First Medifast reorder coming up?

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I'm in my 4th week and got an initial 5-week shipment of food, so figure it's time to start looking at re-ordering..

I signed up for the VIP program with the initial order, and would like to stick with that. This time around I think I'll pick and chose what to include, rather than the variety pack, because there's stuff I haven't tried yet, and some things I think I may skip in the future and others I'd like more of..

When should I place the re-order, and do I need to "do" anything to take advantage of the VIP features for this second order? Best I can recall, it said I'd get a free week's worth of food if I order at least $250 or $275, I think..


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Depending on where you live (west coast here) give yourself about 13 days processing/shipping time. Don't expect it within 5-7 business days...

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I just put in my second order as well, I didnot and couldnot do the soft serve I almost cried the second time I tried it (mango and Mint choc.) I sent those back and when I spoke with CS they suggested I wait till my third order to custom it cuz then you get (I think) 15% discount cuz when you custom order it comes out to be more $$, that way you can apply your discount, so I already have my box ready to ship back the soft serves again, I replaced mine with the cherry pomegranate YUM!! I will also need to try pertzels and puffs I need more salt!! Hope this helps just I input...Good luck..

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Hmmm... didn't realize the custom orders would be that much more! If so, I can wait. There isn't anything I hate, but for example I haven't touched the Cappucino (I just don't like coffee or coffee flavored stuff at all). Do the foods in the variety packs change? Sounds like you had soft-serve in yours. My variety pack did not have soft serve in it, and that's one think I wanted to try (I have a bad thing for ice cream, heh)..

Also, I'll probably use the express shipping. I did on the first order: Placed the order Thursday, had my first Medifast meal on Saturday, heh...

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I did the calulations cuz I was going to custom order and it does come out more. For what I wanted came out to like $330.00 and that was mostly soup and shakes..I was told by CS that the variety packs don't change..I was so excited for the soft serve I even ordered a health shake blender from Ebay to make them right..It was the bad aftertaste of splenda or sweet in low (whatever they use) I like everything else.....

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I am in Houston and I placed my order yesterday.... forgot about leaving this weekend for Thanksgiving so I paid the $10 extra for express and I just check and it was out for deliver today!!! Amazing!!!..

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I would customize. I think it came to a bit more (not 15% more), but it was so well worth it. You still get the free week (you can't customize that) and the free shipping. Normally your order goes out automatically in 28 days, so I would hurry up and go decide because they will just automatically ship what you had the first month if you don't go to your "view my cart" and change it. The second free week will be different than the first, but you probably won't like everything. I hated the Strawberry shakes, the orange shakes and the choc mint SS.

Ick. Everyone is different. What we hate, you may love. I'd go immediately and see when it's due to ship because if you are in your fourth week, it's any minute...

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Customize. You'll be doing this for your Medifast journey anyway. Might as well get what you want. VIP means you get your order autoshipped so it is imperative that you go a few days ahead of time to fine tune your order or else you'll just get whatever was shipped to you last time...

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It's nowhere near a 15% savings to get the prepack. Just pick out things that sound good..

And if you hate something at first, try it again in a month or five. I loathed the oatmeal for several months, and now eat it every day for breakfast. Your tastes change a LOT...

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