dust on my D80 sensor
Checked this morning to see if any dust spots on my D80 sensor and there were a few spots that I don' t think would show up in my photos. But there was one that I could see in one photo that had a lot of sky and it was in the upper right hand corner of the photo, like a black dot not sure what aperture it was it at but it was.

There. I am in a camera club and I would either do digital imaging where we project our images and I am sure that dust spot would show up considering you are projecting at a much larger size than on the can any one comment on this.thanks Lowell..

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I clone these out in Photoshop - takes 30 secs..

Use a blower periodically, or clean the sensor yourself (or get it done professionally if you're not confident enough to do it)..



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I've used compressed air and toothpicks to remove chunks of crud..

Beware of compressed air, consider it risky. Sometimes it spits out moisture as the can cools and the air condenses..

I used a wooden toothpick (I considered it to be 'soft') to knock off a large piece of crud with just slight contact. Of course not suitable for dust..

In both cases I held the camera with the opening facing more or less down and had the sensor well illuminated with window light..

In both cases the crud was simply laying on the sensor, not stuck on..

If you take a chance with canned compressed air, make sure it comes out dry and don't spray for more than a couple of seconds and allow the can to warm up...

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Hello AlexI will give a shot with the Giotto blower and see what happensthanks for you inputLowell..

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I've used a hair dryer last time I wanted to remove a spec of dirt on my 400D. I used for 2-3 seconds, at high speed. It was gone, but I allowed the warm air to escape the chamber before I placed the lens back.Noogy..

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DO NOT use toothpicks or compressed air!.

Compressed air has propellants that can harm the very delicate coatings on the sensor..

Toothpicks.... well... do I really need to explain that one?.

Try using a Rocket Air blower, they work great..


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To test for dust spots, take a photo of either a light-colored wall or a clear sky at f22 or thereabouts. If there is any dust on your sensor it will show up in the photo..

There are various cleaning methods, doing it your self is not risky as long as it's done right. The first and easiest step is to try and blow the dust off with a rocket blower. If that doesn't work, you can either try a dry method, a wet method, and a "sticky" method..

For a dry metod, I use a 100% nylon brush. I bought an excellent quality brush from a craft store for a few dollars, there's no need to pay the exhorbitant prices for a VisibleDust brush when it's really the same thing. You give the brush a quick blast of compressed air, which gives the brush a static charge, and then you brush the sensor. The static charge will lift the dust off. If you buy a brush like I did, just make sure it's clean and free of "sizing" which some brushes have. The brush I bought has an acrylic handle and has no sizing on it but I still cleaned it just to make sure..

There are various wet methods available, the principle of each is the same..

There is a sticky method using the "Dust-Aid" product In case anyone thinks this is a risky way to clean a sensor, be aware that Canon sells a cleaning kit just like this one in Japan..

One thing I have come to appreciate is my Delkin Sensor Scope that you magnifies the sensor area so you can see the dust without having to take test photos I bought the "system" and it works very well for me..

Follow you user's manual instructions for putting your camera into cleaning mode. If you have an AC adaptor, use it. If you don't then make sure your battery is fully charged.My humble photo gallery:

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I don't know exactly how to help you since I have an Oly and I don't have to worry about dust..

However here is a link that might be helpful..


Http:// E-510 and a bunch of stuff to hang on it...

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Even the Oly cameras are not immune to sensor dust. The dust removal system is effective but not fool-proof.My humble photo gallery:

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That is totally accurate. If you combine the Oly dust removal with lack of foolish behaviour the potential for dust issues is basically 0..

JimOlympus E-510 and a bunch of stuff to hang on it...

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I agree with you but I do recall someone in one of the Oly yahoo groups that has sensor dust on his E-510 a week or so ago. I don't know how carefully he handled his gear. When the dust is shaken off, there's a tacky strip in the bottom of the chamber that the dust sticks to. Eventually that would have to be replaced but I'm sure there's a long life cycle for that.My humble photo gallery:

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Remove the dust. wjat is the problem? it is called maintaimence...

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Agreed. I checked out your shots. Love the old Porches!!!.

JimOlympus E-510 and a bunch of stuff to hang on it...

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Maddogmd11 wrote:.

That is totally accurate. If you combine the Oly dust removal withlack of foolish behaviour the potential for dust issues is basically0..

Even if you never change lenses, dust will still find it's way to the sensor. Shaking the sensor is partly effective only removing the dry particles. Eventually, the sticky stuff will build up...

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Thanks, I truly appreciate it. I agree again - I love those old Porsches too! I love the new ones. Actually, I love any Porsche.My humble photo gallery:

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