Can I send Nutrisystem back after first day?

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Yo. NikonRick again..

Well, it's over! The first day is gone, and guess what???? It's NOT any better!.

Lets see, now.....Breakfast was this Scone(ish) thingee...tasted like cardboard. The boiled egg, though, was delicious!!!.

Then there was lunch....Chicken Tetrazini thingee....Fortunately, wife read how to fix it up last night.....rinsed off all the tomato looking stuff, and replaced it with bottled spaghetti sauce....that stuff never tasted so good!!!.

Snack....Really, what was that stuff in the pretzel bag??? Never-mind, I really don't want to know..

Now for dinner, Chicken(ish) and dumplings(ish).....yummeee!! NOT!!! Thanks Heavens for the sauted brussels sprouts and english peas the wife cooked! My 10-year-old passed by when I took it out of the micky-w and said....."Ugh! That looks like dog food!"......Problem is....she was right! What do they make those dumplings out of????.

Well....needless to say, I can hardly wait for that late night snack thingee!!!.

So, that was MY first day.......How about yours???.

Really, it looks like as long as Nutrisystem has been doing this, they would learn how to COOK!!!.

Here's lookin' at tomorrow........


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Rick, please be done with the theatrics, and if you don't want the food, send it back. I hope I speak for others when I say we're trying to work this program, and posts like yours are downers. We all know what the food tastes like. So make your complaints to those who can do something about it...if you intend to stick with the program. If you don't, then aloha, bro..

Comment #1

You're right Rick, it isn't gourmet food. But it works, and I guess when you really want to change your life, you just deal with it. I've found a couple of foods I won't be ordering again, but the rest of it is not bad at all. Nope, not gourmet, but I've lost 10 pounds in 13 days so I will stick with it. I've learned a lot already and I'm changing my attitude in regards to food..

Comment #2

Yes, you definitely can send it back. Sounds like what you should do. Give Customer Service a call, I'm sure they would help you right away..

Comment #3

I just finished up my first month and I think most of the food is really good! Guess maybe I just want to lose the weight and get healthy! If your not going to give it a fair try you should just send it back..

Comment #4

I happen to think the food for the most part is delicious and you sound very hard to please and high-maintenance. If you hate it that much then send it need to be so sarcastic here on the boards...

Comment #5

Rick, call customer service and have it sent back. It is obvious you have never had to eat food served by a school or another institution. Is it gourmet? No, but it is better than some food I've had served to me in restaurants.

The pasta fagioli is very close to that served by the Olive Garden, and the lasagna is fabulous...better than the local pizza place. I wouldn't be spending my $259 for 35 days of food if I didn't like it more than having severe health problems. I think I remember a poster saying she would eat cardboard to get the results she actually achieved as it was that important to her..

Call customer service and send the food back. Try Medifast or something like that. That is another form of portion control approach to dieting. There is also e-Diets home delivery of gourmet diet food. Of course, the price tag for gourmet is significantly higher, but it might be a good option for you..

Comment #6

You know Rick, if you think portion control is so easy, just do it yourself then. These boards are about support and you have no idea what that means. When you have a heart attack or other weight related problem, that "might" open your eyes to the terrible habits that have put you in your current situation, don't come crying to the people on these boards. The people on here tried to give you support and you just crapped on them. If you post again with your horrific attitude, don't be surprised if you get reported..

Comment #7

Why did you join Nutrisystem? Seriously? Why? You need to focus on your reason a little more.

Attitude accounts for a lot in all aspects of life. You were pissed off about the size of the meals, that it didn't include EVERYTHING you need, and now you are finding reasons to stay pissed. Guess what? If you want to lose weight you gotta stop doing what you did before. OBVIOUSLY, you couldn't do it on your own or you wouldn't be here.

If you want help and support then you've come to the right place...if you want to b&*^% and moan, you're going to be shut down real quick..

Comment #8

Well then, I guess you will not succeed on NS. You can't succeed without a positive attitude..

Comment #9

In case you missed this on your other thread....

Lets do the math...2 threads started plus three total posts all of which are complaining about the food in a very non-constuctive manner minus the fact that all of this is after only 12 hours on the plan equals....send back the food until you are ready with every fiber of your being to commit to this..

Either that or start yet a third thread and achieve troll status..

The choice is yours...good luck with your decision..

Tick tock, tick tock.......

Comment #10

I started Nutrisystem 6/12/10. I have followed the directions. I have ate the food that is on the plan in the proportions that I am supposed to. I even went on vacation from 7/12/10 - 7/25/10 eating whatever I wanted(with a little common sense) Today I have lost 60 lbs. You either want to lose it or you dont. I do! Good luck..

PS. I ate Split Pea Soup for lunch today. It wasnt that great. I lived through it.


Comment #11

The program works, as long as you don't want to stay fat. Enjoy your same old life, I'll be enjoying my brand new one..

Comment #12

Ok so today I had the granola over greek plain yogurt with strawberries - delicious - .

Lunch was ther red bean rice and sausage and it put in in a pepper to make stuffer peppers...fabulous,,.

Dinner was cheese ravioli - very good and dessert was the chocolate pudding which is decadent.....

So get over yourself Rick - you are looking for an excuse to stop because you are not committed.

I am on day 8, am down 5 lbs and have enjoyed every minute of it! .

Congrats Mike on your 60 lb loss - you my friend are an inspiration!.

Comment #13

I started my first day and have never felt so positive about any diet ever. I am actually stuffed fully content with my day and can't wait to start tomorrow. The food actually was pretty good to me. I admit it isn't as good as the chocolate donuts and the pizza from pizza hut and the fraps that I drink but that is what got me in the shape I am in now. My satisfaction will be that I won't have a glop of fat hanging over my jeans my cholestrol will be lower and blood pressure under control. I am actually tired tonight from the extra activities I did because I wasn't bogged down with all the sugar and carbs I use to put in my body.

My only problem is getting enough water in me and headache from lack of caffeine and I am sure as the days go I will get better. I get so excited when I look at the tickers that everyone has lost and I can't wait to figure out how to add mine. God bless everyone here and pray we all have a good restful night and great day tomorrow. Fixing to go lay down and listen to the angels dance on my pillow. Nite nite..


Comment #14

It is a mindset; we have to believe we can achieve.

We have to learn from our mistakes and keep trying..

You haven't tried....really tried..

You went in with the mindset that the food was horrible..

It is a self fulfilling prophecy: you want it bad; it is bad..

If you want better health; you learn to make changes..

Do we like change? Are we willing to try out the various entrees?.

Rick, the answer for you is a definite "No!".

Comment #15

By the said you have a 10 year old daughter...this is an opportunity to be a role model for her, especially in a time where childhood obesity is becoming an epidemic! .

You can give her so many gifts if you actually decide to take control of your life...a father who will not only be around longer, but who can run and play and not get out of breath, a father who can follow through, show commitment and prove that even if something is 'uncomfortable' he can persevere for all of the right reasons, and a father who can show her, before she gets stuck in the same trap of bad eating habits and the weight loss roller coaster, the right way to deal with food (after all, it is just fuel for the body, WE are the ones who make it a life or death issue)..

Or you can show her what a quitter looks pressure..

Comment #16

Sounds like you are not ready to really start. The 1st shipment provides you with a variety of samples so you can decide what you like and what you don't. For your next order, should you stay with the program, you would edit your order to the items you liked. We all have different tastes. If you are determined to lose the excess weight once and for all you can defititely find a variety of meals/desserts you like..

The boards have helped me find different ways to prepare some meals. I wasn't thrilled about the scones until someone suggested to nuke them for 10 seconds. What a world of difference that made. You can make this work if you want. If you do not really want this, then yes, call & return your unused order.

You sound like you have the right mindset to succeed. I too was very excited the 1st day and after 2 1/2 months, I still feel the same way. Good luck to you as you continue your journey!.

Comment #17

I just finished my first day of nutrisystem. I thought it was wonderful. I love the fudge brownie. I hope this man gets some satisfaction or moves on to the next diet or maybe it's not time for him to lose weight. You have to want to and be ready to lose the weight before it will be right..

Comment #18

If you want to succeed you will find a way. I'm not a big veggie guy, but I'm eating them and now that I have been doing it for 2.5 weeks it's not so bad. Don't give up, set your goal, see yourself succeeding..

Comment #19

Great response Congratulations on your weight loss!.

Comment #20

I don't think the food is really that bad and I am a foodie! I am on day 4 and I really liked the tuna salad, crunchy cereal, and vegetable lasagna. I am also starting to look forward to 3:00 when I eat a yogurt and a piece of fruit..

The dessert isn't bakery quality, but looking forward to it everynight keeps me in line and if I hold off on my dinner fruit until dessert I love strawberries with the chocolate cakes (yum)..

So far I am very happy with nutrisystem. I am eating more and more often than I used to and feel great..

It is all a frame of mind. I didn't expect it to taste like it was prepared by Wolfgang Puck therefore I was pleasantly suprised!.

Comment #21

So true! I grew up with Wolfgang Puck actually cooking at different family parties and I can get behind eating this food because I want to lose my behind! I am happy to be on my first day and starting this journey!.

Comment #22

WOW! I am a big fan of Wolfgang Puck and many talented chefs eating out and my love for wine is why I need to lose 20 pounds.

Comment #23

Why is your wife doing all of the work? Why don't YOU look up how to spice up/change the meals? Why don't YOU rinse the red stuff off of the spagetti noodles. Sheesh. You aren't showing that you are ready to change, you aren't doing anything except eating what is placed in front of you..

Comment #24

I normally stick to the marino forum but I can't help myself ... Rich, you are a whiney drama queen. you should be ashamed of yourself for acting up like this. send the food back, please..

It's alot more fun to watch b*tchy divas act out when they're chubby. Keep the weight on. send the food back..

Oh ... your poor wife..

Comment #25

I'm glad that you gave it a try......... Everyone is right, you should send the food back IMMEDIATELY!!!! When I joined Nutrisystem I did not think it was going to taste exactly like what I've been eating (which made me balloon up to 228.8lbs). The food is tolerable for the rest of us. I wish you luck on whatever do..

Comment #26

Rick, I agree with you that some of the food does not taste good, but others do. I have liked most of the food that they have sent me. I am on my first month and I have already lost 6 lbs. This discussion board is about supporting each other while we lose our weight. I agree with the others, either stop complaining and give it a try or send it back and try another program. For myself, I am staying with NS, it works for me..

Comment #27

I would suggest sticking with it if you can for a week. It's amazing how your tastes change when you get use to eating healthy. I use to never eat a vegetable either until I started Nutrisystem and now I love them. I think it's just getting use to eating less salt, less sugar.........stuff we don't need anyway. Give it another try..

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