First Digital SLR Camera
Hi all,.

I'm moving on in photography from the conventional digital camera (I have a Fuji F40) and am looking to purchase a Digital SLR camera..

Its my first SLR and I'm looking for a good option to start off learning with. I don't want to break the bank so want one thats reasonably priced and is of good quality. Has anyone got any models they would recommend and are there any features I should look out for when I go shopping around?.

Also, is there anywhere online that offers good prices on such cameras? I'm living in Ireland where products can be dear to buy.Any help and advice is appreciated,Michael..

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If you look at the Camera Database at the upper left of this screen, you should find some listings of prices with the cameras..

Just be sure to check out the seller so a 'good deal' is legitimate..

Good luck!LucyE- 510, 40- 150, 14- 54 and ZD 35 Macro lensesU ZI owner!Olympus C30-20Z Member #98, Oly Division'Photography is the art of seeing what others do not.'..

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Budget is a few hundred euro Mary. I'd be looking to spend up to 500 (around 793 dollars) but would probably like to go cheaper if there are good options available for a cheaper price. Don't know if anything would be worth pursuing around the 400 (634 dollars) or 300 (476 dollars) mark...

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I wouldnt rely on these forums to suggest cameras to you.You have to go out there and look them up. Someone will not say "buy this" and everyone will agree because everyone likes different cameras. Consider these models by looking at reviews andprices (try Ebay), but bear in mind that they will all give you excellent pictures whichever you choose, however different they may seem..

Canon: 400D/450DOlympus: E-510/E-410Nikon: D40/D40x.

There are some excellent deals hanging around on those, becausde they are all a bit aged, but are still great cameras..


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Thanks very much for your help Daniel and also for your help Lucy.I'll have a look at those options that you gave me Daniel..

Am looking forward to looking at the options available to me and it's good to have one or two options recommended,Michael..

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I know some other people said research yourself but I'm going to give you some recomendations anyway... For the camera body I would go for a Nikon, and I'm not biassed because I have tried both canon and nikon and can tell you that the Nikon is better in terms of image quality. Go for the Nikon D40 if 6mp is fine with you, it's a perfectly okay amount of megapixels. However if you want more megapixels go for the Nikon D60 (I have one) it's a brilliant camera all around.. As for the lens which is probably more important there is the 18-70mm which is what I use with my D60.

Theres an offer here.. for a cheper option buy the D60 body and buy the 18-70mm off ebay,.

The reson I say get the 18-70 is becuase I got the 18-55 VR with it and I can say that the 18-70mm is much better in terms of build quality, it has a proper manual focusing ring, internal focusing and the image quality is just better... Of course you could save up for a bit longer and get the 16-85mm VR which is supposed to be great but is alot more expensive than a 18-70mm from ebay.Or a D40 body and a 18-70mm whichever you think would be better...

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Thanks for the advice Jakaroni. I'll do a bit of research on what you've recommended and it's good to hear from someone whose used a model and can speak positively about it...

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Mickmc2001 wrote:.

Budget is a few hundred euro Mary. I'd be looking to spend up to 500(around 793 dollars) but would probably like to go cheaper if thereare good options available for a cheaper price. Don't know ifanything would be worth pursuing around the 400 (634 dollars) or300 (476 dollars) mark..

I'd recommend the Nikon d40 and kit lens. The price and camera are excellent. Another poster said not to take advice but IMO - he is right about the need to handle the camera and judge ergonomics for yourself; however, in the past three years I have spent thousands of dollars on camera equipment that I have been very happy with thru the generous advice of experts on this forum. I could not have done as well on my own..

Good luck. There are many great entry level dslrs out there...

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I am new to photography and bought a Niko D40 a few months ago. I LOVE it. It takes amazing pictures right out of the box and is very user friendly. The D40 works for me but what really sold it to me was the feel. It was the most comfortable in my hand. Go to a camera shop and pick some up. If it isn't comfortable you wont use it as much!..

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I am also looking for a beginner DSLR....

Check out this site for some recommendations -.


Mike - let us know what you decide in the end ....I am also doing some research..

Daniel -.

Is Canon E-520 a follow on from E-510?..

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Swim wrote:.

Daniel -.

Is Canon E-520 a follow on from E-510?.

The e520/e510 is produced by OLYMPUS not CANON and yes the e520 is an updated e510..

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You can get the Nikon D60 for 826.99 shipped from Comes with 2 vr lens 18-55mm vr and 55-200mm vr 2 Nikon School dvd's and a free 2mb card. That is what I bought and love it. It is Nikon's newest beginner DSLR with 10 mpx and some newer features. You will be impressed!. Great Pictures and easy to use! .Nikon D60 18-55vr & 55-200vrSB400Casio Z750..

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Jakaroni wrote:.

I know some other people said research yourself but I'm going to giveyou some recomendations anyway... For the camera body I would go fora Nikon, and I'm not biassed because I have tried both canon andnikon and can tell you that the Nikon is better in terms of imagequality..

I'd argue you are bias as there are more than canon and nikon that produce quite capable DSLR's for people to consider that you failed to mention and apparently try. combine that with a statement like you made and well that's bias defined. maybe if you tried one of the others you might have bought one but that's neither here nor there..

The OP needs to go to a store and handle all of the cameras in their budget range and compare features/lenses/handfeel/etc. before making a decision on what to lay his/her money down on..

Olympus/pentax/sony all make very effective tools for taking picture that are worth considering when starting out. to inform or imply otherwise is simply a disservice to a someone getting into photography..

The short story.

Canon - great high ISO performancenikon - good all aroundolympus - great lenses, value and dust reduction that workspentax - great selection of prime lenses and weather sealed at lower price pointsony - looking to make inroads into dslr fold.

They all have their pros/cons, they are all worth buying if they meet the OP's needs and just because it does not say canon or nikon on it does not mean it should not be bought..

You can come to this forum and find anyone that will tell you to buy any camera you are considering, the bottom line is our opinions don't matter as they are all capable of putting out great images with a little patience and learning time on your part..

Good luck, read the reviews but don't get lost in the minutiae, hit a store, stick to your budget and buy one and have a great time...

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You are witnessing why you should not use these forums to get recommendations for a new camera. What we refer to as "fanboys" quickly jump in and tell you that whatever they shoot is the best camera made, is much better than such-and-such camera, and so on. Your best bet is to read the reviews of the various cameras and lenses and then go to a store and try out the models you are interested in. After you have a camera body and lens in mind, then come back to the forum and get opinions on your selection (but even then fanboys will jump in and try to influence your decision). In the final analysis, the decision should be yours..

I wish you the best..


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I agree with JChroate and want to add that no one will make a decision for you and say buy this and then you will go and buy it. You have to make a decision yourself by going into a camera shop and going to this website (add a space afterhttp://www.).


After every review there is a comparison with other cameras..


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If you don't have strange tastes you may look at entry level dSLRs from Nikon (D40 or D60), Canon (400D or 1000D) or Pentax (K200D)..

For more than entry level you can look at Nikon D80 (that is heavily discounted)..

Olympus has some interesting dSLRs (E420 and E520) but they have smaller sensors. Sony has also A200 that is entry level but it depends on the taste if you like it or not.The best advice is to go to a store and handle them..

As per kit lens Pentax, Nikon and Olympus seem to have very decent lens. Canon too has a decent lens for kit (18-55 mm IS) but not for 400D.VictorBucuresti, Romania

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