Does Oscillococcinum really work ?
Does Oscillococcinum really work ?

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My entire household has experienced how this product lives up to it's claims. It works! You must take upon the first symptoms of the flu and continue to take as directed. It really diminishes the severity and duration of the flu. I keep a 12-pack in the medicine cabinet at all times..

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My daughter got the flu very badly at a horrible time for her, and I asked at VS what they might recommend. This was what they told me to try. A few does, and she was totally better. I will always have this on hand from now on! Sweet taste, easy dosing, very portable..

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Tried on 2 different occasions and the product was not effective. I did not feel any relief. In addition, it has sugar in it which suppresses your immune system even in small quantities. Gaia Herbs Quick Defense works like magic, it's expensive but I would highly recommend it. It has eliminated a sore throat, swollen glands, ear pain and works best as soon as you feel any symptoms of illness. Take on an empty stomach.

You may have to request that your VS order it. When I visited one of the Vit. Shoppes last week the manager also indicated that Gaia is very effective but several of the VS in the area were out of the product so I tried the oscill. again ended up being very sick and without relief for a second time..

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What can I say but that this works. What I have to note is that if you begin to feel flu symptoms, that is the time to take the product, not after the flu has taken a firm grip.I have had to take this twice, fortunately, many years apart. The first time, I thought that it was too late. I had already felt sick for a few days and the muscles aches had set in but I took Oscillococcinum and it knocked the flu out of my system by the next dayThe second time, I was on a long car drive stuck with my brother and nephew in a car in the rain. My nephew had the flu. The next day, I woke up with a fever and felt just a bit achey. I started dosages as soon as possible and I was fine by that same evening..

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We've been using this for years & taken as soon as symptoms start, it works like a charm. Wouldn't want to go through a flu season without at least a dozen doses in the house!!!I recommend this all the time!!.

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My family has used oscillo for years now and we make sure we always have it just in case. If you take it at the onset of symptoms, you won't believe how fast it works and how much better you feel. We have used it for those really bad colds that also have the fever, aches and chills like the flu, and it shortens the duration of illness with that, too. It's amazing how well and quickly it works! I absolutely recommend it..

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I have suffered from 4 week colds & 6 week flu every year, sometimes 2-4 bouts every winter all my life. I even almost died at 6 y.o. from bronchitis. Sneeze or cough in my direction & I catch it. Several years ago, it got so bad, coughing up blood & dropping to my knees, almost passing out from lack of air getting into my lungs was normal & I started to contemplate moving anywhere warmer as I could not take it anymore. That's when I tried this.

It turns my 4-6 weeks into a week of sniffles or even less if take it when first realize I'm sick. Even a 101+ fever would be gone within half an hour & I'd go feel well enough to go shopping even in the cold (yeah, yeah, naughty). 50% of my congestion would be gone in 20 minutes & I'd have more energy & retake it when it comes back, whether it be every 2 hours or 8. I try it for anything respiratory, even colds & it works. Yes, there is a bit of sugar which isn't the best, but since it has to stay under the tongue, it makes it easy/yummy, great for people who can't swallow pills & on the go.

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The few times I felt "flu-ish" this season, I quickly started my regimen with this product and by the time I was through taking the prescribed dosages, I felt fine. I find this product to be truly amazing and will always keep some on hand in my medicine cabinet!.

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