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I realise this is a digital camera site but maybe you can help me. I want to get a compact 35mm film camera that can shoot slides (like Fuji Sensia). Would something in the Canon SureShot or Olympus Stylus line work for slides or do you need SLR?.


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If you want to shoot slides, buy slide film. If you want prints, use print film..

As simple as that, with film..

You will require different processing with slides. Most slide film requires what is called E6 processing and that can be hard to find in the modern world unless you are near a major city. Use the yellow pages to find a lab that does E6..

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Sathyan sundaram wrote:.

I realise this is a digital camera site but maybe you can help me. Iwant to get a compact 35mm film camera that can shoot slides (likeFuji Sensia). Would something in the Canon SureShot or Olympus Stylusline work for slides or do you need SLR?.

All film cameras can shoot slides but the narrow exposure latitude of the chrome films means your camera needs to deliver a very accurate exposure for a good slide. Slide films have about a half stop exposure latitude either way where as print films is something like three stops over or two stops under and you can still get a good print. But, if you are off by more than a half stop either way with chromes, then you loose your highlights or shadows with no way to recover them..

The Oly Stylus, the original if you can find one, was a terrific camera and it handled slide film just fine. It had a very sharp, 35mm lens and it's exposure were spot on enough to be able to handle chromes. I still have my Stylus and it is the only film camera I still own at this point. I'm not sure about the SureShot models. The Yashica T4 and a couple of Leica models I cannot remember were also excellent for chrome films..

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You lucky son of a gun!!!.

Do you have any idea what FANTASTIC bargains ther are on film cameras now?? Check eBay..

Unless you have a very specific reason to buy a compact, go SLR, get yourself a semi-pro camera and a ton of lenses..


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Some nice RF are availible too...Canon QL 17 GIII (100-150.00 in working order IE CLA'd)...Minolta Hi-matic 7s (125.00. CLA'd)...Olympus XA (very compact) (125-175 CLA'd).

...Roliie 35 with f/2.8 or f/3.5 (Very Compact and serveral models $150.00-300.00 used)...Yashica electro 35cc (125-175 In working order CLA'd).

...Voigtlander Bessa R, (LTM) R2/RA/R2a/R2am (Lieca M)...used from (150.00 to 400.00 for R2a/R2m All have a TTL light meter too. See link for RF forum classified

I owned a Bessa R2 (Leica M mount).. and it was joy to use...I had a 24mm, 50mm and 85mm..all Leica thread with M-adapters..

To name a few....

Peter .

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A previous poster already has mentioned Olympus. I can't recommend highly enough the Olympus Stylus Epic. You get a camera that will fit in you shirt pocket (weighs less than 5 ounces). It has a very sharp, fast, 35mm lens, has multiple metering modes and is water resistant - all this for about 80 BUCKS!.

I bought one for my wife many years ago and I derived quite a lot of enjoyment using it myself. I gave it away a couple of years ago to a friend - although sometimes I wish I still had it..

It was (and likely still is) the biggest bang for your buck in a easy-to-use film camera that produces excellent results. Follow this link for more information:.


Have a good day..

Respectfully,Mike SneddonMattoon, IL USA..

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