Do you split up the Lean and Green meal?

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I'm going to pick some eggbeaters up tomorrow. I believe the serving size for the L&G is 2 cups. I imagine this is a lot. For those of you that eat these, do you usually have the full 2 cups at once or do you split it up?..

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Mom: I make a 2 cup eb and 2 cup veggie frittata baked in an 8X8 square pan. I split it into 4ths and then on hungry days, I have a serving for lunch and then the rest of my lean and green for dinner...

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I ususally split it because it is a lot of food. I make an omelette with spinach and mushrooms. I eat it at lunch and dinner...

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Sometimes I'll add ground turkey or something into a scramble or bake to split the lean portion...

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The most I can ever eat in one sitting is one cup...

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The other lean that is a lot of food is tuna (two small cans!) so on hungry days, I have a can of tuna for lunch and then egg beaters for dinner (1 cup)..

Or sometimes I have use half eggbeaters and half light cheese for an omelet...

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Lately I bake fritattas in 9x13" bake dishes. 4C egg beaters, 2 leans worth of chicken/cheese/ground turkey/beef/whatever, 6C cooked veggies, S&P and garlic powder. Bake until eggs not runny. Divide in 4ths. It's still huge and I eat it in half servings...

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I had egg beaters tonight. Only made one cup. I sauteed bell peppers and zucchini and added a little left over steak from last night (about 1 oz.). It was super yummy...

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I had the best eggbeaters omelet for dinner! 1 cup eggbeaters, some spinach, mushrooms, asparagus, cherry tomatoes, black olives, some part-skim mozzarella and seasonings...soooo good and filling!..

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Thanks for all the suggestions. I'm going to try them out...

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Egg beaters are awesome. I buy the ones from Costco, and you can freeze a few containers if you don't plan to use them right away. And 1 container is 2 cups, making it easy on the measuring. I definitely split when I can, or do half of some other protein like low fat cheese or an approved sausage-like item if I need to get it down in 1 meal...

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I'll do a 1/2 cup EB plain for breakfast, another 1/2 cup with 1 serving of green (spinach, broccoli, mushies, etc) for lunch and 1 cup with 2 servings of green for dinner. These are the days I usually have 2 Medifast meals for after dinner and do a muffin or brownie with a shake (banana pudding shake with WF strawberry syrup - yum)...

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I am on the 5-1 plan. Do people on this plan use Eb in place of an Medifast meal?..

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No you do not replace your Medifast meal. You use the EB as your lean in your L&G...

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Does that mean if I do 1/2 c EB for breakfast , I should eat a Medifast meal too? Oh my that is a lot of food...

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I don't usually split my L&G meals up. However, I think if you did have some EB for breakfast you would still need to eat a Medifast meal because you can't skip Medifast meals. You still need to have 5 per day. Also, keep in mind that 1/2 c of EB is only 1/4 of the serving size of 2 c. So, you would definitely need to get in the other 3/4 of the lean in that day at another time...

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That or stagger your meals so you're eating every 2 hours or so..

So it might be something like.

6AM - Medifast Cappuchino.

8AM - 1/2c EB.

10AM - Shake.

12PM - 1/2c EB and 1G.

2PM - Peach Tea.

4PM - Brownie.

6PM - 1C EB and 2G.

8PM - Diet Root Beer with Medifast Shake as a Float.

So it's still 5 Medifast meals and 1 full L&G, just broken down...

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I'm not a morning eater, so I prefer to drink my morning meals, but I do love splitting my L&G between lunch and dinner. I feel more satisfied during the day, and I don't get that Oh So STUFFFFFFFED like I overate feeling when I eat it all at once...

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Yes Jenn. 2 cups eb=one lean. I use 1/2 cup when I split my lean and green because 2 cups is too much for me. Then I have 3/4 of my leanest lean left...

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You know what's good on a weekend, is to have 1/2 c egg beaters scrambled, next to a Medifast pancake, with a cup of coffee. Feels like a big breakfast!..

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I like to mix 1/4 cup of egg beaters with 1 packet of cream of brocolli soup & 1/2 cup of brocolli and make in a Sandwich maker..

Or mix cream of tomato soup, 1/4 cup egg beaters, 2 TB salsa in the sandwich maker and then put a slice of FF cheese between for a grilled cheese sandwich..

You can find the details on my blog under Sandwich Maker.

These recipes do use a bit of your l&g, but they really help me on days when I feel a little hungrier than normal because the Medifast meals are so much more filling...

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Believe it or not, I have eaten the whole 2 cups of EB in one sitting! <blush>..

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