Does Medifast really work ?

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Hi, I started the diet yesterday and am having big doubts about being able to stay on such a strict diet. I have been thinking about returning the food, but I really want to lose weight! Does this diet work? It would be helpful to hear from others who have lost weight.

I am going to be completely honest. The food is ok...I guess, but the drinks are just not for me. I love my morning coffee with skim milk and splenda, and I just cannot tolorate the cuppacino or the hot chocolate. For some reason, they both leave a taste in my mouth that is unbearable. It makes me want to send all the food back. I have been able to give up coke a cola, but the coffee is another story..

To be honest, I am worried about being able to stay on the diet...but ONLY because of the coffee thing. Please help!! I really want to lose weight and be one of the success stories here, but I also want my morning coffee. I know this might sound silly to some, but I think it will be a real problem if I don't find some way to get it..

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I have my morning coffee every day with a splash of milk and sugar free creamer. So- it's possible to do so..

However, you really need to decide what you want more; health and fitness, or coffee? If it was between the two, I know what I would choose. If your answer is coffee- - then this might not be the right time for you. Only you can answer that question.

This diet absolutely works. However, you have to be ready to commit and make positive changes to do so..

Comment #1

LOL...I have (want) to have my coffee,too!! Did you mix the capp & hot choco w/ water? I mix mine with coffee & add a tsp of splenda. I love it this way, sometimes I have 2-3 a day. Give it a try....what do you have to lose, but a couple of pounds?.

Comment #2

Hello! Just wanted to let you know I believe this diet works. I have been on it for only a week and have lost 6 pounds, that includes me being bloated and not exercising. In fact, I have been a little lazy with the change of calorie intake, but now I have a lot of energy and looking forward to starting a workout plan this Monday. (I am doing stuff around the house to use my energy today!) .

BUT, you have to make that decision. I can see differences in me other than the weightloss and now energy. My body is changing, seeing some upper abs already, my appetite and the foods I want are the healthy ones - see my post about L&G meal seems wrong. I can only see the benefits of the plan and know here in a couple of months, I will be soooo happy I stuck with it and can't wait to be there. Hope this helps you any way that it can and if you don't plan on sticking to the plan, definitely return it with the money you have paid for it..

Comment #3

Hi, Thanks for responding. I know that some may think it absurd that I need my morning coffee, but I can give up anything in the world except coffee. I can deal with the hunger, etc. But just having that coffee in the morning is a ritual that I don't know I can give up. I hate to admit this, but I was very addicted to coke a cola, and I gave that up for this diet. I am now drinking crystal light.

I am serious about weight loss, but I am also serious about the fact that I NEED my morning coffee. I would be willing to give up two meals just to have it. Thanks again for your help!.

Comment #4

You will hear this alot and it is true. If you are not ready for this program, you shouldn't do it. That being said it such a great program, there are wonderful people to give you support and it works. It is so easy to follow if you want to do it. Read the Success stories. Find someone that was your weight and see how far they have come.

But this one is what I love 7 great words to remember. NOTHING TASTES AS GOOD AS THIN FEELS. I mean really you know what all those good (bad) things taste like. But after you have eaten them, how long do you feel good about it? Your improved health, energy and body will be a much better feeling to you, if you give it a chance. I am a newbie, and I believe this is going to be a great journey and I am ready to do it.

Comment #5

Paints, I want to encourage you to hang in there! Medifast is hard at first, but it gets better once you get past those first few days and start to see the changes in yourself and in your body..

Medifast does work at least it sure has for me and many others. I have lost 17.6 in about 32 days not as much as some, but more than I have been able to lose in years. The first few days are the toughest because the program is new. Anything new that I have tried always takes some getting used to at first and can be a challenge. As I started the program, I was hungry, tired, and crabby too, but I tried to put that aside and focus on why I was doing the program. I also read on the boards or somewhere in the materials, that it is better to have another Medifast meal than to go off program.

Reading the boards also helped me realize that what I was feeling was similar to what others went through, so I knew that I was right on track and wasn't alone in working through that time..

Before I found this program, I felt really desperate. I really wanted to lose the weight and get to feeling better. I hated having to go to the doctor because everytime I came in, they would weigh me and the weight kept creeping up, never down, for at least two to three years. I felt really embarrassed about myself and about my size. My size 22-24 clothes were starting to feel tight on me too.

I remember feeling frustrated too as I started Medifast. My first meal was the Chili and although I probably mixed it up wrong, I have not gone back to it yet. There are lots of other meals to try though, and I have found my favorites..

As others say, to each his or her own. Some food you will like, some you won't, but I would recommend that you keep trying to find what you like and what works for you. The food and how to prepare it takes some getting used to. I did a lot of looking at the boards and learning how others managed their programs to get hints on how to prepare the food, to get the great recipes, using the Capella drops, PB2, getting a Magic Bullet to blend my shakes and make the "ice cream" and other ideas on how to do the program..

I also read many success stories and saw the photos others shared about their success. Reading about it is one thing, but seeing the awesome results that others have had when they follow the program really motivated and inspired me. I saw that others could do it, and I came to believe that I can do it too!.

Although it's hard at first, this program is absolutely worth the temporary hardship to get to the point where the pounds are dropping off. I feel better than I have in years. I have noticed that I am not "huffing and puffing" to keep up with my long-legged DH when we go out to the store or out for a walk. I stand-up a little taller, and I sit-up straighter. I have a lot more energy, and I feel much more confident about myself..

Like other great programs, it works if you work it, one day at a time. You can do it! I focused on that promise and am really pleased with my results so far. I have a bunch more weight to lose, but when I get impatient with my loss, I try to remember that I did not gain the weight overnight and it won't be lost overnight either. At least I know that this program works for me, my clothes are fitting better and looser, and I have a program that is simple for me to follow and stick to..

Comment #6

I'm going to mortify myself and share my story, in hopes it will help you..

I'm still a newbie to this plan, so it's not like I don't struggle. But 4 weeks ago, when I ordered my food, I was so scared/afraid/not wanting to give up my breakfast that I've had every morning for the last 4-5 years. It's way worse than yours! McD's BEC biscut, small Mr. Pibb. Having this every morning Monday - Friday was my pick me up, my friend and just made me feel good..

I decided it was time to stop that mindset and ditch it all together. I gave up coffee, caffeine, sugar and ALL fast food for 2 weeks. I didn't "HAVE" to, I decided I WANTED to. Sure, it may have made my first few days even rougher, but in hindsight, it wasn't all that bad. After the end of my second week, I started to add coffee back (a little) and WOAH did it have this amazing taste, flavor and I got a BUZZ!! .

Sure, my story is a little different, but it's the same theory. You have to decide if this is the TIME for you. If you're not ready to make drastic changes, take a day to think about it. In the end, when you're ready, this plan will 100% work for you. The whole purpose of Medifast is to change your eating STYLE, not just the food.

I will tell you though that the feeling I got after I went 2 weeks cold-turkey off of everything...I felt an amazing sense of accomplishment. Now, after just finishing my 3rd week, I feel AWESOME..

I hope that may help you in understanding why this is more than just a diet. It's more than just giving up your _____. It's about making lifelong changes in the right direction towards better health..

I wish you the best of luck with your decision!.

Comment #7

The food will taste better after a week or so. You'll wonder why you ever thought it tasted bad. Also, you will want to look into the recipes made with the Medifast food. They make it portable and better. I've lost 61 pounds since the 9th of January. This program works if you stay pretty true to the rules.

Well, I just don't want to do that! I can't tell if you really have your mind made up to give up your current way of eating and change to Medifast. You have to commit to doing it for it to work. Good luck!.

Comment #8

I have a cup of coffee every single day with 1 TBSP of Coffee-mate Sugarfree French Vanilla liquid creamer. You don't have to go without! The foods you don't like, don't eat. You can put them away and a few weeks down the road go back to them and try them again because your tastes do change on this plan. Good luck!.

Comment #9

I have coffee every morning with a T of half anf half. I've been on the Medifast program for one week and have lost 10 pounds. I'm a "mature" 65 year old with type 2 diabetes and if I can do it you can do itif you are commited?????.

Comment #10

First off, Welcome. Second and more important, give yourself time to get used to it. I am living proof that after spending the great majority of my life failing on so called diets that yes, Medifast does work. I have been on Medifast 8 months now and as of today I have lost 154 lbs. I have a long way to go but I know I will get there. Give yourself time, you will too..

Comment #11

You are getting great advice here..

And you do not have to give up your morning coffee, so put that worry away right now!! .

I do understand about the coffee... I could not give up my evening wine the first few weeks so I didn't I just did the program anyway and chose leaner dinners. Gradually I was able to phase out the wine, but you are lucky you don't have to cut back on coffee ever if you don't want to..

So go ahead and give it a try! If you don't like certain foods, stick to the ones you do like..

Comment #12

Gosh, I am sitting here drinking my coffee with the hazelnut flavored splenda and a little half-n-half (lower carb than milk) and thinking, "why would you have to give this up?" I've been doing it for months and months and it's never hurt me weight-wise. Same deal with my diet coke. I have those every day. Hang in there...this is a great program and it really works. You're going to feel great and you're not going to be hungry....just takes a little time for your body to adjust. I've never had a problem with any of the food other than the vanilla shakesjust a strange "vanilla" to me...yuck! But beyond that, I really like my meals. At first they seemed soooo small, but seriously, I sometimes struggle to eat all 6 a day! Don't give up...and for heaven's sake! Enjoy your coffee!!!.

Comment #13

Where does the "give up coffee" thing come from? I have 2 cups every morning, with a pack of splenda and a little half and half. If it's hurt my loss so be it, I've lost 47 lbs so far, in about 3 1/2 months..

The "rules" on this plan are recommendations, so if there's something you really really can't do and it doesn't spoil the whole thing, that's a choice you can make..

Does the plan really work? For some it does, for some it doesn't. You're hearing from the former on here. I'm sure theres many more who give up because it is strict, it is hard, and the foods are not gourmet quality. If you can get past all of that, it works..

Comment #14

Medifast really does work if you let it. Browse around Medifast, read the threads, LOOK AT THE SUCCESS PICTURES (now THOSE are some pretty impressive and motivating pictures)! Yes, those first few days are hard. They kicked me butt on more than one occassion. It took me 3 tries to get onboard the first time. But you can keep your coffee and think of it as your reward or your indulgence. It takes a body 3-5 days to get into ketosis so that is the difficulty. But once you get to ketosis, you find out how easy it is and how good you feel and how good for you this really is..


You really have to want to do this. Medifast is a strict plan. (Believe it or not, though, you will not be hungry or tired once ketosis hits.) You have to decided for yourself if this is for you at this time. Good luck with whatever your decision is..

Comment #15

Yes, the program does work. I drink a few cups of coffee every day. I use 1/2 T of SF powdered coffee mate in each cup and I still have lost over 75 pounds. Just be sure to log the coffee mate or what ever you use in the food section each day so that you can track the amount used. The coffee doesn't count as part of your water but you have all day to get that in.

Once I had been on the program for a few weeks, I found that I only drank 1/2 the cup at a time so I really did cut back on my coffee drinking. I always keep a glass of water by my desk along with my coffee cup and I ended up drinking the water. So give yourself time to adjust to the program. Don't give up! You can succeed with this!.

Comment #16

I completely understand the coffee thing and not wanting to give it up. I STILL have mine the way I always did which is with some Splenda and fat free half and half. I have no idea whether or not it's slowed my weight loss and quite frankly, I don't care. I have still lost 40 lbs. since February..

Medifast has been the ONLY plan that has EVER worked for me and believe you me, I have tried them ALL. I love it and intend to keep it as part of my diet so that I never gain all this weight back again!.

Good luck and for Pete's sake, enjoy your coffee!!.

Comment #17

I've only been doing this for a little over a week but it DEFINITELY gets easier and the food starts to taste fabulous! I just figured out yesterday how to make the oatmeal turn out like real oatmeal! Before that, it was my least favorite, now I love it! I haven't been 100% cheat free but it's still working. I have to do this for a while so I'm going to make it work for me. It's not all or nothing. Which used to be my motto so I never succeeded for long. You can do this! Make your food ahead of time so it has time to soak up the water. Put the shakes in the frig; it makes them nice and creamy. Hang in there! There are some big time losers here and I'm going to be one of them!.

Comment #18

Great advice! .

The program WORKS, but ONLY if you want to work it!.

Comment #19

I've been on the diet for 6 days and have lost 6 lbs I am not fond of their coffee drinks either so I have cont to drink my coffee with sweet n low and non dairy creamer (i gave up my french vanilla!!) that is the one thing I do. I work nights as a nurse and we all are big coffee drinkers. it's worked for me. the shakes I add a whole tray full of ice and use my smoothie maker and it makes 2 huge glasses!! and it makes it more bearable!!good luck and stick with it. if coffee is the one thing you can't give up then don't just tweak how you do it a little!! good luck and keep me posted!! christina.

Comment #20

I too drink coffee (black) 3 cups a day... I have the oatmeal- the dutch choc. shake- chicken n. soup-(cream of chicken soup or tomatoe soup) once in a while I have the bars....Im never hungry!!!the first 3 days were hard...but after that it has ben smoothe........This is coming from a carb addict....I can't believe I've gone 11 weeks without bread of any kind....but I did make sure this is what I wanted to do before I bought the first 2 weeks of food...after the first week I ordered more food cause, I lost 14lbs the first week. I was amazed by this !!!make sure you're reading before you go on(have your last carb fest) then just do it you won't regret it ...if you stay on the plan as you should.....

Comment #21

Lots of great advice here! I thought I could never get by without my coffee, too, but I have taken a little different approach. I make my first Medifast meal of the day my "frozen Starbuck's" shake! .

I'm sipping one with now. It's made with:.

Medifast Dutch Chocolate Shake.

2 Tbs. Folger's Instant Coffee Crystals.

Graham Cracker Flavor Drops.

Splash of DaVinci's Praline Syrup.

2 Tbs. Walden Farms Chocolate Dip (makes it sooo thick!).

Full tray of mini ice cubes.

About 1/2 cup of water.

I whipped this all up in the Magic Bullet, and WHOA!!!!! It is soooooo delicious! It's thick and a rich, soft-serve ice cream. This particular combination tastes like dark chocolate!.

Now, mind you, I don't always add so many things to it. Sometimes I just use a Medifast shake, ice and the instant coffee. Other times, like today, I want to feel like I'm having something a bit more decadent..

Comment #22

Medifast definitely works. I lost 15 lbs in 3 weeks....yippeeee. try the Medifast coffee drinks cold, they are much tastier that way..

Comment #23

Give up coffee, are you kidding?? Starbucks is a necessary part of life for me I hated coffee up until 5 years ago when I had 2 rounds of blood transfusions now I have to have my daily coffee.

I mix brewed coffee with the dutch chocolate shake, French vanilla shake, chai, cappucino, swiss mocha shake and both flavors of the ready to drink shakes. I make all of them hot, or blend them with ice and make them frappucino style. I read on the boards the other day where someone had even mixed iced black coffee with a pudding and it turned out well I haven't tried that yet, but I probably will..

Medifast works. With a little planning, you can fit Medifast to your lifestyle that is the great thing about this diet and why it is working for me. I don't have to change my whole life to fit Medifast, it fits me..

Comment #24

There is no reason why you can't have your morning coffee and a diet soda on the Medifast Plan. Just make sure and no what your daily limit is - but you can have them; if that's what you want.

You have to want this plan to work if it's going to work. Maybe you haven't hit rock bottom yet; like myself. I got sick and tired of feeling depressed not wanting to go out of the house and not liking myself for the person I was but rather hating the why I looked and felt.

I'm only in day six and I think this plan is easy to stick to; but you have to want it. GOOD LUCK!!.

Comment #25

First of all, Welcome, and deciding to be healthy. I chose not to give up coffee right away. I must say I enjoy my iced tea more. Until I can decide I want cut out the caffeine altogether (which I don't think I really want to!!!) I have to have at least some or I end up with a migraine. That's my body's dependence of caffeine.

Part of my deciding to do away with coffee was a control thing, as was the decision to lose the weight. When my weight slowed down to almost nothing was when I decided to give up the coffee.

Good luck and welcome to the Medifast family..

Comment #26

Everyone is so rightI will not give up my One cup of coffee in the amand I have lost 6 lbs.Your taste does changeThe first few days I choked on the oatmeal(and I Love oatmeal) Gaged on the chili (which does need a pinch of hot sauce or something) but I can eat it now Although the two bars I bout are a bit to be desired stillIn my sample pack I love the Caramel Nut and the Fruit Granola barHave tried pancakes on Sunday(make the regular ones for my family and it's not too bad! THANKS PAM! So search the recipes add a pinch of cinnamon to help you out or a bit of sea salt in the soup or garlicits better than going off plan! Drink WATERRRRRRRRRR and POST for help, comfort ,ideas. As a matter of fact this is the first time I will have my period since starting Medifast and I am ready to eat this computer. I heard it was best to have another Medifast meal instead of going completely off. So see there is always help here! Good Luck.

Comment #27

You guys are the greatest!! I just had to thank you for your help!! You are an amazing group of losers...and I want to be one of!!! You have no idea how inspiring you all are!! I can do this...and to think, I can have my coffee too!! YIPPPPPIE!!! It doesn't get any better than that!.

Comment #28

Did anyone ever really get fat drinking coffee with skim milk? I think there may be more going on here. Like maybe some of us are afraid of loosing the weight. It can be scarry going to a new place. Don't set yourself up for failure. We have to love ourselves so we can do this and be happy so we can love others. It is like a snowball.

I was so hungry the other day I ate a whole bag of salad greens. Trust me I didn't get fat eating plain salad. It got me past the "crisis" and I know I will be okay because I know why I am doing this. I also know it won't be easy, but to tell the truth this month hasn't been all that bad. I think being able to come here and read others stories of slips and triumphs really helps.

Comment #29

I drink coffee every day. I've lost eighty pounds. I put a little bit of half & half and sometimes splenda in it.

YES - the diet works. I hated the hot drinks too, never buy them anymore. Give it some time. You'll get there..

Comment #30

I have two cups of coffee every morning with half and half (full strength) and splenda. I just log it and make sure my Nurtritional values stay in range. You will learn to tolerate and even enjoy many of the foods. Those you don't don't order. I stick to just several items that I like. Try the eggs! ....

and the bread made from cream soup and eggs. (all Medifast varieties). I am just as addicted to my Medifast muffins in the morning as our friend was addicted to McD's breakfast! I'll be ordering Medifast oatmeal for the rest of my life to have the muffins!.

Comment #31

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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