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Guys, I was looking for an alternative host, and after doing some research on wicked ire I tried Lunarpages. I even used MikeSEO's affiliate link.

It was a bad idea to give this scumbags a try! I signed up on Friday, received a verification call within 20 minutes. On Monday, I migrated a smaller project to their account.....and today I received the the email below:.

If you have serious traffic, do NOT use Lunarpages. It took 20 minutes to verify my payment, if I call support now, I'm on hold forever.

I know a few members have recommended their service in the past, but if you have good traffic, don't waste your time with them.

By the way, can anyone recommend a great host? I'm still looking for a few alternatives.

P.s. I did not even come close to their allowed resources......

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What type of site is it? All php dynamic with rewrites making lots of calls to the DBs per load?.

I have 6 hosting accounts. Some are shared basic, shared reseller, and vps accounts. I put my heavy php dynamic stuff on vps, my heavy but low traffic stuff on reseller and a lot of my boring html static on basic shared accounts. Doing this, I've never received an email like this (and I have a LunarPages account too!).

My recommendation would be HostICan. I'd try their shared basic plans there, you might have better success. If in doubt, email them. I used coupon 30off-12 when I signed up and got $30 off a 12 month pre-pay. Pretty good deal..

Maybe you need a VPS?..

Comment #1

Scott, it is actually just a simple wordpress site, modified to act as a cms. The sites gets around 5000 uniques a day, nothing to heavy.

Anyway, I wanted to move one of my forums over, but I think I will pass on that for now.

I will contact HostICan, and see if their hosting plan would work better...

Comment #2

I've been with Pair Networks for a few years and have hosted some heavy traffic sites with them. They have always had fast servers, amazing server uptime and effective support..

They aren't the cheapest... but you get what you pay for..

I think I pay around $50/month for the hosting then $1/month per additional dedicated IP. The total fee is like $65/month for everything..

The promo code used to be "refugee" to get a discount. I don't remember what it is now but I can look in the latest newsletter if you care...

Comment #3

I've not used them, but these guys have been recommended. Pay based on traffic, so good if your traffic varies..


Comment #4

I also have a pair account (I'm all over, I don't put all my eggs in one basket). Pair is nice except if you are used to the ease of cpanel. Pair gives you shell account access to install stuff like phpmyadmin. Phpmyadmin is like a 10 step install process and if you don't like working from the command line using an app like putty, avoid avoid. I'm ok with it and I love pair's stability but God forbid you want to access your DB to remove something.

I think HostICan would be perfect for you, however, it sounds like you may need a VPS from HIC which is way more expensive. Transferring a forum over using a full home backup + VPS + SSH = easy. I just transferred a few huge sites with 100+MB databases in the time it took me to download from oldsiteA / upload to newsiteB via SSH..

Growing pains suck, don't it? I was in your shoes before...

Comment #5

I have been with Pair since 1996, and love their service. The only downsides I have had with them is almost everything has a 'setup fee' (usually $25) and their web stats are lacking(Analog vs others). Also, they have generally always been 'hosting for those who know what they are doing' as their support is ok/good, but they do not offer a lot of useful info for noobs. Oh, and they are SLOW when it comes to upgrading PHP versions...

I also opened accounts with cyberwurx and resellerzoom.

CW has their own admin system, which is more than limited (basically everything you want is a ticket to support, and you cannot see your current configurations).

RZ uses WHM/CPanel and they rock for the most part. I have been noticing a slowdown on some of my WordPress sites. Taking 15-45 secs to display admin pages (site page views are fairly ok). I don't know if it is overselling on the shared server or what, but may be a reason to have to look elsewhere if it keeps up...

Comment #6

Get at least three different hosting accounts for your different sites. That way if one goes down you won't have as much work as if all your sites were on one webhost..

Here are names I've heard good things about:.





You really have to poke around for independent, current reviews of webhosts; a simple Google search throws up bogus review sites, which rate all the same old names; names I've seen damned by webmasters elsewhere..

And don't believe the blurb; if your site impacts system resources on a cheapo account, they'll can you fast..

Put your simple sites on a cheapo host, and more resource-intensive ones on a reseller, semi-dedicated or VPS..

And always be ready to shift quickly, when they start not answering your emails.

PS: Wordpress is notoriously system intense. 5000 uniques a day might be enough to raise a red flag. It's all the scripts and database calls every time it loads. Every time I edit a post I can almost see the server struggling...

Comment #7

Pair offers WebAlizer as well, but still not as good as Awstats. There's some config to do to get webalizer working. See their help docs...

Comment #8

I have been using Lunarpages for ages and never had a problem with them..

It is possible that your php code is not optimized or there are cron jobs running endlessly. You might end up with the same email at different webhosts...

Comment #9

Good point about pair's support and no cpanel. You'll get solid answers but don't expect them to hold your hand if you don't understand something...

Comment #10

On that particular project, I'm running a up to date wordpress script. I did not receive the email from my previous host.

I need to find a better hosting solution for one of my forums, but I'm always testing the new host with a much lighter site, so I transfered of my blogs over..

How much traffic do you get on your Lunarpage account? Remember, my blog did not grow on that account, I transfered it traffic was already coming in and it might have raised a red flag...

Comment #11

Lunarpages also has weird adult policies. Legal adult content is allowed but no TGP or free content. wtfmates...

Comment #12

So far I have been thinking of using Lunarpages for my site. I think Lunarpages got some awards for their service. So what are the top 5 hosting providers? Anyone please let me know the better options for hosting. Thank you...

Comment #13

Dayjober, whatever you do, do not use Lunarpages. If you have no traffic you are fine....but once you got traffic it's a different story.

Do some search online, and you will find more cases.

Also, just to let you know, now were I need some clarifications, my emails are unanswered...

Comment #14

Csflmuc I'm sorry to hear about your problems with LP. The only reason why I push them is I've had a LP account for 3 years and never a problem. Their service has always been lightning fast. In many cases, I received answers within hours. Granted, my sites don't have the traffic yours does, nor were my questions rocket science..

Just goes to show, that not every host can be everthing to everybody, I guess...

Comment #15

Ya cheap hosting is cheap hosting, cheap because of cost not quality..

Comment #16

I've been with PowerVPS for some time now and they are seriously the best hosts out there. Certainly not cheap but well worth the money. =)..

Comment #17

Have a look at 3IX I have five sites with them, it's cheap and no problems. Their help desk is good...

Comment #18

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