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Why do I feel scared? Maybe it is because I have tried this program so many darn times with some success, but never reaching goal. I feel defeated before I even start again. I am scared that I am so addicted to sugar that the cravings are going to be so bad that I am going to cave into them and never get into the weight loss grove.

On the other hand, I know from personal experience that this program works. I have lost a lot of weight before. Gosh, I wish I never cheated those few times, because once I started to cheat, I went on downward spiral.

To those of you considering cheating, remember this: It is easier to stay on Medifast than it is to re-start MF! I am living proof!.

Hopefully tomorrow I can be successful! Just tomorrow, that's it. Not the rest of the month or the rest of the year. I am just going for tomorrrowone day at a time. As I type thos words, I feel it is easier said than done...

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You say you've done the program many times, but have you ever done the program 100% as written for any substantial amount of time? I think the lack of cravings is one of the biggest benefits to always being on plan and I'm not sure you get that if you're constantly tweaking things. I'd really encourage you to start that way and give yourself the greatest chance of success..

Good luck!..

Comment #1

Hi Daisey,.

Good for you you're coming back to what you know works!.

You said something that really jumped out at me: You said you've "tried" this program so many times. I can relate to that, because I've done the same exact thing, and with many different diets/eating programs..

I would really encourage you this time to determine in your mind, right from the start, that you're not going to "try"; this time you're going to "commit." You're committed to getting healthier, and you're committed to proving that you can run this race ... all the way to the finish line!!.

We'll be right here cheering you on!!.


Comment #2

Hi Daisy..there is lots of support here so if you feel like cheating or nibbling bring it here BEFORE you do it. Chat has been the best thing ever for me at night. It keeps me busy and you learn alot even if you sit back and just read the chatting for a bit. YOU CAN DO IT! You're worth the effort! Congrats on your new start..

Comment #3

Hi Daisy! I'm practically you!.

I started in 2006, and lost 25 lbs. Moved across the country, fell off the wagon..

I started again in 2008, fatter than round 1. I lost 75 lbs before my class reunion, then decided to "just take the weekend off" for the reunion, but ended up never getting on board again and regained all but 4 lbs..

Here I am on round 3, and this time I'm going to make it! I've lost 104.5 lbs and am only 14.5 from goal.

Each time we stumble, we have to find the will to get back up and start again. It's hard, I know~the whole first 75 lbs this time around, I felt like I was just repeating last time, and it was hard to get excited, but I stuck to it and here I am.

I'd like to invite you to join the Reruns, a group full of women just like us, who've been down this road before and have all kinds of tips to share about what we've learned by being restarters. We're located in the "Ready to Recommit" board. Come by and check us out!..

Comment #4

Thanks for the support everybody.

In preparation for starting tomorrow, I was cleaning out all of the junk food from my kitchen. However, I have decided to keep a few things 'just in case' I decide to go off plan and not commit. So pretty much I am sabotaging myself before I even start. How can I be successful if I am leaving myself a way out? Am I not ready? Or how do I tell if I am ready? Or maybe I determine when I am ready and not leave it up to outside forces.

Okay, this is it, it is time to start. Although super scared, I am committing!! I will go and throw out my remainder junk food (although the thought of doing so makes me sad and anxious). How did food become such a powerful addiction?..

Comment #5

Daisey Throw that non plan food OUT! Don't set yourself up to fail before you even start! Do things differently this time and give 100% OP a fighting chance!..

Comment #6

Sounds like you are grieving for the foods you know you can't have on program. The thought of losing them and living without them is hard so you keep them around "just in case". Grieving is painful and scary and the only way to get through it is get through it. Throw the foods away or give them to a food bank or wrap them up nicely and hand them out to the homeless you meet. But DON"T keep them and don't go buy more. It's ok to be sad and anxious.

But the only way you are going to do this is by doing it...feel the feelings and put one foot in front of the other and move forward. I can relate. I was really sad to give up things I love to eat and I was mightily addicted to sugar. I didn't think I could live without it. But I can tell you, I am so glad I did.

Do it Daisey. You can you know. Resolve to get from one Medifast meal to the next. The cravings will stop and you'll be on your way. Find support here on the boards..

Comment #7

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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