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Hi Everyone,.

I plan on placing my first Medifast order in the next few days. I was wondering what everyone's favorite (and least favorite) meals are. I know that everyone has different tastes, but I'm just wondering if some of the meals are overall better tasting than others. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated..


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I could almost live on chocolate pudding, hot cocoa, and cinnamon pretzels. In fact I almost do! lol!.

Choc pudding can be made into shakes, frosties, or pudding.

Hot cocoa can be made into hot or iced mocha, hot cocoa, a shake, or frozen cocoa drops.

Cinnamon pretzels are just yummy..

Comment #1

Danna, everyone's tastes are different. And more than that, everyone's tastes will change while doing MF. I used to loathe the oatmeal and now I like it when cooked as a bar.

My best suggestion is to try a box of each of the foods that sound good. If you don't like something when you try it, 1) come here and get suggestions for preparing it, and 2) wait a month and you might like it then. But for every Medifast food, some people love it and some hate it. Try for yourself!.

Oh, and if you're scared to commit to an entire box, you can CALL Medifast to place an order for an individual sample packet. I never bothered, because for me a fair trial of a food I dislike involves 1) as directed, 2) with a modification, 3) in a recipe with other packets, 4) in a different recipe a few weeks later, and 5) trying it again a month after that. So I'm through 5 packets before I've begun to be sure I don't like it...

Comment #2

My personal favorite is Chai latte. Lots of people don't like it as they think it is too strong of a taste though...... I use a monster sized coffee mug to make it and it is super filling and the perfect start to my EVERY day.

I also just tried the pancakes. Made a microwave muffin, then toasted it and cooked an egg white for it. Very tasty, not much to look at though, pretty anemic!.

I love the puffs and pretzels for my last meal of the day after my lean and green. They are portable so they can be grabbed in a hurry too..

Worst for me was the tomato soup.... but some people adore that too!.

Best wishes for your journey. It has been wonderful for me!..

Comment #3

Freya's right. My favorites seem to change.. right now, it's chocolate chip pancakes, chocolate pudding, s'mores bars, brownies (in the freezer for 30 min after microwaving), both flavors of puffs, and chicken and rice soup (made on the stove with extra water and a sprinkle of boullion), and any oatmeal.. although, now that Lyn mentioned the cinnamon pretzels..

We may have a change in favs coming up!.

(to more thoroughly answer your question, my never-agains are the orange shakes, vanilla pudding, chicken noodle soup, and possibly the cherry-pomegranate shakes, although I'm definitely in the minority on that one)..

Comment #4

And I order at least 4 boxes of chicken noodle soup every time! We're all different...

Comment #5

I hated the tomato soup so I put away my other 2 soup flavors that I had ordered: Chili and chicken and wild rice. But today 3 weeks later I finally gave in and tried the chicken & wild rice with a bit of chicken buillon and I let it soak in a soup thermo for 1 hr and it was great..

So every one here are correct when they mention that your taste buds do change after you been on the diet a few weeks. I totally hated powder soups before so I dont even know why I ordered them to start with. But now I had just added the chicken & wild rice to my favorite list. I am actually soaking the chili soup as I write this..

But I can tell you that foods that I like right from the start are the following:.

Mango Soft Serve (I just received the Peanut Butter flavor and I love it too).

Peanut Butter crunch bar.

Cinnamon roll crunch bar and Caramel crunch bar.

Cinnamon pretzels..

Comment #6

I love the peanut butter crunch bar and I also like the chili after I doctor it up : )..

Comment #7

I am only on my second week, but I have to second the fact that what you try the first week starts to taste different. My taste buds have already changed. I hated the oatmeal at first, but now it tastes great..

So far the only thing I am not a fan of are the strawberry bars. Love the peanut butter ones..

I just ordered honey mustard pretzels, so we will see on that..

I say try it all or what you think you might like. Everyone has different tastes..

Anyone have the cappuccino? I am wondering how that is myself...

Comment #8

I love:.

Vanilla Shakes.

Cinnamon Pretzels.



I just tried the honey mustard pretzels and didn't like those too much. The soups are ok. I can make a better soup. I don't like the puddings. The bars are delish but give me very bad tummy troubles. Tried the bars for 3 months and no change so I gave up them and now my tummy troubles are fine.

Good Luck...

Comment #9

I thought the oatmeal would be great... it wasn't. I really enjoy the shakes and cappuccino.

Remember, you can send back/exchange boxes that only have 1 package removed. So don't get too worried. If you hate something, you don't HAVE to eat it...

Comment #10

As many have said, everyone's tastes are different..

I love chocolate shakes, vanilla shakes, chocolate pudding, banana pudding, all the oatmeals, chicken noodle soup, beef stew, smores bars, chocolate crunch bars, oatmeal raisin bars, chocolate mint bars, brownies, choc chip pancakes, peanut butter soft serve, parm puffs, and both types of pretzels.

As you see, I love alot of the Medifast food. My only dislikes were the chili and the nacho chili cheese puffs...

Comment #11

Ditto what Freya said. Your tastes will change and you DONT WANT TO BINGE ON ONE Medifast FOOD! You will get bored and boredom can lead to all kinds of naughtiness!.

I would recommend the variety pack for your first order. Then modify the next one. I get on a "roll/binge" with something then I eat it until I want to puke, then move onto the next thing. So what happens is I end up with 10million of something that way-not good!.

I really like everything EXCEPT the Strawberry Crunch bars. I can eat them, they just are my fave's..

The pancakes are also good. But I make them as one BIG pancake and use Walden Farms Syrup which is great. Also love the new soft serves and the Honey Mustard Pretzels-YUM!..

Comment #12

When you are crazy-hungry everything will taste good. One thing I did not enjoy much was the Summer Splash shakes. They were supposed to be fruity but that doesn't work with a milky/soy base...

Comment #13

Better to say what I don't like:.

Scrambled Eggs.

Chili Nacho Puffs.

Orange Creme Shakes (I think they taste like baby aspirin).

I'm a vegetarian, so I haven't tried everything....

Love the brownies, pancakes, cinnamon pretzels, parmesan puffs, honey mustard pretzels (dipped in mustard)...

Comment #14






Comment #15

I just got my first cinnamon pretzel sticks in my last order and they are so much better than I thought they'd be! Same with the cherry pomegranate shakes. Other staples in my orders are the 70 swiss mocha, and the peach/raspberry teas. Love making chocolate pudding and brownies and eating half of each for two meals with a little bit of FF reddi whip.

Word of warning: I have a major sweet tooth, so YMMV (your mileage may vary)...

Comment #16

I can honestly say that I truly enjoy almost all of the Medifast food now - but did not in the beginning. You'll never know until you try - and sometimes until you try it 2 or 3 times..

I think I will always hate: hot cocoa, chicken wild rice soup, and OATMEAL - YUCK! But, even those can be doctored up in such a way as to make them edible...

Comment #17

And I like the oatmeal - go figure. But I like it better now that I make it into a muffin. I also really like the scrambled eggs and chicken noodle soup..

What everyone has said about your tastes changing is true. Order what sounds good, and if you notice there is one food that gets universally panned, skip it for now. There are only a few things I would not order again. Vanilla pudding (weird aftertaste) and S'mores bars (gritty and tasteless) are two things I'm not getting again. Beef stew is something I may try again in the future, maybe. A big maybe...

Comment #18

Fav's: Choc. Crunch, Peanut Crunch, Choc. Pudding(I use them as a shake) and both pancakes. Brownie is good too..

Dislikes: Pudding, Shakes, Peach Oatmeal..

Comment #19

Thanks everyone, I really appreciate all the suggestions. I placed my order last night and ordered a variety of different meals. Since everyone seems to agree that their tastes changed throughout the journey, if I dislike something at first I will try it at a later time, or find ways to enhance it..

All of you are inspiring. I am really excited to start!..

Comment #20

Faves: Chili, Chicken and Wild Rice Soup, Beef Stew, Peanut Butter Crunch Bars, Brownies (yummy), and sometimes the eggs (depends on my mood ).

Dislike: Shakes (too sweet), Puddings (weird consistency to me), Oatmeal (just gross).

The puffs are only OK...but if I'm really hungry, they taste good...LOL!.

You will like things that I don't is a personal journey and everyone is different but we can all help eachother by providing support good luck to you!..

Comment #21

Staples: oatmeal (apple, maple, peach), chicken noodle soup, original pancakes, bars (PB, caramel, choc mint), parm puffs, cinnamon pretzels.

I also order the eggs and vanilla shakes purely to make oatmeal muffins with..

Dislike: blueberry oatmeal, crab soup, chili.

N.b.: I dislike drinking my meals, so I don't use any of the drinks (including shakes)..


Comment #22

Vanilla shakes and pudding. Right now I am drinking a vanilla shake made with ice, diet cream soda and a spash of sugar free cookie dough coffee syrup. It is awesome! I like the vanilla b/c I can make it any flavor I want. Yesterday, I added banana extract and sugar free coconut & pineapple coffee syrup, felt like I was on an island...

Comment #23

Seeing that I can only eat soy free products, my choices are limited, but I love soft serve as a shake, it's nice and thick...

Comment #24

Like Freya said, your tastes will change and everyone's tastes are different. Personally, I love the chicken noodle soup, french vanilla shakes, brownies, and peanut butter crunch bars. I'm only in my 2nd week so I haven't tried everything. I do not like the strawberry shakes. To me they have a strange taste...

Comment #25

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