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We've purchased two Nikon Digital Cameras over the past 6 years. I should have learned my lesson with the first one. The coolpix 950: although it still takes good pictures, it's held together by duct tape. Shortly after the warrantee expired, the latch on the battery compartment wore out and the batteries would spill out every time the camera came out of it's case. Thus the duct tape. Then the on/off mode switch went on the fritz and has to be carefully jiggled to get the camera to stay on.

It simply stopped working. We had just taken a couple of pics moments before, and then the "system error" message came on the screen....end of story! We bought Nikon because of it's reputation as the one of the best (at least with film cameras). We've always taken the best care of our photo equipment. There's no reason these cameras should not give us years and years of service...

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Hey there Joe C.

I have also owened 2 Nikon digital cameras with a very different experience.

My first was a CP800 worked great. I decided I needed MORE mgps's.

So I purchased a CP5700. This camera has a terrific set of capabilities both manual & automatic. I buy Nikon for the lens quality among other things. Both my cameras have been sturdy & reliable. I'm sorry you have had such bad luck. Maybe it isn't the brand but the model?.

Anyhow, good luck with your next camera.


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And I thought it was only Fuji who made a digital camera which lasted only 18 months! I think each company is making so many different models that they can't concentrate on making one really great one. I've heard about problems with every make now. The service shop where I took my Fuji 700 commented that they would be probably be seeing all of the brands of digital...

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I had a coolpix 4300 for 32 months now. apart from one servicing (the on/off "button" was jammed) I have never had problems with it, and it was with me everywhere I went. skiing, hiking, parties, you name it. still, it's a high tech gadget, and one can't throw it around and must handle it with appropriate care. having said that, "never buy a car asembled on monday or friday" so there are huge differences even between cameras of the same model line. that is what warranty is for (currently 2 years where I live)...

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I agree completely, whilst nikons film and DSLR cameras are of very solid build, they really dont pay too much mind to the general digital camera consumer. Dolores - I have found fuji to be some of the best cameras ever built, my s5100 rivals many SLR, and smashes the sub-$500 competition. it's been pulled off the table by a dog and chewed up for about 10 minutes, and it's fine - VERY sturdy build!..

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There's no reason these cameras should not give us years and years of service. There is a good reason, actually, and it's called "mass production." Consumer-grade cameras (whether digital or 35mm) today are incredibly low priced for the technology, features, functionality and quality of result that they deliver. They are so low priced because they're sold in a fiercely competitive market. That means they have to be built very fast, in very large numbers, probably in some low-wage part of southeast Asia. Quality control for Nikon and other Japanese makes is generally very good, but defects do slip through. And the fact is that plastic parts probably are not going to withstand as much wear and tear as metal parts would, which may also be part of your particular problems.

No more Nikons for this family! I have seen every major brand condemned in the newsgroups for allegedly poor quality. This applies to digital cameras as well as to computer components such as motherboards, etc. If people paid attention to every "DON'T BUY X BRAND!" post, no one would ever buy anything. There is no brand which leaves every single buyer 100% satisfied and happy. I'm a long-time (30 years or so) Minolta user, so most of my first digital cameras were Minoltas.

I think Nikon puts out a superb product, great design, innovative and useful features, and quality build. Great company, great cameras, in my opinion...

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My first Nikon digital camera was a Coolpix 995. It served me well, and when I wanted to upgrade to a Coolpix 5700, I sold it to a friend who is still using it. I could not tell you how many pictures have been taken with it, but enough to wear out a couple of batteries.

I had a problem with the Coolpix 5700 which was replaced under warranty, and another problem after the warranty when I had to pay for the repair. It functioned about a year, and died again. Nikon was good enough to replace the camera under a complimentary warranty repair and the new one has functioned very well, with no problems.

I also have a Nikon D70 which, I believe, is the best camera I could get at that price, and has functioned very well.

I'm sorry that you had a bad experience with this brand, but I definitely do not believe that poor quality is characteristic of Nikon products or service.

My wife, and several friends also have various Nikon Coolpix models and none have had any problems with their cameras...

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Well said Neil! I could not have expressed it more eloquently myself. In fact, I am done. :O.

Keep on shooting!..

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I've now used Epson 850Z, Nikon CP 995, Nikon D100 AND Fuji F10.

The Epson 850Z did give up the ghost, but the other 3 still work fine. I use the 995 for macro and extreme wide-angle effects with a WC63 convertor, the D100 for more extreme shooting conditions, and the F10 stays in my pocket for easy access, preferring it's handling and high ISO performance to that of the Nikon S1.

The 995 had a new lens assembly agreed with 1 day left on the warranty.

The D100 had probs with it's pop-up flash, repaired under warranty. Otherwise they seem all to be reasonably well made, but like any sensitive equipment they need careful looking after!..

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