Does Medifast food taste good ?

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I have not ordered yet, but getting darn close! I see all those tickers with large weight loses and everyone seems to love this plan.....but then again if they didn't they wouldn't be here!.

How satisfying is the taste of the food? Especially because they are small meals, if the taste is not satifying it would be very hard to stick with. And the ketosis state it puts you in, is that healthy?? Don't your muscles (including the heart muscle) deteriorate in that state?.

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Hi there,.

The taste of the food will change to you, after you've eaten it for a while. That said, you can use condiments to spice up your food. I use hot sauce in the chicken noodle, for example, and I eat the stuff regularly. Also, the hot cocoa is a staple for me. I love it's taste and the bars have made losing my weight a breeze..

The food is very satisfying, if you take your time at meals, and drink lots of water. Our bodies need about 20 minutes to signal we're full, so make sure to eat slowly. I put my spoon or fork down frequently, between bites..

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Everyone has a different experience when starting out..

For me personally, I really enjoy the stuff I ordered. And I find the program easy to do..

Some don't like some things at first, but your tastebuds do change A LOT so if you don't like it at first wait a bit and then try again, you may be surprised!!.

Ketosis - is a very mild state and I haven't had any issues with muscles or anything else..

Comment #2

I suggest you phone Nutrition Support about ketosis....

From my reading, ketosis enhances fat burning and lowers muscle loss. All dieting creates muscle loss (including heart muscle.) So, by that tact, all dieting is 'dangerous.'.

All I can say is that my heart rate has improved DRAMATICALLY while on Medifast - thanks to my fitness schedule. My resting heart rate has gone down by more than 1/3, and my heart rate while exercising is in much more 'regular' zones than when I started.

This is not entirely due to weight loss, but then again - at nearly 400 pounds, I could not run, so weight loss was a necessity to be able to achieve this..

Taste is... um... relative to each person. I love the Beef Vegetable Stew. I like nearly all of the Oatmeals. I despise the Cream of (vegetable) soups (especially tomato.) The tomatoes are bland, but add some salsa, and it's Rancho Heuvos, to me....

I purchased the variety pack in month 1, and have continued with it ever since. Yeah, there are a few things in there I'd avoid if I bought things separately - so I eat them first and move on to the other stuff. There's only 7 packets of each flavor (except French Vanilla and Dutch Chocolate shakes, which have 14 each) in the pack - I can get through 7 of anything in a month, even Cream of Tomato...

And ordering the variety lets me pick and choose between shakes or soups or puddings, as I feel the need..

Comment #3

Don't kid yourself. Gourmet this ain't! But I have found most of the foods very enjoyable, some not so much. And all very filling. It takes some time for your tastebuds to adjust to the Medifast products, but they do. Many of the products I continue to purchase in maintenance, just because I enjoy them! They are all very versatile and you can make, cakes, breads or "chips" out of any of them. As for ketosis, because of the carbs in the Medifast products and the high nutients, you only enter a very low state of ketosis, which is in most cases not even recognized on the ketostrips.

I can honestly say that I suffered no muscle atrophy nor do I know anyone that has, and my heart is very healthy and happy these days..

Comment #4

Well, just like food out in the real world, I like some of it and don't like some of it. Once I figured out the stuff I do like, it was relatively smooth sailing as far as the food goes. Like everyone else has said, your tastebuds do change - things I didn't like at first are staples now, and there are some things that I liked at first that I do not like now at all.

It's not gourmet - and it's not meant to be, really. They are nutritious and filling, and I enjoy the taste. But I enjoy the taste in a good way, if that makes sense? Like I enjoy it for what it is, but it's a very different sensation than when I was binging all the time.

On the ketosis question, I'd pose that question to Nutrition Support for an official answer. But, everything I've read about ketosis is that it actually SPARES muscle as you lose weight. There will be some muscle loss on any diet, but the combination of ketosis and the protein we eat helps to minimize that..

Comment #5

Eating for taste is probably what got a lot of us into the ordeal we are currently facing. That being said, the food isn't bad... it's not going to make your taste buds explode like so many of the "comfort foods" we have indulged in but it's what is necessary to lose weight. After a couple of weeks on the program the food actually becomes more flavorful due to your tastes changing which is a good thing. The cravings for the junk etc. get less and less..

The plan works, the L&G meals can get rather creative and flavorful and the plan is worth it's weight in gold (or fat) if you stick to it..

Comment #6

Some great, truthful comments here about the food. The only 2 things I have to add are: .

1. You really have to change the way you think about food- it's fuel, a combination of necessary nutrients all conveniently packaged and planned out for you. If you follow instructions, you know you are getting everything your body needs to be healthy.

2. The food tastes pretty good for what it is. The only people who I think would have a very hard time with this diet based on taste are those that really don't like sweets. The majority of the food is sweet- although there's no reason a person couldn't do all soups if they really wanted to......

Comment #7

Truer words were never spoken. I may be the one rare person who tells you I didn't like almost all of the Medifast food I tried in the beginning. The shakes, the puddings, the oatmeal, and soups... All were not good to me. Almost all of the foods are soy based. For some reason when you start out it's icky and after a month your taste buds almost crave the soy. It's weird, but go w/ it..

Two things kept me on the plan. #1 The weight started coming off fast and is steady so long as I don't cheat and even when I do cheat I don't gain, but I don't lose either. #2 The crunch bars are AWESOME! I love them so much it's not even funny. And they are coming out w/ new flavors too. The ones I started on aren't even the ones I love best anymore. If they weren't so tastey I would have given up even w/ the plan working..

Take everyones advice in the Advice for all the new people!Mix your shakes, drinks, and soups the night before. For some reason everything tastes grainy if you don't, but if you do they all come out almost 100% better some even become down right yummy. Cook the soups on your stove at a low heat and don't be afraid to use low sodium broth or veggies to doctor the taste a bit. I was amazed at the change in the chili when I added some diced tomatoes and taco sauce and cooked it instead of using the microwave. Just be sure to take away what you eat from your lean and green later..

Medifast works and it isn't easy at first. I was starving my first week, but by week 2 I was good and after I found the meals I liked best it's been a fantastic ride so far. I know my goal is reachable..

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I am a picky eater and I found the food to taste pretty good. The hot cocoa is the best hot cocoa I have ever tasted..

Comment #9

With regards to the sweet factor....yep, I find it incredibly sweet and that has not changed at all..

I also stick to primarily drinks and bars. My shakes I pretty much double the water, make sure it's super cold or add ice, same with the cold drinks..

For my hot drinks, I add maybe 4 oz of water and then about 10 of coffee (reg or decaf) to cut the sweet..

Weird I know..

You will adapt and you will work with the stuff that is not your fav by incorporating other flavors into them or by using the recipes to make something else entirely!.

Comment #10

1. Choose to enjoy the program and you will..

2. Food is not love..

3. Food is fuel.

4. Program works..

Comment #11

That is SO GOOD! I am going to write it down. I wish I would have started last year with you. But at least I am not waiting until next year!.

Comment #12

Yep! That's one of the items I will continue to use in maintenance and as long as I can afford it. Better than any instant hot cocoa mix at the grocery store!.

Comment #13

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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