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Though not related to domains, this is still pretty sad. My favorite part is when they complain the Luxor (Vegas) get more visitors that Luxor (city). Money, the root of all happiness...

Egypt to copyright pyramids.

CAIRO (AFP)  In a potential blow to themed resorts from Vegas to Tokyo, Egypt is to pass a law requiring payment of royalties whenever it's ancient monuments, from the pyramids to the sphinx, are reproduced.

Zahi Hawass, the charismatic and controversial head of Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities, told AFP on Tuesday that the move was necessary to pay for the upkeep of the country's thousands of pharaonic sites.

"The new law will completely prohibit the duplication of historic Egyptian monuments which the Supreme Council of Antiquities considers 100-percent copies," he said.

"If the law is passed then it will be applied in all countries of the world so that we can protect our interests," Hawass said.

He said that a ministerial committee had already agreed on the law which should be passed in the next parliamentary session, while insisting the move would not hurt Egyptian artisans.

"It is Egypt's right to be the only copyright /img/avatar6.jpg for these monuments in order to benefit financially so we can restore, preserve and protect Egyptian monuments.".

However, the law "does not forbid local or international artists from profiting from drawings and other reproductions of pharaonic and Egyptian monuments from all eras as long as they don't make exact copies.".

"Artists have the right to be inspired by everything that surrounds them, including monuments," he said.

Asked about the potential impact on the monumental Luxor Hotel in the US gambling capital of Las Vegas, Hawass insisted that particular resort was "not an exact copy of pharaonic monuments despite the fact it's in the shape of a pyramid.".

On it's website, the luxury hotel describes itself as "the only pyramid shaped building in the world," but Hawass said it's interior was entirely different from an ancient Egyptian setting.

Hawass's declarations came after the opposition daily Al-Wafd published an article on Sunday called for the Las Vegas hotel to pay a slice of it's lodging and gambling profits to the city of Luxor.

"Thirty-five million tourists visit Las Vegas to see the reproduction of Luxor city while only six million visit the real Egyptian city of Luxor," the paper lamented.

Samir Farag, head of Luxor town council in southern Egypt, home to the legendary Valley of the Kings, said that it would be difficult to prohibit use of pyramid shapes.

"We can't forbid people from using the name of Luxor and copying monuments from (Luxor) city, which is the world's richest city for monuments," he said, adding that "tourists going to Las Vegas doesn't affect our city's business."..

Comments (13)

I think it`s pretty fair.

Would you like copies of the Statue of Liberty everywhere?..

Comment #1

Umm, it is.

Maybe New York will see this, pass a law and then sue New York New York in Las Vegas for royalties. Or maybe the Eiffel Tower, or any other landmark that is public domain. This is purely a greed move, they even admit to it...

Comment #2

The world is becoming a huge whole globalised mess where cultures and ideas worth nothing anymore. All it matters is business , polluting us and the planet , killing eachother , eating poisoned food , living near nuclear waste.....nothing matter.

I`m personally disgusted on how stupid mankind is turning into...

Comment #3

What about the pyramid on the $1 bill? So does egypt now want a percentage of every dollar printed?.

Sillyness hidden behind politicians looking for profits........

Comment #4

Vegas has a copy of the Statue of Liberty at the New York New York Hotel and Casino.

I want to know how they plan to file this copyright and enforce it. Seems like pure bullshit.

As Phil said...motivated by greed. I can almost entirely ensure you that this move targetted the Luxor hotel and it's billions in revenue. Jealousy has reared it's ugly head once more...

Comment #5

It might be bs, but it makes good sense to the Egyptians. Its intellectual property, it's assets, history, business. If it was owned by the US or UK, they probably would already have been copyrighted. THere's alot of abuse of world relics i've noticed too,m so they are probably just being a bit precautionary. I think they still want their artwork flowing around the world to some extent...

Comment #6

Imho, the last two sentences quite succinctly take the entire article/law apart: I bet that guy is getting some heated phone calls from the ministerial committee...

Comment #7

I dont get it egypt is sueing las vegas..

Comment #8

Who are the Egyptians going to pay? They did not invent pyramids.

And what gives modern Egyptians any more right to copyright someone else's work than you or me?..

Comment #9

Take a look at Wikipedia. Quoted from "Pyramid" page. Quoted from "Great Pyramid of Giza" page...

Comment #10

Didn't know you could copyright a shape. Well while were at it we can let god copyright the sphere and every time someone uses a sphere they can pay royalties to the church...

Comment #11

Ummmm...this does not say they were the first...just that they were the biggest and most famous...

Comment #12

There is one in Paris, France too!.

And since the original lady was gifted to Americans by the french (completely forgotten... freedom fries anyone?) maybe they should claim copyright. Exactly, if works of art come into public domain after xx number of years... I fail to see why ancient monuments need to be copyrighted. The amount of restaurants and hotels worldwide called Taj would make India a rich country if this was allowed...

Comment #13

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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