GoDaddy user reviews : Should I sign up for GoDaddy?? Do you have a reseller account for all of your sites?

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Just curious if a lot of people here use a reseller account for all of their sites? Or if you just set up each one on their own separate shared hosting account?.

I got on a reseller account a while ago when I thought I wanted to design sites for other people for a living, so I could just host their sites on my own account, etc. Now that I'd like to just develop my own sites, I'm thinking about putting them all on just a shared account that allowed unlimited domains...

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I use a reseller account, it's easier IMO to manage everything when each site has it's own panel. If I ever want to sell the site, I can sell it with hosting as well and just change the username/password for the new owner...

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I have a reseller account and have had it for about 4 or 5 years now. It's suited my needs thus far which does and doesn't suck. I'm looking for some justification to go to a VPS account but i'm currently paying $13.50/month for hosting and the VPS account i'm looking at is $49/month. I keep telling myself that until I make more then .006th of a cent a day, I'm not allowed to go to a VPS account.

I find it easy to maintain my sites. I can pull up my WHM on any account to setup new accounts or do other administrative tasks from that level. For individual domains, it really wouldn't be any different then having seperately hosted accounts because you just pull up your cpanel or whatnot from the domain name. The advantage comes in that you get one bill and have one source for setting up new accounts as opposed to many. I find it a huge advantage having a reseller account. I guess the one downside is that if their servers go down, so do all your sites...

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I find that right now, one advantage for me, seeing that I'm making $0.000 a day, is my reseller account is 4.95 a month, so very cheap, but good reseller account at ResellerZoom.

It had crossed my mind to go to Site5 and get on their "gold" shared plan which gives you unlimited domains, but they are just domain pointers. I would have to create another directory for each site, in the main site's directory and then each site would be pointed to the correct directory. I'm not real sure of that. Seems that it could cause problems with all the redirection, and maybe would cause search engine spyders to think all sites where apart of the same site? I don't know...anyone have experience with this?..

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A reseller account and a shared with unlimited domains is probably more or less the same thing, just find a company that offers a good service that you're happy with and stick with them, not worth switching around trying to save a dollar/mo imo...

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Yeah I figured a reseller and a shared account with unlimited domains was about the same, but didn't know.

Thanks for the advice...

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Yeah having a reseller account for all your domains is good. I recently upgraded to VPS for fun. The price is pretty steep though if you aren't profiting from the 'net :/..

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I also use a reseller account.

Although one of my forums got to resource intensive and they kicked me off the shared hosting environment.

If you have a site with 100 + ppl online at any given time get a VPN or go dedicated..

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Yeah Ive got a few resellers....they do the job. Hostgator has been a dream for me, excellent uptime, speed, live support..

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I don't like reseller hosting accounts, you don't get to modify the server details according to your needs..

I used reseller hosting in the beginning, but it grew too old for me since I use a ton of different scripts with different needs on the server..

I just got a dedicated server to use and it is pretty nice, especially since it's managed by a third company..

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