First DSLR camera
Hi, I am sorry for asking the same question, which has been asked already 100x times, but& I tried to read specifications and reviews, but more I read bigger dilemma I get& what shall I go for, choosing my first DSLR..

My preference is Nikon in a price range 800 USD, I am looking at D40x. But I got very confused it doesnt have internal lens motor. I understand in this case lens has to be with built-in motor? What difficulties it can create for me? I am really beginner and dont know much about it..

I like to make pictures of panoramic/ landscape, indoors, portraits and macro. Would D40x be good enough?I looked at Nikon D80, but I have to say it is a little bit out of my budget..

Could anyone advise me? I could consider Canon as well, but I prefer Nikon...

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Nikon 40Dx will certainly be good enough. Do not worry. The thing about the in camera motor doesn't have to be a problem if your lenses have. So that kinda limits your choice in lenses (but then you'll have to check out what lenses you actually need; might not be a problem)..

You could also take a look at Olympus (the 510 is not expensive, worth the money and as good as the Nikon 40Dx...maybe better for you??; look at the differences/ try the cams in your hands and try shooting with them).Good luck choosing.Ehm....why not Canon?..

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It is not that I dismissed Canon as option at all, I prefer Nikon, as I had one old Nikon camera and was very happy with it..

Why do I doubt D40x, I am just worrying what will it be for me in future, when I want to upgrade the camera. Will I not end up paying much more for lens with built-in motor?.

I love Macro photography, so I hope to buy Macro lens right after I will get the camera. When I look at Macro lens range, they are at all price levels from reasonable to very expensive, not specified if they have built-in motor& this makes me think& and think& .


P.S. I live in Netherlands temporary. )..

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The best advice I can give is go to a camera shop and pick up each of the cameras you are thinking of buying and if possible take a couple of pictures with then. This will let you see how the camera feels in your hands and how easy the controls are for you to reach. the nikon d40x and canon 400d are very similar technically but for me the canon won on how it felt to hold and use and when you think about how much you intend to hold your new dslr you realise how important it is to get one that feels right..

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You could take a look at the "new" Nikon D60 ; maybe not around yet, but supposed to replace the D40x; not sure about focussing motor inside (there is some info on this cam on the internet)..

With the Tamron 90mm/2.8 you could have a very nice macro/portrait combination (highlly regarded lens). Not sure if AF will work on D60 though...

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Oh, dear& more cameras in my list will not make my choice easier&  I looked at reviews and specification of D60, sounds very interesting, unfortunately couldnt find any seller in the netherlands offering the camera, though it has been presented in NL&.

Not easy!  I wonder about this auto cleaning system that EOS 400D has, but D40x hasnt. Is this really so important feature for DSLR? If so, I have to step back to 400D, or look/wait for D60? ..

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Ive been to the shop, couldnt try to make pictures, as cameras wasnt ready to use, but Nikon felt better in my hand and a little more compact, then EOS..

If only about the way it felt, I would take D40x immediately. It is more technical specification bothers me. .

Though they are almost similar, EOS 400D has cleaning system, how big advantage is it?..

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Just to make your choice a little easier;-)....take a closer look at the Olympus E510 (and check the prices as well)....even the standard lenses are beautiful and high IQ...

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The Canon hurts me after about 20min. But touching my E-1 was heavenly and I was hooked. Buy what feels good to you. I like Macro also and consider the tilt swivel live view of the Oly E-330 to be invaluable. Live view for macro is lovelya must have for me..

Also search google for Nikon AF-S lens list. It's a very wide selection. I won't worry too much about the D40x if you find what you want in that list..

Bottom line, they are all good cameras these days, so get the one touches you back..

Cheers, Seth.

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The D60 is a very minor upgrade to the D40x and it does not have the focus motor in the body..

With the D40/D40x/D60, look for Nikon AF-S or Sigma HSM lenses.these will auto focus on them..

As for Nikon's current non-AF-S can use them on the D40/D40x/D60, you just will have to focus manually..

J. D.Colorful Colorado.

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Remember.always keep your receipt, the box, and everything that came in it!..

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Meja wrote:.

Though they are almost similar, EOS 400D has cleaning system, how bigadvantage is it?.

I have to admit that this is one of the features I really miss on my D40x is a sensor cleaning system. But from the tests that I read before I made my decision the sensor cleaning of the 400D was apparently pretty average..

Other features that I miss are bracketing option, more focus-points, depth of view function, and the option of combining more than 2 exposures. Canon 400D has at least some of them..

Had decided on the Canon before I went to the shop, but it just didnt feel right in my hand + I had some Nikon lenses from my Nikon SLR..

As far as lenses go, it really isnt an issue. Nikon has made several AF-S lenses in a very affordable price range. Sigma has the HSM lenses also affordable which has the motor in the lens..

I have used lenses that I had from earlier on, not a problem to use them just has to manually focus..

Im very pleased with my camera, but realise that I probably will upgrade later on. Something I guess most does after having started on an entry-level camera...

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So everything would be in focus, won't miss a thing, no need to focus..

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Are you going to do large prints? if not, why not buy a used d40 (around $250-300) body only. With the money you save, you can buy some great lenses!.

Also, if you do a lot of macro photography, you need not worry about the lack of AF on nonAFS leness. Most macro photography is done in MF. This way, you can save some cash and still get the great IQ of some of nikon's older lenses..

Happy shooting!.


Doni. matters of grave importance, style not sincerity is the vital thing - Oscar Wilde..

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Thank you for explanation....

I am stuck and struggling to make a choice between D40x and EOS 400D....

As it will be my first DSLR, don't want to make a wrong decision and be disappointed&  )).

In the last couple of days my decision began to change towards 400D, but D40x felt better in my hand, when I tried them in the shop.....

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As long as you remember that both of them are entry-level DSLR and that you get what you pay for, I dont think you will be disappointed by either. They are both great cameras..

I would suggest going back to the shops and having another try and go for the one you feel most comfortable with...

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Why not wait a bit for the 450D? It might have a better grip ergo wise and have an IS lense and some other features that will suit you down the line. I am also making my first DSLR purchase in the next few months and am leaning towards the 450 but I would wait till you can check that out before deciding.I'm just a P&S guy, please forgive me... i'm trying to learn. ..

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Thanks! That is a good point, just read reviews on 450D, sounds really interesting, I think I will wait till it comes to the shops! ..

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Olympus nailed the sensor cleaning issue in their first DSLR. It's been the most effective anti-dust system to date, and I'm glad to see other companies paying attention to the problem and finding solutions. My personal opinion is that Olympus bagged this one and hedged it with so many patents that other companies have had a difficult time completely eliminating dust. I haven't seen anything yet that is as effective as eliminating the problem as the Oly system..

But that shouldn't be your only criteria. If you don't mind cleaning your sensor occasionally, it can done without too much hassle. For me, I don't want to worry about it ever again and I switch lenses so often in such harsh conditions..


What if the hokey pokey really is what it's all about?.

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Meja wrote:.

My preference is Nikon in a price range 800 USD, I am looking atD40x. But I got very confused it doesnt have internal lens motor. Iunderstand in this case lens has to be with built-in motor? Whatdifficulties it can create for me? I am really beginner and dontknow much about it..

It means there are a bunch of high-quality lenses that won't work on the camera, unless you are prepared to adjust the focus manually ALL of the time. These would include many third-party zoom lenses, and many of the Nikon 'prime' lenses (high-quality single-focal-length lenses like the 35mm f/2 and 50mm f/1.8)..

I looked at Nikon D80, but I have to say it is a little bit out of mybudget..

There are at least three features that make it worthwhile to spend extra money to get a D80 over a D40x: (1) in-body AF motor, (2) pentaprism viewfinder, (3) wireless flash control..

If you're on a tight budget, have you considered a D40 instead of a D40x?..

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I see in a post you are maybe now considering a 450d which will be an excellent choice. Realize the role of camera has changed over the years. In the old film days, you bought a camera and kept it for 15, 20, 25 years. I bought my Digital Rebel (not the XT) in 2004, since that time there has been the XT, XTi, and now the XSi (450d)..

Today, cameras are more the accessory and the lenses are what you will keep for the next 25 years. This is the golden years of the camera manufactures because guys are switching in and out of cameras as though they had the income of Bill Gates. I have two friends in Avaition photography, one has switched cameras about 12 times in the last 5 years, and systems twice. My other buddy has bought the 10d, 20d, 30d, Canon EOS 1D Mark III, and two 40d's..

So it's the lenses you'll be living with for a long time, better to check those out and let the camera follow.Rationally I have no hope, irrationally I believe in miracles.Joni Mitchell..

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Oh, this is exactly what I am worrying about... buying camera and find out later, that many excellent lenses I can't use it..

I don't want D40, as I think with 6 MP it is already out of date, as 450D coming with 12 MP..

I want now to wait and to see 450D, when it in the shops. Considering the price of 450D it is about the same as D80. But then as I read 450D doesn't have AF either?..

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Thank you for your opinion, every opinion counts in this uneasy task! .

Yes, it is not possible to keep up with manufactures, there always will be something new and more advanced 6 months later& .

I definitely will wait to see and to try 450D, but as I said in my other post it will be in the same price range as D80. Then wouldnt it be D80 better choice? I think as for a beginner, AF is quite important?..

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Thank you to all who advised, I decided to start with D40X... However, just came home with new camera I am already struggling with manual, which were available only in Dutch (it's bought in Netherlands)... So disappointed, probably will return camera to the shop, if will not be able to download and print manual in English&..

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