Dr. Oz and Soy?

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Did anyone else see the Dr. Oz show about Soy and breast cancer? Said it is better to have the plant products than products made in a plant. Just wondering anyone's thoughts on this. I know I still want to lose weight but it worries me...........

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Hi Jackie!.

Yes, I did listen to the show and found it to be very interesting. Wish I had the opportunity to ask him about medifast. But, I see so much good and have not heard anything bad about medifast. Have you?..

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I watched his show on savings last night, but missed the soy one. Hopefully, I can find it on his website...

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Yes, I saw it too, and wish they had addressed diet products like MF. Hopefully there is some positive feedback out there to that end...

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I did not see it, but have known/heard for quite a while about the soy/breast cancer link. It is because soy has a lot of natural estrogen and excessive estrogen is a known link in some breast cancers..

That said - there's a LOT I don't like about the Medifast ingredients. There's a LOT I don't like about being fat. So, I had to choose. And, for now, Medifast is what works for me. It isn't meant to be a lifetime of 5 and 1 - and I won't be eating this way forever...

Comment #4

My Estrogen levels got screwed as I entered peri-menopause all on their own once. I did last month have TOM from he!! which is what happened to me during peri-menopause. My doc said my estrogen and progesterone were out of whack. Even though this [I]may be[/i] soy induced, I am sure they will sort themselves out during transition and maintenance. As mamakimbee said, this is a short term thing. Being obese has so many life threatening disease potential as well..

Did they address the issue of what the potential risks are if you stop soy based products? Is the risk greater for those with a genetic predisposition? Just curious, I will search it out on his website..

Thanks for the info!..

Comment #5

I didn't see the show, but I know that obesity is also associated with an increased risk of breast cancer. I plan to lose the weight first and then be aware of amount of soy products.

Right now, I try to have only three soy Medifast meals...

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Its certainly a balancing act. I am using two to three Medifast meals each day without soy because I have some issues with irritable bladder. If you are worried look up the products with less or no soy and minimize the issue...

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Not that I have anything to base it on, but I thought estrogen increased with body fat? If your body fat decreases that might counteract some of the soy? Just throwing that out there...

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You are right Ringbearer, anyone overweight usually is estrogen dominant. Sometimes that can be simply because their progesterone is SO low.

That being said, when you lose fat that estrogen is released to circulate in the blood, but will decrease over time. A bit of natural progesterone can help balance things out unless you have factors that contraindicate using it..

My doc wants me to take at least 2 tablespoons of ground flaxseed everyday because she says that binds to the estrogen and helps to carry it out of the body.

I'm concerned about the soy and artificial sweetner in Medifast too, but am severely intolerant to whey. Keep telling myself this is only for the short time, not forever..


Comment #9


Do you like the actual milled flaxseed, or the flaxseed oil? Did your doctor tell you which was better, by chance?.

Thanks for the info!.

- Kat..

Comment #10

Oz did address the likes of medifast. He said no processed soy. All three guests said no processed soy over and over. It was disconcerting while I ate my soy based meals, but I have no concern, because the length of time most are on medifast should pose no threat...

Comment #11

Medifast gives me the control of what I am now putting in my body - soy or no soy which has to be 1000% better than all the fried/sugary/saturated/artery clogging sh*t I was choosing before. I agree with Marmaduke regarding the length of time.....

Comment #12

I KNOW that being extremely obese would have eventually killed me. Maybe not in the immediate time frame but years from now if I made it that long. According to the doc I MIGHT have increased risk of getting breast cancer with processed soy consumption. I will take my soy for a short time than risk certain death from obesity. And it seems like the docs are finding something new that causes/links to cancer everyday so I am wondering if there is anything out there anymore that's safe to use/eat...

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Sorry for the delay as my subscribe to threads does not work. I myself will stick to the Medifast even if there is that risk. My health was getting too bad and now it is getting better with the weight loss. I will do this also until the weight comes off and then maintenance and hopefully it won't be so bad eating what is a must on maintenance. cdstitch......good questions. No they did not say about risk of stopping soy.

I was and am still looking for more data...

Comment #14

As an ovarian cancer survivor, and a woman whose tumors were all estrogen generated, my personal physician worked with Medifast to develop a safe way for me to use this product. In my personal case (post menopausal now) it was determined that I need to limit my soy intake. Thankfully Medifast makes Whey products too.

Here is a link from Medifast that may help answer a lot of questions. It is from the pros and not speculation..


I might add, that anyone with concerns SHOULD talk to their Dr. Medifast recommends this as well. They are great at working with us...

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I also saw some of this show. Most research indicates that soy protein isolate - not a natural soy - is the cancer causing culprit. Soy protein isolate is indeed the main ingredient for most of the Medifast "foods". I have to weigh that against radiation accumulation (environmental, x-rays, etc.), genetics, frankenfoods, factory farmed foods ( nutrients deleted, chemicals added) etc. and decide what risk I am willing to take to regain overall health. I deliberately chose MF, knowing it's not forever and it takes me quickly to a better state of health! There are so many cancer causing agents now in the marketplace, I don't think one can point to only one ingredient and say that's the only danger. To focus on one tree is to lose sight of the forest - -...

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My doc likes the ground flaxseed. I use the spectrum organic golden. I add some to my oatmeal and think I am going to try sprinkling some in my pancake batter..


Comment #17

Being fat/obese increases breast cancer risks too!...and yes, soy does change your hormones...I'm late on my period since I started Medifast...and I'm pretty sure I'm not pregnant..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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