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I know there was a debate in the past about whether myspace could sue you for this and if I recall correctly, people who had these domains registered received an e-mail from myspace urging them to cancel them. Is this still the case? Could I register a domain with myspace in it and make it about myspace layouts or whatever and be safe ?

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It's a trademark, why would you think anything has "changed"?..

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I own a domain with myspace in it. I've yet to receive an email. It is illegal though, and if they ever sent me one I'd have to comply...

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Because that was almost 2 years ago and on first page of google, these sites still dominate for the popular search "myspace layouts":.

Myspace layouts - Google Search.

I would have thought they would receive the e-mail and have to close their site down by now if that was the case...

Comment #3

So what? The fact that it's a trademark hasn't changed.

It all comes down to if you want to risk it or not. People have gotten letters from them before and I'm sure many still are. They may get it today or maybe in a year or never. I even have trademarked domains myself but I'm aware of the consequences and I know I'm taking my chances..

If you want to stay on the safe side, I can tell you though that you don't need myspace in your url to rank for myspace terms...

Comment #4

I doubt myspace is going to go after those layout sites. If anything, it's a win-win situation for both sides...

Comment #5

I bought a group of domains and a couple happened to have 'Viagra' in them. I was going to cancel them right away, but I just parked them and waited. Sure enough, 2 months in- I got a letter telling me to close the page and let them expire- OR ELSE! I complied. You have to... but my MySpace domain has been registered for years and I haven't heard a word yet. It even gets ~50 type ins a month.

Hopefully I can sell it by then...

Comment #6

Thats on of my domain names I am planning to create an actual site around.

How to make personal and public altars, marriage altars, fertility altars, etc.. was already taken. I am not sure myspace will go after me or not, I might fight it though, because I want to follow thru with this concept. people will be able to have a personal page, but I dont believe I will make it the social-network kind-ie the only way to contact the person is to join the network and the worthless adding "friends" part of it...

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Unless you registered a domain name with a trademark in "bad faith," there is nothing they can do about it. They can take you to court, but the boon of online legal issues is that it's such a black and white legal domain, you can represent yourself and make them spend all the money.

If you get an email, ignore it. If you get physical mail, respond that you will take them to court if they do not stop trying to domineer your domain name because you registered it in good faith. You then want to tell them that the nature of your website does not violate any trademark law because your website is a <insert fansite/unofficiality/parody/unrelated to the trademark/etc etc etc>. The more legal terminology you use, the more you're letting them know that you are aware that your website will stand up in court and they should back down..

If they take you to court, PM me. I will tell you what to say and what you don't have to answer. You can represent yourself..

Remember to counter-sue them for foregone income and PR related damages...

Comment #8

Thanks! I think there will be a such a difference that wont bother...

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