GoDaddy review : Good idea to use GoDaddy?? Domain stolen

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Hi all,.

I came across this blog post from a designer who had his domain name stolen.

Kinda scary how his online identity was stolen by some criminal who wanted to sell the name back to him for $650. He is considering WIPO and/or UDRP and wanted advice so I went to the best place I thought What kind of advice could the experts here at Namepros give this guy whose domain has been hijacked by some scumbag?.

I'll post a comment on his blog linking here. Thanks...

Comments (15)

Oh man, where do I start in all the mistakes that he made?.

1. Informing everyone he'd be gone on holiday for a month.

2. Using a gmail address for his domains.

3. Regging a name through a webhost.

4. Contacting the hijacker/new owner with an offer..

Comment #1

I know, terrible, but it's still illegal.

I'd also like to know why he was punched in the face?.

I quite agree with him about not paying a hacker.

1. File a 'fraud' complaint at a local police station.

2. File a case against the ISP and Godaddy in the US..

Both for info on the hacker and for domain recovery.

3. Go through UDRP to get his domain back??..

Comment #2

I say it again, Godaddy are a thieves paradise. last time I said that all the brown noses came out of the woodwork spouting off how easy it is to recover your name from Nodaddy.


Comment #3

Man, thats scary..

Lesson: While using gmail, don't browse any other sites...

Comment #4

Well did he get it back then?.

The article does not say that. But the whois shows a mail id...

Comment #5

He should contact godaddy. And give proofs of transactionand stuff. I think he will get the domain name then...

Comment #6

Yep he got the name back by contacting godaddy. It seems the thief operates out of Iran and has been doing this for quite a while.

Thanks for you comments...

Comment #7

"After reading my story, some of you contacted me, saying that you know the CEO of, Bob Parsons, and that you would get in touch with him, asking if he could help.".

Looks like if you know someone that knows the CEO it's YESdaddy..

Comment #8

Thats great news.

Always love happy endings lol..

Comment #9

I had a domain stolen from me last year still working on getting it back.. The person who stole it from me just got sued for 10 million by a mega mega big company for trademark fraud...

What comes around goes around......

Comment #10

He He. Nice one, Wicked Chess.

Can some enlighten me what's wrong with GMail?..

Comment #11

WOW! What a story!

I wonder if Godaddy made an exception in this case. I think in the future there will be more resources other than WIPO for these types of cases.

I enjoyed learning the outcome. Bravo!..

Comment #12

As I understand it, what happened is that he browsed a site that has a malicious script on it while he was logged into gmail. The script created a filter in his gmail that forwarded messages with the word 'password' to the hacker's address. I'm not sure if this vulnerability has been fixed in gmail, but the message is don't browse questionable sites while logged into gmail...

Comment #13

It's been fixed. So what other reasons are there for not using GMail?..

Comment #14

Glad everything's back to normal with him. I did come across his post that day when he announced his stolen domain...

Comment #15

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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