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Your left over Halloween candy?.

I am going to put it in the bags that I give to the homeless people I encounter. I make up large baggies with different portable foods like applesauce cups, juice pouches, gum, packaged crackers, nuts, granola bars,, new socks, etc. and keep them in the car for when I see someone who is struggling. So, now my left over Halloween candy is going into those bags too...

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That's a great idea! I'm not handing out candy this year at all. We didn't have anyone come trick-or-treating last year anyway, so no big loss. The kids have to keep their candy in their room and out of my sight or it goes in the trash!!..

Comment #1

We chose halloween packaged pretzels, pencils and erasers this year. No candy in this house...

Comment #2

A denist in our area buys back the candy from the kids and sents it to soldiers. Our family is making a commitment to be more active in charitable causes and this is perfect for the kids. It also helps us with the tempations...

Comment #3

Everyone has great ideas!! I keep the candy in my trunk until tonight. Whatever is left after the kids are done will go back in the trunk and then to the office tomorrow. I did the same thing last year and it worked out well. I cant have that stuff in the house! out of sight out of mind...

Comment #4

I bought stuff I could care less about. My kids will eat the leftover in one swoop and they are to old to trick or treat so we won't have stuff coming in either..

Donating it is an awesome idea...

Comment #5

We haven't had trick or treaters here in years so no temptation, I haven't bought anything...

Comment #6

I didn't buy candy. I bought little bags of pretzels. The kids don't need all that candy anyway, so I'm probably not a fun house to go to but I would rather not only not have candy in my house, but try to give them something healthy but still good to eat. Anything left over then isn't enticing to me and my family can eat it. I do, however, love the idea that the dentist sends it overseas to our soldiers. That's awesome...

Comment #7

No one comes to our house AT ALL. However I put a bowl of candy near the door. I haven't been tempted to take any which is such a huge change for me! My mind is set on success. I love the idea of baggies and handing them out to the homeless...wonderful idea!..

Comment #8

I'm just going to have to deal with it. My kids are all small. This is the only time of year they get any candy. I'll just have to use restraint...

Comment #9

We're giving out glo-bracelets instead of candy but my own three kids will come home with overflowing buckets. I let them go hog-wild on the night then when they are in bed I throw out many of the duplicates (they don't notice). The next night I throw away a few more pieces, etc. So they don't ever realize I'm paring down their stash. By the end of the week if they haven't eaten it, it must not be their favorite so it all goes in the bin..

I keep the leftover lollipops for emergency distraction tools on long car trips, boring doctor appointments, school success rewards, etc. I don't dare keep any chocolate though!!.

My kids are 8, 6, and 3..


Comment #10

I am going to let them pick out 10 pieces and then trash the rest... or buy it from them. I still have the stash from last year sitting in my pantry... I can make it through Halloween... it's the months of looking at the candy at the stores and buying one bag at a time that does me in... but I did not contribute one little bit to the candy economy this year!.

Also... my kids love the pretzel and goldfish bags... I pull those out for snacks and lunches...

Comment #11

I asked my son and his wife to stop by last night, and I made them take all of the leftover candy with them, and they happily obliged. They're both skinny - maybe it'll put a little meat on their bones!.


Comment #12

No trick or treaters in our neighborhood, either, luckily. So I didn't buy any goodies this year. We have a big bag of mixed hard candies that we bought way before starting Medifast to keep in the candy dish so IF by chance someone knocks on my door, that is what they will get..

We have a dentist here that collects candy for the soldiers, too. I didn't know about that until I read it in today's paper...neat idea...

Comment #13

I had Halloween pretzels and some nice quality, larger candy for kids that I know. (We get a lot of unknown kids in our neighborhood.).

It was cold, so I went in early. I gave out all the candy and gave the leftover bags of pretzels to my neighbor with school aged kids. They will bring the pretzels to school in their lunches...

Comment #14

What a fantastic idea... I love it and am going to use it! That is so super kind of you and I bet very much appreciated by those who need it. I'm going to get some bags ready right now and put them in the car. Thanks for the great idea!!..

Comment #15

Thank you. I've been doing this for a couple of years now. Everyone I have given the bags to has been SO appreciative. One man almost cried when he saw the socks and kept saying over and over, "Clean socks, by golly, clean socks. I can really use socks.".

I always put the items in plastic ziplock bags so that the people can see the contents before they open them. I think it makes the person feel more secure knowing what is inside before they open it. I go to Big Lots or look for items on sale so I can afford to do more. I put a plastic spoon in for the applesauce and a little note that has a blessing on it. I try to provide food that has nutritional value like 100% juice pouches or boxes, raisins, nuts, granola bars, beef jerkey or little cans of Vienna sausage, cheese and cracker packets and then some gum and some kind of candy..

I really enjoy being able to do this and by keeping them in the car, I have them when I see people on the corner, in parking lots, or on the side of the road. I also put a couple in my bag when I am in downtown areas. I think it fills a tummy and hopefully a heart and I hope it brightens someone's day. I know it brightens mine...

Comment #16

I don't see candy as a commodity. It's just empty calories. Leftovers go right in the trash...

Comment #17

Lucky me I live in the Country so no treaters...My two youngest went out trick or treating but one is allergic to milk and eggs so she takes her candy and gives it to her friends and I give my little Guy two days with his candy then I throw it out or give it away..While he is gone to school I put it in the freezer in the garage and I have a detached garage from my house..So no candy near my mouth..

Comment #18

Gave it all away. Even my kiddo's candy. "Do not come back into the house until it is all gone," I told my husband. And that's what we did...

Comment #19

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