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So after one too many downtime, crashing and so forth I decided to move off of dreamhost.

Course two problems.

1) I can't sent the nameservers (which is registered thru dreamhost) of a .org domain, because of the error "Error: This has not been registered as a nameserver with the .org registry. Contact the registrar of to do so", even though godaddy says it should work the way I set it up, and the new host doesn't know why it won't set either.

And dreamhost's response was basically:.

Which I've tried several times, and even tried when I first setup the .org address (since I had my own nameserver addresses pointing to DH's at the time and wouldn't let me even then).

2) Getting a refund for the pre-pay that I was going to use (ie: I paid up for november to october of this year.) Their response, even though I wouldn't be using their services for the next 9 months....

They're more than capable of refunding me money for service not yet rendered, they're just not willing. So I'm basically out 90-100 because I was unable to predict their quality of service diminishing.

And I have a domain stuck to their nameserver that I can't change, and they won't change themselves. And I got another domain that despite putting in the transfer request over a week ago still hasn't gotten past stage 1 (ie: where DH gives Godaddy a transfer date, then I can give em the auth code)...

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I dont know of any host that offers refunds. I know some that even go so far that the T&C's that you agree to state that on a one year plan you're paying for the first month and getting the next 11 free so they have noting to refund.

Try mediatemple, their support is great for a cheap host...

Comment #1

Already switched to Knownhost, got a VPS over there...

Comment #2

Well despite I already told them to downgrade my account from PS to shared hosting (After removing like 99% of the sites), they still haven't done so, and started charging me for PS usage...

Comment #3

As part your campaign to get your money back, you could mention that you're broadcasting your ire in a marketing forum to people who buy hosting, and a linkup to your posts wouldn't hurt. They may put a sock in your mouth in the form of cash.

A squeaky wheel gets the grease. Being mouthy has worked for me...

Comment #4

How you know when Dreamhost PS is a scam?.

When you have absolutely no sites remaining on the hosting, and even rebooted the server, and shows that you're using between 140 to 200mb of rams for your sites (that don't exist)...

Comment #5

I used to use 3ix, but my uptime wasn't the best, but it is very good pricing. I switched to bluehost for all my websites. I have not had a problem since, and it is cheap. it is one price for the year for all the websites you can put up. I also like yahoo hosting, it is extremely reliable and user friendly, but a little pricy, a monthly fee. The other one that I have heard is really good, but a little pricy is hostway. but anyway those are some good options to think about...

Comment #6

Hostway was my very first hosting provider years and years back ( like 2000 or so), very reliable, but expensive. I was using a windows-based reseller account with them, since at the time I was coding with ASP as opposed to PHP that I am now.

Anyways the conclusion of the dreamhost ordeal is as follows.

- They finally manually update one of my .org domains to the new nameservers I needed them to point to.

- After a very lengthy email transaction back and forth explaining to them that I was complaing about the year and a half of poor service, and not because of the Dreamhost PS Trial, finally led them to saying I could have a refund if I closed my account. The refund total would be 75$ (basically after the three months used, and 9.95$ for the 'free' domain).

- I later get an email saying they can only refund me the 9.95 I paid back in december, because they are inable to send me a payment via paypal, if the transaction doesn't have that magic 'refund' link at the bottom.

- Instead they offer sending me the 10$ in prorated refund and crediting the rest to my account (of which I'd only be able to use it for registering either new domains, or renewing the ones I have with them).

So after the while of slow emails back and forth the results is 10$ back and the rest credited on the account. Two of the domains expire in a two months so might as well use that to renew those, and whatever else.


Comment #7

You can say that again! Media Temple is a bit on the expensive side, but they haven't let me down yet! Awardspace are fairly good too...

Comment #8

Havent had that bad of an experience with dreamhost... but just as with any hosting service that's too good to be true it probably is..

When it comes to hosting, stop being cheap and start paying for what you expect..

Get a vps or a dedicated server, forreal...

Comment #9

I keep hearing bad things about DH but Ive been with them a couple of years with lots of sites and haven't had many problems. They seem quick to fix things...

Comment #10

So how much money does Dreamhost still owe you, $65?.

If they're willing to give you transferable credit, I'd be willing to buy it off of you so you can be done with it. I've had one or more accounts with DH since 2001 and have been mostly happy...

Comment #11

That sounds like a good should hit up DH and ask about that..

I havent had too much servers have been down maybe 3 times in the last 2 years. But as I am using more and more space, other options are looking better and better...

Comment #12

It was a lil over 80, minus 9.95 for the free domain during sign up. I already took their offer for credit and all my sites are moved off. I used the credit to renew some domains and pick up some new ones. (so they're still registered thru dreamhost, but despite not having hosting with them anymore, I can still use the panel to update those domains. ).

Now I notice there seems to be one or two servers they have, that don't have a problem. But for the most part, support has taken days to respond, and downtime has been much more frequent in the last 6 months. While it would have been great to share the positive experience some have noted here, unfortunately it wasn't like that...

Comment #13

In the month of december... it was down maybe 6 or 8 times, with double that in general erratic blips. And support would take on average 2 days to respond to the inquiry. I only used 2GB of storage (mostly pictures as I'm a photographer as well), and the highest traffic site I had was ranging between 100 to 200 unique visits a day.

Also a while back I found out this never happened..

In the control panel it would say the correct name server, but after 2 weeks the WHOIS was still wrong and still pointing to dreamhost. So I ended up transfering it off dreamhost in order to change the nameserver..

Anywho, I'm now using a VPS (512MB garanteed ram, burtable to 2gb) at knownhost for my sites (Course if anyone wants to have a site under it, let me know)...

Comment #14

True, and I Would have taken that offer if not for the domains still registered thru them...

Comment #15

I've used Dreamhost for a few years and they are a good value for the price... if occasional down-time isn't a big deal for you (where I host my hack projects). For my serious projects I lease a dedicated server from - my favorite host so far. I was not a big fan of mediatemple for their down-time and slowness. HostGator wasn't bad, but wasn't great either...

Comment #16

Whatever you do please dont sign up with please. I beg you dont even fucking try signing up with them.

Midphase sucks, they seem to take down one of the servers with my business domains all the fucking time. it's always some fucking excuse - this or that or some user is abusing the account, like wtf.


Comment #17

You seriously get what you pay for... no lie..

Comment #18


Buy a dedicated, you'll love yourself in the morning... Only way to go...

Comment #19

Buy from Zensix if you are looking for something small. If you need something bigger why not go for Bluehost ?

Comment #20

Wow, what's with the sudden follow ups (5 replies this morning alone, and the thread been dead since last week). Also I already mentioned the option I went with (VPS). And bb_wolfe... dedicated would be great... ain't no way I can afford 200/month for a decent one...

Comment #21

Yes midphase is shite. The websites I host with them are incredibly slow. Also I ask for them to provide me with examples of websites using vps midphase so I could check the speed before upgrading and they refused. I also asked for a ONE day trial to check the speed before upgrading and they refused also...

Comment #22

I still have a couple sites on dreamhost (annual plan - oops) and they're like 5x times slower to load than similar sites hosted @ hostgator. my sites @ slicehost are the fastest though...

Comment #23

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