GoDaddy review : Recommend I pick GoDaddy?? down to two for hosting. would like input

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After reading all the posts on different hosting sites, I am leaning toward either resellerzoom or devoted host. Lookin to start out super cheap. Would like some input on which one to go with. I will be starting my first arbi campaign soon. Thanks for the help..


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Hosting is so fucking cheap who really cares. just pick one for 10 bucks a month. you can waste far too much time analyzing hosting...

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Great advice..

Have you looked into hostgator(Aff)? Personally I love them, fuckin' cheap, awesome cpanel, unlimited domains, and I'm a big fan of fantastico since I don't like to fuck around with manual wordpress installs...

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I am currently with hostgator and have been a lot with resellerzoom, they're both good.

They both use CPanel, with a reseller account you get also WHM and you can manage your domains separately under different cpanel accounts..

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I use resellerzoom and have been VERY pleased. The difference between reseller and hostgater is that reseller doesn't oversell nearly to the extent that hostgater does. Keep that in mind...

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Of those two I would pick reseller zoom, but I like hostgator better...

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RZ is good but sad to say they've been slowly the last year or so. Uptime is great, support is great, but servers seem a little slower than before...

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Yeah very cheap so why not pay $0.00 a year, then each year you get a $120 day without even trying..

Here's one with unlimited band/domains hosted: 50Webs - Professional and Free Web Hosting..

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Thanks for the input guys. halfpc were you sarcastic when you said to use 50webs or for real?..

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If you're interested in hosting there are many choices. It depends on what you need from the host as to who you pick. I peronsally use the host in my sig, but it's only one of many options. Basically, do you need the host for one domain? Multiple domains? Is bandwidth an issue? How much traffic will you have? These are all important questions to ask when looking for a host, but I'll second what others have said and say "Don't overanalyze this decision - if you're getting into arbi, there's many more important decisions than where you host."..

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I found the QoS to be terrible for resellerzoom and cancelled my account..

ATM i'm using bluehost and an hosting..

If I was looking for another host I might look at's grid hosting account..

If you're hosting multiple domains for your own stuff, i'd suggest looking for lots of mySQL databases and fantastico..

Unmetered bandwidth hosts seem to overload their servers and page loading can be slow during peak hours...

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RZ has been great to me. The only downtime I've experienced is due to a server reboot in nov and oct.

I heard that if you upgrade to the advanced hosting the speeds get a little quicker. Of course I'm too cheap to actually upgrade...

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I was a bit drunk, but.. well, money is what we are after, right? So..if I was to cancel my free account with 50webs I'd lose about a grand a month... on auto..

I still launch free websites every so often with them and the money keeps on rising, so I think they are valid to mention, for the record and the millions out there who still have to get up every morning to pay the rent ...

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I never used media-temple, but a few of my friends did and then canceled it since it was very s l o w ..

I never tried it myself...

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I'd recommend Media Temple to anyone and everyone, love there interface, love there support. Legends..

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I went through this recently. I did the whole compare hosts, find the best reviews, etc..

Long story short..

I ended up going with resellerzoom. (Failover package)..

I did find in my research that the budget hosting was a little lacking, but the failover had raves..

So far I am quite happy with them..

Just my $0.02..

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I too think media-temple is a little on the slow side, even after the upgrade to the new grid-service, but they are great at everything else. So I will be moving my one domain I had hosted with them over..

I have currently just gotten a Semi-Private dedicated server, ( it costs me about 87 a month and I only share with one other person ) It has 40gb of space and 750gb of monthly bandwidth, I have a site hosted on it that a client is going to pay me 39.95 a month just for hosting that site so that will bring down my cost to just about 47 a month..

I have been using axishost for almost a year now and I love them. They don't oversell their hosting packages, which most hosting providers do:.

For those that don't know a shared hosting package that promises a huge amount of bandwidth for example on their lowest package they offer:.

200gb a month bandwidth, well here comes the problem with this, yes you can host this amount of bandwidth but the problem becomes processor usage, you won't get 404'd for going over bandwidth but you will for taking up too much processor time and power, so unfortunately all that bandwidth ends up being kind of worthless. if you run anything that is a script of any sort and have a site that even uses 100gb of bandwidtg a month your clients will be seeing 404 pages because of so-called processor hogging..

In terms of service axishost has been the best I've ever dealt with. No matter what time of day I get a response to a support ticket in max 15-20 min, most of the time Tina or someone else will answer back in 5 minutes or less..

So no matter what you get make sure you always get a reseller account, that way you can have access to WHM so you can host as many sites as you want, and even sell hosting like I did so I can basically host my other stuff at really cheap prices..

Good Luck...

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