Filling Medifast meals??

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Ok, so I know that no Medifast meal will fill me up like a normal meal (though the soups are good for this) but I had an 'all bars' day and just about died from hunger. Dramatic, yes, but that's about how cranky I was. I'm not sure if any of you have had this issue with an all bars day, but for travel they really are the best-small and no cooking required. What do you folks do when you travel? I have a few travel plans coming up soon (Thanksgiving, Christmas, and a Hawaii trip!!) and I'm afraid the hunger will tempt me off plan...

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I too find that the bars just don't hold me as well as a shake or oatmeal..

For travel, I do a combo of meals including bars and puffs with a couple of shakes and 1 oatmeal if possible...

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I say if you can't cook or are traveling or just haven't planned some grilled chicken salad at one of the fast food places...

Comment #2

Maybe a 4 and 2 while you are away? I think oatmeal "pancakes" are REALLY filling and have them almost everyday. I've also done 4 and 2 when I am STARVING as the extra protein really fills me up. The bars don't do it for me, either. I LOVE them, but they are more snacky for my belly...

Comment #3

When I went on vacation recently I survived on shakes, bars & pretzels. Shakes are easy because I just brought my blender bottle (with the little round "whisk" inside) - it was always easy to get water and shake up a shake.

Of course once you get to your destination you could easily find hot water to make soups or oatmeal as well...

Comment #4

The bars only make me feel "filled up" if I have them with lots of water. I read on here that someone cuts them up into something like 32 pieces, and has a drink of water after each piece..

I feel full about 30 minutes after I eat a bar and drink water, not immediately. I think that's the way it is SUPPOSED to be - something about your brain not knowing your stomach is full for 20 minutes after you eat?.

Puffs and pretzels are also good for trips...

Comment #5

I am also one of those that have to drink a lot of water with my bars and puff and pretzels. I do find that those are the easiest for me when I am at school all day. It sucks taht I have to continually leave class for the bathroom though...

Comment #6

That's me! I take a sharp knife and cut the bars into as many pieces as I can manage. The sharper the knife, the more pieces! I usually get anywhere between 24 and 40 pieces out of a bar. I take a big sip of water between every bite and the bar lasts me at lest 30 minutes and I wind up drinking 3 or 4 cups of water with it. It is how I push my water intake if I'm having a day where I don't want to drink it.

If I don't do that trick, the bars don't hold me at all - very snack-like.

I also can't eat more than 2 bars a day or my insides hate me (sugar alcohols rip me up, LOL)..

I'm sure other people use the cutting the bar up into small pieces thing, but it is the water that really drives that move for me. It is my best way to really increase my water intake.

My DH does almost all bars almost every day.. and he eats them in about 30 seconds flat. I have no idea how he isn't starving all the time!.

For trips (and school) I do a lot of pretzels and puffs...

Comment #7

I Love all the Pudding flavors as a shake!! They are thick, creamy smooth and very filling!! And the oatmeal, chicken noodle soup and beef stew is filling to me..

I use the bars, pretzels, and puffs as treats (counted as a meal), when I am craving crunchy or chips!.


Comment #8

I used the bars a lot when I traveled during 5&1. I too never felt very satisfied with them until I discovered how to make them work for me. First I break them up into tiny pieces. Then I make sure I chew each piece a minimum of 25 chews, whether the piece needed it or not. I then take a swig of water between each piece and swish to make sure I get the gunk out of my teeth. It sounds very methodical and long, which it is.

The puffs I eat the same way. They last almost an hour and I'm full for quite a long time...

Comment #9

In addition to bars puffs and pretzels when I am on the go I will make up brownie's or Oatmeal bar and stick it in a baggie...ready to grab and eat. When there is a will there is a way! I too try to drink LOTS of water with every meal that way I am sure to get enough water for the day...

Comment #10

Well, as far as people making the bars last 30 minutes, I'm pretty sure I read that you are supposed to take your time with each Medifast meal (reguardless of what it is) and eat it over 15 minutes...

Comment #11

I've got some large paper cups (16 ounce) that I travel with, then it's just getting some hot water and I can have oatmeal without any cleanup or dirty dish to deal with. Or I get a 12 ounce coffee and dump it into one of the cups with a hot cocoa mix, it's big enough to really be able to stir completely without splashing out. For me, something really hot fills me up and revives me. Also the puffs and pretzels take a long time to eat so I like them as well. Bars aren't so good for me either...

Comment #12

I find the soup breads very filling, esp. the MD Crab soup. You could always make a couple of "loaves" up ahead of time and take them in a baggie...

Comment #13

I had an all bars this past sunday and well I felt ok I guess, maybe because I was lazy haha..but I plan on buying some more of them!.

Puffs will fill you up cuz there is a lot of them!..

Comment #14

Pretzels and puffs fill me up and take me a long time to eat...

Comment #15

Hey Sassy,.

When I am traveling, besides puffs and pretzels and bars, I make a batch of shake cakes, brownies, and oatmeal muffins in the oven. I bake them in glass ramekins that have lids, so they are easy to transport, refrigerate, and reheat in the microwave..

For longer trips, I also pack ready to drink shakes in my checked luggage. I was in India for 3 weeks in August. I packed 15 RTD shakes in zip lock bags. Those shakes saved my sanity and my health.

Good luck! With a little planning, you can be OP while traveling...

Comment #16

Oatmeal and making shakes out of the soft serve are really filling for me. I like the coffee soft serve the best, mixed with a cup of cold coffee. Very thick and yummy! Not for traveling on the plane, but good to take along? I agree, the bars are not filling unless you chug a glass of water before and after...the water is a problem when traveling...

Comment #17

I've spent lots of time in airports and hotels. The best thing for me is a purse full of bars, puffs, and pretzels for those times you can't be a mad scientist and mix something together. You have to drink plenty of water with these items though. That makes the difference. In a hotel room you can use the hot water from either the coffee maker or a kettle to make a hot drink. Use the shaker cup with the ball to make shakes. You can do it!.

Filling meals = filling up with extra water...

Comment #18

On my last trip, I started every day with a hot cocoa or cappuccino - dump in a cup and add a little coffee, stir into paste, then blend in the rest and run out the door. My second meal was often another one of these, sometimes made with a vanilla, mocha or chocolate shake. Hotels invariably have a coffee pot in the room or coffee and hot water available in the lobby. If you ask ahead of time, you can sometimes get a room with a microwave if you don't get a suite.

The mango cranberry and tropical cold drinks blend up super easy. One of these in a water bottle, shake, and you are gtg. A nice packet meal to put in your purse. I find them less filling, but awesomely portable as an alternative to bars, or if I'm worried that pretzels and puffs may get squished in the purse.

LindaLou, those are great ideas. I'm going to do that for my next trip!..

Comment #19

This is a bit of a dumb question, but I take it the RTD shakes do fine with flying? Whenever I bring a water bottle it contracts and expands and I'd hate to have the RTD shakes explode in my luggage...

Comment #20

Good question! I've done beer in my suitcase that gets checked, so I'd assume it'd be ok, but plastic bags are a good safety measure Don't forget you can't take it through security if you aren't checking your bag...

Comment #21

Thanks! I only go crazy with shake cakes when I travel, but it is a nice change. Variety keeps me from getting bored.....

This is a bit of a dumb question, but I take it the RTD shakes do fine with flying? Whenever I bring a water bottle it contracts and expands and I'd hate to have the RTD shakes explode in my luggage..

Sassy, I was afraid of shake explosion, but I didn't have any problems at all with the RTD shakes. My suitcase weighed a ton, though The large zip lock bags I used held 5 RTD shakes...

Comment #22

I think the oatmeal or the oatmeal as "muffins" is really filling. You can also freeze the muffins, which is great. I make a dozen at a time..

I also think pudding shakes and soups are very filling.

And the pancakes made as a "muffin/souffle" thing are filling..

Oh, and I just discovered the parm puffs and both types of pretzels.....they all take a while to eat and are filling and very easy for "on the go."..

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