Eating more slowly during Medifast diet?

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Have you truly adopted the mentality of eating more slowly? If so, share your tips and techniques or stories. I just finished some Medifast pretzels where I practiced making each piece into 3 teenie bites....but I'm a person that has truly inhaled food in the past.

Here's an interesting quote from Paul McKenna that sure describes my way of eating that I'm working to overcome: "I've noticed a funny thing about people who are overweight. They spend all their time thinking abut foodexcept when they're actually eating it. Then they go into a kind of "eating trance" were they shovel as much food into their mouths as fast as they can without actually chewing or tasting anything.".


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I am practicing eating slowly by setting down my utensiles and counting to 10 every so often. I got this from the Beck Diet book, which I am finding wonderfully helpful..

Comment #1

I still eat pretty quickly. I like hot food hot..

However, I find I'm full after eating anything, even if it's a bar I consume in one minute, if I follow it with 16 ounces of water...

Comment #2

I am always the first one done eating. Always have been. For me it came from not having enough as a child. You ate fast to make sure you got your share or what we perceived as our share..

I don't eat any slower now. Even when I think I am. It is actually embarrassing to be sitting at a table with men and I am done and they are halfway. LOL.

The difference from a year ago is when I am done with my allowed amount of food I walk away and even if I don't feel full right away I do a few minutes later...

Comment #3

I'm still a shoveler. I think it comes from growing up with five older brothers; if you didn't eat fast you didn't eat at all. My SIL says Thanksgiving with us is like watching the Nathan's hot dog eating contest.

I've found with Medifast foods that a lot of the time I'd rather eat a bar in three or four big bites and really have the sensation of chewing rather than a bunch of tiny bites where I don't really feel like I ever got anything substantial...

Comment #4

GG the vision of Thanksgiving being a Nathan's hot dog eating contest made me laugh out loud. Very funny. My family (except for my mom) are all fast eaters. My 25 year old daughter and I laugh how quickly she and I both eat. I do make my Medifast hot drinks very hot to slow down, but I also find larger bites of food more satisfying. I am not one to take a bit, chew it, put my fork down and talk. I doubt that is a habit I will change...

Comment #5

I sometimes eat fast, but most of the time I'm usually the last one eating. I talk a lot...

Comment #6

I'm laughing here because I expected people to show up saying "oh yeah, I totally don't eat with the TV on and cut my L&G into 100 bites before I eat and only eat one bite at a time and put my fork down between bites and have 3 glasses of water between bites....".

You guys make me smile!..

Comment #7

Oh eating with the TV on..we're going there now huh? I totally do it. In fact, here's my dinner routine. Sitting on the couch with my lean and green on my lap, TV on and also participating or at least reading chat. So wrong...

Comment #8

Ha! Yes, totally! When I eat at work, it's while reading stuff on my computer. At home, it's on the couch with the TV and FB/MF boards/Farmville at the same time. At school, it's during class, while taking notes and keeping up with FB. I'm *terrible.*.

And yet, the pounds still leave me... Yay!..

Comment #9

So funny because it's all of us mostly op kinda tough people admitting all this. I kinda like it...

Comment #10

My DH took the "No TV while eating, seriously" and now we sit together at the dinner table for our lean & green after work, but we do usually eat our evening Medifast meal while watching the tube..

However, I refuse to give up my hour of reading during my lunch!!!! ~stomp, stomp~ Well, except for the days when I take my walk, then I only get 15 minutes with my Kindle...but I will not give that up either!..

Comment #11

I like the quote from Paul McKenna a lot and it's very true for me. I have slowed down with Medifast, mostly, but not like zealously so. And it depends, too, on a lot of factors. I had terrible cramps (sorry, gentlemen!) the other day and had 3 chocolate mint crunch bars as meals and wolfed down every one of them!.

I tend to savor the soups and hot drinks. And surprisingly, the pancakes. That's something you would think I would inhale, but I have slowed down with it to make it last...

Comment #12

I used to be a super super fast eater but I adopted the slow eating suggestion when I started Medifast and I find it works really well to keep me feeling full. FWIW I do all of my eating in front of the computer or television and find it helps more than hurts.

For me it is one bite of food then 1-2 minutes of computer/television/game playing. Rinse lather repeat. It usually takes me 15-30 minutes to complete a meal. If I am feeling the urge to scarf it down I will actually put the food in another room and then walk over to it for each bite...

Comment #13

I am not a particularly fast eater... but I am eating things slower... and as far as the tv thing goes... I love tv... I will admit, and have no problem with it. It's always on...

Ok, it's off.... but usually have it on while doing house work or whatever... white noise in the background.... I am usually standing in the kitchen drinking coffee with Good Morning America on and then around 730, 8am I make my first Medifast meal and watch somemore.... if I am at home alone I always eat and watch....

But the time I get my kids eating and hubby finally sits down.... I still half my meal to eat... and they scamper off all finished... so I watch my General Hospital dvr... I know, shameful! =).

I feel that since I have started mf, I have more energy and am not tuning into the tube as often, but I always catch up on whatever trash I dvr'd while folding clothes or sitting here reading the boards...

Comment #14

Well i'm certainly no help on this one! I ate fast before and I eat fast now. I like my food very hot or very cold so I eat it in that state. I also have my dinner while reading the Medifast boards. It worked for me during 5&1 and now in T. go figure..

Comment #15

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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