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I have been trying to contact this guy about ripping my site, but no reply. So I have sent a C&D, and intend to follow it through to finality. Contacted the registrar Godaddy and will be going the DMCA route too.

I discovered that my legal forms and templates site was ripped by this guy at

No attempt was made to change the design or anything. The only thing he changed was the copyright at the bottom and the google adsense code (His adsense account will soon be closed).

All his documents available for download are exact copies of mine, but he has changed the copyright in the footer.

You will also notice that my site is not yet complete, and only half of my documents have been made available onlinefor download to date... You might also notice that his site is at the same development stage as mine Funny that Eh?.

I'll complete - Free legal and business documents templates once this issue is resolved with this charlatan.

I'm posting this on domain forums because according to domaintools whois, John Steiner owns 99 other domains, so I'm sure he is part of one of the domain communities.

I'd appreciate it if any premium members of domaintools can enlighten me with his other domains.

The C&D was sent late last year, and the site was taken down. But I just checked again and it is back up.

A personal visit is out of the question for now as his address is in California.

Strange for a guy from California to be running a website with UK legal forms downloads LOL.

Good investigators required. I'm not bad at chasing trails online, but any more help would be appreciated.

Stand up and show yourself John.

Registrant Data for infringing site is.

John Steiner.

65 Palatine #118.

Irvine, California 92612.

United States.

I hope this is a correct whois, because a US address means a lot of reparation coming to me.

Anydocs - Free legal and business documents templates makes a few bucks a day with adsense, so I'm sure this guy is profiting with my material, and I plan to recoup my losses somehow.

If any of you guys want to confirm in this thread that my site has been ripped, that would be great, as John Steiner may change his site at any time.

I have asked his host to close the site, I've contacted godaddy requesting the domain is handed over to me this time, and I've contacted google regarding showing his adsense on a copyrighted site.


Comments (35)

Just found another site of his

I'm on the trail now.

I'm going to keep adding to this thread as I find out more info.

Found another site operated by John Steiner of Orange County, California.

Looks like he is trying to operate as a legitimate businessman. My mission is to ruin his reputation and/or credibility until he complies with my C&D of last year...

Comment #1

Complete BS!!! this guy to threads......freaking 20 yr old punk!..

Comment #2

Thanks Len.

Gives me some more info on him.

This is the official website of John Steiner. I'm 20 years old and reside in Orange County, California. I am working on my BBA in Finance. For more information about me, you can send me an email.

"Core Solutions" is also used as a whois for JOHNSTEINER.ORG which is a site mentioned on

"Core Solutions" owns about 35 other domains.

Registrant Name:John Steiner.

Registrant Organization:Core Solutions.

Registrant Street1:2052 Newport Blvd., #6.

Registrant Street2:.

Registrant Street3:.

Registrant City:Costa Mesa.

Registrant State/Province:CA.

Registrant Postal Code:92627.

Registrant Country:US.

Registrant Phone:+1.9496797664.

Registrant Phone Ext.:.

Registrant FAX:.

Registrant FAX Ext.:.

Registrant Email:..

Comment #3

Some more info on John Steiner.


What happens when someone clicks multiple times from 1 IP across a range of domains owned and operated by 1 person? I see google adsense ads on almost all his domains.

I'm not suggesting people multi click on all his sites, perish the thought LOL, I'm just enquiring as to how long his adsense account was to remain active if people DID multi click across his domains..

Comment #4

I've filed a DMCA notice with his host bluehost, but his site is still up.

Next action is to file a DMCA notice with google and have it removed from search results, and hopefully have his adsense account closed.

Some more sites belonging to John Steiner www.BACKGROUNDLAYOUTCODES.COM www.ATARCADE.COM (regged to Tara Steiner, same address) www.WODST.COM..

Comment #5

Please do not even suggest "multi-clicks" or anything like that here ...

Two wrongs do not make a right - And I don't personally trust PPC Companies of any size to actually Not charge the advertisers for such childish acts to be honest. Whether his account would be closed or not - Stuff like that hurts all of us in the long run.

I've had click bombs dropped on me over pretty much nothing in the past - It's not cool no matter what the reasoning is behind it...

Comment #6

I'm not advocating this at all, I'm also an advertiser and stuff like this hurts everyone.

I filed the DMCA with his host this morning, and they have now suspended his site.

I'm expecting it to be put back online with another host though, so I'm keeping an eye on it...

Comment #7

I've got to ROFL at this..

Just received a reply from John Steiner. Very funny.

X-MSK: CML=0.001000.

Return-path: <.


Well, we've noticed that you've duplicated our sites design and since we're quite busy manage multiple other sites of higher profile, rather than pursue any legal damages we've decided to simply send the design back to our developer for it to be redesigned. Our sites no longer have any graphical similarities. All the legal documents are not only ours but public domain as well so as for us pursuing legal action in that regard, we have no rights, the graphics you are using, however, do happen to be ours and rather than take legal actions we would simply like to ask that you remove the graphics in question as a simple courtesy to it's rightful owner. Any textual similarities have also been changed at our own discretion because we do not want to be penalized with Google for you duplication of our site, however, since we have no legal rights to these short snippets since you have modified them slightly we won't request that you to change them any further. Due to the difficulties of proving us proving the rightful ownership of the content in question, rather than pursue any actions against you we have simply decided to change any possibly questionable material to save us both time. As for your domain, since it does not contain "TheOnlineLegalForms" string, we will be unable to pursue any legal claims even if we wanted to so we won't request any transfer of ownership for the domain.

If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me back at THIS address as I've notice you've had plenty of free time sending e-mails to multiple e-mail addresses (for a site that you duplicate, non-the-less) as well as posting slanderous posts in forums, however, this too we have decided to ignore for the plain and simple reason that this site is quite simply not a large revenue source for us to make any efforts to pursue actions at this time as it would be time wasted doing other more important work in establishing and marketing our other sites. Questions should be directed to THIS e-mail in regards to this issue  Im in midterms week until March 28 so I may lag a bit, but I will get back to you, but we consider this issue resolved, wed like to hear from you if you do make the changes though.

Thank you,.



Are you aware that my site is on, with this design and material, BEFORE, you even registered your domain. This is a slanderous/libelous email that you are now accusing ME of theft.

See you in court buddy.

P.S. www.XWEBDEVELOPMENT.COM is another site by the rip off merchant John Steiner...

Comment #8

What a total punk.

He acts like if he mentions court action several times he will scare you.

I would follow this to the end and sue his f'n ass totally. I taken guys like this down in the past and you can too. It's just a matter of filing and going through the motions.

He is totally bluffing. What a loser..


Comment #9

Funny, I can't locate '' on

It would be a shame if someone reported all of his domains with embedded trademarks to the respective trademark owners. Might keep his 'legal' department busy, for a while...


Comment #10

Aye, I'm on that too.

Will be dropping a line to Disney in the first instance They are notorious for defending their copyright.

John Steiner has committed online suicide by trying to turn things around and BLAMING ME for copying his design and wording.

I can only say thank you to, what a wonderful service they provide in cases like this..

Comment #11

It makes you wonder if all of his sites are copied, it can't be hard to rip a load of site designs + content then class it as your own and gain from Google Adsense.

I hope this gets sorted for you, i'd help but i'm no good with situations like this.


Comment #12

This thread is thoroughly entertaining. I am happy you aren't letting him get away with this, FitLike. I have no respect whatsoever for people who rip content/design, let alone those who do it and claim it as their own.

Best of luck to you. Please keep us updated...

Comment #13

Directly from John-Steiner .com: I think John needs to spend time reading a dictionary instead of copy-theiving...

Comment #14

I just tried to call him and his phone number is disconnected. I was going to give him hell on this Sunday morning.

The domain is with GodaddyCall Godaddy and tell them you want to officially complain about the bogus contact info. and tell them to make him correct it. If he does not correct it he will lose the domain.


Comment #15

Nice one seabass.

I think he is now in the process of moving his site to a new host, the nameservers now reflect biohost, because I got bluehost to suspend his site.

I'm thinking he is going to try and be a stubborn little boy and put the site back online again. I hope he does LOL, he will just be feeding the rope to his own noose.

I'm going to get on to godaddy about the contact info, thanks for the heads up on that one..

I'm also going to be pushing for the name to be handed over to me, because I have a feeling this kid will just keep using it with my content, and switching hosts when I get him shut down..

I can't be arsed monitoring this domain every few weeks, so I'm going for a complete handover, including admin costs for monitoring..

Comment #16

I don't think you can get them to hand over the domain. You'd have to go to UDRP for that.

You can monitor the domain for changes in contact info. if you have an account with If anything changes, like address, email, etc....DomainTools fires off an email to you to let you know.

Once you get the "correct" info. you can go after him easier.....if he does not change the info. or keeps providing bogus info. Godaddy will delete the domain. Just keep complaining to Godaddy.

Here is how you do it.....go to Godaddy and do a Whois search for or any of his other domains and when you see the contact info. verify the info. is bogus. After you do that look towards the bottom of the page and you will see a link that says, "Report Invalid Whois"Use that link to complain directly to Godaddy. Easy as pie.


Comment #17

The site is down I think on his end?..

Comment #18

I suggest you find a "partner" in California to assist you in filing a civil claim against him. A legal notice from any lawyer should make his shit his pants.

What a tool. I hope this thread gets Googled and top result for his name. For years he is going to look like an ass. Jobs Google you now and if your results show you as a scammer or thief you can forget getting the job.

We should all mention his name John Steiner and make it a link to this thread...

Comment #19

LMAO, just got another email from John Steiner. This will make even newbies laugh LOL,.

See how he mentions st pattys day. I've never heard of that, But I am aware of paddys day tho.

He also does not want me to post his email on the web again.

I'll be posting his email, websites, kids names, the day he got his first pube etc, and will turn this in to a vendetta unless he hands over this domain. John, you ****ed up big style by messing with the big boys. Expect a legal notice in the post very soon.


Happy St. Pattys, I have surrendered the design which you claim to be yours, this is not an admission to your claims and I stand by my initial e-mails claim. I was simply disturbed by our sites similarities and also wanted to set things straight with you so that rather than spending time writing slander against me you could enjoy a night at the pub on this beautiful St. Patrick's Day with the mindset that you wouldn't have to post anymore slander.

Also, if your slander against me is due to personal issues against me, I'll have you know I'm a very nice guy, just ask anyone who knows me I don't hold grudges, I don't pick fights, I'm a peaceful guy and like to avoid all conflict at all cost. If you want to hear "you win" then you win buddy, I dont know what, but youre a champ! But.. I will not transfer my domain as I have no reason at all to do so.

Changing the design of my site was something I was going to do anyways once you e-mailed me with the site that had duplicated the design. This was the first I discovered of this duplication. I didn't have any plans to make you change my design hosted on your server because it wasn't worth my efforts, plus I needed to have the site revamped anyways. My only hope after this e-mail is that you will cease your slander and spend your time doing more important/meaningful things.

Anyways& It's all good here, brother. Happy St. Patty's!.

Thank you,.


P.S.: I'd rather you not post my e-mail on the web, again.

P.P.S.: only archives sites once they are online/marketed sufficiently to be index by the spiders, hence, you may have marketed the site earlier than me. Im certainly not trying to escalate this any further with technicalities since the discrepancy over the design has been resolved. Just letting you know this for the future. Happy St. Pattys!.



You are playing with fire now.

Transfer the name to me, and agree never to use my design and material again, or face a massive legal bill in Orange County. proves my claim. You do not have a leg to stand on.



PS. no agreement has ever been reached!!! You stole my design and content. End of story.!!!..

Comment #20


If this child John Steiner is under 18, you may have to go after his parents.


Comment #21

Yeah, I've already told him if he cannot afford the 6 figure legal suit coming his way, then his parents are liable. He is a stubborn little boy and will bankrupt his parents LOL. He probably thinks I'm not serious, but I've been online long enough to know that empty threats do not work. I actually need to use the courts for reparation. He may think because I'm in the UK that he is immune, but my sites are all actually hosted in the US so he is [EDITED] LOL.


Just have a quick read of this thread again.... then think about your legal situation.

I would advise you to employ a very good lawyer before you even think about responding to me, because this is going to cost you or your family a very substantial amount of dollars. Your initial claim that I stole your design is worth half a million alone.... I have it documented that my company Tartan Media Limited (registered company in Scotland) owns this design. As for the defamation of character that you have hurled at me, and accused me of theft and copyright infringement, this has hurt me not only personally, but my business name is affected by these accusations. The company name of Tartan Media Limited has been marred by your accusations. Not only do you have a lawsuit coming to you by me personally, but my company will also be suing you. Double whammy dude..

Comment #22

I guess now I know who John Steiner is....

Comment #23


But yeah even with the "design change" still way to similar. He should of just took his lumps and closed it down after being caught in the first place. I hope you win Jim and keep us posted..

Comment #24

I see he has his site back up on another host.... I'll be getting that one closed too.

All he has done is changed the colours LOL.

Got another reply from the kid via email.


You posted all of my e-mails, I never publicly stated anything  you defecated on your own character as Ive not once publicly made any mention to you; you on the other hand have made numerous public mentions of me in an obvious (and clearly mentioned attempt by yourself) to defamate my character. Releasing any documents with confidential information is also civil offense in the U.S., please be aware of this with your posting of e-mails. Clearly (clearly, clearly, clearly) you dont have an attorney or know the first thing about law as youve broken numerous just over the past 3 weeks, and yet, I watch silently. You also caused defamation to my name (deliberately) and also promoted invalid clicks on AdSense which causes direct harm to the advertisers as well as an intent to cause harm to me. But hey listen, thats the internet, I wont try to censor you or file any lawsuits because I have better things to do, if one does come my way I will be sure to attach numerous counter-claims, no attorney necessary.

No further e-mails will be sent to you! You are not worth my time. If you plan to file a declaration, have it sent to my Newport address, otherwise, no further responses will be made outside of formal documents filed with the court. I could care less about the site, but you are just too much& Have a nice day!.


Comment #25

I think it is time to really sue and not just threaten, as he is taking the piss now.

I just got his site closed with his new host. When Bluehost shut him down he switched nameservers to and

Nothing is on the site, but the IP is owned by

A quick DMCA notice to ecatel closed his site..

I'm expecting him to move it to hostgator or something next, and I really can't be arsed with this cat and mouse game, so I need to get a lawsuit going against this kid to put a stop to it. I've never been involved with UDRP but I'm looking in to this too..

John Steiner is aware of this thread, and I'm sure he is reading it regularly.

Looks like I spoke too soon, his site is back up again..

Comment #26

I'm thinking the UDRP is a costly way to go , and I don't claim any trademark over his domain name, just the content he is displaying or has displayed..

The only way with UDRP is the wipo Paragraph 4(b) of the UDRP Policy, bad faith registration and use of a domain name.

I'll probably just have to file with his local court. If anyone lives in the same vicinity as John Steiner I would really appreciate some info or assistance to get this going...

Comment #27

Thanks Seabass, your input to this thread has been invaluable. Rep added..

I'll get cracking on with filing locally.

I was made redundant from my job several weeks ago so I have lots of time on my hands.

John Steiner has chosen the wrong time to piss me off LOL.

I got some info back from WIPO and it looks like I can't go that route anyway.. Local filing it is then, I'm going ahead with this because John Steiner is calling my bluff. I can't back down now and look like an ass.

Dear Sir,.

According to Paragraph 4(a) of the UDRP, trademark or service mark.

Owners can obtain the transfer of the domain name if they establish each.

Of the following criteria:.

(i) the domain name registered by the domain name registrant is.

Identical or confusingly similar to a trademark or service mark in which.

The complainant (the person or entity bringing the complaint) has.

Rights; and.

(ii) the domain name registrant has no rights or legitimate interests.

In respect of the domain name in question; and.

(iii) the domain name has been registered and is being used in bad.


The UDRP provides a number of examples of the above mentioned criteria.

(ii) and (iii) (

The Center as an independent and impartial body cannot give any views.

About the strengths and weaknesses of a party's case, or provide any.

Legal assistance outside of general references. However, the Center's.

Index of WIPO UDRP Panel Decisions offers easy access for parties to the.

Legal and other information contained in WIPO decisions. When using.

The Index of Decisions, it is recommended to enter only one criterion at.

A time for optimal results.

See also the WIPO Overview of WIPO Panel Views on Selected UDRP.

Questions at See.

In particular Question 1.7:.

What needs to be shown for the complainant to successfully assert.

Common-law or unregistered trademark rights?.

Consensus view: The complainant must show that the name has become a.

Distinctive identifier associated with the complainant or it's goods and.

Services. Relevant evidence of such " secondary meaning" includes.

Length and amount of sales under the mark, the nature and extent of.

Advertising, consumer surveys and media recognition. The fact that the.

Secondary meaning may only exist in a small geographic area does not.

Limit complainant's rights in a common law trademark. Unregistered.

Rights can arise even when the complainant is based in a civil law.


The most frequently asked questions with respect to the UDRP procedure.

Are answered in WIPO's Guide to the Uniform Domain Name Dispute.

Resolution Policy, available at The filing fee.

For a UDRP complaint is US$1,500.

I hope this answers your question. Do not hesitate to contact us again.

If you have general questions on the UDRP.

Yours sincerely,.

Annick Regard.

WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center.


The WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center organizes a WIPO Workshop for.

Mediators in Intellectual Property Disputes, May 28-29, 2009.

Program information and registration:

The WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center is an international provider.

Of non-profit services for the out-of-court resolution of commercial.

Disputes. The Center specializes in cases arising out of technology and.

Intellectual property transactions, such as licensing, R&D and.

Distribution agreements.

WIPO arbitration, mediation and expert determination contract clauses:

WIPO Internet domain name dispute resolution:

Comment #28

If you are going down the legal route, you should be careful what you post on the internet or make public as even if you are correct it could affect your case against him.

You are best not to post any details of the case until it is concluded.

Just a personal recommendation.

Good luck.


Comment #29

I wouldn't bother with UDRP. Continue to close his sites down though. What you need is someone locally in California to file civil claim against him.

If he is reading this: Hey John...figure out a settlement with this guy and get it over with. You have done him wrong and he at minimum deserves the domain you used to steal his work...

Comment #30

I would also suggest that you try to get in touch with his parents as they would better know the consequences of a lawsuit and might handle the situation in a better way...

Comment #31

I think John Steiner has chosen the wrong site to rip. I got an email from google a few days ago stating that the ad placement was against their policy. Ads have now been suspended on my site. Looks like the ads were "too integrated" for googles liking. I had no problems for years, but they have suddenly decided it's against their policy to integrate ads into a design. Utter bollocks if you ask me, but I'll use a new provider. If John Steiner continues using my design I'll be sure to let google know about it..

Comment #32

I designed this site using html, which is turning out to be a huge pain in the arse when changing ad codes etc, as there are hundreds of pages..

I'm now in the process of changing it all to php, using includes.

Let's see how long it takes John Steiner to copy my original php pages too..

Comment #33

Just got a cracking reply on another forum. I'll be contacting John Steiner's college very soon.


John Steiner's response is standard Californian law stuff.

In the music biz, if someone ripped off or sampled large lumps of someone else's recording, it used to be standard practice for them to set up a shell company before releasing their record. The shell company sued the originator of the music on the day the rip-off record was released - then, while everything was tied up in legalities, the cash from the "hit" left the shell company, and the company folded..

It is a defence method used everywhere in media land - the makers of Jurassic Park sued London Transport for using "their" logo on buses and the underground! And Microsoft have been known to use legal techniques of a similar nature ....

As I understand it, in US law you can't retaliate until the first action is finished - so if the wrongdoer hits first, the legal process ties things up for years.

If you really want to hurt this kid, find out where he is studying and send a letter of complaint to the college. They must have an ethics committee, or something similar..

His unethical approach to business will easily be seen as likely to bring the college into disrepute..

Threats of disciplinary action from the college might stop him from trying again - at least until he graduates.


Comment #34

Just some dumb kid. Try to contact his parents and let them know what is going on.

Forget this lawsuit stuff. You won't collect a penny of any judgment anyway.

We are talking about a pathetic design, documents that you are giving away for free anyway and I'm guessing that his site gets very little traffic. The DMCA notices are good, but I wouldn't develop an ulcer over anything too far beyond that considering everything...

Comment #35

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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