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I submitted a request almost a year ago to register a domain name under a cctld. The registration request was filed through that cctld registry website. Till date I have not received any information from the registry regarding my domain registration request.

A few weeks ago, I noticed that the name I requested was alloted to someone else. The domain name would definitely attract more than $20,000 according to the current market conditions.

Is it possible to take legal action against the registry and get back the domain name? I hold the email confirmations, invoices sent by the registry related to that domain name...

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They sent me an invoice, and I paid for that name using my credit card through their preferred 3rd party credit card processing company.

I have contacted them over phone, and sent almost 50 emails, but got no response...

Comment #1

So when you called, you never got a human?..

Comment #2

Would you have a way of checking back on your creditcard.

Statement to be sure the charge completed correctly?..

Comment #3

Yes, I always hear a recorded voice for about 2 minutes in their local language, and it is getting disconnected automatically. Yes, I did notice the charge. I called my bank, and explained the problem, but they denied to reverse the transaction and informed me that the transaction was initiated only by me...

Comment #4

Sorry I prefer not to disclose here. It is an European country...

Comment #5

Ok but we need some more info, since the name is regged, you could tell us, or at least some of the more experienced guys via PM,.

If you have proof of purchase!! and more importantly, proof your purchase didnt expire.

[quote]I submitted a request almost a year ago to register a domain name under a cctld/[quote].

Maybe you got it for the year then lost it?? - just speculating!.

Then maybe you have a case, however, if your CC was not charged, even tho you put in the details, you might struggle, a bit more infomation would go a long way...

Comment #6

It's certainly possible. But considering this is a ccTLD based in Europe, it can.

Get rather...costly, with no guarantees you'll get the desired result...

Comment #7

First, don't count on getting the name or the $20k value you mentioned. My guess is that if you prove you paid for it and it didn't expire, all you'll get back is a refund of your fee and maybe an apology for the error. If you can prove it was ever in your name, you might have a better chance, but odds are they'll find it was never issued to you in the first place. Most TOS's cover this type of error and how they are handled. You could spend more in long distance calls than you will potentially get back.

Good luck though...

Comment #8

Did you ever get an email stating "Congratulations: The registration of such and such was successful" and in your name?.

And if you you still have it?..

Comment #9

Nope, I did not receive such email. I got an invoice for that name, and paid for that invoice. I received an email confirming my cc payment. After that, I received nothing.

I have paid for 2 years starting from February 2007. As per my invoice, the name will expire in February 2009, but the name was allotted to somebody on December 2007...

Comment #10

Do you have it in writting somewhere that the domain was registered to you, have you checked whois to see the history of the domain name, was it ever it in your name?.

I find it confusing that you piad for a name, but didnt verify it was in your account or anything for like a year...

Comment #11

I did not receive any emails from the registry other than the invoice, and the email confirming my cc payment for that invoice.

I did not receive any login information to manage that domain name.

I paid for that name during February 2007, but until December 2007, the name was not registered to anyone and the registry showed the name as available. There was no whois record for that name until Dec 2007.

Expiration Date: 2010-12-07 Creation Date: 2007-12-07.

Last Update Date: 2008-02-13..

Comment #12

If you can't at least state the cctld then noone can provide the slightest help...

Comment #13

If the domain is that valuble, how come you never verified ownership ect... I for one would of been all over it until it was in my account,.

Im begining to think there could be more to this story, if you dont want to give us the name, can you give us some clues right now were shooting in the dark mate.

But there has to be more to this than what your saying, you paid for a valuble domain, you got a CC bill and paid it, but you didnt check the domain went into your name, it's all very cloak and dagger mate imo...

Comment #14

All I can say is the domain name is a 3 letter domain hack of a popular French word. I made every effort to get back the domain name from the time I paid for that name. Never received a reply from the registry.

Contacted my bank, and they have also denied to reverse the charge on my credit card. What can I do?.

Thanks to those who have given comments and valuable suggestions. I would like to know whether it is possible to file a complaint against the registry at ICANN?..

Comment #15

Icann has no involvement with cctlds. Besides, you don't state the TLD in question so we can only speculate.

But honestly I doubt "a 3 letter domain hack of a popular French word" "would definitely attract more than $20,000 according to the current market conditions."..

Comment #16

If you were billed, sent the payment, and the domain didn't get allocated to you, I think it was down to you to chase it up, make sure it got put in your name and then take a copy of the WHOIS record as proof of ownership.

I very much doubt a domain hack of a French word in a European ccTLD was worth $20,000. You are probably fretting over the loss of a $50 domain. Best to write this off and move on, there is no mileage in it...

Comment #17

Depending on any arrangements between the ccTLD in question and ICANN, it.

Can or can not be possible. ICANN can help manage the technical aspects of.

It, but not necessarily the legal and/or administrative ones...

Comment #18

I would think the best you would do is get your money back considering you never actually received the domain. If it was something that was available a year ago it is unlikely to be worth having a legal dispute over...

Comment #19

Thank you Kath, akcampbell, snoop, and Dave Zan.

As per snoop's suggestion, I have sent an email to the registry, explained everything from scratch, and asked for a refund. I will let you know once I get a response from them. I doubt I will get a reply...

Comment #20

Basically it sounds as if you went through the process of registering it, paid for it, but then the registrar never actually registered it. This sucks, but it does happen and all registrars have TOS that prevent you from collecting anything aside from a refund.

This has happened to me at some large registrars. But I always check right away to make sure it has been registered. There were times when I had to register the same domain twice and pay for it twice, because it didn't register the first time. Then I requested a refund for the double charge. I'd rather pay twice and have to wait for a refund and get the name I want, rather than not get it at all...

Comment #21

I had almost the same problems with Aruba and .it cctld.

I paid and never got the name I regitestered, after some days the domain went to a big Italian company..

I got my money back through a chargeback...

Comment #22

Since the registration is not real time it is possible that someone else had registered the domain before you did...

Comment #23

The main issue is jurisdiction - ICANN stays out of the way of ccTLD registries. I actually had a domain successfully registered and then taken back (.VN corruption) in the following weeks. The only thing you can do is to fight your battle in the courts of THAT UNNAMED COUNTRY. Chances are, best you're gonna get is a refund like I did from VNNIC.


Comment #24

Without knowing the ccTLD in question, it is difficult to give any advice. Some of the European ccTLDs have restrictions on registration. If you registered a domain in some of the restricted ccTLDs and the registry found that you didn't meet the registration criteria then it is quite possible that your registration could have been revoked.


Comment #25

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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