Does Medifast cause hair loss ?

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Are any of you experiencing an increase in hair loss. It seems to me that I'm loosing more hair than normal and it's just my first week on the plan..

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Super Biotin will help..

Comment #1

I saw an increase in hair loss last week. Like De said, the biotin will help. Someone also suggested fish oil. I think it has to do with the body's reaction to the rapid weight loss. I think it does stabilize after some time..

Comment #2

It will stabilize, biotin helps, otherwise, don't stress about it, as stress can encourage hair loss also. Some people also see excess sheding during a seasonal change. it will be fine..

Comment #3

I've been losing hair like crazy too! Pretty much since the 1st week. What is Biotin?.

Comment #4

I also am losing a great deal of hair. My brush is full every morning! If this keeps up, I shall have to resort to hair pieces so I don't look like my grandfather. sigh. Glad to hear it may come back once the weight loss is finished....and yes, what is biotin?.

Comment #5

"People with a history of seizures shouldn't use biotin unless under the supervision of a qualified health practitioner." .

Taken from this website:

Comment #6

I've always had a lot of hair loss, but I've got a lot of hair. So far I've not seen any "additional" hair loss (over and above what I typically have). Most of the time it seems like I'm shedding anyway - my hair is everywhere! LOL! It's done this as long as I can remember - and generally it's so much more noticeable on someone with long hair because if you take those 100 "naturally lost" long hairs and ball them up - it looks like a small animal.......

Comment #7

Biotin is a water soluble B vitamin. I have lost 75 pounds and have had some hair loss. I don't really notice it coming out, my hair just seems flatter. I started taking biotin and omega 3 and also started washing and conditioning my hair with Nioxin products as suggested by my hairdresser. It has only been a few weeks but my hair seems to be improving. Also seems to be growing faster so my hairdresser will be seeing more of me!.

Comment #8

I went to the hairdresser yesterday, and she noticed my hairloss...

She suggested putting in some highlights and lowlites(sp?) to give it me appearance of being a bit fuller, so I am going back for those today.

Yesterday she cut a few inches off and layered it a bit, and it does look better. She said she sees this type of thing every now and then, where someone loses significant weight in a short amount of time and loses more hair than usual. It should grow back once in maintenance.

I may have to try the biotin though, because I'm not liking my already fine hair getting even thinner... It is however worth it, because I am loving the new me!.

Comment #9

It makes a difference, at least for me. I too have super fine hair, and have always had a lot of it. Over the last 15 years I have probably lost 1/2 the volume of my hair because of issues with my thyroid medications. Thought I was going bald on Medifast. hehe. The biotin has helped a lot with hair growth and thickness, not to mention my fingernails are hard and grow like crazy for the first time in my life!.

Comment #10

Bosley makes a great series of roducts for thinning hair, you will have to purchase from a salon that carries them though. We prefer them over Nioxin products for our clients..

Comment #11

Never heard of them out here on the left side..

Comment #12

Thanks all for the information! To us newbies we need all the help we can get right!.

Comment #13

Lol, guess you need to travel East!! I imagine your salon could order them, maybe ask them to check with their supply salespeople?. I just did a google search, and you can actually get them on! So now De, no excuse!!.

Comment #14


Even before starting Medifast, I'd take daily fish's something that my doc encourages (he's a personal friend, too) so I emailed him and asked about it's benefits. Here's part of what he sent me:.

Fish oil is packed with the essential Omega 3 fatty acids, DHA and EPA. These natural chemicals are very important for the health of skin and hair.

So, it's a relatively inexpensive vitamin and may also help.

Comment #15

Just a small update here: I've been taking Biotin for a couple of weeks now, and already my hair looks better and is no longer falling out in abnormal amounts!.

Comment #16

We are supposed to take Omega 3's every day on 5/1. I did that for 5 months and am continuing to do that. I am using the Bosley products, taking prenatal vitamins, and chewable biotin. DH says there is a little peach fuzz on top of my head, but I can't see it. Only been doing it a few weeks, though..

Comment #17

Great suggestions here. This may be getting old coming from me, but I know this to be trueground flax seed in your diet will take care of the hair loss and give you thick, shiny hair. Originally, I used it to keep my digestive system moving and realized after 2-3 weeks my hair looked better/fuller. My hair stylist has noticed and yes, I do see her more too. My nails are stronger and my skin looks better too. And, it's on the healthy fats list.

I add it shakes, oatmeal, soups and salads and use an organic, golden variety found in most bulk grains or nuts sections of a store. Don't eat it whole, remember to grind it and use a dedicated grinder (coffee grinder) for flax only. And, for my friends who have horses or dogs, add it to their food and their coats will be shiny and beautiful. Some say their eyes are brighter too. Check with your vet first before doing this to make sure it's OK for your pet..

Comment #18

My hair got a little thinner when I dropped 60 pounds (calorie counting, 2007-8). When I switched to Medifast I added one biotin pill per day and some fish oil. My hair has not gotten any worse, which is great. I think it will thicken back up when I am done losing weight..

Comment #19

Oh MY GOSH, I have a 2# container of ground flax seed that I've had for about a year to use in my DH cereal, but he forgets to use it. GOOD GRIEF if it will help my hair, I'm going to go take 2 tsp right now in my snack cherry shake. And I'll leave it out on the counter so that we will both remember to use it. Thanks so much......... and since I'm on maintenance, I don't have to worry about the healthy fats as much as the 5/1 folks do..

Comment #20

Yay maintenance, good for you! Because you are at this stage, you can actually use more ground flax seed if you want to. 1-2 TABLESPOONutrisystem is the norm for most people. If things are "moving" a little too quickly, cut back until you're comfortable (more is OK too). Also, yes go ahead and use the pre-ground supply you have, but when you grind it fresh daily or weekly, it's so much more potent. Maybe you can mix the two to use it up. Oh, and I forgot to mention that people with joint pain or stiffness often find relief when flax is added to their diet.

Just to clarify, I am not a medical professional, dietician or health foodie. My family has been growing organic grains for 45 years in the heartland of America and I have heard (and witnessed first hand) testimonial after testimonial from their customers. I fell off the wagon for a while myself, but now I'm back and glad to share good news..

Comment #21

So exactly what type of grinder should I get? Is there a really small one? I have so many kitchen gadgets now that DH will cringe if I buy another one. We don't drink coffee, so I have no idea about coffee grinders..

And DH has lots of arthritis pain in his hands and knees sometimes. And back in the 1980's I was disabled and could not get out of bed without help, with fibromyalgia. Thankful those days are over..

Comment #22

I use one of those electric coffee grinders you can find at Wal*Mart. Seems to work just fine..

Comment #23

Great! I hate Wal Mart, but will go there anyway next week.......

Comment #24

Proctor Silex makes a nice small grinder that is inexpensive. I think you can get one for around $9-$12. Check online (sorry, Wal-Mart has it too). Or, if you have one of those small choppers that would be used to chop nuts or make salsa; this works too. Just give it a good wash. Happy grinding..

Comment #25

I hate Wal*Mart, too; but darn it, their prices are good.....

Comment #26

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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