I visited all the sites, reviews and forums and still need help. Plan to use the digital only to take pics of jewelry for website (no prints). Really need a camera (costing less than my mortgage payment) that has great macro, RAW or TIFF as well as JPEG, will handle a remote and can be used with Windows 98. Every time I get down to a final few, find that it can't handle a remote, can't be used with Windows 98, etc., or specs have missing info...

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A little more detail might help? Windows 98? Do you need direct connection? I'd suggest using a card reader to reduce or eliminate the potential comparibility issues between 98 and a camera. Raw and/or TIFF give very large files, they aren't well suited to web use. The size usually means you'll need to link to the picture and large files are annoyingly slow to deal with. Raw and even TIFF files may give compatibility issues of their own. Since using those large files on line is uncommon, most people reduce resolution and display as jpegs to reduce file transfer times, aren't you looking for an "over-spec'd" issue? I check spec's, reviews and recommendations for good macro performers and try to work around the other issues...

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Regarding the Windows 98, finding that some of the cameras I've been researching indicate only compatible with Windows 2000, etc. As long as a card reader will work, that may solve the limitation. Wanted RAW/TIFF to get best detail possible to work with using photo editing (for the more difficult pieces) and then planned to convert to JPEG to put on site. Have been looking at the 3-4 megapixal types with 10X optical but also found some interesting ones with 6-8X optical. Have reduced possibilities to 3 or 3+ megapixals with 10X optical thinking would give best detail but finding that with some you cannot use remote which I really need to minimze camera movement (even on tripod or clouddome). Thanks for your comments!..

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All canon software and cameras are compatible with win98 (I've used an A60, A70, S50 and a Digital Rebel in my Win98 notebook without trouble). The G3/G5 cameras handle RAW format and have a remote, and the Rebel has a remote as an optional too (you can use the G3/G5 remote too). The S50 has all what you need except the remote option. None of those cameras have more than a 3x or 4x zoom, but if you buy the Rebel Kit and an additional lens (as the 55-200 or 75-300) you will exceed the 10x range with the 2 lenses. Guillermo..

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Had been looking seriously at the G5 before I started thinking about the 10X optical featured on some other brands. Had not checked out the Digital Rebel though but will right away. Thanks for your help!..

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I haven't been in the market recently so haven't been chasing specs recently. However, I'd think you'd most likely find better macro performance on shorter zoom ranges. Generalizing, the longer the range of the zoom, the more compromizes are needed...

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Thanks for the information. Will compare some camera specs again for zoom range comparisons...was not something I was investigating very much before...

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Be aware about the optical quality of the "big zoom" cameras. Nothing is a free lunch in the lens world, so those big zooms usually have a softer image and more chromatic aberrations than the shorter ones. So you get a more versatile lens, but with a not so stellar image quality. That's why "serious" lenses (as the good SLR ones) are at most 3x or 5x (they are some 8x and 10x ones, but they suffer from the same image issues) and the best lenses are prime ones (not zoom ones). Also big zooms tend to be less luminous, and if they are not image stabilized, the tele end is not very useful except in very well illuminated scenes, or when a tripod is used.

As usual, life is full of compromises Guillermo..

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This is great info, thanks! Will focus my new search on less optical and zoom with ability to take a macro lense. Still need the remote, etc. capabilities but think this opens more camera possibilities and price ranges. Appreciate your responses, every bit helps me narrow down the search for the right one for my needs...

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Hi Guillermo, I really appreciate reading the excellent comments. I have a little problem with selection and prices here in Thailand. Not all the current models are available and the prices are higher than the internet shippers. I have short listed my selection based on my budget limits down to ( a ) Panasonic DMC-FZ10. ( b ) Canon G3, which is $655 U.S. here.

The FZ10 is not available to date and what the price here will be is also unkown at this time. The C-750 is a good deal here, as is the Canon S50. I like the DMC-FZ10 the best, but the quality of the Canon G3 is superb, quality like the G3 is my goal. Help please...

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