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Unbelievable, unreal, and I just can not get over this.

For background information, please refer to these threads:

After settling down over this matter, I get two more notices tonight that two more domains were "renewed" by the /img/avatar2.jpg only to do a whois search and discover that the two names in question were again NOT EXPIRED, NOT OWNED BY GODADDY, NOT REGISTERED WITH GODADDY, AND WERE WON 10 DAYS AGO, WERE RENEWED BY THE /img/avatar2.jpg ON DECEMBER 14, 2006.

These happen to be .BIZ this time. So, what will the excuse be now...problem with .biz registry?.

The following letter of outrage has been sent to Scott Loggins, original project manager and development manager for the TDNAM site, registry?.

What really burns my ass up is in the past, each and every time I made an error in the listing, or put a typo, and the domain sold but I had to reclaim it, not only did I not get paid but you TDNAM charges me a $10.00 administrative fee for my screw ups. Yet you offer no compensation other than OOPS!.

Not only that, on one occassion TDNAM went into my PayPal account, an action that I did not authorize, and deducted a payment months after the auction was over and the domain had expired because a lame ass buyer ignored each and every email from me and TDNAM. Not once did anyone on TDNAM's end even bother to contact me or get the facts. You just simply took the jerk at his word and went into my account and deducted his payment.

Where in your Universal Terms of Agreement does it mention that GoDaddy/TDNAM has the authority to list for sale as expired domain names that are not actually expired? Where in your Universal Terms of Agreement does it mention that GoDaddy/TDNAM has the authority to list for sale domain names that are actually the property of another registrar and not the property of GoDaddy? If they are they somewhere in your universal terms of service then, by golly, I missed the hell out of that clause.

You and the staff of TDNAM have permitted, even after assurances were given, the auctioning off of domain names not expired and not the property of GoDaddy for weeks now.

Regardless of who, what, or why this happened, tying up my funds, sending out blatant lies about "reclaimed" or "renewed" does not cover this matter very well. In your emails sent to me, there is one line I would like to call your attention to; "We're sorry you did not win this domain." There must be some confusion...I did win this domain. GoDaddy auctioned off an expired domain, I placed the high bid, I won. I could now take this domain and dispute and contest it's /img/avatar2.jpgship based on that simple fact. But I won't. The domain is not mine and I do not want to trouble the rightful and legal /img/avatar2.jpg over issues and problems created by TDNAM/GoDaddy.

This will be the beginning of the end, beyond a doubt, of my association and affiliation with TDNAM/ GoDaddy. But this will in no shape or form be the end of this matter and this issue. I will pursue other avenues and means to file a grievance and complaint with appropriate authorities and governing agencies that oversee the conduct of registrars including any agency of local, state, and federal jurisdiction, to include the State Attorney General's Office in the States of Arizona and North Carolina as well as the Better Business Bureau of said locales.

In time I will close out my GoDaddy account and reseller account and transfer all my domains elsewhere. In the meantime, I currently have 246 domains listed for sale for sale on TDNAM. Please remove these from TDNAM's listing and database. In addition, I am awaiting the transfer of two auctions won into my account. Please transfer those into my account without delay once proven that the domains do not in fact belong to someone else or are registered to another registrar.

I am sorry for the tone and language, but I assure you this is quite toned down and subtle in comparison to how I actually feel over this matter.


Wasn't there a TV show called Eight is Enough? Well this was number 7 and 8 for me.

In speaking with the rightful /img/avatar2.jpg, there are perhaps 200 domains out there that are facing the same fate as my eight. Thus far, from the different forums, I know of two other domainer who have encountered this.

I am not sure my barking is going to amount to anything or be heard, but I will not tolerate this service...

Comments (28)

Circa -.

Absolutely incredible. I am dissapointed to say that I worked for GoDaddy for sometime, but unfortunately am not suprised. It is the lack of attention to detail that is hurting GoDaddy now, alienating themselves from the Domainer..

Getting into the Domain Secondary Market was the right move, but how they did it lacks the care and understanding required to Cater to Domainers.

I hope that GoDaddy recognizes this and strives to recreate a company and tool that domainers can trust and utilize.

Circa, sorry for the trouble youve gone through, Its a nightmare that I think many domainers will take a lesson from.


Comment #1

Justin, I know you are sincere. That is obvious from your public post and PM's and willingness to help. To say I am disppointed is an understatement.

Do they have any idea how much money this is going to cost me? Cost them? I have lost all faith, trust, and confidence in TDNAM/GoDaddy. I was a staunch supporter from day one and used to publically support them.

I have spent an untold tens of thousands of dollars with them in the past few years, perhaps somewhere in the $75k range, maybe even more.

Like I said, eight is enough. I am just not sure what recourse I have in this matter except to follow through with the process I outlined.

Again, thank you for your support.


Comment #2

I think you could sue Godaddy over this and win. At the very least get a lawyer and seek advice. Godaddy might want to settle with you...imho you should ask for the cost to transfer all your domains out of their system as the price for you to go away quietly.

You have at least the basis of a Breach of Contract by them. You should be able to recover damages.

Comment #3

I've been kicking around that idea because I've got no one else to kick at the moment.

At present, I am in no position to make demands of them but will look into this from every angle including filing with the authorities as I outlined.

I'll have to go back to the different forums and look back at the others that were involved and perhaps we can get together on this. I would be nice to know of every one who was involved in this mess. But I am sure a great portion of them do not belong to forums such as this. I have been into domains for years but only joined late last fall.

It sucks, just plain ol' simply sucks!..

Comment #4

Heya circa,.

Sorry to hear that, must be really a PITA to deal with probs like that.

I actually was going to post about your huge problems on but I didn't want to bring this awesome forum here in trouble(for example, the ongoing promo code exchange here).

But maybe you personally could post there?.

It is my strong belief that, if there isn't someone in the structure of a company getting rid of a problem or trying to help you, your only chance is to go to the next or highest level :-).



Comment #5

Absolutely would love to! Went to the site but I have not been able to find a link to submit an email. Care to share?.

I did email to president@godaddy. We'll see if I get another form letter.

But they have got to understand and realize that this is not just about me...this appears to be quite a huge problem. I am but one of numerous who have been stiffed...

Comment #6

I don't mean to sound like a killjoy or something, but I wouldn't conclude that.

Far. Domain registrars, like any other business, compose their legal agreements.

To limit their liability to their end-users as much as possible, which you happen.

To agree to the moment you use them.

There's a portion like this in every registrar's print:.

Http: // www. Heck, the registrar I used to work for has a provision where they can sue the.

(ex)customer if s/he sues but loses. And s/he can almost easily lose just by a.

Mere technicality such as jurisdiction.

I'm sure you know that, Labrocca. Just thought others reading this should be.

Aware of this awful possibility before "acting prematurely".

I do wish circa1850 the best in getting this across. If anything, it can at least.

Force Go Daddy to finally pay attention to the devil-in-the-details, and make.

Sure problems like these don't occur anymore...

Comment #7

You are right, and that is why I have not made outright mention of any legal action other than contacting the states' Attorney General as mentioned.

There is perhaps nothing to be gained, no action will be taken, but making this a matter to perhaps be looked into as an ethics issue of sorts would be a step in the right direction. If it is a matter of public record, then it is on file and a file has been started, even if it is with the Better Business Bureau.

I'll explore my options over the next few days and follow through with the necessary filings. A concern here is finding someone who is knowledgable about domains in these offices mentioned to even take it into consideration and as a serious matter.

It is the same thing as me auctioning off a domain name that belongs to any one of you. I don't own it, I think I do or I think I should, I'm not going to verify if I own it or not, but I'll auction it off anyways without your knowledge.

Oops! Sorry. It was a problem with the registry...

Comment #8

I feel sorry for you. I always feel really jipped when using gd...

Comment #9

Hello circa,.

You are right, there is no link to email or get in contact with Parsons, but he is very good in answering the comments to his posts.(bad or good comments doesn't matter).

Just leave a comment to his latest post about his rejected commercials and I am sure he will answer, what ever you will post. :-).

I bet he will answer, because this is not the average problem, it is something what he maybe (as president and founder) is not aware off, in huge companies you cannot know everything....



Comment #10

Make the title of the post.

How to lose $75,000 worth of business. OR.

How Godaddy lost a $75,000 account.

That should get someone's attention...

Comment #11

All things considered, it's a warning for all domainers to rethink doing business with GD. Sorry to hear about your obvious problems with a registrar that I, not unlike you, defended publicly. Since i've read your posts with utmost attention and had some PM conversations with you, I am reconsidering my position about GD as well..

Thanks for the permanent heads-up. It's bad enough that you're losing quite some money here, aside from the total loss of faith and trust in GD, it's an eye opener for the rest of us. I am sure that, if dug deep enough, that you will find quite some other individuals that share your fate. Which brings me to my actual point: GD - the Parson machinery has grown to it's size by permanent exposure to the public, advertising stunts like no other registrar has done, etc. MY (and maybe really only mine) way to reduce the shining armor of GD to what it really is; Assembly of domainers that share the same fate and explore the opportunity of a class action suit. I am not sure about the legal consequences, I am certain an attorney will give you insight, but the PR momentum gained, will bring all news agencies to be interested in this situation, which for the PR master Parson, should be putting things in the correct spotlight.

Just my .02 euros..

Comment #12

The same thing happened to me on Dec. 29, however after I won I researched the name and saw that it was no longer registered at I emailed my account rep and he removed the name and I obviously did not pay for a name I had no chance of owning. Then I saw this same thing happening again. I told them about these specific names well before these auctions ended, and yet they still took your money?.

Here is what I sent to them:.

Customer Inquiry.

It seems as if godaddy/Tdnam is still auctioning names that they do not have.

As if they are expired name auctions? Please pass this email on to your.

Programmers so this can be fixed as it has been going on for at least a.

Couple weeks now. I first noticed it when I was the high bidder for. on Dec 29. Here are some current examples of live.

Auctions:. 5650164. 5651252. 5658606. 5666083.

These auctions will end, people will pay, godaddy will hold their money for.

A while, and then godaddy will notify the buyer that they will not be.

Getting the name, they will be disappointed and godaddy will refund their.

Money. Why not just pull the auctions before all of that happens?.

Here is their response from 1/12/07:.

Support Staff Response.

Dear Sir/Madam,.

The domain names in question appear to have been registered here and recently expired. Once the auctions end, as long as the current registrant does not redeem the domain, the domains will be moved to the auction winners.


Daniel D..

Specialist - The Domain Name Aftermarket.

Phone(480)505-8892 ".

Perhaps they accidentally forwarded it to their least skilled technicians..

Comment #13

My friend, these are two of the names I bid on and won&; and; with two I bid on but did not and

In total, I bid on and won (to the best of my knowledge) 8 domain names that were not expired and not with GoDaddy.

Not only did they take my money, but they took the money for at least another 200 domain names. You mean to tell me that you notified TDNAM even before the names were auctioned off that the domains were at Moniker and not expired?.

And that they, GoDaddy/TDNAM, should not be auctioning them off?.

And yet TDNAM blew you off and still went forth with the auction?.

We need to get together on this. You may need to forward to me the emails sent and the responses received.

With your permission, I would also like to post this response by you on another forum that has been where this topic has been quite heavily discussed.

This is beyond reproach and needs to be dealt with. I just got off the phone with Lee Odom of Moniker. I will be closing out and shutting down my GoDaddy account TODAY, within the hour. This is inexcusable. Over the past few years, between GoDaddy, being a WildWestDomain reseller, and buying more than 300 domain names at auction, I have spent perhaps $75k with them.

It does not matter if I have 3000 domains or 1 domain with GoDaddy. A customer is a customer is a customer. No one deserve this type of treatment and mishandling of accounts...

Comment #14

Yes, yes, and yes. They had several days to correct the situation...

Comment #15

This is a sad joke....

U have my sympathy..

Comment #16

I am already aware that godaddy is no good. When I get the money, all domains registered there will be transfered to namecheap, and I will use the namecheap support for assisstance on this, screw godaddy, they dont work..


Comment #17

Actually, it appears they had at least a month to correct some of these. Some were renewed about the beginning of December 2006.

Even if the want to shift blame and say it was a problem with ".info registry", nothing can possibly take into account that you are now the third person to have claimed to have noticed this in advance of the auction and called this matter to TDNAM's attention.

That, my friend, is inexcusable.

To think that one has to spend time to conduct a WHOIS search on domain names that supposedly belong to GoDaddy and are supposedly expired only to find out they are not at GoDaddy and are not expired.

Quite a business model.

By the way, I am auctioning off several domain names. I assure you they are mine and they are not expired...

Comment #18

Yes, their legal has covered them pretty well, however. When both parties breach the contract then it will be up to the courts to determine who is in the wrong.

I say that a class action suit with all the parties involved (circa, the domain owners of the domains in question, the registrars where the domains reside (yes, they may not get involved but it wouldn't hurt to try and get them on your side ... at least Moniker, because this does directly involve them.), and everyone who warned GoDaddy/TDNAM about the domains before it would become an issue.) will have a good chance of winning against GoDaddy/TDNAM and may even set them straight. Doubtful though on the latter.

Circa, all the best in determining what route to take...

Comment #19

I have permission from someone who belongs to another forum, but not this forum to post this information. This is the third person who had informed TDNAM/GoDaddy that there were names being auctioned of as belonging to GoDaddy when they were registered elsewhere and being auctioned off as being expired when they were not expired.

As you will see, this same individual just received notice of "owner reclaimed" which is a .net. What started out with TDNAM claiming a "problem with the .info registry" is not .com, .net, and .biz.

In Reply to your Post Re: F***ed Again By Godaddy & Tdnam!:.

Here are the names discussed in the post. I'm not a Namepros member.

Are you telling me that you alerted TDNAM to all of these domain names, including

I do recall many of these and bid on several.


Yes after finding 4 in error and getting refunds, I ran WHOIS on EVERY auction I won and found the rest.

- Dale.


Dale, do you mind if I take these communications between you and I and post them?.

Also, do you have the original emails between you and TDNAM?.



Add another one, just 1 minute ago:.

This time they notified ME, but said "owner reclaimed" which is not true because it's already at a different registrar.

You can post this stuff, I don't think I have the original emails.

- Dale.

Keep those notices. I just got two more along with two refunds.

This is borderline funny, sad, pathetic, and criminal all in one!.

I sincerely appreciate your help and assistance. This has to be brought to the attention of someone who can do something about it.

And thanks for the permission to post this.


For those that may be interested, this post referred to is on DNforum.

Comment #20

This is just pathetic. I feel for the frustration you must be going through circa1850. I'll have to look into moving elsewhere as well. How is monikers prices/service?.


Comment #21

Wow, I've been considering transfering all my GD domains to namecheap just to make ease of use when changing nameservers and such. But I now have a real reason to go ahead and do it.

Sorry to hear about everyones problems with GD. I for one won't be sticking around to run into any. Lets hope transfering out goes smoothly.


Comment #22

WOW...the situation gets worse. Creeker has unloaded a bombshell here. Now this is fraud and it can be PROVEN. Sorry but when you commit a criminal act you aren't protected by some caveat in an agreement from the government or a 3rd party. It's up to the courts to decide this.

Basically they need to be heavily fined and sanctioned for this. For them to knowingly auction off names they don't own is an outright FRAUD. Contact the attorney general over this asap. Get a signed affidavit from Creeker and you need to save all emails (with headers) and communications.

Good luck. Glad this story got out. I been saying for a long time Godaddy wasn't all that...

Comment #23

Monikers prices are great. In fact, I had a GoDaddy reseller account to give myself a price break on regging names. Now, I don't even need that. Moniker prices to DNforum and NamePros members are even BETTER than the prices GoDaddy was giving me as a reseller.

The person I have been in contact with the Lee Odom at Moniker.

I am sure Lee would love to hear from you and I really don't think he would mind sharing this information..

Toll free in the U.S. and Canada: 1.800.688.6311.

Direct Line: 1.954.861-3538.

So far, I like what I am hearing. Actually, I like hearing someone actually pick up the phone and answer it...

Comment #24

Happened to me several times. Just recently with, and in the past with several names that I don't recall at the moment. It's an ongoing issue with them, and unfortunately they dont have a large organization to keep them in check - ICANN doesn't do anything about it...

Comment #25

It is a story that I wish had never happend let alone to have gotten out. To have to deal with these same matters again and again...deja vu?..

Comment #26

It just proves that the wrong (illegal?) actions, even when done from the major player in the industry, are not remaining to be a secret forever..

Parson's motto of: "Customer First" has faded into a hallow statement, he's more concerned with PR activities, a Radio Show and other presentations that manifest his looks as an exotic company that drives the domain industry. Unfortunately, in the meantime they have treated respectable domains like dirt and started to become careless. While I have to say that nothing bad has happened to me,...yet, the story line here is reason enough to look into other options. I find it hard to believe that GD doesn't know about this scenario and the dark clouds that are starting to form on the horizon, it stands to reason that they just simply give a rats a$$...

Comment #27

Hmmm, the letters "FTC" come to my mind about that...

Comment #28

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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