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Want to register a domain name but dont know what to register then this is hendogs daily post where I will post domain names that are not registered that may just be worth registering..

If anyone else wants to post any domains then go ahead..

First come first served.

Starting with.

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Want to own some virtual real estate but think there is nothing left to register, how about owning the domain name of the deepest cave in the world ....


Comment #1

If you decide to register these then consider shooting yourself first..

On saying that you would probably get loads of traffic to them if you did..




Comment #2

Even though it was meant for noobies but I snagged VORONYACAVE.COM..


Comment #3

No worries, I hope it makes you some $$$$..

Comment #4

More real estate to follow but I am off to get some sleep...

Comment #5

Thought I would do one more before I go..

So how would you like to own a nice place in New Zealand where some of the best wine in the world is made......well now you can "19500" hits in google comes free..


Comment #6

Well if you arent hung like a donkey then you could register.

It's available......

On a more serious note I will post another shortly, who wants some more virtual real estate.....

Can I get an amen.....

Comment #7

Ok so no PRAISE THE LORD !, holrthnthou if I dont get a praise the lord from someone else in the next 3 mins todays real estate domain will be pmed to you...

Comment #8

Holrthnthou you have just got todays piece of internet real estate via pm... a prime piece in the good old US of A.

If you don't want it then feel free to post it here for someone else..

Anyone else who missed it well there is still time to register.


Comment #9

One more bit of real estate up for grabs, but this time you will have to work it out for yourselves, this is one of the most famous places in the USA .... you only get one hint.

Hint: Death Valley.

And no it aint or any other TM.

What I can tell you is that the .com is available of this domain if you work out what it is..

Since you lot do not seem to be too bright, here is another hint, they made a movie about it...

Comment #10

And another.

So you want to own your very own virtual domain Island and not just any island, you want to own a national wildlife refuge with it's own lagoon and reef, you want to own the most southern point in the UNITED STATES.

Well now you can.

Rose Atoll - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

I really should write an ebook showing how hendog makes 4k a day with domains...

Comment #11

I thought south point on the big island was the farthest south? I was just there.....

Comment #12

I've found hundreds of domains like these... but when I register them, I never make my money back through domain parking... what am I doing wrong?..

Comment #13

With the domains you posted in this thread, how would you develop them? just simple 1-5 page sites with text and ads?.

Do you really make $4k/day doing this?..

Comment #14

LOL @ that ain't mine, there is no value in a name like that, whoever registered it is an idiot..


Whatever the site you are developing say Rose Atoll for instance, just put up some info on the place for visitors to read who want to know about it and who come to your site and also place some ads, affiliate links depending on what your site is about..

It all depends on the site you are building..

And yeah I make roughly 4k a day sometimes less sometimes more, this week I have made 14k since last sunday morning up until bull.....a lot of hours put in though, you have to spend a lot of time at this I put in about 12 hours a day which sucks but needs to be done..

Don't get me wrong though, I am not into developing sites or parking or any of that I buy and sell domains thats it...

Comment #15

If I were you transistor I would register domains and develop them, buying and selling domain names is not easy and I would not recommend it unless you really know what you are doing you could end up with a bunch of useless names and lost money, I remember reading a post not long ago with someone asking what would be worth.....that is not even funny, unless you have an eye for it and money to burn don't info on sites like this and learn to develop sites it is an easier way to make money once you learn how to do it...and you can make plenty $$$$$ with adwords, affiliates etc.

Go and read Chris Rempels lazy affiliate or whatever it is called and start there.. it may be available in the free ebook section, a good start for someone who is new to this and interested in affiliates etc...

Comment #16

Thanks for the info hendog. I did a lot of reading about domains about 9 months ago. I bought about a dozen and parked them. the only somewhat valuable name I got was the name of my city .net, which was dropped. have you heard of catch and release by I think I may give that a try to gauge if I can get type in traffic before I buy the domain..

Do you actively try to sell your domains or do you just list them at sedo for auction? do you only buy unregistered domains?..

Comment #17

I have heard of catch and release but have never used it so cannot advise you on it, I do not list at sedo either, I buy a lot of domains at live auctions in the real world, I often approach people who have domains and buy them for less than they are worth .....

Comment #18

One way is to buy a good domain possibly from the person who owns it and then approach a company who may be interested in buying such a name and offer it to them..

This can be a laborious task but sometimes pays off very well.....

Comment #19

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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