GoDaddy service : Recommend I buy GoDaddy?? Domain regged, but looks like some other people wanted it,grrr

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I hand regged a apparently cool domain some time ago, at that time, I didnt know it was that cool. Its getting 100+ type ins per month and looks like it will get more over time for reasons I will explain below.

I never thought much about the name, but one day I checked and found the hyphen version of it was already registered the same day I regged my domain!!.

Very obviously, someone used some pinging service to find out good domains and even I get a bot coming over every now and then...Obviously they were behind me, and settled for the hyphen version. This domain is used now as a forum and the membership is around 30k members...growing fast, it seems. Either they migrated their old forum over or it's that popular...*shrugs*.

I never made a site with it, (really busy) but it's on my host account, and I can see all the stats...what I dislike about it is, this forum may steal future visitors from me.

Any legal aspects to consider here?..

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You mean against you or against them?.

Personally, I'd be glad that I had an undeveloped name that was getting bleed-traffic, but you can't look a gift horse in the mouth, I suppose..


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Sorry, I didnt mean suing them, no...what I meant was, it's tough now to develop this domain when those guys imported (I assume) their whole forum over using the hyphen version of my domain. There's no way a forum could grow in a few months to this size.

This forum is huge... 30K members and seems busy. Oh, and one more thing is the tagline claims it is the official forum for a company selling PC hardware, I have some doubts on that because :.

1) they have a paypal button there.

2) google Adsense.

Obviously, they loved my domain but couldnt get it and so went for the hyphen version...cos it was registered on the exact same day as mine (talk about that).

I'll probably be getting spill over traffic and a check on site stats shows that 100% of traffic is type-ins and 50% even bookmarked my site...maybe you guys might think this is a gift, but I had plans to develop this domain :/.

What I didnt like was the same date of registration, so it was obviously some domain bot stealing service (?) or ping service they were using...another reason why you guys should register a domain immediately if you want to do so. I only found out that there was a similiar domain when I just happened to do a Google search one day trying to find out why there's traffic every day typing my domain into their browser...

Comment #2

What is their forum about? maybe you could develop something completely different.. or develop a forum unrelated to their topic.....

Comment #3

Well, their forum is about a certain brand of PC hardware - motherboards, ram..etc.

The domain is made of good keywords, (nothing to do with any brands) I wanted to do something like a blog site there with daily tips. But now, I'm afraid I'll be drowned out by that that site, ...heck.

The forum is supposedly the "official forum for brand X",...but I doubt it. No company sets up a forum to have Paypal donate buttons.

I wonder what legal angles may or may not exist in this case from all sides. Now I know, they just copied my domain over because they would have taken the unhyphened version (if they could have).

Maybe as some of you would say, I could still benefit from the free spill over traffic after all :/..

Comment #4

Yeah if anything, you'll benefit from them having a developed site on the hyphenated version.... Sort of like owning the .com of a developed .net site..

I'd just develop it personally...

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Sorry, I'm not sure, if I understand you right. You registered a domain and at the same day another one registered the hyphen version. And while the other one developed his domain and has a decent number of members and a nice traffic now, you never made a site because you have been too busy.

Now you accuse the owner of the other domain to play foul? And you are complaining that he might steal future visitors from you? Btw, what is that, future visitors? Perhaps the same vague thing like the future money that I might earn in the domain business some day?.

From what you say you have actually no site nothing, just some plans. Nonetheless you state that the other owner who works on his domain and grows it up does it on your costs? Is that what you say?..

Comment #6

Just sell your domain to them for a decent sum, explaining that you get a decent amount of uniques because you are the one without hyphen......and move on....there are 3 trillion websites with hardware tips etc....just move on...... :-).



Comment #7


You never said, are you looking for money or what?.

If money, sell it to them. IF notoriety, put up a massive link site to a competitor and see who pays you the most for your site. (Oh sorry, that is money too, darnit)..

Comment #8

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