Does Medifast really really work?

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.... As I sit at my desk at work. Sipping my hot cocoa and coffee, while wearing my size 16 pants that I just got into last week and already have to wear a belt with because they are too loose... Just thinking... This Medifast really works.

I mean, honestly, I'm having my version of a cafe mocha for breakfast. What kind of crazy diet is that? And I'm wearing a belt! Really? Me? Wearing a belt. Who would have thunk it.

Life is good...

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That is why Medifast works so well. At least for me they give me every taste that I could possibly crave. I stuck my nose in a box of donuts this morning just to see if it needed to be thrown away (I work with some lazy people :-) )and the smell that came from that box almost made me physically sick. What a horrible smell.....and what a fabulous way to feel about the smell of donuts. Medifast works and it's making it possible for all of us to create a completely new HEALTHY lifestyle...

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ALSO......Congrats Cheri....I'm so happy for you!! You are doing great!!!..

Comment #2

I'm thinking on the same lines..... as I sit here eating a pancake for breakfast - and not worrying about what it's going to do to my hips! In fact, quite the opposite! I'm rejoicing in what it's going to do to my hips! Yeah! This pancake is helping me get healthy - and get smaller! Can't do better than that!.

Medifast ROCKS!..

Comment #3

That's exactly what I was thinking last night as I was having my chocolate pudding at 8:00 at night. Really? Chocolate pudding at 8:00 at night? Is this really a good idea? Yes it was..

Comment #4

I think the same thing when I have hot chocolate everyday! "This is the life!".

After the 1st or 2nd day on plan, other foods aren't even tempting. (Well, okay maybe pizza! LOL).

We have a "snack" stand at work filled with chocolate, cinnamon rolls, candy, chips and stuff. I walk by it about 30 times a day at least... but even if I stop to look at it, it's all just so unappealing. It looks like empty calories that I know won't satisfy any actual hunger. It's difficult to imagine not wanting to snack... until you get on MF!!..

Comment #5

My cubemate can't get over the fact that I can have brownies and chocolate chip pancakes on a diet! I know, it's not really a diet but it does seem a bit odd that eating healthier has me eating brownies for lunch So now sometimes I bring those things in because it's fun to mess with her! But she is very supportive of me and Medifast adventure - it's really helpful...

Comment #6

Isn't amazing how quickly it comes off, even when we are eating every few hours?! I too get that glorious feeling when I am eating.

Yesterday at work, I was sipping my mug of soup (cream of chicken) and one of the waiters told me how good it smelled! He loved my response when I told him it was part of my diet..

The kicker is:.

I am a chef (desserts/baking) in a private club and we have great food. Everything is made from scratch. Since I am a month into MF, it doesn't fazed me to smell all of the good things because I am totally loving that thought of the next smaller size pants I get to wear!..

Comment #7

It really DOES!!! Good for you girl! Your pants are already falling off from last week? AMAZING, isn't it???? Wooo!!!!..

Comment #8

Yes it really works! I sit here in my size 18 jeans, having come down from a very tight 26...

Comment #9

I'm wearing my size 16 skirt today. Today was the first day I really noticed weight loss on myself, looking in the mirror...

Comment #10

Ah this made me.

Feel so happy and excited! Congrats!..

Comment #11

I am right there with you. I am getting ready to have a chocolate brownie!! I love them. Then I am going off to a 90 minute spin class to raise money for Breast Cancer. I am thinking really should I eat a brownie before a hard core work out? Actually, YES!! Because it is Medifast It will be full of good proteins that will help me on my ride. Have a good day everyone. And don't forget to "Fight like a Girl" for breast cancer awareness month!!..

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