when you're done! You also know what it'll take for you to be successful on this program!..

Comment #3

"This is not all good news for those who started out the holiday season obese or overweight. Why? Because already obese participants in the study tended to gain more than 5 pounds during the holiday season.".

I've spent so many holidays GAINING weight, I'm interesting in being the rare soul that loses weight while everyone else gains! I'd like to be the person NOT crying at the gym on January 1st! To each their own I s'pose!..

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I choose not to waste all the time, money, and effort I have put in to the the past 125 pounds I have lost. I will get to goal through the holidays...again!!!...and then do a proper Transition so I can maintain my goal weight...

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Hummmmm, well I know some can go off plan and get right back on. If your this way great...... But for others it's not so easy..

I would say I'm in the middle. I know with other programs I would slip I would not get back on. It would be wasted.

But with Medifast I have had one night stands with taco bell or other food I love. I had it within moderation but with the full intention I was going to have that one meal and the very next meal I would have a Medifast meal. But I can tell you it isn't easy. I had times where I just went to lunch and ordered bottle water and poured my shake in it. And had this while my family had a five star buffet in a five star resort. Lol.

What have I learned in this experience. I learned the more I sneak a cheat meal the more I do it. I see I'm on track...I'm losing weight. Sometime slower but I tell myself I'm losing right?.

But I also see when I'm op for weeks I lose better......

Hummmmmmm am I going to say I will never But if I had more willpower I would try harder to avoid it.

This also goes with the condiments. Lol.

Buy the way I'm 152 pounds. I started at 184pounds in July. Yuppie meeeee.

Im gonna post pic soon..

Comment #6

I was on 5&1 all through the holidays last year. I stayed on plan. I'm a slow loser. Every ounce is a fight. I start in October and by Thanksgiving I had lost in a month and a half what most people lose in two weeks. I was determined not to ruin what little progress I was making.

Phew, no temptation and I felt proud about giving the dog the skin (my favorite part of any bird LOL), even though I felt like I cried a little inside doing it. At Christmas it was even harder. Traditional Italian foods Christmas eve that I've over indulged in since I was old enough to eat solid food. I was so temped but then I released a lot of it was on plan! So instead of lamenting about not being able to eat the pasta, drink the wine or eat the sweets, I enjoyed an on plan Christmas eve and found I actually spent more time talking to my family than eating for a change and learned new things about some of them I probably wouldn't have known before because I'd be eating not talking. Best part of staying on plan for the holidays is none of the groaning.

I didn't feel sick from stuffing myself with stuff I shouldn't have eaten anyway. I was over full with anything. I felt great and I was more of a help with the clean up and had more fun because I wasn't sitting somewhere trying to keep all that food down. Being on plan during the holidays didn't deprive me of anything. Instead it freed me.

Not food but family. I had more time to spend with the people I love but no longer live with. People I don't see every day, some I don't see but once a year because of distance. Enjoy the holidays, but why stress about the food? It will be there next year and the year after. This year I will be in maintenance for the holidays.

Since I know what foods will be made I'm already making my eating plan so I don't over do it. I want to recapture what I had last year. Lots of energy to help with prep and clean up and more importantly, time spent with dear ones. Enjoy your off plan foods if you must, but for me there's only on plan. I'm not deprived of food, instead I'm gifted with family time...

Comment #7

As MT and many others, I also was on plan through all of the holidays last year. My fear was going off plan for one day or one bite or one month would make it difficult to get back into ketosis. There are many people that "plan" to go off plan for a special event or holiday and then never come back, or come back and struggle to get back on plan. We know what all that holiday food tastes like because we have had it before and in my case that was not in moderation. I didnt miss out on anything and plan to do the same thing this year. It is again a personal choice, but I would hate for anyone to leave a message saying that it's ok to go off plan and not expect to gain more than 1 lb.


Comment #8

I plan to enjoy the holidays 100% OP and unwrap a healthier mind and body for Christmas! Food has been a priority in my life for way too long. I have spent too many holidays gaining weight (usually 5-10 pounds for me). I do not feel like I will be depriving myself at all, but instead will enjoy the time with family and it should be. I am excited about being able to play in the snow with my kids this year instead of watching from indoors, among other things this year...

Comment #9

To me the holidays aren't about the food anymore...I made it through Halloween without eating one piece of candy. I am very proud of that, first time in my life I believe! I haven't cheated since starting the program and think that if I let myself slip it will start a downward spiral. I'm getting strength from each on-plan day...

Comment #10

I'm a business person. And anytime I see an article like this sponsored by a 'business', I'm a bit skeptical of their motives. It's a classic marketing strategy designed to attract customers. After reading it, clearly this 'healthy supermarket' wants you to enjoy the holidays AND buy all of your food from them. Essentially, the message is - "hey, why worry about a few pounds, when you're filling up with the good stuff". OK, like others have said, to each their own.

I'm glad for the healthy options, but I've worked too darn hard to go astray now..

And for the record, Earthfare is a wonderful supermarket.and business...

Comment #11

A large percentage of us on this program are food addicts, so going off plan for the holidays is not an option, since we are here to get healthy. Going off plan leads to more going off plan and getting back on plan is much harder then you think...

Comment #12

For me personally, my goal is to stay OP for the next six months to get the weight off, and then transition and maintain. That is only six months of my life where I am going to be focused Medifast and working out regardless of the holidays or other social events. I've had 45 years of eating unhealthy and not working out, and it's gotten me to this point. Where I work, there are two women who are also doing MF, but they have probably less than half the amount of weight to lose than I do. They are always cheating because they don't want to feel "deprived". It actually gives me more motivation to stick to the plan because I know that when I come out the other side of this, I am going to be the person I've always wanted to be and I know good things are going to come my way during this journey.

I'm actually looking forward to my physical tomorrow and anticipating my blood work coming back much better than it has been in the past...

Comment #13

Loralynn - I totally agree with everything you said... I am viewing the upcoming holidays as "just another OP day." Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas will all be here next year... I haven't cheated yet, why would I cheat on those 3 days? It is very empowering to say NO to off plan food, it makes me believe in my strength more every day!..

Comment #14

I thought I could make it through Halloween and making cake balls with out eating them. One cake ball grew into more then I figured since I blew it the Cafe Rio and Chipolte were cool cause I threw it all to the wind. My signature with the weight gains/losses show me how I could not stick to plan..

I am back on 100% and those size 12 pants are now gonna take longer to fit into but I have decided a few cakeballs and burritos are not worth the mental beating in my head..

The cost I put into this program and not sticking to it is a waste also and I am too broke to waste money.

By Christmas I will be wearing my size 12 pants by following program...

Comment #15

Personally - not stressing & not indulging in food that will be there when I get done...

Comment #16

I love your attitude LorienLady! I agree that going off plan, staying on plan is a personal decision and do what works for you. But be careful and make sure you know how a cheatespecially a sugar-laden, carbohydrate one will affect you. I managed to dodge the Halloween candy this year, but baked cut out cookies with my kids and fell into tasting a little dough, licking a little frosting here and there. It didn't affect my losses this week, but I was starving the whole rest of that day and I think some of the next day too. I can't imagine how I would feel if I actually had been eating whole cookies!.


Month 1: -7, -3, -2, -2 (-14).

Month 2: -2, -3, 0, -3 (-8).

Month 3: -3..

Comment #17

I've had way too many years of pigging out over the holidays.

I'm going to stay on OP this year! I've eaten that food before, and if I choose to in the future, I will eat it again. This year, I don't want it though...

Comment #18

You know, you can find a study to support any side or view you want. If you think you're going to lose just 1 lb by eating whatever you want for 2 months, knock yourself out and enjoy yourself. Just do us all a favor and don't come whining here because you put on 10 lbs that you now have to take off again.

The entire purpose of Medifast is to develop a new relationship with food. Eating whatever you want for a special occasion or holiday is a big part of what got many of us here in the first place. Until you learn to make holidays and special occasions about the people you spend them with and not about food, you will be recommitting to Medifast for many years to come.

I hit my goal the day after Thanksgiving. I have never gone back to holiday pig outs and spend those days feeling happy and enjoying the company of my family, not hanging out on the couch because I ate too much and am miserable. I've learned to eat in such a manner that I can have pretty much what I want and still keep it healthy and low cal and not feel that I am missing out on a thing or deprived in the least. What on earth could be better than roasted turkey, roasted green beans and some of Radiationgirlie's Nutrisystem approved pumpkin pie? Can't think of a darned thing! All OP...

Comment #19

The view I've adopted is there isn't anything on this planet I've never tasted at one time or another so I'm not missing anything.

What I want more than a cookie or gramma's best recipe is a new year at goal and I want to obtain that as quickly and safely possible. By next holiday season, I plan to be under goal and if I feel like a cookie or anything else, I'll have had the experience and lessons in maintenance and control in order to handle it..

I, for one, will admit, I can't handle it right now. OP for me, until I'm done...

Comment #20

MT cup I just copied your comments and pasted them into a word document so I can refer to them throughout the holiday season. You are so right, when food isn't the focus, social gatherings instead become more, well, social! I had a lot of celebrations this summer when I was first starting the program, I was OP for all of them, my Birthday was in September, I was OP and didn't even eat my own Bday cake! Instead of feeling deprived I felt empowered and like you said, instead of feeling overstuffed and lethargic I felt happy, energetic and connected and caught up with with everyone at the party. In the back of my mind I have been grappling with whether or not I would be 100% OP for Thanksgiving and Christmas and this thread just helped me make up my mind. I will be 100% OP and I will remind myself that I worked hard to get here, I still have a ways to go and there will always be cookies, cake, and all the goodies that come with the holidays, but right now is my time and I need to put myself first. Thanks for the motivation everyone and for your excellent post MT, this is why I love these boards! Good luck everyone this holiday season!!..

Comment #21

The headaches of going off and on plan again keep me in line. I have had alcohol though (not wine - too much sugar) but it's rare...

Comment #22

Thank you for posting this thread! I hadn't even considered going off plan for the Holidays, but this made me think about the reasons why not. Now I'll be able to combat any temptations I might face..

First, I have gained SO much confidence because I'm successfully sticking to a diet. In the past, I've tried quite a few, and given up. I've been OP for 6 months, and have such a sense of accomplishment! My husband was cynical about my "follow-through" when I started Medifast, but now he's bragging about me to his family and friends. Even if I purposely went off plan, I'd feel like I had lost some of my sense of focus and success. I'm actually looking forward to feeling even more proud of myself..

Second, I figure transition is there for a reason. The average person, even the average dieter, might only gain a few pounds...but a because of the highly restricted carbs/calories, a Medifaster going off plan for 2 months without going through transition is very likely to experience quite a bit of weight gain because of the sudden changes..

Third, I figure that celebrating the holidays with food for two months will cost me about $625.00 - $725.00. ie. the cost of Medifast for the two months I DIDN'T lose weight (about 10 lbs a month) + the extra half month that it will take to lose the 5 lbs I actually gained during that time. Even the best case scenario, (I don't use Medifast for those two months) I would still have to pay $125.00 - $150.00 to lose that extra 5 lbs I gained during that time (if that's really all I gained, since I didn't go through transition).

And fourth, I've spent this time learning to re-think my attitude towards food. It's not a reward, it's not for comfort, and I don't want my life to revolve around it. So, to me, it's not worth dealing with reasons 1,2 and 3, just to have a particular food.

And that's not counting all the other great reasons to stay MT Cup's thoughts about more time with family, or what other posters have said about the challenge of getting back OP, etc.

So, Long post short, I'll be staying OP for the Holidays...

Comment #23

I honestly find your response arrogant. I mean really, Just do us all a favor and don't come whining here because you put on 10 lbs that you now have to take off again.

This is a place for support regardless if someone slips or makes it a choice to slip. If you do not like their ways, do not respond to them. However, to actually stay that is somewhat rude to me.

I honestly feel that if someone has a OP item around the holiday it is not going to result in a 10lb gain or will it mean they are a food addict. Maybe some people can eat one thing and get right back to healthy, but life is about moderation, not depriving oneself. I plan to live my life in a healthy fashion and that does not mean I never touch a piece of "bad" food again. It is all in how you view the food. I do not view it as evil anymore. I can eat something "bad" and then move on.

So, if you cannot live like that does not make it wrong. It is a lifestyle change and we have live differently..

I think people have the right to do whatever they want, and not have a a group they come for support be so harsh. Some people fall in life and need a hand to get back up, not a told you so...

Comment #24

Listen I'm a 20 year old kid whose lost 140 pounds since January of last year, I weigh 160 pounds right now and by the time christmas break rolls around ill probably be around 145-150, so all I'm saying is that I want to enjoy the 2 weeks of christmas with are italian cookies and italian 7 fishes dinner, I dont mind the consequences because I 100% believe that I will lose it after, which was really the point of my original post which was that medifast has given me the confidence to lose weight like never before. I know for some people thats a struggle and for that I apolgize if my post offended anyone it's just that christmas is my favorite time of the year and food is a major part of that and I dont want to miss a year..

Comment #25

And I'm not talking about a 2 month period, I'm talking about a week and half around christmas. so it's not 10 pounds like people are saying it will probably be around 2-3 pounds which doenst scare me because of the magic of medifast will take it right off and I have no doubts I can go back on 100%..

Comment #26

I regret that I recently went off plan for a special occasion and now I have had a very rough time getting back OP. I will do it but it's not proving to be easy. 1 day has cost me a week so far. So my vote is that for some of us this is a bad idea. Everyone is different...

Comment #27

What does your age have to do with it?..

Comment #28

Hey, this is good news. My husband hasn't had a drink in 28 years. But it's the holidays! Maybe he should go ahead and have a couple of rum & cokes and worry about sobriety after the holidays. After all, they only happen once a year and he should enjoy them without having to stress about not sharing in all the fun..

Or he could be an adult and achieve the goal he set out to achieve.

Frankly, if you have to lose 100+ pounds, then there is as big a disconnect in the way you think about food as the way my husband used to think about alcohol, and I for one, after getting this thing by the tail, don't plan on giving it up for a freaking Christmas cookie...

Comment #29

Did you seriously just make that comparison. I'm sorry your husband has had to go through that but I find that post to be completely out of line and really arrogant..

Comment #30

For me, I'll choose not to an ya know why? What's gonna be there that won't be there next year? Nothing, everything will still be there year after year so what difference does It make in the long term if I miss it one year? None!..

Comment #31

Conshy is a troll. Ck out it's page. We're being sucked into trolldome here!! Everybody RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..

Comment #32

Yep, I just made it. And you know what I find to be out of line? A post on a diet website encouraging people that it's ok to cheat "because it's the holidays". Maybe it's also ok to cheat because I'm stressed out, or my friend made a nasty comment to me, or because it's Tuesday. A lot of people are barely hanging on and your post does not help.

I hope you can get back on track in January. Whatever you do, don't decide to post in February about how hard it's been and how you can't quite get back on plan all the way. I doubt that there will be a lot of sympathy...

Comment #33

Food addiction is just like any other addiction.

Why give a meth addict meth just because it's the holidays! Lol.

It's been proven that sugar releases chemicals in our brains that make it more addictive then cocaine!..

Comment #34

Ok fine looking back I never should have made the original post. I never wanted to anger anyway and obviously I have so for that I am sincerly sorry and I greatly apolgize for my arrogance hopefully you guys will accept my apolgize..

Comment #35

(singing): Why can't we be friends, why can't we be friends... ohh why can't weeeee be friends?!!.

I saw the OP and wasn't going to comment, but I see things have taken a turn for the worse and feel the need to chime in. While I may or may not agree with the OP's comments, going on or off plan is a personal decision. Some people feel the holidays as an excuse and go off for 2+ months, some (as the OP is saying) are going off for just the 1 day. It's a personal decision, and only they can decide whether or not that food item is worth it. For many people (on here), food is an addiction and those food items will cause a binge and will detract from their success. Other people have been able to go off program and hop right back on board.

I will agree with many, it's hard to post here and say it's okay to go off plan because for many it's not. But if it works for you, that's your choice. It's your life, not ours. So can everyone stop with the meanness and just get along and be supportive. And if someone does go OP and are having a hard time getting back on track, we can continue to be supportive or choose not to respond.



Still singing: "Why can't we be friends? Why can't we be friends? Why can't weeeee beeee friends?!"..

Comment #36

Thank you GG..

Melissamarie - It's not arrogance, it's frustration with posters/trolls like the OP. I completely agree, eating off plan is definitely a personal choice, so why bring it to a public forum and suggest that others follow their lead? That's worse than arrogant, it's irresponsible! If it's a personal choice, why not keep it personal? Because posting threads like this is a sure way to create dissension and anger which is what 90% of this particular poster's threads are aimed to do, and appears to be succeeding admirably. I simply have no patience, support or sympathy for people like this when they come back in a few months struggling to get off all the weight they gained back because they decided to eat what they want. Sorry if you were offended by my post...

Comment #37

Actually, I didnt see any mean-ness from the people saying they were planning to stay on plan. They were just stating their reaction to the OP and their reasons. I saw mean-ness in the responses from the OP and people planning to go off plan, objecting to the posts about why to stay OP... saying they were being attacked. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, even those who choose to stay on plan.

Personally I come here for support for staying on my diet (It IS a diet support site after all).

I don't object to people who work their diet differently than I do, but I wish I was allowed to post things about staying ON-PLAN without people crying foul. I know this is a situation that has been around on the boards for longer than I've been here, but it IS frustrating.

I would like to thank the die-hard MF'ers like MT Cup and dherschberg, and Freya and Corbie and all the others... they have given me the strength to stay OP. I find THAT to be supportive..

(Edited to clarify first sentence)..

Comment #38

Here is a new twist on this subject, and one that I am asking for help with.

Last year I stayed 100% OP all through the holidays and lost weight. I never felt deprived, or tempted, because I had made that mental decision, and I stuck to it. I was down 40 pounds from my start date in September and felt great..

January 1 rolled around, and I decided to "Take a break". Subconsciously I think I was "rewarding" myself for staying OP through the holidays. Like..."Look at me! I can do it!" Well let me tell break turned into a 9 month struggle to get back OP.

SO...this year my goal is to stay OP through the holidays and be aware of my food addiction. That is my goal, but I go further than that...for ME I need to stay OP until I hit my goal weight, and then properly transition and maintain..

I admit it. "Hello, my name is Barb, and I am a food addict". Its the same as any other addiction, and for once in my life I am taking it seriously, and getting it under control..

Best of luck to all of you, and the choices you make, we all only know what is right for US...

Comment #39

Thanks De..

For me, celebrating Thanksgiving and the birth of Christ will focus on my blessings, my family and friends with a whole lot less emphasis on food. It's going to be different this year and it's going to be better this year. So bring on the figgy pudding but I can tell you~ I aint eatin' it!.

God bless us every one!..

Comment #40


It's bad enough having "well meaning" friends and family "encouraging" (translation: sabotaging) us to go off plan "just this once" because "we'll just gain it all back anyway with all this deprivation we're going through". We don't need it here where we come to get resolve and encouragement to stay on plan and continue losing weight...

Comment #41

Kind of an irresponsible post to be putting up here. I mean to decide to do this for yourself is one thing, to encourage others is just plain sabotage. What is your agenda here? It's not JUST about the correlated weight gain. It is the mental gymnastics that people who go off plan have to do to get themselves back into the right frame of mind, and the flippant way you are treating that precious motivation concerns me. Not for you, because you will decide what you will do. But you don't have to encourage the rest of us to take your journey back to your high weight with you.

Guess what? I lost 140 lbs too 3 years ago, in 14 months. Guess how long it took me to gain it back? About the same time as it took to lose it. It is the MINDSET that matters, and you are asking us all to play Russian Roulette with our precious motivation. The unfortunate thing is that many people will read your post and decide "what the heck" based on YOUR comments. You should be more careful what you write...

Comment #42

Marilees, I agree with you, going off plan for me is a slippery slope. My attitude this Holiday season is this; There will be other holidays, but if I don't stay on plan THIS holiday, I may not live to enjoy future holidays. The season started with Halloween, and I did NOT go off plan and chocolate is my weakness. If I can do that, then Turkey day and Christmas should be easier to stay on plan. This holiday season, I will not bake or make those wonderful treats as a gift to my family. My gift to them will be seeing me thinner and in control of my health. I know, I know, sounds trite, but I REALLLY mean it!!..

Comment #43

I'm staying OP, I dont want to be set back 2 months. I want to reach my goal in the time I set to reach it. NO BACK SLIDES FOR ME!!!!..

Comment #44

Just reread Conshy's posts, it appears he/she is in maintenance now. He/She did not specify that in his/her original post. Maintenance is a whole different animal than the Reducing phase. It would have been helpful if he/she mentioned that at the outset...

Comment #45

Don't be so sure. I've seen posts on the t&m board stating that he/she's still on 5&1...

Comment #46

Oh you could be right. I was reading the "find other posts from user" summary and they had stated something about possibly being in transition or even on to maintenance, since about the beginning of October. But who really knows? His/Her "Mypage" has absolutely no information on it, no blogs, no picture, no nothing, so could be a troll most definitely.

I think the responses to this poster were completely appropriate either way, since the poster did not SPECIFY one way or the other, his/her post was a general statement to all of us who ARE still on 5&1. Completely irresponsible...

Comment #47

Hi All! I haven't posted here in months...even though I still pop on over every once in a while and see what's going on in Medifast Land. I'm Shelley....was on Medifast from September of 2007 and got to goal in Feb of 2008. For the most part, I've happily stayed in my maintenance range with a few hiccups where I've gone above the range....only to buckle down and get back down.

I'm not going to spend much time posting about the original poster. From his/her other posts, he/she doesn't seem to have a lot of knowledge about a program that he/she has been on for 10 months and about to start take that for what it is worth..

I do think posting something in the main board saying..."Hey for Holidays....go ahead and go off plan! Go For it!" reckless. Holidays and special occasions are always times where it can be a struggle to be on plan and not enjoying those foods we are so used to having.

When I was in MF, I stayed 100% OP. I did that during my birthday, during special evenings, at Thanksgiving, at Christmas Time, etc. It was tough and took a lot of planning, but it sure was worth it to me in the long run. If I thought....hey, I'll only gain one or 5 lbs and carried that mentality, I'm not sure I would have made it to goal and then be still at a healthy body weight 2+ years later. I am thankful to see most posts in this thread support staying on plan and making it work...and that the holiday isn't about the food.

For it, it's all about choices and consequences. We all make a million choices each and every day. All those choices have consequences, either positive or negative. I support being 100% OP because I know it works. However, it is each person's choice to make. I more strongly advocate accepting the consequences of whatever choice you make.

You can choose to plan ahead and stay on plan during the holidays and having the consequences of being proud and satisfied with yourself, losing weight when everyone else is gaining it and yes maybe family and friends constantly trying to get you to eat what they are eating and annoying you. Choose whichever works for you....just also accept whatever consequences it brings..

For me, I have been on a million different diets. Medifast is the only one who made long time changes in my life. It's not the diet. Medifast isn't was my commitment to it. I was able to see that I can accomplish anything that I set my mind long as I honor my commitments. It's been a lifelong lesson.

In the middle of October, I committed to being 100% OP until I met my goal.



Comment #48

I really wish we had a "LIKE" button here ala Facebook. There are so many awesome posts in this thread..

For me, 100% OP through the holidays...

Comment #49

I think the same thing on a regular basis! I like what someone has to say but don't always have anything to contribute..

Comment #50

Yeah I would have to agree with this..I have invested a lot of money, time and strength to lose this weight and Im at 94lbs loss and I know that there are other holidays so missing out on the yum yums will not hurt me for one year..heck maybe two...but it's not worth it for me...i know ill slip up badly and be like okl ill get back op tomorrow and well they may not come around and I sure dont wanna chance that!!! But congrats on your weightloss thus far!!!.

I personally dont think it's ok to fall off rather stay op!! nI came here on a mission and I'm goin gto finish it!..

Comment #51

I CANNOT believe that some of you have the nerve to say.

"don't come whining to me" and "don't you dare post here about how you gained weight because you went off program"..

How incredibly rude and arrogant! Not to mention posts/comments like that are sabotaging the PURPOSE of sites like this. The PURPOSE is to provide SUPPORT for one another. What you are doing is defeating that person, you are saying if you go off plan and gain weight your comments/posts are not welcome here, YOU are not welcome here.

YOU may be perfect but the most of us are not, we are going to make mistakes and have ups and downs. When that happens we need to know that we have a support network in place. Many of us can't find that support from our family, friends and co-workers so we come here for it. Your comments are just a big slap in the face...

Comment #52

The best kind of support we can provide for you, Keziah, is to recommend that you stay on plan..

I am sorry if you felt you were treated rudely or unfeelingly. Lifelong health is based on changing bad habits. And "cheating" during the holidays is only cheating one person: you..

None of us is perfect, but many of us have Been There, Done That..

Good luck to you...

Comment #53 pound during the holidays? Let me ask you all here a question. Who here has indulged in holidays past and ONLY gained one pound? Shoot, I can gain 3 pounds just my looking at a piece of pumpkin pie. lol..

Comment #54

Tru Dat!!!.

I can gain 10lbs in a week...would hate to see what I can do over the course of a couple month! Yikes!!..

Comment #55

I disagree that lifelong health is not based on MF. It is based on knowing how to have a healthy relationship with food. It is knowing that food is not evil. Why is it cheating if someone has a cookie at Christmas? Is that bad health? No, it is called living life in moderation and those people that do, tend to stay the same weight. I know that Medifast works and I know it is great, but it is not a life long way to eat. It should be teaching us smaller portions, calories, etc.

It would include tons of exercise and healthy fats.

This is a great diet for people looking to get the weight off. It is not a lifestyle.

I found it is helping me realized more what I put in my mouth, but I do not live, breath and feel that Medifast is my life. I feel it is a tool helping me reach the next stage of my life.

The reason I originally was taken back by some of the comments here is not because I think people should not stay OP. I feel that people are not getting it in terms of what the real problem is. It is not the food. It is the person.We are the ones who have our issues manifest into love issues, food, alcohol, etc. So, some people may never again be able to eat a certain thing because they know it triggers them, but many will be able to and be healthy. When food stops controlling us, that is when we have won..

So, to think that everyone on this plan is in the same place in life, or has the same goal is very arrogant to me. However, I am not putting down anyone who is OP. I think what people are doing to get the weight off is great, but life does go on after MF. If you slip, it is not too hard to get back on if you have your mind in the right place. That is why it upsets me when I read a lot of these posts. People are not healing what the real issues are.

Nor are the bad guys people who are not 100% Op all the time...

Comment #56

Melissa, with all due respect, Medifast is a lifestyle for many of us. Life does go on for me with MF. So I'm just saying to make blanket statements like yours is really amazing to me. No one said we are all in the same place in life, but with Medifast, those of us that need it, will indeed live longer than without it..

Have a good one...

Comment #57

I have no qualms with people speaking their mind and staying on plan. I realize this is a diet support place. I had issue though with the statement of someone saying they have no patience for someone who wants to do something different then them. In reality, it is the same thing you are saying, so should they also not be allowed without people crying foul?.

I guess I just feel that people are taking this way too the extreme. Does anyone here plan to stay on Medifast for life? No? So, you need to learn how your body loses weight, stays healthy and that is what matters.

I have lost weight each week and I can tell you I do not do things 100% by the book, but I am also smart enough to know that I do have a goal, and I am not going to just throw it all away. Nor will I let one "cheat" item stop me from going forward. I am down 18 lbs in 6 weeks and for my body frame and weight that is great. So, not everyone loses the same way. Some need to be on the higher end of calories. etc. It is not a one size fits all life...

Comment #58

You plan to stay on Medifast forever? I honestly did not think that it was intended to keep your body in a ketosis state for life? I thought it was a means to get the weight off and learn to live and eat healthy?.

I guess with all do respect then, I apologize. I honestly am not against MF, obviously, if I am on it. I just was against the people that seem to express there is only one way to do it. That is all...

Comment #59

DId you miss the part about transition and maintenance???..

Comment #60

Why type nevermind? I honestly had no idea people stayed on Medifast for life. I apologize to those who plan to...

Comment #61

No, however, you do come off. I know not everyone who has been successful in weight loss and keeping it off stays on MF...

Comment #62

Ok Sorry. I edited it out..

5 & 1 is just a part of the medifast plan. Then there's Transition and Maintenance to go through. It's not enough to just lose the weight. It's also about transitioning back to healthier food choices and then keeping the weight off. THis takes time! Sometimes years! There is a lot to learn about Medifast for a lot of us..

Someone told me that losing the weight is the easy part. I'm seeing that now. It's making a lifestyle change and sticking with it that will be the bigger challenge...

Comment #63

I realize that. However, your transition and maintenance is not the same as the 5 & 1...

Comment #64

Staying on Medifast for life doesn't mean you need to use Medifast foods. As a maintainer, I'm still on Medifast even when not eating Medifast foods. I'm eating what I learned from MF. The transition and maintenance plans are there to teach us how to rebuild our relationship with food in a healthy way; after 5&1 was there to break our old bad habits (hopefully). So yes, the most successful maintainers stay on their Medifast maintenance plan for life...

Comment #65

Nope, it is not the same. It is vastly different. In my experience, maintenance is the hardest part of all of this. And for me, my strict adherence to the 5/1 program is what got me the long term success I had never had in any other diet program. I didn't just learn about healthy foods and what to eat and when, I learned about my own sense of discipline, choices and consequences and my word for the past few level of commitment to myself and my health. I continue that commitment in my life know, even though I am not on MF.

I don't think I'll ever use a Medifast product again. However, I do use the tools I gained on Medifast every single day.



Comment #66

I understand and I totally agree that making the lifestyle change is the hardest part. I guess I am sorry if what I said offended others. I understand maintenance, but I also understand that medifast is a company and they could keep me on it for life. I do not plan to just come off cold turkey, but once I do transition, I plan to not use medifast for life. I plan to use more organic, fresh and natural food in my diet. That is all and I honestly never knew people stay on maintenance with Medifast for many years...

Comment #67

Melissa I apologize for my terse answer. Seeing you've been around since September, I thought you knew about the Medifast plan. I should not assume so I am sorry.

Please accept...

Comment #68

This is exactly what I thought. I plan to hope to do the same. I totally think that maintaining weight is the hardest part of life...

Comment #69

I do know about the plan. I just did not know people use it of life...

Comment #70

I you are talking about my comment, please understand that it was only directed at one person, and unless you are the original poster, it was not directed towards you. I stated if you PLAN on going off program regardless of how many people beg you not to, and you boast about how you have it under control and don't care if you gain, then don't come here and whine about your decision when it doesn't work for you. People slip up by accident, and without planning. Understood. Those people should absolutely come here for support and help. The original poster on this thread, however, is not only blatantly stating that she is going off plan for the holidays, but encouraging others to go deliberately off plan as well. No sympathy if it doesn't work for her and it takes away her right for our help and support, which he/she so obviously does not want nor care about...

Comment #71

Maintaining is stinkin' hard. I work at it every single day....and if I don't, I face the consequences. However, I also think it's easier if you followed the plan 100% as written. I know it helped me. Here is why it helped me. In all my previous diets, the wiggle room or the "Shelley version" the diets is what always got me into trouble.

I committed 100% and if it wasn't OP, I didn't do it. At first, that was crazy hard. I kept thinking of excuses or reasons or what go off plan. I didn't though. And as a result, one...I strengthened my resolve and taught myself that there isn't anything I can't do if I commit to it and honor that commitment.

If you are on a program like WW....then if you want to emotionally eat because you had a bad day, it's easy to work that into the program. However, have you addressed that you want to eat pizza when stressed? Being 100% OP, when I had a HORRIBLE EVIL day, I had to find ways to sooth and heal myself without using my old When I was done with Medifast and on to maintenance, I had a whole bag of tricks to deal with things that I used to deal with...with food. I was much healthier and happier. Let me tell you how helpful that is in maintenance when you CAN eat anything in front of you.

I've had the most stressful day ever. Pre-MF...I'm eating everything at that table and going back for seconds to make myself feel better. I could do that maintenance...there are no 100% rules to follow, but I learned to deal with my stress and crankiness in a different and better way.

Sorry to go on so long there....just making the case that staying on plan and not engaging in the off plan excursions here and there, in my experience....more prepares you for maintenance.



Comment #72

I am likely in the minority, but as it stands now with only 40% of my goal being met, I do plan on having some Medifast products in my maintenance arsenal. It's too hard for me to argue against the benefits of a yummy crunch bar when compared to a conventional candy bar (all empty carb-laden calories). I haven't found a non-MF protein/health/crunch bar that has the same nutritional value for the amount of calories/fat/carbs. Maybe I'll change my mind once I try the Medifast Maintenance bars as I think those are more comparable to the other non-MF versions..

I also really like the shakes, drinks, softserve for fulfilling any ice cream cravings I might have. And again, it's hard to argue against the nutritional value of these against the empty calories of traditional ice cream!.

And can't go without talking about the soups, brownies, pretzels, and pancakes. I'd easily prefer those over other like items, because again... added vitamins and minerals, controlled portions, easy to prepare, etc..

The difference will be that I won't have to have so much in my pantry at once. It'll be one of those once-in-awhile things, like "hey, I'm craving vanilla swiss almond ice cream, what do I have on hand that'll be less calories/fat/sugar and might actually have some vitamins and minerals? Oh look, here's french vanilla shake, let's blend that up with a bunch of ice, I'll swirl in some WF chocolate syrup and drop a few almond slices in. WOOT!".

I don't post this to argue, just share what I've been thinking about for a long time...

Comment #73

While you are certainly entitled to your opinion and I'm glad you shared it, I just wanted to clarify I did not anywhere in my post say that lifelong health was based on MF.

I simply meant bad habits such as deviating from our plan for health (whether you be in maintenance, transition, or a weight-reduction phase) compromise lifelong health...

Comment #74

You have a plan for after 5&1 and it's a great one. It sounds like you truly get it. While I don't use Medifast products any more (just not financially feasible), I do use the format of the the program and incorporate protein shakes and bars with similar nutrition and some other similar products to my day, simply for convenience as well as it makes it easier to get in enough calories every day. Logging my food is also key. And continuing to post on these boards (my amazing popularity aside <snicker>) helps me to keep accountable and remind myself that I never want to go backwards. When the time comes for you, hit up the t&m thread for some great suggestions on following through for the long run...

Comment #75

Thanks De. My outlook may change, but I won't know until I get closer, eh? I did forget to add that I will still plan on logging my food and weekly weigh ins. I was doing that a few months before MF, and it's a really good way to keep myself accountable. No more "I have no idea how I gained 25 pounds in one month!" when the truth is, it wasn't just one month, it was six months, and, oh yeah, those Taco Bell trips for the rides home from work might have had some part in that gain...

Comment #76

Exactly what I have been doing! I sign on today, and here is this thread! Me too OP 100%. It will be the first time ever, I think and all of us that want to stay OP will be strengthening our resisting muscle!! We will get stronger!! YAY!!!..

Comment #77

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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