Doing the tummy tuck during Medifast?

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Just in case anyone is interested in kind of following along, I am definitely having a tummy tuck next Wednesday. As some of you may recall, I was considering rejuvenating the girls as well, but it just wasn't as big a priority and I couldn't justify the expense. Maybe someday....

I'm looking forward to my little mommy makeover and to saying goodbye to the "twin skin" I've been carrying around for 12 years! Even a year of maintenance at 130-140 did nothing to reduce the excess skin. I can't wait to wear something as simple as a tee and jeans and not have to worry about my saggy tummy.

I'll update this thread after the surgery and when I'm coherent...

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Yay! Pictures please. I don't know if I'll need a tummy-tuck...I don't have kids (yet) and I've never been skinny. My family is all built the same way, all women with the big fanny pack in the front!.

But, yeah, PICTURES! Before and afters! I don't mind seeing the scars and what not...and post up any links that you find about the procedure, and show us what they are doing!..

Comment #1

Tana, you SO deserve it! My c-section incision exploded on day 3 after I delivered my twins. It remained open and disgusting for 6 MONTHS! A GAPING HIP TO HIP WOUND!.

I finally said, "Cut it and SHUT IT"! So they did. I had them cut off "some extra" while they were there... So glad I did!.

Cant wait to hear how happy you are with the results!!..

Comment #2

I plan on the same thing in a year...keep us up to date on how it goes..i wish you the best..

Comment #3

Let us know! I havent reached my goal yet but I am already saving for the girls just in case and the tummy.Id like to know what it's like if you dont mind..

Comment #4

You absolutely deserve it! Mom to 12? Yup - it's YOU time! You are an amazing woman and deserve to do this for yourself! Congrats!..

Comment #5

Good luck Tana and best wishes for a speedy recovery. All of us moms know how quick we try to bounce back and take care of everything. Please take all the relaxation time you need to heal...

Comment #6

I would like to have a tummy tuck too, but haven't seen a doctor yet. I'll be interested in knowing all about yours in helping me make my decision about it...

Comment #7

Wow, it's nice that you could get scheduled so quickly once you made the final decision to do it! Do keep us posted!!! And best wishes for a speedy recovery!!!!!!..

Comment #8

Best wishes for a speedy recovery and a beautiful outcome!..

Comment #9

Good for you! My mom had one done about 14 years ago, and she said it was one of the best things she'd ever done for herself..

Best wishes for a speedy recovery...

Comment #10

Thanks for posting your decision. I was wondering about you last night. Glad you decided to do it...

Comment #11

Good for you! A mother of 12 definitely deserves something special after working so hard!.

Is "twin skin" from having twins, or is there enough to cover another person? IDK, I'm blonde.

We'll pray for a safe, successful surgery and an easy recovery!..

Comment #12

Hey congrats to ya! Thats awesome and yeah I decided that I iknow I'm going to get one, but of course not yet and well itll be like 3 yrs from now!!..

Comment #13

Well I think that is wonderful! And so fast! Next Wednesday! You just can't walk around with your tummy all falling out like that pic you showed us. Hm-mm. No way! I'm so glad you are going thru with it. Did the insurance thing work out? Sorry you can't get the girls done, but hey there are always push-up bras and those little inserts I want to hear all about it afterward! I like gruesome stuff..

Comment #14

Yes, please give us the details...I also want to have this done when all is lost...

Comment #15

That is so exciting!! I have a friend that got a T-Tuck through the Army for free about 10 years ago (the plastic surgeons need to keep up their skills for working on the soldiers, but I don't think allowed to do it any more!!) Anyway, she had the tummy of a teen afterwards, I was sooooo envious!! I actually saw the results 5 years after the fact, and it still looked fantastic! Good luck....and as an added bonus (not that you need it!) you'll even weigh less because of the skin they take off!!..

Comment #16

Can't wait to hear the update and how recovery is. I'm considering it for next year. Good luck, I had plastic surgery in June and the recovery was nothing. I expected to be down for months but I was back to normal in no time...

Comment #17

Great for you. Take it easy afterwards..

You are so worth this...

Comment #18

From having twins, LOL!.

I've only been pregnant 3 times (our other kids were adopted), but the twin pregnancy really did a number on my body!..

Comment #19

11 hours and counting! Ack!.

If you're a pray-er, I'd be so grateful for prayers. Good thoughts are great too. Almost as much as the surgery, I'm worried about my kids getting along and listening to their older sister while I'm gone and my hubby is at work. She is great at holding down the fort, but if they start fighting with each other or otherwise causing trouble, it will be a rough couple of days for her. Thankfully my twins will be on a boating trip with our friends and my two other teens will be working, so that will help avoid the "two many cooks in the kitchen" problem we run into when everyone wants to be in charge.

My sister is going with me and will take care of me and drive me home on Thursday. A few of my kids carried a recliner from the basement all the way up to our third floor bedroom yesterday (wow!) so I will have somewhere to sleep when I get home (apparently you cant lie flat for a while after surgery). Meals are shopped for, kids' school bags are packed, bills are paid, paperwork is done, and rides are arranged. I have great friends and my parents and sister to call for help if I need it, and my hubby and kids will be a great help to me, too. There is never a convenient time for moms to be out of commission, so I'm grateful to my family and friends for helping me make this a reality.

I'll try to post tomorrow evening if I'm feeling up to it. Thanks for all the prayers and well wishes!..

Comment #20

That's great! My best friend lost 200+ pounds two years ago, and so he had a tummy tuck done this past spring. He now looks super sharp in all his clothes and feels wonderful. Good luck!..

Comment #21

Best of luck, waiting to see the results here..

Comment #22

Just sending along good wishes for your surgeryIt will turn out fantastic. Very happy for you...

Comment #23

So, today's the big day, huh? Best wishes to you again. Get lots of rest...

Comment #24

WOoooot! Today's the day! I will keep you in my thoughts!..

Comment #25

Good for you! You are going to feel so different when it's done...

Comment #26

You are probably in the middle of the procedure right now, but we're thinking happy thoughts and praying like crazy. Can't wait to hear how recovery goes..

I'm hoping to lose enough to just consider a t-tuck...

Comment #27

Best of luck! Can't wait to see before and after photos!.

Feel better real soon!..

Comment #28

Wow, that's exciting and it definitely sounds like you deserve it! As I struggle with two kids God Bless you! GL and Congrats!!..

Comment #29

Good luck, you will be so glad you did after you get over the surgery. I haven't had that done would love to maybe one day. Have a friend who did, she looked very good..

Can't wait to see your pics...

Comment #30

I've been thinking of you, and sending lots of positive thoughts. Looking forward to the update when you feel up to getting online again :-)..

Comment #31

Best of luck to you and you MUST let us know. I think I might need it too. You'll be in my prayers Wednesday...

Comment #32

Great decision. it took me five years after breast cancer, to have my woman doctor reshape both breasts after lumpectomy in r breast. soooo glad I finally did it. (no implants). rest up, don't pop any stitches, you will be sooo happy you decided on this operation...

Comment #33

Hope you're doing well after the surgery! We'll continue good thoughts and prayers for a quick recovery...

Comment #34

WorldMom, I hope the surgery went well! Come back and let us know how you're doing soon.....

Comment #35

Let us know how you are doing when you feel up to it! Hugs.........

Comment #36

You might wonder "what in the hell have I done?!?" for the first week or so, but it gets better, I promise!.

Can't wait for the updates!..

Comment #37

Hi everyone! Thank you SO much for all the prayers and well wishes. You guys are seriously the best. I am home now and looking oh-so-attractive with drains coming out, pain pump going in, funky compression hose, girdle and nasty hospital hair.

I'm feeling pretty good thanks to the pain pump and stock of pain killers, but I can definitely feel it when I try to move around or go the bathroom! Ouch!.

I had my post-op appointment this morning and got my first peek at my new tummy. It was a surreal experience! It's pretty swollen, but there was no loose skin and I have a beautiful new belly button. Looking down at my stomach, it seemed like it couldn't really be mine. It will take some getting used to!.

Next Thursday I get my drains out, and then the following Thursday the stitches come out. I think in a couple of weeks I'll appreciate this all a little more. Right now I'm in the "what have I done" stage.

Thanks again, guys!..

Comment #38

Glad you're home and doing well! I hope the rest of your recovery is as successful!..

Comment #39

I hope you post pictures soon!! I have been thinking about it..

Comment #40

Wow! Glad to hear you are home and recovering. Very exciting. I imagine I will be doing the same when I get to goal!..

Comment #41

That is so great. Can't wait to see the after pics!..

Comment #42

Tana, thanks for checking in with us. Glad you are liking your new, firm tummy. And I'm sure you'll like it more and more with each passing week as you watch your swelling go down and your tummy get flatter and flatter...

Comment #43

Woohoo, glad you're doing well and can't wait to see the pics!! Take care of yourself...

Comment #44

So happy everything has gone well so far! You are going to be so glad you did this (after you are all healed up!)...

Comment #45

Thanks so much for keeping us all up to date. Praying for a quick recovery! Hugs..

Comment #46

Thanks for the update. Please keep us updated on how your recovery goes. Dh offered me an new minivan next year. I told him to keep his minivan I already have a car that's just fine but I am going to need a new tummy when I get to goal! Be sure to share the good, bad, and the ugly so that all of us who are considering the procedure can be prepared. Take care of yourself!..

Comment #47

I enjoyed reading your is exciting and it sounds like all is going really, Eileen..

Comment #48

Please, please, please tell us how you are doing. Are you happy with your tummy tuck results?..

Comment #49

Keep us posted on your progress; sounds good so far. May have to add that to my breast reduction I am planning at the end as my reward.......

Comment #50

I'd love to hear more too!!! I plan on rewarding myself with a tummy tuck when this is all said and done!!..

Comment #51

I had this breast reduction procedure done 3 years ago. It was a good decision and now at 49 I'm just as perky as a 16 year old girl.

Sad to say that I contemplated this surgery for a long time as not only a way to make my back stop hurting, but also to lose some weight. It's a very sad commentary when you are willing to have extra weight cut off just to lose some.

Obviously, Dr Regier (whom I believe is an artiste) saw the medical need for the procedure or he wouldn't have done it; My back was in constant pain, deep ruts in my shoulders from the brastraps cutting in, and the neverending heat rashes from sweating under the breasts. Amazingly, 2 days after surgery my back didn't hurt and I could stand up straight.

Recovery time was about 5 days until I had no need for pain meds, 3 weeks before I could move around with just a little pain, 3 months before I became totally pain free. Entirely worth the discomfort when you consider the long-term benefit...

Comment #52

Norilee, thank you for that testimonial; you have hit on a LOT of the things that really drive me crazy about these melons...those specific results for some reason make it seem more real...

Comment #53

I am so happy for you!.

A tummy tuck and arm revision will be my reward when I make my goal weight. I totally get it about not being able to wear clothing that would fit due to a saggy tummy! Bleck!.

I can't wait to hear how you like your new you!.

Big hugs!..

Comment #54

I see it's been awhile since your procedure. I hope all is well for you. I have been thinking seriously about having a tuck done as well when I get to goal, and would love your feedback.

I have not had twins but a carried a very large little girl who weighed 12lbs at birth, so kinda like 2 babies just bundled into one, LOL. And I have had one normal size baby as well. My abdominal skin is very saggy and I would be able to wear smaller sizes if it wasn't for the extra around the middle. I'm worried about the recovery time, since I'm a Paramedic and some days are very demanding at work...

Comment #55

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