GoDaddy reviews : Recommend I sign up for GoDaddy?? Dream(Nightmare)Host and the famed Private Server

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A while back was posting here bout having some downtime (which seems to be a regular occurance) and was told by DH support that it was due to increased load by some of my applications and that I should consider Dreamhost's Private servers (Basically VPSs)..

Well I'm still in the 'free' week of the PS, and while I'm there, I'm migrating my sites to my new host (picked up a VPS from them).

I haven't transfered everything yet, and course I'm still working on a client's wordpress site, since I told him I'd have it done by today or tomorrow.

So I'm typing along, changing some CSS, asking him to review the layout and so forth. And along comes this....

Two seconds later another client of mine that I'm hosting under me, was in the process of sending me a message, to which I immediately responded "I see it, sending a support ticket now" before she could send her message to me. Apparently all my sites under my hosting have a Internal Server error right now, and still has it after several minutes.

All the sudden DH PS doesn't feel any different than DH Shared... maybe they meant DH PoS. And even the 'reasource' meter shows I'm well below the threshold..

So now I got two clients who just found out about my new hosting, requesting I go ahead and move them over real quick (least the FTP is working, but I can't get to the database stuff since that has an internal server error too, might have to go into thru ssh and old-school it).

Well, by the end of this week I'm going to have all my shit off of them. And once I'm moved, I'm gona contact them and ask them for a prorate refund for the rest of the year I paid, even though they said they can't refund paypal payments.

So anyone curious... their VPS service sucks as bad as their shared service. For all the bashing DH said about Lunarpages, they ain't much better...

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Hate to say I told ya so, but:.

Trying to find the bloat..

Good luck getting everything moved... dreamhost did the exact same thing to me early last year, of course I did abuse them a bit... but this makes makes it seem even more likely that their PS is a trap to shed customers.....

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And it seems I can't even get the mysql stuff off. Not only are the websites down with the internal server error, but so is SSH. And far as I know I can't get mysql off via FTP.

But like I said, the number of times they went down in the past, was on my part an act of denial leading up to this point.

And my sites don't even abuse them, hell like I mentioned before the busiest site (now on the new hosting for over a day now at, only had 200 unique visits a day and did nothing intensive...

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Almost an hour later, and still "500 Internal Server Error"..

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Document this debacle while it's still fresh and blog about it. Go to Webhostingtalk and find a new host. Post about your experience there. Join some highly rated host affiliate programs and scatter those links around your bog posts. Perhaps you may be able to turn shit into payola with the resulting traffic. Everyone loves to read those fail to win stories...

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:P kinda hard to blog if your blog is down (but I know what you mean) ..

Did you even read the post? I already mentioned I had a new host, and was the process of migrating, but still had some projects-in-the-work on dreamhost as well.

:P Didn't think of that...

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I wish there was a way to download my support history. I just noticed it's over 13 pages (of just human messages, 31 if you include the automated)...

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Did a partial read and was distracted by some choice boobs in another tab. Totally missed it when I came back...

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Well can't Defy the boobs now can we; Boobie icon = Sacred...

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Well I just refreshed the Dreamhost PS page, shows this updated graph of memory usage. Course haven't been doing shit on any of them and all the sudden it spikes.....

Comment #9

Sites are back up, but now the dreamhost panel is going all whacky, cant' load manage domain and so forth...

Comment #10

... and back down with internal server errors just as I was pulling the last few site's DB info...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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