EOS 20D vs. Rebel XT
I realize that the Rebel XT isn't even out yet, but I have a friend who, when I told him about somewhat better prices I was finding on the EOS 20D (the dSLR I've been targeting for purchase), he asked why I wasn't considering a Rebel XT. My response was that one of the things I do is some sports photography, and that the Rebel XT had about half the fps rate of the 20D. But I've not been able to get much else in the way of comparative data, and I'm wondering if anyone else has. I guess you're call me a semi-pro. I do a lot of shooting for myself, but also do relatively simple photograhpy for pay, of events, of sports, of other stuff. My dSLR that I now use is the Olympus Camedia E-100RS, which I love for it's "pre-capture" mode.

I would assume that the Rebel XT will offer a similar option. It looks to me like th EOS 20D is easier to use ergonomically. When I've picked one up, I've liked the controls, especially the thumbwheel. So what doesn't the Rebel XT have that the EOS 20D does have that would justify the extra several hundreds of dollars? Is there yet any good comparative data that I can review? (I am definitely looking forward to the Rebel XT review to appear here.) thx,..

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Chuck: This is an edited repost from the Digital Rebel forum.

Almost all the differences are in the hardware, unlike the original Digital Rebel crippled firwmare, and thats a good thing.

What you dont get? 5FPS, a larger buffer, 1/8000, sync at 1/250, 9-point AF with improved AF with f/2.8 lenses and 1EV more sensitive even with f/5.6 lenses, command dial, a metallic body, extended battery life, the ability to choose JPG parameters in RAW+JPEG mode, some extra CF functions (as safety shift) and a PC socket to use an external flash. Actually not a lot for a saving of 1/3 of the 20D price, except you need some of those things.

But the XT also have it's advantages, as the smaller body (if you like smaller bodies, at least) or the optional wireless remote. Guillermo..

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Guillermo Thanks so much for the great summary. I noted somewhere that the Rebel XT has a smaller-capacity battery, but I dont' know if any data has been posted anywhere yet that shows real-world performance vs. the 20D. I found that the 20D body feels more comfortable in my hands than the Nikon D70 (which I was previously lusting after) and I don't know if a smaller size woudl be better or worse with the Rebel XT, especially as I want to start with the EF-S 17-85mm lens. I also wonder if the Rebel XT is quieter than the 20d; I've seen some comments about the loudness of the 20Ds sound. I'm chomping at the bit to see the IR review, especially so I can see a side-by-side comparison of both. thx,.


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You can hear the comparison between different bodies in the DPReview preview of the XT (20D D70 and XT if I remember well) Guillermo..

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Looks like some of the best buy stores now have 350 in stock...

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I've seen the XT preview there, but other than a couple of tables comparing physical dimensions, I wasn't able to see any direct comparisons. I did some shopping over the weekend. A couple of B&M stores here in the Chinatown area offered what they said were U.S. kit boxes with the EF-S 17-85mm lens (the kit I want, not the 18-55mm) for about $1400. Hmmmmm......

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20D with lens at $1344 Rebel XT with lens $1000 hmmmmm what to do..

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You summed it up nicely Guillermo I concur with you completely. If a person needs the extras that the 20D brings to the party and/or likes a larger camera, they should spend the extra money. If they don't need the extras and/or prefer the smaller, lighter body, they should consider going with the XT. Afterall, it's the glass that's eventually going to put the largest dent in their Steve..

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I am also in the dither mode between th Rebel XT and the D20. As a current owner of the D10 let me point out that the depreciation of the Rebel XT will probably be far lower the the D20 (if the extreme loss I'll take selling my D10 is any indicator). The Rebel XT is in the stores in VA and NC but I haven't seen the doc. Does the Rebel XT offer the "RAW plus Jpeg recording mode? The Rebel didn't and I really like that option on my D10. Also have a Fuji S-2 pro and wish the S-3 had the D20s burst rate. Incidently I read that the D20s rate is 4.5, not 5 frames/sec...

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Yes, but only RAW+Large/Fine JPEG. You cant select size or compression as in the 20D. The 20D is a true 5fps. Guillermo..

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Went to look at the 20D and see how much smaller the Rebel got WOW! it was like David and Goliath. I dont see how making the Rebel that much smaller could be considered an improvment. The 20D seemed more like a brick but at least one that fits my hands better. I can see where the Xt would be favored if you where to carry it around all day verses the 20D but I would feel like I was going to drop it all the time since you cant even get all your fingers around it. Well atleast this helped me make up my mind which to get. And even though I dont think there is much difference in Image quality between the two I think the better build quality size and a few fetures will be worth the extra $350..

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