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OK so it's been a long time since I bought any pants that weren't stretchy knit with a drawstring waist! Well I had a $10 off coupon at Sears so I went yesterday - who knew it would be such an emotional experience!.

All my clothes are hanging off me, so I knew I needed some stuff. Well I prowled around the racks trying to perk up the courage to try something on that came in a number size. Finally I picked up some of those Lee stretch jeans with the tummy control - I grabbed the biggest size (18) and for giggles I grabbed a 16 too. Got into the dressing room and figured I'd get the 16 disapppointment out of the way and tried them first - held them up in front of me and went, yeah, right. They looked so small..

Well you can see where this is going - pulled on the 16 and THEY FIT. They were a tiny bit snug, but since I'm not yet at goal that's OK with me. So like a total dork I stood there in that dressing room crying like a moron - couldn't believe it-I couldn't deny that I was finally smaller anymore!.

All I can say is Thank You Medifast! I'm going to the doctor this morning too-can't wait to see her reaction! Have a great day MediFriends!..

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That is just awesome!!! Congrats and good luck at the doc too!..

Comment #1

Yay!!!! Congrats! It's so wonderful to hear stories like this...

Comment #2

Good for you! For the longest time, I avoided buying new clothes. I was in that mindset of why bother. But, like you, my clothes started looking droopy and I made myself spend a day trying on clothes. What a surprise! It is emotional to see the hard work you've put into this journey finally pay off. Now, I take a range of sizes in with me to the dressing room; even sizes I never thought I'd get into. Sometimes I'm surprised; sometimes I'm not.

I had to get over the stigmata of having to be a size whatever and just swallow my pride and get clothes that fit. So, I have a range of sizes, but they all fit. So, next time you go shopping, grab a range and do the happy dance in the dressing room. You so deserve it!..

Comment #3

Congrats!! Thats so awesome. I feel my clothes getting loser, I hate to shop though, so maybe when they are really falling off I'll get brave and go shop. I will definitely be the crier too...

Comment #4

I'm so happy for you!!! What a wonderful moment.....

Comment #5

Thank you all for your wonderful replies - may we all have such moments! Goodness knows we have earned them!..

Comment #6

Sometimes without warning, the tears of joy just fall don't they? Be proud of those and accept that we can be powerful over food. I'm very proud of you!..

Comment #7

I'm teared up just reading your post....You go, girl.....



Comment #8

Back from the doctor - she was so proud of me now she is thinking about going on it! My blood pressure was 114/70!..

Comment #9

AWESOME!!! I hope you bought those 16's girl! Congrats! And your BP is excellent AND you're an inspiration! You got your doc thinking about it too! Woohoo! Keep up the great work! Tears of joy in the dressing room... priceless..

Comment #10

I can't tell you how many times I cried in the dressing room the year I was losing my weight. Cried, called my sister, cried, called my husband, cried some more. Your post today brought back all those feelings for me. I am SO HAPPY for you!! And there's more good things to come. <3..

Comment #11

So happy for you! *sniff* How awesome!! Revel in the feeling of accomplishment ... and thanks so much for sharing!.


Comment #12

That is just great it made me smile! Keep up the good work you have done great...

Comment #13

YOU ARE AWESOME!!! There is nothing like that feeling when the pants fit GO YOU!!!..

Comment #14

Congrats!! I'm tearing up just reading this, and it's such an inspiring post. Way to go!!..

Comment #15

Rebelmom, congrats!!! I know you and I are running neck & neck. I also was crying in the dressing room today wearing 16's. I haven't worn that size since high school.

For the first time in I don't know how long, I was able to buy clothes in the normal size category. What a victory to put plus sizes behind us!.

You Rock!!!..

Comment #16

I recently cried in a dressing room too! tears of joy and disbelief! congratulations! you are doing great!..

Comment #17

Thanks again to all of you for your wonderful responses. It's great that I can come here and you all understand - DH tries, but, you know, he's a dude!..

Comment #18

Awesome. And do you know what? We actually look thinner when we wear clothes that fit. The baggy ones we've undergrown look terrible and make us look bigger than we are. The same thing is true of bras. Getting new bras that actually fit REALLY make a big difference in how we look and also how our tops fit. When I got new bras, I swear it was like an instant 10 pound weight loss...

Comment #19

I agree! I got fitted at Victoria's Secret not long ago - it made me have a waist! Getting those puppies up where they belong makes a big difference!..

Comment #20

Congratulations on a WONDERFUL NSV!!! And just think, there are many more to come!..

Comment #21

OMG! Isn't that the truth! ROTFL!!!!.

RebelMOM, Congrats on your NSV!!! And here's to many more!!!!.

Sending (((HUGS))) to you!!!..

Comment #22

That's so awesome!! I bet you're so thrilled! And you should beSO PROUD too, because it's all of that hard work that you put in that got you there, so you should be holding that head up high!.


Comment #23

That's awesome! It is such a great feeling when you go into a store and they hand you smaller sizes than you used to be without even asking, some girl handed me a small shirt the other day and I looked at her like she had 8 heads...

Comment #24

I am so happy for you! That is such an awesome feeling isn't it!!! Next stop...size 14..

Comment #25

So happy for you!.

I haven't let that happen to me yet as I am not going shopping until I hit my first goal of 50 lbs gone! I will probably do the same thing. I have an unrealistic image of myself and will grab higher sizes to start with then wittle down to where I really am at and do what you did and cry in amazement!..

Comment #26

I LOVE your MediBunny-his wiggly booty is so cute!..

Comment #27

That's wonderful!!!.

I had the same experience. Always HATED shopping and trying on clothes. Nothing ever fit and I dressed like a slobby little boy in black to hide myself. Now for the first time I'm living in color and loving myself!.

Now I warn you, don't buy too many cute clothes because they won't be fitting you for long! You go girl!!!..

Comment #28

I got teary eyed reading your story, congrats..

Just a word of warning - once you get into normal sizes it takes less weight to change. So you might want to grab some 14s and 12s now - you'll need them sooner than you think!..

Comment #29

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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