Do You Have Any Medifast Rituals??

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I thought it would be good to hear about other peoples rituals they may have in this weight loss journey.

I have 2: First is every morning getting my weight loss journal out and starting a new page for the day. I record a lot of stuff in it about the plan, where i'm at in it, etc. Starting a new page first thing every morning helps put me "on point" for the day..

Second is every Tues evening my husband returns my scales to me for my official 2-part weekly weigh -in. I weigh in tues evening & then again first thing wed am & record in my journal. It's ridiculous how much I look forward to getting my scales back tues evenings! And how much I like recording my weekly pm/am weights. turning them back in wed am is a ritual too of saying ok. party time is over. back to work on this for the week..

So those are my 2 new rituals and I am looking for more ideas if you have any you want to share. thanks!..

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My only real ritual is my weekday L&G. For 22 weeks I leave my desk at 11:24am (unless work intervenes) and walk down stairs to the coffee/lunch place in the lobby. They have salad bowls and a bar where they add the ingredients and dressings and toss it for you. I always get grilled chicken on spring greens, balsamic vinegar, and EEVO. If I leave any later I'm usually stuck behind somebody adding about a 1000 calories to their "healthy" salad. Either way, it's been working for me and I don't want to mess with it.....

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I get on Medifast and log my meals everyday, a few times a day..

I make sure my meals are properly spaced so I am not ravenous by the time I get home for my L&G dinner...

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I don't log my meals or exercise on-line, but I printed page 15 of the medifast quick start guide and keep track of my meals with this. I also note what type of exercise I did each day, my water intake, and even my mood. I keep this in a binder. I have also been weighing every day since I can look back and see how my weight fluctuated every day and I thought this was helpful if I get discouraged..

I also keep the Medifast Book and another book about "100 Days of Weight Loss" in my bathroom to help me keep up the motivation...

Comment #3

I don't log my meals or exercise on-line, but I printed page 15 of the medifast quick start guide and keep track of my meals with this. I also note what type of exercise I did each day, my water intake, and even my mood. I keep this in a binder. I have also been weighing every day since I can look back and see how my weight fluctuated every day and I thought this was helpful if I get discouraged..

I also keep the Medifast Book and another book about "100 Days of Weight Loss" in my bathroom to help me keep up the motivation..

I also log into the Medifast site and keep it up during my work week...

Comment #4

I have a very nice little notebook (that I bought especially for this!) that I use to log my weight every morning. I also weigh twice - the first time doesn't count because I have to move the scale to the middle of the floor (it normally sits up against the wall so we don't stub our toes on it, and I can't see the numbers there - and moving the scale can throw off the numbers)... and the second time it is accurate. Good or bad, I log it..

The notebook is funny, because I was VERY particular about what I wanted. I wanted a small one, but not a crappy one, because this is a record of something I am doing for ME, and I wanted that to be the beginning of making ME important. How could I say I was important if I wasn't willing to spend a couple bucks (a couple bucks, y'all!) on a decent notebook to help me?.

I have a cup of tea and a muffin for breakfast every morning. My husband actually goes ahead and makes my tea for me while I'm showering our older son, because it's a given that's what I'll have...

Comment #5

When I'm at home/accessing the Internet, I read these boards when I have any Medifast meal. It helps to keep me on track and affirm that I'm doing the right thing. Sometimes what I read here makes me cranky. That's when I go to the success folders and look at pictures..

When it is time for L&G, I actually eat it at the dining room table (never really did this before with any consistency), and after I log my food, I read one of my books...

Comment #6

My rituals are daily weighing (and I log my weight both here, but also at - although it appears to be down today), using this website to log all of my meals (if I can't log in, I jot down what and when and log it back in when I get back to a computer), and perhaps most important I always bring 2 extra meals and an approved snack with me everywhere I go - in case I get stuck somewhere.

Oh, and I don't habitually eat the snack. I have it with me in case I am starving so I can't wait for the next meal or if I get stuck in a social eating situation and can't keep my will power. I've only had perhaps 2 or 3 snacks in the 10 and a half weeks I've been on MF..

This is an interesting thread - thanks for starting it!..

Comment #7

My only real ritual is the fact that I log my food every single day. I like seeing how the different choices work together. However, I was on vacation last week and didn't log anything although I stuck to the 5-1. It actually felt kind of freeing and I gave some thought to not logging when I got back home, but it's just too much a part of my mornings now and I picked right back up again...

Comment #8

Other than eating on schedule and preparing my next day's meals (oatmeal and soup) the night before. I have a ritual with my nighttime Medifast meal, the brownie. I make it while I make my dinner and stick it in the fridge. Later on, I eat it with a spoon ... the smallest spoon possible and for some reason I eat it in a square. I start with the outer edges until they are all gone and keep eating it in a square shape until I get to the very last middle part.

I can't believe I'm actually admitting this WEIRD behavior I've developed... somehow it makes me feel indulgent and that I savor it longer that way LOL. That's my only "bizarre" behavior... but a ritual nonetheless!.



Comment #9

So funny!.

My ritual is eating the pretzels one nibble at a time. I try to make the bag last 15 minutes..

I do the same thing with the puffs but they are harder to nibble..

My other "thing" is I must have decaf coffee with my hot cocoa stirred in for my evening meal. It relaxes me and makes me feel comfy when I'm reading my book...

Comment #10

I also have a ritual with the brownie. I cut it into 12 pieces and eat each piece individually. And I always have my first cup of coffee first thing with 2 TBSP half and half and a packet of splenda in it, and then pour myself a second It makes it so that I've made a "decision" to go against my "desire" of having a second cup with half and half and splenda, and that one little action first thing in the morning sets the tone for adherence to the program for the rest of the day...

Comment #11

I log every day. If I don't get around to logging until a day or two later, I may have forgotten what Medifast meals I ate, so I'll just log 5 scrambled eggs or something and move on. But my L&G is always accurately tracked. I weigh every morning and log the first time I see any new lower number, but don't concern myself with short fluctuations back up. Who cares? It won't be there for long..

Whenever I try something on that's too big I throw it in the Goodwill box immediately. Gone!.

Every night I have 2 dill pickle spears, along with however much cream cheese I get for my healthy fats. It's my evening ritual and it is VERY helpful for telling me I can go to bed and not starve to death during the night. I might have my last Medifast meal at 7:30 if it's a hungry day, and then go out after class and not get home until 11:30, but I know those dill pickles are waiting. Somehow it makes it okay...

Comment #12

Every morning I have my coffee with either hot cocoa or cappuccino in it. A great way to start the day...

Comment #13

OMG- My evening brownie ritual is very similar. I prefer my brownie warm and guey. (1 minute in the microwave)! Then I eat it with the smallest possible fork - I think it is for getting olives out of a jar. I eat the edges first and then the center. Bizarre- maybe.....but I look forward to my brownie every night!..

Comment #14

Every morning I have a cup of coffee with 1pkt of Splenda and 2T of half and half. Then while I am getting ready for work, I drink my dutch chocolate shake. I make it with the left over coffee and ice. At 10 am, I have my oatmeal...

Comment #15

I love these answers so much! So many nice, comforting ideas! We are all forming such good new habits. And it's funny how many things we do that are similar...

Comment #16

Wait! That's a ritual?! I thought everyone did that... LOL well I'm in your boat too... I eat my pretzels one at a time.

And GrandmaSue... I'm glad I'm not alone. Maybe it's the shape of the container we make them in, who knows... but I definitely feel like I'm making it last and can't wait for it every night!..

Comment #17

I too eat the edges of my brownie first and then the center!..

Comment #18

YES!!!! We should have an Medifast club for this..

Comment #19

Frozen brownie EVERY night in bed!! What a way to end the day and STILL drop the pounds!!! Love MF!!..

Comment #20

Every morning I pick out 5 medifast meals and put them on the kitchen counter next to my immersion blender. Those are my meals for the day. It makes it really easy cuz then when each mealtime comes I don't have to pick and choose from the store of Medifast in my cupboard, I just pick one of the packets laying on the counter!..

Comment #21

After dinner every night I log all of my meals for the next day. They are always scheduled for the same time each day and I stick to those times. anything that needs to be prepared the night before (soaking soup) is done that night. When I wake up everything is laid out and planned for the day and I only eat what I have logged already...

Comment #22

When my order arrives I get out my cheap dollar store "weekly menu planning sheets" and I count out how many days of food I have, what my general plans are (travel etc.) and record my Medifast meals from start to finish. Then I have my items balanced, I never am left with "six packages of scrambled eggs" and I can send my kids grocery shopping to the basement and they know what to bring!.

Mike, I hear you about the pancakes! me too!..

Comment #23

My ritual is getting up and getting dressed and ready for work. I pack my lunch and then check out the Medifast Forums while drinking 32 ounces of water. Then, I make my Medifast breakfast and eat it while reading the newspaper in front of my light box ( which I use in the Fall and winter when the hours of sunlight decrease). That's about it for rituals except weighing once a week, staying on program and changing my ticker. Oh, and attending my TSFL meeting every week. I don't have a Medifast food that I eat every day or at the same time/meal. I just pick what sounds good to me at the time...

Comment #24

This is a great thread, I enjoy seeing what everyone does daily. I think I will start keeping a log in a notebook. I have been struggling, but I am pretty sure if I committ to writing things down, I wont want to see anything off plan in my notebook. Thanks for the thread..

Comment #25

Nearly every night after the kids are all tucked in, I settle in and have a nice hot and frothy cappuccino! Occasionally I have a brownie, but I like to eat those in front of my kids while denying them sweets (LOL). They think I eat the best food!..

Comment #26

I'm one of the brownie ritual eaters too!.

I keep a notebook where I log my food, weight, and measurements, but I also log them online..

Also, I have a calendar which I put a sticker on each day that I stay OP. (Can you tell that I once taught kindergarten?) I decorate my notebook with stickers too. Hey, it helps keep me motivated!..

Comment #27

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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