First DSLR for college student
I am interested in photography, but do not have much experience. I am looking for a new camera to begin with. I guess I will use it outdoor usually. Can you give me some advice?.

I am looking at Olympus E-510 with the kit lens. Is this a good choice?.



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Check out Pentax K10D if it's in your budget...has 72 weather seals, which may be an advantage for you. Won 2 awards, one for camera of the year, one grand prix award. Has anti shake built into the body, dust sensor, etc. Jpegs are more film like (good detail but not as much edge sharpness), but can be adjusted with settings or by shooting in RAW mode. (I don't own the camera, this is from reading tons of reviews - I'm leaning towards ordering it - I'm a grad student, it'll be my 1st dslr).


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The olympus E510 would be my choice, great value now that the E3 is out the price is very reasonable, also the kit lenses are great!.

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God bless our troops!.

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You get will take good pictures.Patrick T. KellyOaxaca, Mexico..

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As Mr. Kelly said, any DSLR will let you take good pictures. If you haven't already done so, and if there are any nearby, you should visit some camera stores and see how you like the operation of the various choices. Everyone's hands and preferences are different; find out which models have a size, weight, and control placement that lets you hold and use the camera comfortably and steadily. See which menus and control options are easiest to read and make the most sense to you. Look through the viewfindersis the image big enough, bright enough and clear enough to make it easy to compose images? Do you find the displays in the viewfinder helpful or distracting? No one camera will be ideal in every respect, and they'll all give good results, but you'll enjoy the hobby more if you pick a model whose operation and handling you find comfortable and appealing...

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NikonD40x & Canon 400D. Also Sony A100.

Botong wrote:.

I am interested in photography, but do not have much experience. I amlooking for a new camera to begin with. I guess I will use it outdoorusually. Can you give me some advice?.

I am looking at Olympus E-510 with the kit lens. Is this a good choice?.



Best Wishes, Ajay

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I agree with the responses you've received so far. When I made my choice a couple of years ago the collective wisdom regarding the factors to guide a purchase decision were centered around understanding the manufacturers lens system you were buying into (the lens are the investment, the camera body is not and will eventually be replaced) and how the camera felt in your hand...

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...go with the Canon system. And that is because the upgrade path is almost endless. The lens selection and camera selection is huge. If you find this is what you want to do - you can grow further with Canon. Plus, Canon really does have better image sensors - they give better images, especially at higher ISO. I am so glad I went with Canon back in 2003.

I'm sure a few will disagree - especially if they are locked into a different system. Based on my extensive research and constant monitering of the DSLR happenings, Canon is still the best choice..

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Bossier City, Louisiana

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How about the choice of lens? Canon must have the best supply of lens, how about Olympus or Nikon?..

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Canon brings high standards to low-end. "upper and" is another story, but at low end, Canon gives to their machines more power than others..

As you see, no brand is giving up, and they have all big earnings because they are good..

Why does he do it?..

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Buy a used camera and lens. Work with it a while. Sell it. Buy a different manufacturer's used camera and lens. Work with it a while..

If you're unfamiliar with camera offerings, don't make a commitment now that will lock you in for the next couple of decades..

It's like dating - play the field until you know what you really want..

Botong wrote:I am interested in photography, but do not have much experience. I amlooking for a new camera to begin with. I guess I will use it outdoorusually. Can you give me some advice?.

I am looking at Olympus E-510 with the kit lens. Is this a good choice?.



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Given what I just saw, it would be a VERY easy choice for me. You can now get a Pentax K10D body for $519 with rebate. That is simply the most camera for the money that I have ever seen. This is a 40D ($1300) D200 ($1600) class camera for the price of a D40, Rebel XT, E410...

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Canon and Nikon comprise the majority of the camera and lens market. They offer a large selection of lens as do third party manufacturers such as Sigma, Tokina, Tamron. In addition, there is a large resale market for these two brands. You might want to do some reading in the Nikon and Canon Lens forums...

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I'm going to buy a K10D very soon...maybe today. Where did you see the body for 519? (619-100 dollar rebate?) It's on BH photo for 699-100=599.00.

'This is how I see it...'

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Olympus lenses are good quality, but for the most part, they are expensive and not many to choose from..

Nikon lenses are good quality, but some don't work on certain cameras. The D40 only takes AF-S lenses, which means you only have a handful to choose from - and no primes to speak of..

Canon has 60+ lenses to choose from and are cheaper than the others. The high-end lenses are as good or better than Nikon's, and their are more of them. Canon has more image stablized and super-fast lenses than anybody else. They really give you a better choice with Canon. For instance, they have three 70-300mm zooms to choose from. Four 50mm prime lenses, four 70-200mm lenses, six wide zooms (start at 16-18mm and go to 40-85mm) Because there are so many to choose from, you need to do research on which one to get.

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Bossier City, Louisiana

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Like most choices the E-510 has some +'s and -'s (dpreview test etc) but at the end of the day it should do a good job for you..

The 14-42mm kit lens seems to be well respected and there's a 40-150mm lens also available in some bundles. You might want to seek further info as to their performance in addition to that of the Oly 18-180mm lens which could be a good alternative - lose at bit at the wide angle/gain at tele v the kit ones but save you changing lenses etc..

So, if you like the feel and handling of the E-510 I'd decide which was my best lens choice and get it - it's got a good spec and is certainly good value now in the UK with 100 cash back from Olympus. If there's no offers at the moment in the USA it doesn't make it a worse camera - just less attractive - then, like "SMPhoto" said, you may want to consider others like the Pentax K10D more closely - and so it goes on!!.

Good Luck......Caster..

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The K10D was for $519 (body-only) at I want to buy this camera too - is it worth buying with the kit lens? (mainly doing family/portrait, pets, vacation photos)? (kit lens cost an extra $50-75). Or should I get body only? Also, do you buy the extended warranty, and if so, does anyone know how B&H's Sagemax plan is? I was wanting to buy from B&H only because of the warranty which covers accidental damage, but camera is about $50-60 more than buydig ($40 more and $14 shipping). (nobody has any codes for B&H, do they?). (also, can anyone tell me, I heard pro photographers get coupon codes/discounts, and saw something about show codes - how does this work, and what kind of shows can you get the codes at, and do you need to show ID, or does anyone attending the show get the code? Wondering if it' worth finding a show to go to, to be able to get a code.).


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An extended warranty option you may want to consider is that provided free by American Express (and maybe other credit cards have something similar)..


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Just came across this thread, and am struck by the fervent nature of the advice. This poster has it right no need to make a life-long, huge $$ commitment just to pick a DSLR..

Figure you're going to spend $600 - $800 for a basic kit (entry body plus two lenses). Go take a few thousand shots. By that time you'll have a better idea of what you really want, then move on..

By the way, the latest and greatest isn't necessarily better. You can buy some nice stuff for low prices. Olympus E-330 with a two lens kit, for example, is selling for $529 on Amazon right now, or body only for $329. There are other bargins out there which might serve you very well..


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BuyDig. I bought a Tamron 28-75 2.8 from them 4-5 years ago and had good experience...

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Depends on what kind of lens you want. If you want a cheap lens, I hear the Pentax kit is pretty good. Personally if you have the $ to spend, and with the body that cheap you might, there are 2 options I would prefer. If you can spend $400-500 for a main lens you can go to 2.8 normal range zoom (unfortunately not Pentax as it's $800) but the Sigma 18-50 is available, unfortunately the Tamron 17-50 isn't. Another option is the new Pentax 18-250. The way I look at it, if you are going to get modest optics and slow aperture, you might as sell get awesome zoom range.

The 16-45 4.0 lens has really nice optics, but seems overpriced for a 4.0, non-motorized lens to me...

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Thanks a lot. I am going to a local store to take a look..


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