How do you decide a goal weight on Medifast?

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I went to the doc last week for the first time since starting my weight loss program. We discussed my weight loss and goals. I chose 157 for me in case I lose some during transition I would still have a cushion between me and 150. I tend to look sickly thin if I get too close to the 140s. Of course the last time I was that size was freshman year of high school. I stayed between 160-175 all the way up until I get pg with our oldest daughter at 20.

I don't know how I feel about that considering that's still considered overweight by 8 pounds according to BMI. I just don't know what to do. Whether to leave my goal weight alone or to change it to the 172 and reevaluate once I get there. I just am looking for some commiseration I guess. It hard trying to decide a goal weight when I have been overweight pretty much all of my adult life.

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I picked a number out of thin air. Personally, I would go with your doc's advice at least enough to set your sights on 172 and see how you *feel* there. If you still feel heavy, then keep going until you're happy with your body (adjusting for "fat brain goggles" of course)..

Comment #1

I think it depends more on what YOU are comfortable with. I am not sure how tall you are, but I am guessing pretty tall if he suggested 172. I am a little over 5'10 and weigh just a little over your doctor's suggestion. For me, I feel like I need to lose at least another 25 lbs. 150 is a little on the thin side at my height, but not sickly. At 178 now, I am a solid 14 and at 150, I will be a 10.

I will always be curvy but that is not the same as fat. I also have the most energy and feel the most healthy at 150. I guess that is why the tables used for healthy weights have a range. No one knows your body as well as you do so just do what feels best would be my suggestion..

Comment #2

Keep your goal where you set it, and once you reach your doctor's goal discuss where you are and if it is where you want to be. Best wishes on your continued weight loss success! ~Jon.

Comment #3

BMI is only one indicator of what your proper weight should be. A body fat analysis is the best way to tell. I would listen to your doctor..

Comment #4

I am 5'8 with a large frame with long arms and legs. I honestly have no idea what size I would be a 172 because it's been at least 10 years since I was at that weight and sizes have changed so much since then. I think I will start with a 1st goal of 172 per his suggestions and reevaluate how I am doing once I get there. I really won't know until I reach there since this is will be the first time in quite a while I have been that weight and I have had two children since then and that tends to change your body. Thanks for the input everyone..

Comment #5

Personally, I chose my goal weight because I know what I looked like at that weight and really liked it.

With the number of high goal numbers being suggested to MF'ers by their doctors lately, I kind of wonder if doctors are a bit like those friends who freak out if they think that you've lost too much. I think they're not used to patients actually taking their advice to lose weight. While the BMI isn't perfect, the range is supposed to cover all body types, so I'm not sure how shooting for something just inside that normal range isn't doable for you.

In the end, though, as long as it's a reasonable weight, stop when you're comfortable and not when others are..

Comment #6

Feya's suggestion is a good one.

I'm 5'8 and have a large frame. My BMI will always register me as overweight. If I get below 165lbs, I start to look a little sickly, and 164lbs is what I would need to hit to be at the very top for a "normal" BMI. I had decided that I was going to change my goal weight to 165lbs., but I'm actually rethinking that in order to prevent the possibility of going below 165 on transition. Plus, I don't want to then be over goal because of whatever normal fluctuations, so I'm considering a strange number like 167lbs for my goal weight with the thought that I'll be comfortable holding at 165lbs. Plus, 10 years ago, I was quite satisfied at 168lbs.

That will give me a nice round number for my loss as well.).

For problems with BMI calculations, this is a good article:

Comment #7

I kept doing the 5/1 until my body wouldn't release any more fat. Plain and simple for me. I'm 9 pounds over my 1970 wedding weight and I'm thinner than I've been since 1976. My body knew when it should stop dropping pounds. I lost another 4 pounds in T&M though. I'm now going back and forth the same 4 pounds.

All my bulge has always been around my mid section..

I'm underweight according to my OB/GYN. What does he know anyway? All my labs, as well as body fat %, BMI, LBM, all those fancy numbers are excellent for a woman at 64 y.o. He agrees with that and just told me not to lose any more weight. Insurance companies of old made up that weight chart based on height to sell life insurance. Don't pay attention to them..

You make up your own mind. You'll really know when you get "there." Take care of your body and listen to it.........



Comment #8

I have a goal weight of 135-140. Mostly so that I can ride the medium ponies at the farm.

Now if I get down to 150 and can't lose another pound for the life of me I will be ok with that. I just want to weigh 135. I haven't weighed that since 8th grade. Compared to my classmates who were 120. I thought I was SO fat..jeez.

Comment #9

Frame of 5ft8 and 172 is not fat at all! Im your height and my goal weight is 175 but Im thinking about making it thats what I'm going to be aiming for!.

And dont worry about that science bmi crap I never went by that!.

Comment #10

I agree with Freya. Go to 172, then do another body comp analysis or just decide if you 'feel' right. Either way, I don't think 5-ish pounds less would put you in any kind of risk zone of weight, but I wouldn't go lower unless you felt right about it. If your number and the doctor's were something like 20 pounds different, then I'd definitely do some serious re-evaluation, but as it is I think you're doing just fine and will know what to do when you get there You're doing great!.

Comment #11

BMI is a crock in my opinion. It's a good guidline, but it doesn't even separate men from women! Women have BOOBS! Men don't! A body composition analysis is a MUCH better way to determine a healthy weight. At 6', 184lbs is the highest weight I could be to be "healthy". What BMI doesn't consider is that I have 157lbs of lean mass, meaning that at 184lbs I would be 15% body fat. According to the chart below, acceptable body fat for me is up to 31%, or 228lbs. I like my muscles and curves, I want to exercise regulary, and I will probably never be less than a D-cup.

I didn't understand why I had stopped losing weight! But once I had a body composition test, I realized that 215 was actually not a bad weight for me, especially if I wanted to amp up exercise (which I did).

I would always pick a doctor recommended weight over a BMI number. Or at least take his or her opinions into consideration!!.

Fat % for Women:.

Essential Fat 10-12%.

Athletes 14-20% .

Fitness 21-24% .

Acceptable 25-31% .

Obese 32% plus .


Comment #12

I am 5' 7 1/2" tall, during high school, I weighed 120-125. After two pregnancies, I hovered around 130-135. Two years ago, I was 145. I am shooting for 135 as my goal, if I can't get any lower than 140-145, I'll be happy with that. Less than 130, I look too thin..

Comment #13

I would base it on how you feel when you get to 172 and whether you can maintain there comfortably. Medifast says my goal should be 140 - I'm keeping an open mind, but I'm also not aiming to get a weight that I can't maintain. If I need to starve myself to stay at 140 - hell no. If I don't, I'll think about it..

Comment #14

My Dr. also set a higher goal weight for me...I'm 5'10", med. bones, long arms/legs...I had set my goal for 160 but he thought 175 would be better. I remember being 175 (many years ago!) and could wear size 13 jeans so that would be fine with me...of course, with today's sizes, I'll prob be wearing 10's haha.

I'm wearing size 18 jeans now which is a great deal better than 116 lbs ago and stretchy pants only!.

Comment #15

I agree with the setting 172 as your goal, then when you get there see how you feel. My Dr changed my goal as well from 125 to 135. My husband thought I was "getting to skinny" as well.

You will know as TexasLiz said, "when you get there". If it still doesnt feel right, then stay on the 5/1 and lower your goal..

I am transitioning VERY SLOWLY. I am doing week one for maybe 3-4 weeks, then I will do week 2 for 3-4 weeks. I think secretly, I still want to lose some more....

Comment #16

I would say that you know your own body best and you should consider what the doc said, but trust yourself first. My endocrinologist wants me at 120, max. Well, I'm 5'4", and at 150 now, with a 34G chest, I wear size 2-4 jeans. I decided that she was full of it and am ignoring her completely. My primary is being more reasonable at 140. So it also depends on if you really trust the doctor- which it sounds like you do.

Good luck!.

Comment #17

I would also set my goal at 172, but I like rewards, and being able to shout GOAL!!!!! is just so motivating .

I'm 5' 9" and have been fat/obese/morbidly obese for 30 years, so I had no idea what weight would be good for the person that I now am. I started thinking that 175 would be it, then set 168, which would have given me a normal BMI. In the event, my body and brain came to an agreement that 170 would be my goal weight, with 175 being my ***DANGER**** do something weight LOL..

I thought long and hard about it and came to the following conclusions.

Having been so big for so long I'm still carrying around size 26/28 skin, on a size 6/8 body, and that must weigh something. I'm still hoping that the skin will keep shrinking, and have promised myself to re ***** my 'look' rather than my weight in January 2011, and will then decide if I need to lose anymore..

I really don't want to be on a diet for ever, so I want a bodyweight that I can maintain by sensible and healthy eating, but without having to worry about the odd treat..

I can now do all the things that I wrote down as reasons for wanting to lose the weight, I can shop in any store I like, ride all my horses, get on them from the ground, I can sit cross legged, Oh and more, but you get the idea .

I'm getting on in years, I want to LIVE now, so that's what I'm doing..

Good luck on your journey, don't worry to much about the final destination yet, jsut start enjoying the journey..

Comment #18

I am going to make an initial goal of 172 and if I decide to go for the 157 it's only 15 pounds from there. At least I will have the other 120 already gone so after losing that much 15 pounds seems like nothing!.

Comment #19

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