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They are all at Moniker , they arent attached to any sites or anything. I'm not sure of hits or anything because I haven't done anything with the domains. I'm not using them so I thought I would see if they are worth anything. Thanks..

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I don't know much about adult domains but I'm pretty sure these are reg-fee each...

Comment #1

Registration fee at best. Huge difference between domains of word, words, or phrases that are commonly used and multiple combinations that no one uses and don't even make sense...

Comment #2

Didn't you say you were a girl. Girls shouldn't dabble in pr0n. Think cooking sites, or pages about fluffy kittens..

And certainly nothing to do with cars...

Comment #3

Are you asking about value? Those seem pretty worthless because they are gibberish and are impossible to remember. You can think up some better ones for free. Something hyphenated would be better than what you've referenced above...

Comment #4

Hahahah! You forgot that girls could cut the middle man and take 100% of the porn profits which we guys cant... unless you have a gay porn site.

Though yes, these names in itself do not carry value and in after market will be in xx range. Try developing them cos they are brandable!..

Comment #5

Thanks for the advice. Im actually going to turn one into an erotic story site. Thanks a bunch...

Comment #6

Seriously, please tell me what possessed you to register

CollegeWildFuck, I'm giving you reg fee at best.

TeenSexPiXXX, I'm giving you reg fee at best but I think that could be a pretty good, brandable name if you develop it..

Comment #7

Says the guy trying to get offers on

Comment #8

Actually is more than just a domain name. It combines the widespread ownership of camera phones with the fact thats it's a fucking mobile domain... a damn good business plan if you ask me..

Not to mention show me your tits is a whole lot easier to remember than college wild fuck..

Comment #9

Yeah, but the reason why .com's are so valuable is because people type in the domain name and show up to your site for free. I'm not sure anyone is even typing in, let alone a complete phrase...

Comment #10

.mobi just launched, thats why. As more and more cell phones become web enabled, the mobile TLD is going to become more popular. Give it a year..

Also, think about it, when everybody breaks their cell phones and the next generation of handsets is replaced in everybody's hands, theyll ALL be web enabled. Youd be hardpressed to find a newly produced cell phone without web capabilities...

Comment #11

I tend to think that web development will change.. not the preferred extension. I mean, dot tv makes sense... fine. but don't you think web developers will start setting up systems that "detect" your browser is a mobile phone and redirect you to a mobile displayed view of the site?.

That's my $.02..

Comment #12

Yes, I agree with you trigatch. My opinion is that web developers will use useragent detection to see if a viewer requires a specially formatted mobile page. Also, with the fast paced development in mobile tech, you will see more and more phones able to properly view non-mobile pages. The iPhone is just starting that process. Moreover, very few popular sites are going to want the confusing branding of different web extensions. The ones that have done it so far are just trying to "cover all the bases" which we can't blame them for.

I'm watching resellers everywhere trying to dump their .mobis while they can. They are the only extension in memory that has seen sales average drop in the 3-letter and 3-character secondary markets..

Krazyjosh5, the reason I think your domains are regfee is not because I don't believe in a mobile phone explosion. Rather, I think the advancement will be so fast there is no necessity for the .mobi extension. I know this wasn't your appraisal thread, but you needed a cheap shot for giving the original poster a hard time..

Comment #13

Maybe I'm into older guys?.

Actually I bought it because I wanted the other two domains and they was sort of a package deal...

Comment #14

.mobi is harder to type in on a keypad than .com. If the new mobile phones defaulted .mobi extensions on anything put in front of it then I would say a good investment, but that's not happening...

Comment #15

Actually, it my very well be. Dig around a little (specifically, read namepros mobi section).

Anyways, Im in a hurry to develop these and see who is interested in taking them...

Comment #16

I'm taking a look at it now more in depth. I remember back in the late 1990's, when Americans were still using pagers and they were all the rage, in Asia they were sending text messages on their cellphones. I surf the web on my cellphone now. I hate typing in web addresses and finding sites that show up ok in my Motorola phone. Who knows, it could hit soon and be popular.....but now the big question, how to monetize a .mobi site?..

Comment #17

These are opposites. If you're in a hurry to develop why would you be trying to sell them?.

There's a lot of .mobi fanboys on DNForum, and even more on NamePros, but the market doesn't lie. Look at the sales compared to 6 months agothe .mobi hype is dead in the eyes of real buyers..

How about you give me a date when we'll see a majority of phone traffic going to .mobi so I can get an idea of what kinda time horizon you're thinking. I'd be willing to bet it will never happen. All these additional gTLDs only make .com stronger...

Comment #18

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