GoDaddy review : Advise I use GoDaddy?? Domains being held hostage

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I've got 24 domains registered through and they're refusing me access to all of them.

On Nov.15th 2008 I tried to log into my account and verify that the contact information on file was correct and up to date.

Their system told me that I didn't have any active domains.

I knew this was just a mistake, so I emailed GoDaddy support..

Their first response said that I had registered more than I account with them.

And that was the reason for my problem. It went on to instruct me how to log in and.

Then link these accounts and take care of my problem.

I knew I didn't have more than 1 account, but I tried to do what they said anyway. When that failed I gathered all the information about my domains,and of course it showed that they were all registered under the same GoDaddy account.

I emailed them a list with the dates and account used to register each of the domains and asked them again to please correct their mistake and allow me access to them.

They replied back saying that I had canceled the registration of those domains on Sept.18th. 2008 and in order to re-instate them, I would have to pay a fee of $90.89 each. ($2,181.36).

I couldn't believe what I was reading.

These jokers must be sniffing glue if they think.

I'm going to give them over $2,000 for some domains that I've already bought!.

I did cancel the paid parking contract I had with GoDaddy a while back, but I would never purposely cancel /img/avatar5.jpgship of all my registered domains. What idiot would?!.

If I didn't want them anymore, I just wouldn't re-new them.

And just for the sake of argument, if all of this were true, why wouldn't they just say that.

The first time I contacted them, instead of trying to feed me a line of b.s. about multiple accounts and even telling me how I could fix the problem??.

Instead, they waited until I proved to them that I only have 1 account,to come back with "oh yeah, you canceled those domains a few months ago, we're gonna need about two grand to give them back to ya"....yeah right.

Of course I've filed a formal complaint with ICANN & the Arizona BBB.

Hard to believe I know, but it's all true...I've got the emails to prove it...

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Dam, I gotta make sure not to register any domains with godaddy, only reason why they are good is cause of $..

Comment #1

No, the earliest deadline is around the end of this year..

Like I said, it's hard to believe, but it's really happening.

I just got an email from my pals at Godaddy.

================================================== ================================================== ===============================================.

"Support Staff Response.

Dear Stacy ******,.

I apologize, but company policy restricts Go Daddy Customer Support representatives from canceling domains or services on behalf of the customer. You would of had to make this change from within your account.

Our records indicate that you canceled all of these domain names on 09/18/2008. On that date, you were also sent an email notification, alerting you that the domains were canceled, and if they were canceled on accident to contact us immediately to resolve any issue you had.

Once a domain has been canceled, it is released if not reactivated within 30 days.

If you wanted to reactivate it with out charge, you had 30 days to do so. Since it has been over 30 days, the domains have already been issued back to the registry. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

Please let us know if we can assist you in any other way.


Anne P..

Online Support Team".

================================================== ================================================== ================================================.

Here's my reply:.

================================================== ================================================== ===============================================.

So your records say that you sent me an email telling me that.

I had canceled the registration of all my domains, and if it was.

Done by mistake, I had 30 days to correct it without charge.

That's really strange, I never got that email??.

I'd LOVE to see a copy of it, can you send me one?.

I'm sure that I'd rember something as important as that....

But I've looked and looked and it's just not here.

I've got a copy of every other email that Godaddy has ever sent me though.

Like this one telling me that my problem was because your records indicated that I had more than one account and blah,blah, can read part of it for yourself:.

================================================== ================================================== ================================================.


"Dear Stacy Johnson,.

Thank you for contacting Online Support.

I sincerely apologize for any confusion or inconvenience. It appears that you have established more than one customer account with Go Daddy. This can happen if you make a purchase on our site without first logging in to your existing account. The server will see you as a new customer and create a new account for you.

If it was your intention to create multiple accounts for the domains and services you have purchased this is not a problem. If this was not your intention, we will be happy to assist you in getting these accounts merged.

The first step will be to synchronize the contact information for each account. This information will need to be exactly the same for both accounts in order for us to complete the merge. You will need to use the Account Retrieval System, along with your purchased products, to retrieve any unknown customer numbers......".

================================================== ================================================== ================================================.

I'm not a moron and I don't appreciate being lied to and jerked around by you people!.

I've filed complaints with ICANN and the Arizona BBB, telling them all about.

Your lies and pathetic attempt to extort $2,181.36 from me for the return of MY PROPERTY.

And don't think I'm going to stop there, I'm just getting started.

Just off the top of my head,.

Since my domains were being offered for sale, you've.

Committed economic espionage of a trade secret, which is a violation of the Economic Espionage Act of 1996. (18 U.S.C. 1831-1839.).

(The act defines a trade secret as information, including a formula, pattern, compilation, program device, method, technique, or process, thati) derives independent economic value, actual or potential, from not being generally known to, and not being readily ascertainable by proper means by, other persons who can obtain economic value from it's disclosure or use, and(ii) is the subject of efforts that are reasonable under the circumstances to maintain it's secrecy.).

You want to know what's really wierd?.

When this is all over, I'll end up having made a lot more.

Money from those domains than if I'd just sold the damn things.

God I love America!..

Comment #2

This sounds weird? GoDaddy used to be reliable, but after that Kentucky issue I am beginning to have second doubts about them.

Good luck to you and hopefully you will get this solved without any expenses...

Comment #3

Hi Stacy,.

It's possible someone hacked into your Godaddy account and deleted your domains this could possibly explain why neither you nor Godaddy knows what's going on. There's a lot of "ifs", but not a whole lot to go on at present.

If you list the email address associated with your Godaddy account and the domains which are deleted, we might be able to find some more info for you to get to the bottom of what's really going on...

Comment #4

I wouldn't believe this either it if it wasn't happening to me.

I just don't see what they hoped to gain from this..

They must've thought I'd pay the money, or maybe one of the domains is worth a lot.

More than I realized so they stole it. Who knows??.

I don't have 30 years experience at this, or a million dollar portfolio of domains..

It's just a hobby that was interesting to me and it didn't cost a fortune to start,.

So I figured why not.

But it's like I told them,I'm not complete a moron either.

I would remember canceling the registration of 24 domain names, and I certainly would've kept a copy of any documentation confirming that I had.

It's just common sense.

The thing that blows my mind is how obvious they've been about lying..

First I had 2 accounts....then, oh yeah, you canceled those give us $2,000!.

HA..HA.. You couldn't make this stuff up...

Comment #5

I don't know if threatening them with legal action like that is a good idea. It just gives them a proper legal excuse to stop responding to you totally, as you have put them on notice to expect your lawyers to be contacting theirs with the paperwork re your threat.

But contacting your BBB etc is a good thing to do, and let them put GoDaddy's legal people on notice you have a serious complaint.

I've heard so many horror stories about GoDaddy's unreasonable attitude toward customers with genuine problems/errors like yours over the years it makes me wonder how they stay so popular, no matter what the pricing.

If it was me, I'd be forgetting speaking to the $2/hr offshore email support staff anymore and get on the phone, probably forcing myself to take on the friendliest attitude I could muster...

Comment #6

I have yet to meet anybody who has knowingly deleted all their domains from their account and I would go as far as saying this has never happened. As you say, if you didn't want them you would just let them expire!.

If infact your account was hacked and the domains deleted then this should have raised a lot of red flags at Godaddy as I'm sure they have not had anyone delete all their names before expiry.

This smells!!..

Comment #7

I'm pretty sure that's not what happened..

The only service that I ever had and later canceled was the paid parking.

Deal that they do.

I tried it for a while, then I decided to park the domains at SEDO..

Just to see if they would earn more money, plus they give you a deal on the commission if you sell one that's parked with them.

But I clearly remember making that change, and I kept copies of the emails.

From Godaddy informing me of each domain being un-locked, then one.

Telling me about the change in the DNS for them.

That's why this whole situation is so goofy..

Like I said, I'm just a new guy that thought it would be fun to own.

Some internet property. But I'm not retarded, and I really don't appreciate.

Being robbed by someone, then having them tell me that I gave them the.

Property I just don't remember doing it! :-).

That's my biggest problem with this whole deal..

I didn't lose thousands of dollars or anything.*At least I hope they aren't worth that much. It's just the principle of the thing..

Corny I know, but in this case, it's true.

B.t.w. I really don't want to list the domains involved right now..

Since I might be in a position to win a huge judgement or maybe.

A nice settlement offer I wouldn't risk screwing it up. :-).

Can I get an amen!.

Thanks man, I'm glad I'm not the only one that thinks this smells...

Comment #8

I think what Reece has said is prolly what happened. If you never got any emails about the domains being deleted then the email on the account was prolly changed. Therefore getting any emails about the domains being moved would be impossible. Out of curiosity what type of email account were you using? Gmail, hotmail, yahoo ect..?.

Also check the whois of "your" domains and see what it says. If it is private or someone elses name, chances are they were stolen.

Another question out of curiosity, did you by any chance try to recover your password? If you tried this and never got any emails or comfirmations on it then your account was prolly hacked.

I think that godaddy had nothing to do with the situation and should not be blamed.

Also call them next time, emailing only leads to BS. When you tranfer or push a domain at godaddy it is essentially being "deleted" from your account...

Comment #9

Of course it is being deleted from your account, it no longer belongs there!.

There is a big difference between a transfer/push and manually deleting domains, I am sure that the system is set up to recognise the difference. I stand by my previous statement that nobody has ever deleted their whole portfolio because they didn't want the domains...

Comment #10

I know it looks like it, but I wasn't really trying to threaten them..

To be honest, I was highly p***ed when I got that email, and wanted to inform them in no uncertain terms that I was not going to just quietly sit back and get screwed over. I could see if this some little "Joes domain names" kind of company, but these guys are a huge, multi million or maybe billion dollar company,I don't know, I'm new:-).

I never dreamed of something like this happening. I guess I'm just lucky:-)..

Comment #11

No actually it's not. When you tranfer/push a domain from an account the "service", yes they do refer to domains as services, is being cancled. Wether it is being put in another account or not.

What I honestly think what happened is he/she got hacked. It all adds up. If you look at the emails being displayed they say he/she has multiple accounts. The op knows they do not have multiple accounts. GoDaddy prolly saw all those domains being pushed to another account and assumed that the owner was the op. Therefore GoDaddy thinking they have multiple accounts.

As I have said before, you need to call them not send emails! This could have been taken care of prolly with in an hour with a phone call.

Also I am sure that taking GoDaddy to court would only end up having the OP on the street. GD has all the records, even if they were stolen they will know what happened. Plus I am sure that GD is not going to risk their entire operation over a couple of domains...

Comment #12

I wasn't trying to criticize you at all, hope it didn't come over that way.

GoDaddy may not do it to you, but it's a 'legitimate' tactic used by some scammy companies, hoping you mention legal action so they can legally ignore you.

They call it 'invoking legal remedy'...

Comment #13

I've never "deleted" a domain on my own before,.

So I don't know that process....

But I have deleted the parking service, it's been.

Ahile, but I don't recall having to unlock the domains.

To remove the service..

And since that is when the "deletions" took place,.

I'd be looking at those emails again to see if there.

Is something that might have been missed,.

IE: parking service delete or domain delete.

(I hope you get it straightenend out)..

Comment #14

Assuming your account was hacked, you should ask godaddy for a log of IP addresses used to log in to your account...

Comment #15

I understand why this is so hard for everyone to make sense of..

I'm sure that you've all got a lot more experience and knowledge of domain names and how they're bought,sold,stolen, ect.... than I do. So it's only reasonable to think my email account or Godaddy account was hacked and that person canceled my registrations. Or I did it myself without realizing it, or there's some other logical explanation for this mess.

I wish there was one, trust me, this is the last thing I wanted do. I'm not some jerk that gets off on complaining or just starts crap for no reason. I know that godaddy is a huge company, and has better things to do than steal a hand full of domains from an idiot like me. When this all started I thought it was just an honest mistake, and they'll get around to fixing it soon enough, no big deal. But instead, they told me that I had multiple accounts, but it's all good here's how you fix it.

So after I spent many hours digging through months/years of emails and credit card charges trying to figure out where I screwed up. Which wasn't something I enjoyed doing either by the way, but I trusted them, why wouldn't I, if they're saying I screwed up, I'm new to all problem, let's sort this out....but when I checked and double, even triple checked.

Everything pertaining to those domains and was able to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that I had only 1 account and they were the ones that were responsible for screwing this up....they come back and tell me that I had canceled my registration of those names, and they were even nice enough to send me an email notifying me that I did it...I lost my f***ing mind! Any normal person would.

So, like I said, this isn't fun for me, I didn't want to get into some 50 year legal battle, or other nonsense...all I ever wanted and all I still want, is to have control of my goofy little domain names returned to me...that's all...

Comment #16

Stacy65, did you even read my post?.

If so CALL them! Not email or support ticket, physically pick up the phone and dial their number...

Comment #17

This is hilarious!.

I just got another email responding to my request for a copy of the email that I was supposedly sent after I canceled my domains.

"Support Staff Response.

Dear Stacy Johnson,.

The email we sent would have gone to the email address on file for the account. Unfortunately, we cannot resend the email. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Please let us know if we can help any other way.


Tony P..

Online Support" "Would have gone to address we have on file" mean the one that's recorded on the official ICANN registration form of every domain I own?....The one that I use.

For practically everything because I really like it...the same one that you've used to comminicate with me about this account since I was dumb enough to.

Get involved with you guys and has never been changed??....that one???!!.

Gee, it's too bad you can't send me another copy..

I understand though, probably because it's been almost 2 whole months..

Nobody keeps things that long....not even important emails that.

Would make this whole mess go away....No, I think the reason you can't.

Send me a copy, is because it doesn't f***in exsist! never did.

This just keeps getting better.

Are you kidding? That's the last thing I want to do..

First, because I'm not going to spend $1,000 sitting on hold to Arizona for 6 or 7 hours...But more importantly, with emails I've got a record of all this b.s.

Besides, emails worked fine when they were charging for all the crap I bought from them, why won't they work now??..

Comment #18

Exactly the reason I think you were hacked. You would have gotten an email. Trust me they do send you emails for EVERYTHING! The exact reason you should keep things, even if they are 10 years old. It might come back to bite you in the ass. I have never waited more than 5 mins for someone at GD. If there is an issue it is usually resolved with in the hour.

Which in all reality would throw you and GD for a loop if you do not SPEAK IN PERSON!..

Comment #19

I'm sorry man, but I keep repeating myself here..

My email was not hacked...period, never happened..

I have a copy of EVERY email sent to me involving any kind of online financial or any other merchant or bank or utility company...whatever....I know things happen, so I ALWAYS keep my receipt.

Besides, why on earth would anybody "hack" into my little email account, and not disturb anything....nothing....except delete the one email that would settle this?.

I'm sorry, but not even the biggest conspiracy nut would believe that...

Comment #20

Stacy, sorry to hear that but I have one question: you asked for advice, some very good was given by different members but still you refuse to call?.

If you are afraid of long distance charges just get skype....besides that it really takes not long at all to speak with someone....just my 2cents :-).

Hope you can sort all out.



Comment #21

Thats my exact point, you would have never gotten an email from godaddy if your account was hacked. The first thing the hacker would have done was CHANGE your email. Then your password and then move the domains. This way you are stuck in the position you are now. CALL GD and speak to them.

On top of that, more than likely, they would have deleted any emails about the account/pw change in your email account...

Comment #22

They are saying your godaddy account was hacked. If your password is a word or a name, it's very possible...

Comment #23

You're right Frank..

I have gotten a lot of very good advice about this and I honestly appreciate.


I'll probably end up making a call in a day or 2, but I really don't see how calling them will or should make a difference.

How is hearing my voice going to change.

Any of the facts that I've already spent FAR TOO MUCH time gathering.

If anything, simply re-sending a copy of this "lost" email to the email address they have on file would be MORE secure and trustworthy than talking to some idiot on the phone claiming to be me...don't you think?..

Comment #24

I've never sat on hold with GoDaddy for more than 3-4 minutes, not sure where you are getting 6-7 hours from....

Also, just my 2 cents but if you are going to make any legal action against them then do it - don't blow off steam in forums making wild threats (they're guilty of "economic espionage of a trade secret, which is a violation of the Economic Espionage Act of 1996" come on, get serious!), GoDaddy is a big company and I'm sure they are within their rights with what they are doing, if you read their T & C they are covered against just about anything going wrong that could go wrong.

I understand your frustration and am not saying that GoDaddy is morally right with what they are doing, just that you should probably find out if you have a leg to stand on before threatening them (I would REALLY be suprised if you do).

Best of luck!..

Comment #25

Stacy, who is on the whois for these now? Are they in someone else's name?..

Comment #26

One piece of (unsolicited) advice: Remain level-headed; you'll do more harm than good if you appear to be out of control, and the use of hyperbole or personal attacks could lead one to believe just that..


Comment #27

This info would help the sleuths here to see what's happened,.

Can you post some of the domains in question?..

Comment #28

Or atleast PM a couple of us to help...

Comment #29

As sure as you may be that your email was not hacked (which is kind of hard to tell if they take steps to keep everything the same), I would still change my password just in case. be sure to through in capitals and numbers...

Comment #30

I have not read this entire thread - only bits of it.

However, it would be nice to know the domains in question here.

I think I am missing something here,.

Why did it take you 2 months to log into your godaddy account?.

Have you checked the whois on the domains in question and are they registered to a new owner and have you sent an email to the new registrant/s asking how they got your domains?..

Comment #31

I just checked a couple, and it looks like they're all still listing me as the registrant & godaddy as the registrar, but the status says:.



I have no idea what means...

Comment #32

And this is why the confusing Godaddy interface combined with their policies make Godaddy the worst possible registrar to use. Even Netsol is better.

Your GD account might have been compromised.

Why doesn't godaddy provide you the IP address used at the time of deletion? That might also be a clue.

Well..really...I think you're just screwed. You should question the value of these domains. Sounds like hand-reg's that are fairly recent. You might have to take the loss and move on. I know that's hard to swallow but sometimes it's the smart move. Your energy and efforts are sometimes more valuable than your pride.

In one form or another they SHOULD be helping you but they are not. There are few here that believe GD is a good company.

For the 24 many do you think will just drop? How many would you have renewed? In the end you really gotta think this over and weigh your time. It's GREAT you have lodged a BBB complaint and made this post though.


For those that still believe GD is a good registrar...pray you never have a problem because their gonna ask you for a fat check before they do anything else. No matter who is at fault or how easy it is for them to correct it. They can renew these domains cheaply and bill him costs but they won't. They want to F*CK him over for the almightly dollar so Parsons can travel the world with hot babes on his arm...

Comment #33

Stacy, I agree with Ross on this one. You are right that emails are GOOD because all of your correspondence is in writing. But there are some things that just simply need to be taken care of over the phone. When you call, if you're able, you could record the conversation if you REALLY wanted to.

At the very least, get the rep's name, and write down what the conversation was about, the time / date that you called, and what the resolution was over the phone. Verify with the rep that he has entered the call into their support log (Surely they have one)!.

But you need to TALK to GD on this one.

And what Allan said is an absolute must!!..

Comment #34

You got the answer here: It means they are restorable for a price!..

Comment #35

I agree with everything you said, there's no point in making a Federal case.

Out of this. I did a quick google of "godaddy customer complaints" earlier.

And the results amazed me. I honestly had no idea that they've got such.

A history of lawsuits & complaints. It was nice to learn that I'm not the.

First guy that they've tried to screw over anyway.

Even with that said though, I still have a real problem with the way they're.

Allowed to do something like this to a customer without providing a shred.

Of documentation to justify their actions when someone lodges an official complaint???.

If my telephone company disconnects my service, they can't just say.

"well we sent you an email" they would have to provide PROOF of that.

If my bank suddenly closed my accounts, don't you think they'd be prepared to throughly document their actions leading up to that??.

Any business keeps records, unless it's a crack dealer or maybe a hooker! How can these guys shut down domains and not explain why they.

Did it?.

Thank God it's just a hobby for me and I haven't suffered any.

Meaningful loss from this, but what about the people that earn their livings.

From their websites? Their lives could literally be destroyed by something like this and there doesn't seem to be anything they could do about it..

I always thought domain names were somehow regulated or at least monitored by the government, guess that shows how dumb I am.

Oh well,it's been a valuable learning experience for me anyway..

*but I'm going to keep an eye on those little domains,.

And if I see one that's sold for a million bucks in a few months,.

I'll be telling my story to Judge Judy!..

Comment #36

"First, because I'm not going to spend $1,000 sitting on hold to Arizona for 6 or 7 hours...But more importantly, with emails I've got a record of all this b.s.".

Then just use your cell phone during your 'free' hours. No minutes, no long distance, nada. I emphasize with you. Does sound like a hack.

I'll now read pg.2...

Comment #37

You catch more flies with honey than vinegar.

Call naive, nice, and patient. Explain the problem but most of all...BE THE VICTIM. I can't stress enough how important this is. My lawyer schooled me on the art of this. If you can cry...all the better (yes I am serious).

Reality is they can get these back for you and it's not $90 each to do it. It's renewal fee. See if you can get them to renew them all in your account. They want your business...they want your money. A rep on the phone is a human. If you can connect emotionally with them...they will help you.

Don't blame them verbally. At best complain about their confusing interface and say you have no idea how it happened and you just found out. Just play the role of victim and beg them for their help. Yeah...if you're angry this might be hard to do...prepare yourself beforehand. Get into the mentality of how upset your are but with sadness not with anger. Display grief and anxiety.

Hope that helps you...

Comment #38

Yeah, sorry to be harsh but I dont see where Godaddy is at fault here.

Looks like you deleted your own domains. One more reason to log into your account.

On a daily basis and check on your domains.

Always best to give them a call. Labrocca has some great advice...

Comment #39

I just read all that about Godaddy....

And here's my thoughts... they don't pick someone's account.

Have a hayday with it. They don't initiate renewals - transfers, deletions.

Or anything else for that matter! They act upon a "Request from your account" transaction. If it states it wants all the domains deleted - poof! Done!.

At your request. If your account has been compromised, they will.

Be able to see the transactions ahead of that one, showing the account email.

Changing etc and where they went. Take the time and phone them, ask them for the account activity.

Leading up to the deletion request as you believe your account was tampered with. Seeing as how it's your account, shouldn't be a problem. They have the capabilities, just ask!.

Post any updates..

Comment #40

Some idiot from GoDaddy called me the other day, in response to my complaint with the BBB. He was very polite and professional, he just kept repeating the same b.s. that was in all their emails to me. Anyway, it seems that the domains have already been released back into the "wild" I guess.

If I wanted to, I could just look them up and if they're still available, register them again somewhere else. It was nice to learn that I wouldn't have to pay the $90 dollar per domain fee, if I did decide to get any of them back. I doubt that I'll bother though, The more I thought about them, most of them were crap anyway! :-).

I want to thank everyone that posted their suggestions and comments for me in this thread, I really appreciate all of your input.


Comment #41

I havent had any issues like that happen either...and phone support always got me in touch with someone within a few minutes. what were the domain names?..

Comment #42

I still haven't decided if I'll try to reclaim any of them, so I'm sure you'll understand why I don't want to post the names just yet.

I'm pretty sure that they're not worth anything to sell on the open market, but I've been mulling over the possibility of developing one or two of them, just for kicks. Who knows??..

Comment #43

And just as a precaution, you have changed your password to your email account right?..

Comment #44

Oh yeah, I try to change up all of my various passwords at least once a month anyway..

Just to be safe...

Comment #45

Sorry to hear, I don't believe that godaddy can do this?.

I'll be more careful as I'm using Godaddy as my hosting server.


Comment #46

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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