Does Medifast help me lose belly fat?

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Even though my weight loss has been slow, and most people don't really notice the change yet, I do realize that most of what I seem to have lost is belly fat. I am so glad not to look pregnant at 52 any more! I also noticed that Dr. Oz says that the most important number to be concerned with is the waist measurement. In my first month on Medifast, I lost two inches. Next week, it will be time to measure again...wonder what the result will be?..

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Amen for the measuring tape! My scale might not be keeping up with the average Medifaster... but my tape measure shows 10 inches off the belly! I love it!.

Sounds like we both keep our fat in our belly! I'll be so glad to be rid of it.

I love Dr. Oz I have a few of his books.... great stuff!..

Comment #1

I have noticed that my belly seems to be shrinking at a faster rate than with other weight loss plans I've been on in the past. I think I read that the way Medifast is formulated and the fact that we eat small amounts every 2-3 hours helps stabilize insulin, which is a big factor in belly fat...

Comment #2

That's awesome! I hope to see it in the belly first as well (and my face) as the belly is where my most recent pounds have been added, and they are the most uncomfortable.


Comment #3

Stress also produces belly fat... so maybe now that we have our eating mastered, we are less stressed?.

Bye bye belly.... see ya!..

Comment #4

I wish I had less stress, but unfortunately the opposite is true. Despite that, Medifast is helping me lose the belly fat. It's the first place I gain and the last place I lose. I figure I'm about 5 pounds away from no more over hanging belly. I'm ok with pooch belly at my age, but not this over hanging front butt...

Comment #5

I was just reading an article that said that those who ate more soy products lost more belly fat. I have been losing a 1/2" every week off both of my waist and lower abs! If I keep losing at this rate, I'll have a 28" waist by the time I reach goal weight. Sounds good to me...

Comment #6

Yep. Belly fat. I looked pregnant from about the chin down to my pubic bone. I looked "ok" (not as fat/heavy as I really was) until you turned me sideways! I was as thick as I was wide!!! Oh and those photos...well, scary is a good word..

I have lost the most there (its also my biggest part). I just hope the girls get smaller as well. Still a DD. I hope to be a C when I am done. A "C" not on the floor...a girl can hope!..

Comment #7

I've got the traditional pear shape (and hoo boy is it a pear shape!). In two months I've lost 3-1/2 inches in my waist (yay!) but even better is I've lost 5-1/4 inches from my HIPS!!.

With that said, with the waist inches lost, my belly no longer beats my boobs as what sticks out the most. I've even lost 3-1/2 inches in my chest so that makes it even cooler. I did (well, still do) have a LOT of belly fat to go.... and even more hip and butt fat LOL..

Comment #8

Normsnan - Great losses! All in one month? My first place to lose is in my chest. At 51, getting the fat off the belly seems to go much slower than in younger years. Congratulations on your weight and inches loss! And to everyone else that has depleted some belly fat...

Comment #9

Back2self, No, no, when I posted on May 31, I was starting week 8! that's what I mean by slow loss...but actually, it is better than I ever did on WW, so I cna't complain!..

Comment #10

Oh man, oh man! Do I look forward to belly fat coming off! Now I'm more glad than ever that I took groovey_nurse's advice and took before measurements! I have a serious paranioa about my "chins," so don't think that I didn't measure my neck, too! Can't wait until the jowls are GONE. Buh-bye, bulldog!.

In my family, the women carry a LOT of their weight in the front (I wish I had more back ) so it will be nice not to worry that I'll end up looking like I'm built like a chicken, like my dear momma does. (Love you, momma!)..

Comment #11

Can't wait to loose more belly.... but really would love to keep the boobs.....why do they have to shrink too..

Comment #12

Yes, please..... for the belly to go. Can't wait until the belly does NOT stick out further than my boobs. That'll be a while though, since I wear an A cup Fat girl with an A cup. Talk about lookin pregnant!!..

Comment #13

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who's belly is bigger than my boobs!!! That is my #1 goal...for my belly to be smaller than my boobs. It's getting there, my weight loss is moving real slow this time around (my third attempt at MF). Last time I lost 10 pounds in the first week, this time it took a month to lose those 10 pounds. I'm not sure what I'm doing different this time than last, but it is a loss and that is the ultimate goal...just wish it was faster!..

Comment #14

Ive lost all of my weight, I am at 131 pounds and I still hold ALL my weight in my stomach. It sucks... I've been trying to do more stomach excersises to tone it up a bit but it doesn't seem to be helping. I know I lost in my stomache but I deff lost more in my legs...

Comment #15

I was so thrilled to read these posts! Oh my goodness the belly fat is just the worst, isn't it? I know exactly what you are saying adeleintexas. It sounded like you were describing me! If I turn sideways LOOK OUT!!! I will be 52 next month and I know it is tougher to get this belly fat off and I do desire to reduce the girls a bit too!.

I am new to first week, and you guys are giving me so much faith in myself to keep on keeping on!.


Comment #16

You guys are funny - I just had this conversation with my daughter a few days ago. I turned sideways and pressed my shirt in under my boobs to emphasize the rounded belly (I was a little constipated, too from meds) & said - doesn't this remind you of when I was pregnant with the twins! I probably weigh now about what I did then, too. UGH! Can't wait to lose that belly and not look pregnant any more...

Comment #17

I hate the belly fat arggh. It looks nasty, hanging down and stuff. It does seem to be the place I gain the most weight and it comes off of there the fastest too. Apparently abdominal fat is what increases chances of obesity related diseases..

I would love to lose from my hips and thighs as well.....thats where I hold on to the fat for dear life. ARGH!!..

Comment #18

I'm still working on the belly fat!! I have lost 19 pounds and still have a "now" little spare tire - and I think it'll only go away with a lot of toning exercises. I am meeting with my neighbor tonight who is a personal trainer and she's going to give me some tidbits on how to lose that extra flab in the middle. I have 19 pounds to go but thinking positively - I have already dropped 2 pant sizes..

Good luck to all of you - stay strong and OP!.


Comment #19

Kristi, please give us the details on the advice your neighbor gives you on losing the belly jiggles...

Comment #20

My best friend is a bodybuilder and the only way to get rid of belly fat is cardiovascular exercise and diet. You can tone the muscles underneath that will show through once you lose the fat, but the fat has to be burned off through exercise. I'm going to need a tummy tuck. going from 225 to 160 has left me with a very saggy lower belly that needs to be cut off...

Comment #21

You may not want to jump right on surgery. It can take a year or sometimes more for your skin to shrink back. I was able to lose about 90 pounds over 18 months and my skin kept up pretty well. It was a little saggy here and there but I found it would go from saggy to not so saggy as I kept losing weight. I kept the weight of for awhile and the belly skin was not too bad - it shrunk to my new belly over time. Good luck!..

Comment #22

Well I have plenty of belly fat if you want some lol..

Comment #23

Hi Sandy,.

She really just showed me the proper way to do crunches and how to use my resistance bands for my back and arms. I don't want to lose a bunch of weight and have my arms still flap in the wind - so she showed me some toning exercises for that as well..

Elisa - you are exactly right. You have to exercise (cardio and toning exercises) in order for it to really come off. I walk 3 or more miles 5 days a week, throw in yoga 2-3 days a week (at home), and my resistance bands. I do not pay for a gym membership. I've got my husband to motivate me if I need the extra push!!.

Total side note - just tried the brownie for the first time today, not horrible and I even microwaved it. My friend who is also on Medifast said baking it in the oven makes it even better..

The belly fat will come off - we just have to be patient!.

Have a great one!.


Comment #24

I've had the saggy belly for a long time. I started this weight loss thing 4 and a half years ago. I got down to 180 on my own, then back up to 189 and then started MF. So my belly is still disgusting and the normal doc said good chance it won't go away. it's what they call an apron belly. I call it disgusting!..

Comment #25

I have 4 kids, so I was pregnant A LOT of the time, granted - but even when I wasn't (both pre- and post kids) people constantly asked me "So when are you due?". Its a joke between my friends at this point everyone I know has been given firm instructions to heed my advice that unless you see the baby actually coming out, NEVER EVER ask if a person is pregnant. NEVER. EVER. NEVER. OK? Anyhow, Im a month in on MF, lost a little over 10 pounds plus lost 11 lbs on my own before my family comes out from TX and is carrying on over how great I look, etc.

SO, we go to the store to pick up some pizza for the kids, and the girl behind the counter says "Oh, let me get the door for you you're pregnant, right?" Cmon now. Can you believe it? And thats holding two freaking pizza boxes too!! Thank God I have a sense of humor..... Anyhow, I just carry the weight there. Not much I can do. It has shrunk some....

(From DDD to C) But, unfortunately it's just my body type. At my step class today I checked myself out in the mirror and my arms and legs are toned, but the jelly belly just jumps to the beat. Hoping the next 30 pounds will make all the difference. I'm doing the cardio and the weights and crunches. We shall see.

Belly power! LOL!..

Comment #26

Unfortunatly I have lost all my weight and I am still unhappy with my belly. I do 30 minutes a day of fast walking and I also do crunches, and my belly is still fat. I'm fine with it, it really doesnt get me down.. but I know that it wont look as good as I really want it to. It's also on genetics as well and your body shapes...

Comment #27

Thanks for sharing. I have a belly problem and I just started Medifast today. I hoping to see it start to go down in a few weeks...

Comment #28

I can't wait to have no more belly over hand but I don't seem to be losing inches as quickly as the lbs. Im curious where the heck they are coming off of. My coach measured me for the 2nd time since I started (Im in week 10) and the most I think in certain places was like 2 inches here and there. It's so frustrating. I hadn't however been working out very much before this last week. I made it 3 times last week and plan to make it more this week.

I wonder if I should change that...

Comment #29

Lisbet, try a week of just cardio or just weights, not both and see what happens. You might be over exercising...

Comment #30

I've got belly troubles too. It's genetic.... All the women in my family carry some sort of pooch... But, after carrying twins, and gaining ALL my weight in my belly, it's just not pretty. Even if I lose to my goal, I'll still have extra sag there. My hubs wants me to have surgery, but the thought makes me cringe.


Comment #31

I have definately decided that if I need surgery I am all for it. But seeing as I have yet to have my first child and am only 27 I think I should wait. and Mama I had a friend who had a tummy tuck and boob job and she loves loves loves it. She said the recovery for the tummy wasn't so bad. It was the boobs that are still hurting her..

And Thank you MT I will try that this week and see what the difference is if there is one. Cardio this week and weights next. But the question is how much cardio...

Comment #32

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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